Jerking off Lucky the Golf Pro Ch. 04


As the week went along I began to think more and more about Lucky’s offer to leave my job, my apartment, my family and friends and go with him. I would travel with him living the life of leisure, staying at the best resorts, eating the best foods, having a personal trainers if I wanted one, and as a mater of fact, having most anything I wanted. When we weren’t traveling, I would be living in his new home. A house that was 100 times the size of my current place and I would have servants at my beck and call. The idea did excite me. I sat down and wrote up the pros and cons of making this major change in my life.

He had already given me gifts worth at least $10,000 and he seemed to think it was nothing. As I worked over the list of good and bad, I couldn’t think of any reason not to at least try it for a year and see if I liked it. Hell the job I had now I could always get another one just like it a year from now. Simon had even offered to pay me the same salary for staying with him, so I won’t be out any money. I was sure if I asked for more money at the right time that Lucky would give it to me gladly. And, while I would make the same amount as I was now earning, I would be sort of vacationing all year long.

The only down side if there was one, was I would have to provide him with some sort of sex. But, he told me he wouldn’t pressure me to have intercourse with him. So that would mean it would be oral sex and masturbation mostly. And even if I did agree to let him fuck me from time to time, his little black cock was no big deal. I knew I could get him to cum quickly anytime I wanted. Hell I bet I could get him to cum seconds after putting his stub in my pussy and squeeze him once. It seemed to me it wasn’t an offer I could turn down. And who knows where this could lead? I might really like the lifestyle. I might meet someone who was better in bed and had more to give than little Simon’s cock. Even if that didn’t happen, with all the time Lucky spent on the golf course, I would have ample time to do whatever I wanted. But it would include meeting other rich people and new men.

The week went past quickly and when Friday afternoon came, Simon called me and asked if we could meet for dinner at 7PM on Saturday. He had something very important to tell me and he also asked if I have decided on his offer. I told him I was 99% sure and would give him my answer after dinner with him. He thanked me, and told me how he missed seeing me and especially my touch. He told me how good the pictures of me were to him as he worked out his needs each night before going to sleep. But then he quickly added it would be so much better if it were really me who was there working his need out. I laughed and said, “Simon! Every night? You’ll be to tired to play golf.”

He told me that when I made him cum it actually increased his drive and reduced his need for sleep. He could hardly wait to see me. I asked where he was and he told me 40 miles out of town heading home. I suggested why not stop at my pace and we could see each other tonight. He said he didn’t want to ask because he didn’t think I would be available. I told him, ” Just stop in and we can spend an hour or so together. That is if you’re not to tired.”

He almost sounded like a schoolboy seeing his first set of tits. He said, “I’ll be there in half an hour Diana, thank you! THANK YOU!”

I took a shower and fixed myself up for him. I put on a sheer nightie that was down to my mid-thigh and had a fairly low cut top. I sprayed a little perfume between my legs and around my neck. Then I slipped on my robe and waited. It actually took him 45 minutes to get to my place. When the limo pulled up I met him at the front door. He had stopped some place and picked up a dozen roses for me.

I smiled and said, “Lucky, thank you! Look I have been thinking, why don’t you tell the driver you’ll call him in the morning. You can sleep here tonight with me, if you want to.”

His mouth fell open and he quickly told the driver to pick him up at 9AM for practice. And then Simon entered my apartment. When the door closed, I let him pull my body to him and kiss me hard and long. When we broke the embrace, I said, “Missed me huh?”

He smiled and when we finally separated I smiled and took his hand and walked him into the bedroom. I said, “Go take a shower while I turn down the bed for us.”

He looked at me and he asked, “Are you going to do what I think we’re going to do tonight Diana?”

I smiled and said; “Well I don’t know Lucky what is it you think we’re going to do. I told you, you could sleep, here tonight. What else did you have in your dark dirty mine.”

He said, “Are we going to have sex?”

I smiled and said, “Oh I don’t know Lucky, but I am going to make you cum and cum and cum. And I bet you would love that!”

He took a step towards me and I stopped him saying, “After you shower and clean yourself up.”

