Jenny Loves Her Toy


Thanks to ethylene for her editorial assistance with the story.

It was a fall Saturday. Jenny and Tim were in Columbia doing a little shopping before meeting friends to attend a college football game. They had spent some time at Columbiana Mall, and were headed toward Fat Buddies to pick up the large wings order they had placed earlier.

“Want to stop by Nancy’s Nook first?” asked Tim.

“I guess so,” Jenny replied with no excitement in her voice.

Jenny pulled the car into the strip mall where both Fat Buddies and Nancy’s Nook were located.

“We won’t stay too long,” Tim said, “Besides, maybe we’ll find something exciting for you.”

Jenny just smiled and parked.

They entered the front part of Nancy’s nook and spent some a few minutes looking at lingerie and clothing before finally making their way to the doorway to enter the back portion of the store.

“ID,” the guy working the counter said.

Jenny and Tim each handed him their driver’s license. After reviewing the license, the door buzzed for them to walk back.

It was rather empty for a Saturday afternoon. In addition to the ID guy, there was a girl manning the register, where she was waiting on a female customer, and a middle-aged guy spending some time browsing the magazines.

Jenny and Tim walked around the store looking at various vibrators, dildos, nipple clamps, videos and magazines. As they walked, Tim would occasionally rub Jenny’s ass.

Looking at all the sex toys and Tim rubbing her ass was getting Jenny a little horny. She wished she could take Tim now, because she knew she would be too tired by the time she got home from the football game.

“See anything that excites you?” Tim asked.

“You do,” Jenny replied.

“Yeah, but that wasn’t the question.”

“There are a lot of things that could be exciting. You know how much I like the toys I have.”

Through their years of dating and then marriage Jenny and Tim had amassed a decent sized collection of toys, including several vibrators and dildos, nipple clamps, anal beads, vibrating balls, a remote control vibrator, and several bondage toys.

“You know it has been a while since we bought anything,” Tim said.

“What do you have in mind?”

“Maybe something new and exciting. How about a really big dildo?”

Tim took Jenny by the hand and walked her to the wall where the dildos lined the shelf.

“What makes you think I would like a big dildo?”

“Oh, I don’t know. Maybe the fact you like your pussy filled with big objects.”

Jenny giggled and thought of the things Tim had used to fuck her. In addition to the toys they had used over the years, Tim had used his fist, a Dasani bottle, a Mountain Dew can, some large zucchini and cucumbers, and a softball bat to fill her pussy. Jenny loved the feeling of having her pussy stretched to its limit and Tim certainly enjoyed fucking her with big objects and watching as she came on them.

There were a large number of dildos. Some regular sized, some double ended, and then there was the section of large, big and OH MY GOD.

“Pick one of these,” Tim said directing Jenny’s attention to the selection of huge dildos.

Jenny was surprised by the number to choose from.

She looked at one modeled after a horse, “I think I’ll pass on the animal love.”

Next she saw one shaped like a fist and forearm., “I already have your fist, why would I need a fist dildo when I can have the real thing?”

The big double ended ones were nice but Jenny wondered how she could properly hold them to masturbate.

Jenny decided to focus on realistic dildos. She began to seriously look at the realistic dildos. Picking up some of the packages to get a better idea of what they were going to purchase. There were many sizes and colors to pick from. Jenny was tempted to just grab one and go, but knew Tim would rather take the time to look at all of them before picking the right one to buy.

“Are you getting a little excited knowing you are going to be fucked by a big dildo soon?”

Jenny smiled. Her panties were a little damp, and she was very much looking forward to having her pussy filled by a big dildo and then being fucked by Tim.

“What about the John Holmes Realistic Cock?”

“I think I’ll pass. He was so ugly I don’t think I would want to fuck anything modeled after him.”

They continued looking.

“What about Bam’s Cock?”

Jenny held the package, “It’s a little longer than I want and it doesn’t feel right.”

Tim saw a purple dildo.

“What about Tera Patrick’s Big One?”

Jenny looked at the dildo and laughed. “Purple? I can’t really say I would want a purple dick in me.”

Tim took the package from the shelf and handed it to Jenny. She initially noticed how heavy it was. The dildo was not too long, and was thick. She liked that. It was also veiny, which gave it a realistic feel, even if it was purple.

Jenny studied the package. The dildo was eight inches long, with seven inches of insertable length. The fact that it was not super bursa evi olan escort long was something Jenny liked. It had a diameter of two and a half inches, and a circumference of seven and a half inches. Nice and thick, she definitely liked that.

