Jessi and Us: The Question


The question had been asked, an answer given. Jessi sat on the couch with a sheepish, nervous look on her face.

“Are you sure, Beth?” she asked softly.

“Yup, Allan and I’ve talked about this before. He’s thought about it for a long time and I’m fine with it” replied Beth, glancing at both Jessi and Allan.

Beth turned and deeply kissed Allan before she got up from the couch and stepped over to the love seat where Jessi sat. She sat next to Jessi and patted her leg. With a reassuring look and nod towards Allan from Beth, Jessi cautiously stood up and stepped across the room. She sat next to Allan, glancing over at Beth. Allan smiled and gently laid his hand on Jessi’s knee.

“You sure?” Jessi again asked Beth. Beth smiled and nodded.

“Tell you what, I’ll make the first move” added Beth. She stepped over, reached down and unfastened her husband’s jeans, unzipping them slightly. She looked at Jessi, the tip of her tongue coyly peeking out from her slightly open lips. Beth then sat back on the love seat.

Jessi’s eyes widened at the move. Allan looked at her and brushed her hand, then leg again. Jessi slowly took hold of Allan’s jeans and gently slid the zipper completely down, spreading his fly open. Jessi gave one of her signature smirks as she saw the tent in Allan’s boxers.

“A little happy are we?” she asked.

She then lightly rubbed Allan’s stiff cock through his boxers, gently squeezing, gaging. Allan softly moaned as Jessi worked his shaft. After a brief stroking, she smiled at him as she undid the button on the fly of his shorts. She glanced at Beth before parting the fly and letting Allan’s thick shaft out. As his shaft slid out of the opening, he leaned forward and kissed Jessi for the first time. Jessi’s hand found the warm flesh as the kiss deepened. She broke the kiss to finally gaze at the throbbing cock in her hand. She smiled as she realized how thick it was.

“Wow, Beth, you get to play with this thing? Lucky.” she remarked looking over shoulder at Beth, slowing stroking.

“I’m quite fond of it” said Beth.

With that, Jessi looked down and concentrated on sliding her hand up and down Allan’s cock. She glanced at Allan’s face, gaging his reaction. Allan started running his hand through her red hair, signaling her to do more. She took the clue and bent her head down, until her lips were millimeters from Allan’s thick head. Looking up, she darted her tongue across the tip, watching Allan jump slightly from the wet teasing. Jessi lapped at the precum oozing from Allan’s cock, savoring the sweetness.

“Doesn’t he taste great?” asked Beth.

Jessi simply responded with a low “mmhhmm” and a nod. Then glancing between Beth and Allan, she parted her lips and slid Allan’s cock into mouth. Allan’s low grunt acknowledged his pleasure in finally being in Jessi’s mouth, a fantasy as long as he and Jessi had worked together. Jessi looked at Beth, looking for assurance. Seeing Beth gently licking her lips confirmed it for Jessi. She started to slowly slide her hot mouth up and down the fleshy shaft, going further down each time. Allan closed his eyes and played with Jessi’s hair as she sucked on his shaft. Her tongue worked his cock, drawing more moans from Allan.

“Fuck, that feels so good,” said Allan, finally vocalizing his pleasure.

“Not too bad from this end either,” replied Jessi before returning to the oral assault on his cock.

Jessi continue to savor every inch of Allan’s shaft, sucking and lick everywhere, even rolling each nut between her lips at least once. Occasionally, she would drag her teeth across his flesh, just to tease and make him jump. Jessi was so engrossed in sucking Allan’s cock, the sudden buzzing sound startled her. She looked at Beth, who snuck out during the show. Beth’s pants were open and her hand had her favorite toy, the black and silver vibe, securing held her clit. Jessi watched the show as she continued to suck on Allan. He smiled, having seen Beth get herself off many times with that toy. Beth’s half-open eyes kept watching her friend orally fuck her husband, while signaling her building pleasure from the toy on her now very wet pussy. With this new show, Jessi’s cock-sucking became hotter. She began deep-throating Allan more, pumping his cock more as she sucked on the tip. Her pussy was getting hotter and she was ready for more. Allan’s cock was building more and more to eruption and Jessi could tell.

“Cum for me, Allan. Make Beth watch you cum in my mouth.” purred Jessi.

“Yes, ummmm, Allan, fill her mouth. I know you want, Sivas Escort uhhh, to.” panted Beth, close to cumming herself.