He hurried into the shower and washed quickly for me as I watched him. He told bursa escort me all about the golf event as he washed. His little black cock was hard as a rock and sticking out as far as it could reach, maybe 5-inches. I knew he would never last long enough to fuck me tonight. Not tonight anyway. And if the night went like I figured, I knew what my answer would be about moving in and traveling with him. I would do it!

As Lucky was finishing up, I took the soap and washed his little cock again, making sure it was especially clean. He sighed and watched my white hands play with is black balls and dickey. I loved to get him this worked up and knew he would give me almost anything I wanted at the sexual stage he was at right now. I turned him towards me and as I continued to play with his marble size balls I began to stroke his shaft slowly and easily with my other hand. I smiled up at him as I knelt on the floor. As he stood there still in the tub, I played with him pleasing him. I looked up into his eyes again and asked, “Is this what you missed all week Simon. Did you miss my touch and my mouth baby?”

He moaned as I stroked him and as I covered his cock head with my lips for the first time in a week, he almost screamed with his passion. In seconds, his cock began to cum into my waiting mouth as I finished jerking him off!

When I milked him dry he almost fell down in the tub. I held his hips and popped his softening cock from my warm wet mouth and said, “Woo Simon. We better get you into bed before you fall. You must have really want that first one didn’t you baby?”

He could hardly speak. He almost whispered, “Oh God Diana you drive me wild with desire. Yes! Oh yes! I wanted you to masturbate me but sucking me cock was just too much to ask for. Oh yes! I love it I fucking love it when you do that to me. “

I smiled as I held his hand and led him into the room. I said, “Well I have missed your tongue on my pussy too Simon! I can’t get that last night we spent together out of my mind. I remember how good your lips, tongue and mouth felt on my sex too Simon. Would you like to do that again for me tonight? Would you eat my pussy and make me happy baby?”

He told me, “Just lay down and open your beautiful legs for me. I will lick you and make you cum just like you did to me. I missed your musky smell on my lips. Do you realize I still have your panties and hold them to my face as I run your pictures on my laptop over and over again? God Diana the first night I masturbated to your pictures, as I smelled your panties, I shot all over my keyboard. It was so good. And it really helped me get by without you actuality being there. And, like I told you in the bathroom, I won! I won the tournament thanks to you! You really are my lucky lady”

I asked, “You did!!! Oh that’s great! Was it a hard course?”

I really didn’t give fuck. He smiled and said ‘Yes but knowing you were waiting for me back here made me work harder and I won!! I won another $150,000!”

I did care about that! I asked, “GOD! Simon these prizes are huge! How much does that make this year so far.”

He said, “Oh I don’t know around $600-650,000, but the year is still young. There are 5 more months to go. And if you’re with me I can’t seem to loose.”

I smiled and said, “Well Simon after you make me cum, I’ll give you my decision about going with you full time. But we need to talk some more but after you make me cum. I can’t wait any longer I have missed you too baby. I don’t want my need to cum to make my decision. I want both of us to be crystal clear about this. OK?”

“He smiled and moved down as he lowered his mouth in and between my waiting open thighs. I rubbed his black head as he sucked and licked and did exactly what I instructed him to do. It took maybe 10 minutes of his oral stimulation before I arched and began to fuck his face as I held it tight against my wet oozing pussy hole. Again and again I climaxed, as he stayed right there doing what I told him to do. He was getting better and following my directions perfectly. I moved his baldhead and his black face all over my cunt. It was much better than the first time. When I just couldn’t take any more, I pushed him off and pulled his face out from between my legs. “I have to rest a few minutes Lucky! God you are getting much better at this” I told him.

His little cock was hard again and as we held each other I stroked it gently and slowly like I knew he enjoyed. And then I told him again how much better he was this time than the first time he ate my pussy. I knew I was building his ego and actually he was a little better.

I knew he was happy and stayed there just letting me slowly work on his little black cock. Finally he said “Oh Diana! Please! Please come live with me and travel with me. Please!”

I said, “Simon the answer is yes!”

He grabbed me and squeezed me and kissed me all over before I finally pulled him off and said, “BUT! We have to agree on a few things first.”

He bursa escort bayan said, “Anything!! Anything you want Diana. What is it?”

I said, “NO!! Listen, Lucky, listen to me. First, it’s the question about the sex. We’ll do things like this anytime you want Simon. You know masturbation and oral won’t be an issue.”