The more Jenny felt the fake cock, the more she liked it. She noticed it was not made of latex, but was made of something called crystalessence. She was intrigued since some of her latex dildos made her pussy uncomfortable after a few minutes of use. Her new friend felt mostly rigid through the package. Jenny liked the fact it was not floppy, and felt like it would not be too hard.

Jenny’s pussy was now tingling at the thought of having this big dildo stretch her pussy as she rode it until she came.

“I think I could have some fun with this, but it’s almost $40.”

“It would be worth every penny if you would use it.”

“I don’t know if I want to pay that much for a sex toy.”

Tim moved in behind Jenny and began nibbling on her ear.

“Think of how good it will feel when this big cock invades your pussy,” Tim whispered in her ear.

Jenny let out a little moan.

Tim continued, “Your pussy will get stretched as inch after inch fills your horny little hole. Slowly you will take more and more until you have the whole big cock in you. Your cunt lips will be stretched around your purple friend as you begin to ride it. Its size will cause it to hit places that are normally left untouched when we fuck. You will be writhing in ecstasy as your ride this big hard cock until you cum. You want to fuck it right now don’t you?”

“Yes,” Jenny whimpered as she pulled away.

“So, I take it you want to buy this.”

“I do,” Jenny said with lust in her eyes, “as long as you don’t think it’s too expensive.”

“I think we can afford it,” Tim said taking the package from Jenny’s hand and starting toward the cash register.

Tim handed the package to the ID guy who was now manning the register.

“Cindy, have you seen this thing?” the ID guy asked the girl behind the counter.

“What?” She replied.

“Tera Patrick’s Big One,” he said holding the package up for Cindy to see. “It’s thick as shit.”

“It’s thick, but she can take it,” Tim interjected handing over his credit card.

The ID guy leered at Jenny after Tim’s comment. “That’s impressive.”

Jenny just blushed.

“Too bad she is going to have to wait to use it. Since we are going to the football game it will be at least tomorrow before she is able to fuck herself with it,” Tim said.

“That is too bad. She looks like she could use a good fucking,” the ID guy said while staring at Jenny as he placed the package in the bag.

While the conversation was making Jenny a bit uncomfortable, she was getting even hornier at the thought of fucking herself with her new toy.

“Maybe I can talk her into having some fun in the car on the way to the game,” Tim said with a smile.

“You could always use the break room here before you leave,” the ID guy interjected.

Tim looked at Jenny, asking her with his eyes if she wanted to.

“I don’t know I’d feel kind of funny. I think we should go to the game.”

“The store is empty now except for Cindy and me, and we can keep the break room blocked off to give you some privacy,” the ID guy added to tempt Jenny.

“I don’t know if we have time,” Jenny said

“We still have 45 minutes before we have to meet Bruce,” Tim replied.

“Even though my pussy is extremely wet, I would need some lube to take that big thing.”

“I’ve got some right here,” the ID guy said with a smile flipping a bottle of Sliquid to Tim.

“You don’t have any more excuses left. Do you want to fuck your new toy?”

“I do, but …”

Jenny was unable to finish her sentence. Tim grabbed her and pulled her close and gave her a big kiss. His hands were rubbing her ass as they continued to kiss.

Tim broke from the kiss and began nibbling on Jenny’s neck and then her ears.

“You know you want to fuck this big dick don’t you.”

“Yes,” Jenny whispered.

“You can’t wait to have it in you. You want it right now don’t you?”

Jenny was feeling flushed, her whole body was hot and her pussy was tingling. She wanted nothing more than to strip off her damp panties and fuck herself silly with her new dildo.

“All you have to do is say yes and this big cock can be in your pussy in a matter of minutes. Yes means you are going to make your pussy cum instead of spending the rest of the day frustrated.”

Tim was right, it would be frustrating to spend the rest of the day horny and having to wait on the satisfaction the big purple cock would bring.

“I know you want to fuck it. Just say yes and you’ll have your desires fulfilled.”

“Yes,” Jenny weakly mumbled.

“What?” Tim asked.

“Yes,” Jenny replied. “Yes I want to get off on my new dildo.”

“Is there any place I can clean this?” Tim asked.

“I’ll take care of it,” the ID guy said tearing the package open altıparmak escort and heading to a rest room.

Tim pulled Jenny into a kiss again, his hand running over her back and ass for the several minutes it took to wash the dildo.

He ID guy returned with a nice clean dildo and handed it to Jenny.

“Here you go ma’am, it’s all yours.”

“Thanks,” Jenny replied with a smile.