Allan began to tense as he began getting closer. Jessi pumped him harder, never letting his head leave her mouth. He glanced back and forth between Jessi and Beth. When his eyes closed and the low grunt came, Beth knew he was about to blow.

“Uhh, he’s ready Jessi.” moaned Beth.

Jessi tightened her lips around his shaft and pumped. Her eyes widened as the first hot spurts landed on her tongue. She kept pumping as the hot, salty cream filled her mouth. She started swallowing as she heard Beth cumming behind her. As the shots slowed, Jessi finally let Allan’s cock out of her mouth, letting the last spurts landed on her lips and chin. She turned to Beth and lick the thick cum from her face slowly. Beth smiled back as she pulled the toy from her pants. Both girls looked at Allan as he caught his breath and the last drops of cum oozed from his now spent cock. Jessi’s fingertip collected the last bits, then sucked her finger clean, teasingly like sucking a cock.

“God, that was good” said Allan breathlessly.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it,” replied Jessi, still licking her lips.

“As good as you hoped, babe,” asked Beth.

“Oh, much better,” he said, touching Jessi’s face.

Jessi’s hunger had just started. She turned to look at Beth. She kissed Allan, caressing his now drained cock before step across the room. Without hesitation, she bent down and kissed Beth. The kiss deepened, with their tongues finally intertwining. Beth tasted her husband’s salty spunk on her friend’s mouth, bringing a naughty little pleasure and smile as she savored her first girl kiss.

“Now Beth, I can’t imagine that toy being enough. It’s your turn,” cooed Jessi reaching for Beth waistband.

Jessi slowly pulled Beth’s unzipped jeans down her thighs, revealing her white panties, moist from her toy play. After removing her jeans, Jessi quickly repeated the process with the panties. She smiled as she saw Beth’s recently shaven pussy. Beth smiled sheepishly at now being bottomless with her attractive friend between her spread thighs. Jessi looked up and licked her lips, then softly started kissing Beth’s inner thighs. Allan watched as his friend started to slowly and lovingly kiss up to Beth moist lips, the first time anyone besides Allan had ever licked her pussy, male or female. Beth gasped softly as Jessi gently blew across her very aroused lips. Jessi smiled and then placed her lips against Beth’s hot labia. Beth put her hand on Jessi’s head, spread her thighs more and slid forward on the sofa, pressing more into Jessi’s mouth. In return, Jessi ran her tongue from the bottom of Beth’s slit to her clit, swirling the wet tip across Beth’s nub, eliciting an audible gasp and deep moan. Jessi then slowly sucked each of Beth’s lips between her own.

Beth simply kept moaning softly, opening her eyes enough to watch her friend’s oral onslaught between her legs. Jessi was clearly enjoying the taste of Beth, as she softly parted Beth’s lips. With Beth’s pussy fully open, Jessi slowly started sliding her tongue into Beth. Beth moaned louder as her friend started to tongue fuck her pussy. Jessi swirled her tongue inside Beth’s wet hole, moaning slightly herself. Beth jumped as Jessi started to dart her tongue in and out of her pussy, flicking her clit periodically. Jessi could tell Beth was really getting into the Sapphic play. She smiled wickedly, then tickled Beth’s wet opening with her index finger. As Beth cooed, Jessi slid it in further, then curled it towards Beth’s g-spot. As Jessi’s fingertip grazed the button, she started sucking on Beth’s clit. The dual stimulation brought a louder moan and back arching. Jessi’s tongue darted across the little nub as she added a second finger to Beth’s hot, wet womanhood. Beth was getting closer to her first woman-induced orgasm and Jessi could sense it. Jessi kept teasing her g-spot while licking and sucking Beth’s engorged clit.

Allan watched the telltale signs his wife was about to cum. Beth’s face reddened and her eyes rolled slightly as her thighs clamped around Jessi’s head. She held her friend’s face tight against her pussy as the orgasmic wave rushed through her body. Jessi kept sucking on Beth’s clit. As Beth relaxed her thighs, Jessi went about licking the juices from Beth’s lips, dipping her tongue into Beth’s pussy. Jessi let out a low “mmm” as she savored Beth’s girl-cum. She looked up at Beth, her juices on Jessi’s lips and chin. Jessi teasingly Sivas Escort Bayan licked the cream from her face while looking between Allan and Beth.

