Jenny Meets Adrian


Bobby would text once a week with orders for Jenny. Sometimes early in the week to set up a weekend session other times a last minute booty call. But she always complied because she dare not risk losing out on a chance to be fucked so well. For three months it was pretty much a one night a week thing. He would fuck her silly and send her on her way. He never asked her to stay and made sure she knew she was to leave after they finished without cleaning up. She loved the slutty feeling of being used and riding home full of his cum leaking out of her now loose pussy.

She had started doing kegals and exercising her legs in hopes to offset the damage Bobby was inflicting on her vagina. But the long sessions he put her through made it impossible to fully recover. Her pussy gaped open even days after he had fucked her. She actually like the feeling of being able to accommodate him so easily. But worried other guys would not appreciate her looseness. She knew it needed a lot of rest to recover but when it came Escort Bayan to Bobby and his huge member she could not say no!

One Tuesday Bobby texted with instructions to pack for the weekend as he needed her Friday and Saturday night. She was excited and a little scared! Could she handle two nights with this man?

Friday evening she arrived looking hot and ready! When the door opened it was a nicely built black man standing there. He said Hi! My name is Adrian and Bobby said you are all mine tonight.


He explained I’m not here to hurt you. I promise we will have a good time. If you feel uncomfortable leave at anytime. But at least give me a chance. Bobby will be back tomorrow and we all can have some fun.

She was very confused and scared, but very turned on. So she decided to give it try. They sat down at the kitchen table and he made small talk offering her a shot of tequila. As they got to know each other the tequila flowed. They talked about normal Bayan Escort things for a while until Adrian said enough of the bullshit. Tell me how you like big cock.With just enough alcohol in her she said I fuckin’ love it!

With that he replied well come back here and show me.

They walked down the hallway to the bedroom and he stripped off all of her clothes. He then took off his revealing a monster cock that was even bigger than Bobby’s. She gasped and instinctively fell to her knees to work it over. Her jaws ached as his dick stretched them wide. It didn’t take long though as he soon pulled out and coated her face. He said go clean off while I rest a few.

Within 20 minutes he was hard again punishing her already loose pussy. She loved it because she actually could feel him touching her walls that Bobby had assaulted to new widths. He said wow I’ve never had a girl take it all but you feel like you could take more! She felt pride in that as messed up as it was!

He Escort came in her 2 times that night and then made her go sleep on the couch without showering. He said Bobby wanted to see the damage when he returned. So she passed out on the couch tipsy and very content.

The next morning she awoke to Bobby slapping his dick on her forehead. He said what a good little slut you are. Show me your nasty pussy.She pulled back the covers to reveal her gaping loose pussy with dried cum stuck to her inner thighs. Bobby said let me add to that mess. He got on top of her and pumped away for about ten minutes then let his load fill her up more. The cum ran down her crack and legs on to the dried up cum spot from the night before. Bobby said now you may go clean up. That day Adrian and Bobby took turns fucking her every few hours. She was sent to the bedroom to do Adrian then back to the couch to do Bobby. That happened two times each. It ended with her sucking Bobby and taking Adrian from behind. She moaned as she took her fifth and six loads of the day. She asked for a drink but Bobby said nope you have to drive home now bitch. Adrian joined in. Saying now you are getting too used for even me. She gathered her things and left. Full of regret, pride and cum.

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