“Cindy, please watch the front while I take them to the back.”

Jenny and Tim followed the ID guy to a back break room.

“It’s all yours,” he said as he opened the door and stepped in.

Tim guided Jenny to the couch. The door closed behind them and Jenny thought just she and Tim were alone in the room. Tim saw the ID guy still in the room, mesmerized by his wife.

Tim sat on the couch and had Jenny straddle him. Tim pulled Jenny’s head into a deep kiss. As they kissed his right hand reached under her t-shirt and unhooked her bra. His left hand reached up the front and pushed the cups over her breasts and gave her right nipple a nice little pinch.

“Mmmmm,” Jenny moaned.

Tim pulled Jenny’s t-shirt over her head, and let her bra fall to the floor before he dropped his head to her left breast. Tim began slowly licking round the nipple, and then slowly sucked the entire nipple in his mouth. Jenny let out a moan as Tim gave her nipple a little bite.

Jenny had average sized breasts, but her nipples were super sensitive. As Tim continued to suck first one tit then the other, Jenny’s pussy became wetter and was tingling more. Jenny was grinding her hips into Tim and could feel he now had a raging hard-on.

Tim released his grip on Jenny’s tits and moved up to give her a kiss. After the kiss Tim began squeezing Jenny’s tits and pinching her nipples.

“You want that big cock don’t you, you horny little slut.”

“Oh, God yes, I want to feel it in my pussy. I want to fuck that big dick.”

Tim reached around and slipped his hands under the waist band of her shorts and panties and began tugging them down as Jenny kicked off her shoes. Jenny was now naked, except for her socks straddling Tim.

Tim took the dildo from Jenny’s hand and put it in her face.

Jenny stuck her tongue out and began to lick the dildo. It was hard, and it was bigger than any real cock she had ever fucked. Tim pushed it toward her lips and Jenny opened up and began giving the dildo head.

“Suck that fat cock.”

Jenny was trying, but it dwarfed anything she had ever taken in her mouth. Her jaws were open as wide as they could, and her lips were stretched but she couldn’t take more than a few inches in her mouth.

The purple cock made a popping sound as Tim pulled it from Jenny’s mouth.

“Time for you to get fucked,” Tim said as he pulled Jenny from on top of him and guided her back on the couch.

Jenny spotted the ID guy standing at the door and was ready to say something when Tim’s tongue invaded her mouth. When two of Tim’s fingers quickly found her sodden snatch, Jenny’s thought turned from the stranger in the room to satisfying the burning in her pussy.

Tim began to work his fingers in Jenny’s pussy as he continued kissing her. Jenny’s hips began to rise in rhythm to meet the movement of Tim’s hand. Slowly Tim slipped a third finger in, then a fourth. He was preparing her pussy for the big invasion she was soon to receive.

Tim broke from the kiss and again moved to give each of her nipples a little suck and a bite.

Tim removed his fingers from Jenny’s pussy and reached for the bottle of Sliquid. Tim spread an ample amount of lube on the dildo, and then worked some around and in her already wet pussy.

“Take it slow at first,” Jenny said as she felt the tip of the dildo touch the lips of her shaved pussy.

Jenny spread her legs a little wider as Tim began to slide the gigantic cock up and down the soft folds of Jenny’s slit. Tim positioned the dildo at the entrance of Jenny’s pussy and gave a slight push. Jenny shuddered as she was penetrated by the bulbous head. Jenny’s pussy lips gripped the purple monster as Tim slipped a little more in, and then slowly withdrew.

Jenny’s mouth was open and low moans escaped as Tim slowly fed the fake cock deeper into her quickly stretching pussy. The initial pain of being split so wide had been quickly replaced by the satisfaction of being truly filled.

“Does this feel ok,” Tim asked.

“Oh yeah. It feels very good,” Jenny replied in a raspy voice.

Jenny loved the feeling of being stretched wide like this, and she had seven potential inches of the monster cock to work with. Slowly and steadily Tim wedged more into Jenny, stopping periodically to allow her to adjust to the huge thickness stretching her open.

Jenny had taken about four inches so far. She began pinching her nipples as Tim slowly fucked her with the dildo. Jenny’s hips were finding a rhythm, as she was trying to feed more of the cock into her pussy.

Tim could sense Jenny’s heightened excitement and began to push a little gemlik escort harder. Jenny felt the cock continuing to inch into her, going deeper and deeper, spreading her canal wider until she felt it hit the back of her pussy.

“Ahhhhhhh,” Jenny groaned hoarsely.

