Jim Comes to Visit Again


When Jim got to the house around noon, I answered the door and greeted him. Tammie was right behind me to give him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. We moved into the living room and talked for about an hour.Tammie sat beside me on the leather couch while Jim sat on the matching love seat to the left of us. They sit at 90 degrees to each other to encourage conversation but eventually when I went to pour myself another coffee, Tammie moved to sit with him on the love seat.Tammie was wearing a robe over her clothes since it was cool in the house and we sat and talked about the weather, guns, his new jeep and his boat, and whatever else and just got caught up.All the while, Tammie gave him a hard time about how long it had been since we’d seen him, too, lol.Eventually, we got to talking about massages and chiropractors (I’ve never gotten a professional one of either) and as we relaxed and got more comfortable, Tammie threw her legs over Jim’s lap and he started rubbing her bare shins.I noticed him slowly working his way up her exposed legs up to her knees I knew he wouldn’t be able to help himself and sure enough, he occasionally worked his way over her knees while we talked and that is actually pretty amazing because Tammie Ankara escort has extremely ticklish knees and no one except me (and only occasionally…if she is very relaxed) can touch them without her jumping out of her skin!Anyway, I watched them as we talked and I remember we were talking about our edc’s and he took his out and emptied it because it was poking him in the side and we didn’t need any accidents! His is a small HK, about the same size as my S&W Shield which I’d left in the bedroom.I got up to go grab mine to show him and I noticed his hands were up to Tammie’s thighs, under the hem of her robe. I could see her bare legs and although I didn’t know what she was wearing, I wondered if she was wearing shorts or just her panties under there.When I came back out of the bedroom with my empty Shield, Tammie was in the same position with her eyes closed. His hands were under her robe, massaging her thighs but he stopped, took his hands out of her robe, and took my Shield to compare the two guns.After we were done examining both and comparing them, I went back to the bedroom to put mine away. Returning to the living room, I sat on the couch and the three of us continued to catch up. Ankara escort bayan I noticed that Tammie had laid back against the arm of the love seat and Jim’s hands were back under the hem of her robe, massaging high on her thighs. I knew that at least occasionally he had to be bumping against her crotch and I wondered if he was occasionally rubbing against her panty covered pussy or even moving her panty aside to play inside it.Tammie joined the conversation less and less and her occasional sigh or groan gave me a clue to what he was doing to her as we talked. I figured he was rubbing the crotch of her panties with the back of his hand and getting her ready. I knew they both were getting turned on by it and I was getting turned on by watching.I already knew Jim had gotten laid only once in the last year thanks to his wife’s issues and the fact that we hadn’t been able to together at all, so I knew he was enjoying the playing he was doing.What I didn’t know, is that Tammie was wearing a short nighty under her robe and no panties at all! He was having fun stroking and playing with her pussy as he held up his end of the conversation. Tammie tried to join in the conversation but had Escort Ankara a harder time while she was getting her pussy fingered. If she didn’t have her eyes closed, she was looking at Jim as he and I talked.(I talked to Jim later and he told me he had no idea she wasn’t wearing panties until he discovered it on his own while sitting there stroking her legs. He said he felt the back of his hand touch her crotch and although he felt her heat, he still didn’t know until I went back into the bedroom the second time and he turned his hand over and felt her naked and shaved pussy lips)Anyway, I saw that Tammie was squirming around a bit and she eventually she decided she’d suffered enough and said, “Alright, guys. What’s next?”I suggested that since he had already started a massage, we should go to the bedroom where he could continue it properly so that’s what we did. We went to the bedroom and she and Jim spent a few minutes undressing, kissing, and exploring while I took video on my phone. I actually wanted to set up my video camera but I’d forgotten about it and it wasn’t charged or ready to go, dammit!Tammie dropped the robe and I finally saw what she was wearing, although I still didn’t know she had no panties on until she got up on the bed. When I saw that, I suddenly knew what Jim had been enjoying in the living room.Tammie got Jim naked as I was undressing and then she laid down on the bed and he began to massage her back and shoulders. She says she likes my style of massage but she loves his big hands.

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