“Enjoy that, babe” Allan inquired, receiving only a nod from Beth.

“I certainly did,” added Jessi as she stood up to kiss Beth.

Allan watched as his wife deeply kissed their friend. He smiled knowing Beth was tasting herself on Jessi’s lips and tongue. As they kissed, Jessi gingerly caressed Beth’s as of yet untouched breasts. For that, Beth playfully smacked Jessi’s ass. As she did, Allan admired the ass, clad in jeans just tight enough to reveal the familiar panty line he watched almost every Friday he worked with Jessi.

“I think someone is overdressed,” commented Allan on Jessi’s still untouched wardrobe.

“Yes, I think someone is,” replied Beth breaking the kiss.

Jessi gave them both sheepish grins, noticing both Beth and Allan were both bottomless, having sheds his pants and boxers during the girl on girl oral show. Beth reached up and unfastened Jessi’s jeans before pulling the fly open. Allan stepped up behind Jessi, hooking his thumbs into Jessi’s waistband. She looked back at him as he pushed her jeans down, revealing plain, but tempting bikini panties. After pushing the jeans to the floor, Allan teasingly kissed then licked the lower curve of Jessi’s right cheek, causing Jessi to tense slightly. This was followed by Beth’s fingers gliding up Jessi’s inner thigh, then across the slightly damp patch between her legs.

“Beth, care to help me remove these,” asked Allan about Jessi’s panties.

“Sure,” replied Beth hooking her finger under the waistband.

With that, Allan and Beth slid Jessi’s panties down, pausing just as her lips were exposed. Beth and Allan smiled at the sight of the small landing strip above Jessi’s slit and the dark lips below it. They both licked their lips slightly, causing a slight blush from Jessi. As Jessi stepped out of her panties, Allan and Beth both caressed her now naked ass cheeks while kissing valley at the top of Jessi’s thighs. Jessi looked down at them, placing a hand on each of their heads.

“I suppose you want first taste,” Beth said looking at Allan, “I know you’ve been thinking about getting your tongue on those lips for a long time.”

“Mmm, yes I have,” replied Allan.

Allan wet his fingertip and gently ran it along Jessi’s dark labia. The wetness and the finger’s touch caused Jessi to jump slightly, before pressing against it slightly. Jessi parted her legs as Allan continued to caress her pussy, working his finger slowly into her wet hole. Jessi’s eyes closed as Allan’s finger slid completely into her hot pussy. She gasped softly as his fingertip grazed her spot, bringing a little smile to Beth as she watched. Allan kept working Jessi’s pussy until she grabbed his hand and convulsed in orgasm. Before he removed his finger, he dipped a second in, giving Jessi a final fingering and second quick orgasm. Jessi sighed a little as he removed his fingers. He sucked her juices from his index finger while glancing at Beth. After savoring the taste of Jessi, he placed his equally coated middle finger on Beth’s lips. She licked his finger like a little cock, enjoying her first taste of another woman. Following Allan’s example, she too sucked Jessi’s juices completely from his finger.

As Jessi looked into Beth’s hungry eyes, she jumped as Allan’s tongue flicked her tender clit and lips with his tongue. Both her and Beth broke their gaze to watch Allan slowly lapping Jessi’s lips, savoring the pussy he had long thought about. Not to be left out, Beth focused on Jessi’s other lips, fully and deeply kissing her friend. As their tongues danced together, Beth could tell her husband’s tongue was working its magic on their friend’s moist depths based on the moans echoing between their mouths.

Allan glanced up Jessi’s stomach to watch his wife deeply kissing her. His own tongue was easing further into the wet folds of Jessi’s very aroused pussy. He caressed her inner thighs as he hungrily tasted his friend, a common fantasy at work. He smiled as he heard a muffled yelp when he began sucking directly on her clit, before running his tongue from her just above her untouched asshole slowly up and across her clit.

For her part, Beth kept Jessi’s mouth and tongue occupied, her hands teasingly close to Jessi’s tits. In response, Jessi cupped Beth’s tit with her left hand, the other went to Allan’s head to push him tighter to her heated pussy. Beth cupped Jessi’s firm tit and squeezed, Escort Sivas Jessi responding in kind. Watching the display, Allan upped his feast on Jessi, drawing a deeper moan from her. He sucked on her lips, before gently pulling them open with his fingers. His tongue darted in and out of her hot hole, driving her closer.