Jenny could feel Tim’s fingers touching her pussy lips and knew she had taken it all. While some previous lovers had been longer than the dildo that had invaded her pussy, never had Jenny felt so full from a cock. The muscles of her pussy were so stretched they could barely accommodate the massive girth of her purple lover.

Tim pulled several inches out and slid it back in. Jenny’s lips were wrapped tightly against the huge invading cock. As Tim pulled slowly out the lips held tight, like they were fighting to keep the huge cock buried deep inside her. Jenny’s pussy was so swollen with the excitement of being stretched to the limit that her clit was almost buried in the cavern of her puffy lips.

Jenny was breathing heavier as Tim picked up the pace. While she loved fucking Tim, the dildo had her stretched and was hitting places his cock didn’t. Jenny’s pussy was on fire and she wanted to cum.

“Let me take over,” Jenny murmured as she reached down to take the dildo from Tim.

Jenny readjusted her position on the couch, and threw her left leg over the back of the couch, opening herself as much as possible.

The dildo was still buried deep in Jenny’s pussy as she began to run her fingers around her pussy. Jenny could feel her lips stretched and swollen to accommodate the immense girth of the dildo. Jenny gripped the cock with her right hand and pulled it out several inches. With the fingers of her left hand she felt her lips being pulled along the shaft. Slowly Jenny shoved the cock back into her pussy, her fingers traveling along with the shaft finding her hidden but swollen clit at the top of her cleft, and giving it a little tickle.

The combination of her juices and the Sliquid made her slit and the dildo a slippery mess. However that allowed her to begin to slide the hard cock in harder and faster. Jenny’s breathing was growing faster and deeper, matching the movement of the huge cock slamming into her sodden pussy.

“Yeah, fuck me,” Jenny murmured, as she fucked herself deep and hard, the purple shaft disappearing to the hilt.

Tim and the ID guy watched, fascinated, as the huge dildo disappeared into Jenny’s pussy. Tim could see the ID guy, his cock pulled from his pants, stroking himself, but kept his attention on Jenny. Tim was mesmerized at the big cock disappearing into Jenny’s pussy and the look of satisfaction on her face.

“That big cock looks good stretching your pussy,” Tim said.

While Jenny may have heard Tim, but she was in her own little world and did not respond. Instead, she continued to pound her stretched love canal with wild abandon. Jenny was pulling the cock out, her dripping hole holding it tightly, until just the head remained in her. Then she would slam every glorious inch back into her until she had reached the bottom.

“Oh that’s so good,” Jenny whispered, her hips rocking on the couch.

Jenny’s light brown nipples were pursed and hard, her breasts swaying as she thrust the dildo deep inside of her. She reached her left hand up to play with one, pinching and tugging and biting her lip, her eyes half-closing in her pleasure.

Jenny was moaning unintelligible, like she was speaking in tongues. Her juices were running from her pussy and down her ass as she continued to fuck herself like a machine.

Tim heard a groan and looked over and the ID guy was shooting a load in a napkin.

Jenny’s hips were rising faster to meet the hard fast thrusts of the purple giant assaulting her pussy. Jenny’s breathing was becoming more ragged, her body was tingling all over, and she knew she was about to be overcome by a powerful orgasm.

Jenny felt the first wave or orgasm hit and slammed the big hard cock as deep into her as she could. She let out a loud wail as the orgasm ripped full force through her body. Jenny’s legs clamped together to hold her lover deep in place. Her back arched, her head flew back, her eyes closed, her mouth opened and her face took on an almost pained look.

“Uhhhhhh, oh yesssss!” Jenny screamed as every muscle in her body tensed, then rippled, as a huge orgasm tore through her body.

Jenny continued to tremble and moan as wave after wave of orgasm swept through her body.

Finally spent, and out of breath, Jenny lay limp on the couch. She relaxed as she caught her breath, coming down from the high of an intense orgasm.

“That was incredible,” she said with a smile of satisfaction.

As she sat up, the huge dildo slowly came out, finally exiting with an audible pop. The huge dildo and her pussy were slick and gooey, and Jenny was glistening with pleasure

“You can use the restroom to clean-up,” the ID guy said.

His speaking jolted Jenny back to remembering there was a stranger in the room, and she quickly used her arms to cover herself. The ID guy tossed his soiled napkin in a trashcan and left the room.

Jenny stood, her legs trembling from being spread wide and fucked hard. Tim moved toward Jenny and gave her a deep kiss. As they embraced, his fingers made their way to her pussy. Tim easily slipped several fingers easily into Jenny’s gaping pussy.

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