He said, “I…I know….I said I wouldn’t pressure you at all……but….but can I ask if we will ever have intercourse?”

I told him, “Maybe. That’s all I can say right now, not a yes or a no, but a maybe Simon. That will have to do for now. OK?”

He said, “Yes I understand, I guess. But may I ask what would change that to a yes?”

I smiled at him still stroking his hard little cock and as I looked at him, I said, “I’m not sure Simon. I guess, how we get along, how you treat me and how I feel about you, no how I feel about us later down the road.”

He said, “Fair…….fair enough. I hope you know how I will treat you Diana. I think I am in love with you.”

I said, “Oh God Lucky. Love! That takes a lot of time baby! But it makes me feel good hearing you say that. Now the next thing I’m concerned about is my security, financial security Simon. After all I’m leaving everything behind to go with you. I won’t have a job or any old friends or family. So I think we should agree on what happens if you don’t want me around any longer or we get tired of each other. I’m not saying that will happen but it could since we’ll be together every day and night. I knew now this is all new to you and you enjoy me tremendously. But, what happens if you stop in say 6 months or find another lady? Where will I be if you decide you don’t want the relationship or the daily contact?”

He said, “That will never happen Diana.”

I said, “How do you know. I mean what if we have a fight or I can’t stand traveling all the time, or I miss my mother. Hell Lucky things happen to couples all the time. I will need something in our agreement to make sure I’m able to live for ……say 6 months or until I get a new job once I back home.”

He lay there thinking for a few minutes and then said, “How about I keep your apartment and pay for the rent while you’re gone. And I’ll pay you what you are earning now at your job.”

I said, “No, that would make me a whore for you.”

He said, “Oh come on! You know I don’t think of you that way at all.”

I said, “Well if you start paying me I would think that way. No I don’t want you to do that. But what if you put the money in some type of an account in my name and have it held in some sort of trust until the year is up, or something like that. Then if it doesn’t work out between us, I get the money and have enough to get me by until I can get a job and back on my feet.”

He said, “OK> How much are we talking about?”

I didn’t answer for a long time. Then I said, “Well let’s say $150,000. If things work out you get your money back plus interest and I get a man a lover and a happy life.”

He said, “$150,000 is a lot of money. But……….but OK! Deal! I’ll have my lawyers draw it up tomorrow. Now where were we?”

I said, “Wait!! And I want my own lawyer to review it. I want everything on the up and up between us until I’m sure we can do this.”

He told me that would be OK and then I said, “Stop!! Wait!! There’s one last thing. No more presents from you. If I want something I’ll ask you for it. If you agree you can buy it for me. OK? No more big expensive gifts, I feel cheap when you do that without asking me.”

He said, ‘Well I enjoy buying you thinks. But, OK sure, I get carried away sometimes.”

I said, “Good. Well then I’m now with you. Now where were we? Oh yes, I was going to make you feel good again as I make you cum. I might even show you something else tonight that I know will drive you nuts Lucky.”

His eyes got huge again and I slid down and used my hand to play with and stroke his 5-inch throbbing black cock. My other hand worked on his small round balls. He closed his eyes and sighed as I pleased his little dickey. He said, “Ah Diana! I can’t tell you how happy I am you will be with me from now on. Oh that feels so good! Your hands! God I love your hands baby, so good. Umm! Yes Oh God you drive wild.”

I had him so hard I was betting it hurt! Then as he moaned and began to thrust his lower body up moving his dick in my hands I knew he was about to cum again. I said, “would you like my mouth to suck you Lucky or just use my hands?”

He said, “Oh mou…..mouth!Oh God Oh God OH God!!!”

I covered the head with my lips forming a tight seal and continued to pump the shaft. When I sucked hard he roamed and began to pump cum into my mouth. Moaning and crying and almost screaming Simon shot his cum into my mouth again and again and again. When I was sure he had finished I moved up and still holding his hard little cock at the base so he couldn’t deflate quickly, I moved my mouth over his. I opened my mouth escort bursa as if to slid my tongue in and when Simon did the same I gave him all of his cum. I let it run into his mouth hearing him moan! I also felt his cock throbbing still.