Drawing close to the edge, Jessi released Beth’s mouth, openly moaning and gasping. Allan continued to devour her pussy, forcing her closer to cumming. As it finally broke, Jessi’s thighs clamped around his head, her hand firmly gripping his scalp. Beth smiled and watched her friend cum hard on her husband’s face. “Ugh, fuc…” escaped from Jessi’s mouth as the orgasm pulsed through her body. As Jessi’s thighs released his head, Allan gave her throbbing pussy lips a last long lick with a soft suck on her clit, making her convulse slightly. Jessi looked down at Allan, her juices visible around his mouth. Beth bent in and kissed her again deeply as Allan stood up. Beth broke her kiss and turned to deeply kiss her husband, savoring her friend’s juices on his lips.

“Mmm, she doesn’t taste too bad,” Beth remarked licking Jessi’s taste from her lips. She then turned and kissed Jessi again.

“Hey, my turn,” exclaimed Allan, wanting to kiss Jessi’s other lips.

“Fine, you get the upper lips…it’s my turn with her other ones,” Beth coyly remarked, looking at Jessi. She smiled back with a mix of arousal and slight fatigue, having just cum for Allan. As he bent in to kiss Jessi finally, Jessi spread her legs and motioned for Beth to enjoy her first real taste of a woman.

Beth cautiously kissed up Jessi’s inner thighs, eyeing Jessi’s lips, still semi-moist from Allan’s earlier tongue lashing. Jessi’s moan softly in anticipation, the thought of her friend’s wife eating her making her hornier and hungrier. She closed her eyes and arched her back slightly as Beth’s tongue delicately teased the soft flesh at the very top of her inner thigh. Beth paused to take in a close-up view of the pussy her husband had fantasied about for so long, and to enjoy the perfume of Jessi’s increasingly hot pussy. Looking up at Jessi, Beth ever so lightly teased the lower part of Jessi’s lips, before running her tongue slowly up Jessi’s hot labia. As the tongue tortured her, Jessi yelped softly as her ass rose lightly from the cushion. While not the first womanly tongue on her wet lips, Beth’s tongue was much more arousing, probably due in part to the fact that the tongue’s spouse was watching, and softly caressing her tits. Beth’s tongue gliding across her tender clit brought a more audible response from Jessi, as she her friend’s tongue slowly slid back into mouth, the owner savoring her first real taste of a woman.

“Did you enjoy that?” asked Allan, looking at his wife between Jessi’s thighs.

Beth smiled mischievously as she glanced at Jessi’s open pussy, before leaning in to purse her lips around Jessi’s clit and sucking on the little nub. Jessi groaned and grabbed Beth’s head, as she sucked and licked her button. Beth then looked into her husband’s eyes and started long, teasing licks up and down Jessi. As her moans became louder, Allan muffled them with his mouth as he watched his wife hungrily drive Jessi closer to coming…again. In response to Jessi’s tightening grip, Beth slid two fingers into her friend’s wet hole, curling to meet her g-spot. Jessi’s hips rose higher as the fingertips hit her inner button, while Beth’s tongue danced on her outer. As with Allan, Jessi’s thighs clamped around Beth’s head as she came hard on her friend’s face. Beth kept sucking on Jessi’s lips, enjoying Jessi’s taste and the fact she was making her friend cum so hard on her mouth.

Spent from two orally-induced orgasms, Jessi released her grip on Beth. As her quivering thighs opened, Jessi looked into Beth’s eyes with a satisfied and thankful look. Gently caressing Jessi’s thighs, Beth stood up and kissed Jessi deeply. No stranger to her own taste on another’s lips, Jessi savored this kiss even more given the other mouth was, until moments earlier, virgin to another woman’s tastes. Beth relished the kiss, both for Jessi’s juices and her soft tongue as it teased her own. Breaking the kiss, Beth leaned over and deeply kissed Allan, lingering tastes of Jessi still on her lips and tongue.

“I think this was start of a very pleasant relationship,” remarked Beth, “but I think you both need a little recovery,” touching Jessi’s inner thigh and Allan’s semi-limp cock. She smirked as she dabbed a little drop of precum oozing from Allan’s head, letting Jessi teasingly lick from her fingertip. Jessi jumped slightly as Beth’s other finger slid across her still slick lips, letting Allan savor it in return. Bottomless and satisfied, they all rest, waiting for the eventual next round of the burgeoning friends-with-benefits.

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