I knew that if I let go of the base of Lucky’s cock more cum would run out. I broke the kiss and smiled down into his face as he held his own cum in his mouth. I said, “Drink it for me Simon. Swallow it all just like I do. That’s it baby! Drink it down, sweet isn’t it? Yes, you like me to do that don’t you?”

I moved down and release his cock with my hand. More light color cum slowly oozed from the cock hole and I licked and sucked it taking as much as I could. I looked into his eyes and swallowed for him. He smiled down at me as I continued to work on his cock. Once it was hard again I said, ‘Now I want to show you something I know you will really like baby! Are you ready?”

All he said was, “Yes!”

I said, “How about we try dry humping each other? Would you like that Simon?”

He said, “I’m not sure what that is.”

I smiled and said, “It’s like fucking only your cock won’t actually be inside my pussy but I will rub it up and down your shaft and over your cock head. It will feel like it was in me, well almost. And, it will be so close to actually happening, so very close to actually being inside me Simon that I know you’ll love it!

He moaned and I moved over him. I had his little black cock between my legs and began rubbing his shaft up and down with the lips of my pussy. As I felt him throbbing and jerking under me I smiled down and said, “Feel good baby?”

He whispered, “Oh God it’s unbelievable. It feels like heave. Please Diana put me in your pussy!”

I said, “Just lay back and enjoy this Simon.”

I moved faster now and pushed down harder so my pussy lips were wrapped around half his short black shaft as it pressed in between our bodies. I knew the cock head was facing up towards his stomach. And, then I felt him arch again and again and heard him whimper and cry out. As he moaned very loudly, he lifted us both up in the air, and I knew he was cumming all over both of our stomachs and the hair around his sex organ. It was a lot and it was going to messy but I let him enjoy the sensation for as long as he could.

I continued to rock back and forth on him, feel his balls empty and his cum spill out between us and over his body. He moaned and held me as he came and came and came. It was like fucking only he never put his cock inside me. My pussy was actually touching his cock shaft but he only felt it rubbing up and down his small round shaft. It was very good for him and me. When it was over, I lifted up and saw his face! He was in ecstasy! His mouth was opened his eyes were closed and the look on his face told me he had the best orgasm of his life. I smiled knowing he loved it and me!

Actually my pussy was soaking wet and it was throbbing with my own desire. I scoped up the cum and took a taste. It was sweet. I said, “Simon you have made a big mess.”

He opened his eyes and said, “OH God! That was the best orgasm I ever had. That was the best we ever did. It was so great Diana so good. God!! Thank you so much! It felt absolutely wonderful!”

I lifted my finger with the cum dripping off of it and licked it with my lips saying, “You know you taste pretty good tonight. I think I’ll share it with you.”

He smiled and as I lay on top of him, we took turns licking his cum off my fingers until he had none left on his stomach. I then bent my head down and started licking his little deflated 2-inch cock. But he was done for the night. I smiled and said, “Well Simon, it must be your turn. Stay there and let me move up so I can sit on your face again. I really like that position Simon don’t you?”

He said, “Well actually I like to watch you cum and when you sit on my face I can see you that well. But as good as you made me feel a minute again I’ll do it anyway you want Diana.”

I smiled and said, “OK Simon tonight is your night. How about we try it with me laying back and hanging my feet off the bed and you can kneel on the floor in front of me and eat my pussy. Then young man we have to get some rest. OK?”

He laughed and said, “Young man! You sound like my mom. But OK!!”

I moved around and smiled as he knelt in front of me on the floor. I opened my legs and saw his face and mouth form a big smile. I said, “You really like looking at my pink white pussy don’t you Lucky?”

He licked his lips and said, “God yes! It’s so beautiful, just like you!”

I moved my feet up on the edge of the bed and bent my knees out so he could really see it now. He moaned as I began to rub the slit of my pussy. Then I smiled at him and said, OK baby! Lick me right here with your tongue.”

I pointed at my throbbing hard clit. He moved in and began to devourer me. His lips and tongue didn’t stop and within minutes this time I was humping and humping and cumming and cumming all over his face again. I screamed, “Suck me NOW SIMON! Suck my clit NOW!!! OH FUCK YES!!!!”

After I had climaxed twice, I told him in a very husky voice, “Simon dry hump me this time. NOW! Do it now Simon. Hurry baby!”

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