Jennifer Ch. 05


As Jennifer turned, she saw that Dan had one of the couch pillows in his lap, hiding his hard-on. She smiled and turned to his father.

“Hi, Mr. Renquist…” she said cheerfully. She hoped she looked at least half-way presentable. From the look on Dan’s father’s eyes as they danced over her, she figured she was. She relaxed and smiled. This time for real.

“Hi, Dad!” Dan called out, trying to control the shaking in his voice. “You’re home early…!”

Dan’s father looked at him with a gleam in his eyes and a half smile on his lips.

“I have to get some paperwork from the study…” he said. “I hope I’m not interrupting anything…” He looked over at Jennifer with a “concerned” look in his eyes, then smiled.

“Uh…no….” Dan stammered. “Jennifer and I were just discussing..uh..homework..right, Jen?”

Jennifer looked directly into Mr. Renquist’s eyes and smiled. “Uh-huh…homework…” She stepped over to sit beside Dan, her eyes still fixed on his father. Her smiled increased when she saw his eyes drop to her legs as she sat, and she made no attempt to adjust her skirt, which had ridden high over her thighs.

“Dan’s wonderful at helping me with my homework…” she said, putting her hand on Dan’s shoulder. The movement caused her breasts to push out against the thin fabric of her blouse, and the unbuttoned top of the blouse to fold and open a bit, exposing the top swells of flesh.

“You should be proud of Dan…” Jennifer teased. “He’s pretty brainy…for a boy…” Dan turned to her and laughed, and his father joined them.

“Well, I’ll be in the study if you need me.” he chuckled. “If you have any questions about math, or history…or whatever it is you’re working on…”

“Chemistry…” Jennifer replied, smiling sexily. She stared at Dan’s father as she ran her fingers through Dan’s hair, and recognized a strained look in his eyes.

Mr. Renquist shook his head, smiling back at her before turning to go. “And some anatomy, too, I’d guess…” he said, chuckling again as he walked into the study. He quietly shut the door, leaving the two alone in the living room.

Dan turned to Jennifer with a grin. “Chemistry, indeed!” he said laughing. Jennifer grinned back and slid her hand under the pillow in his lap, until she found his still hard cock. She squeezed it lovingly and leaned forward to kiss his lips.

“I guess I’d better go…” she whispered. Dan looked shocked, then pleading as she continued to toy with his hard-on. “Well, we can’t do anything with your father in the next room!” she tried to explain. She was as disappointed as he was about the turn of events. She looked towards the study, and was a little surprised to see the door was open just a crack. She was sure Dan’s father had latched it when he’d shut it. She shrugged, figuring she’d been mistaken, and was turning back to Dan when she caught some movement on the other side of the door out of the corner of her eyes.

She smiled to herself and turned to Dan. She didn’t let him know his father was watching them, though. She kissed him wetly, and pulled the pillow away from his lap before returning her hand to his cock. She leaned her head of his shoulder as she moved her hand up and down his trapped shaft.

“Well, maybe we can get away with a little….” she whispered, licking his ear and neck. Her heart was beating rapidly, knowing they were being watched, and she sighed as Dan’s hand moved up to cup her breast. As he toyed with her hard nipple, she used her free hand to unbutton the few buttons of her blouse. She turned and lay back against the couch as she pulled the fabric away from her chest, giving Dan full access to her tits, and giving his father an unobstructed view at the same time.

She felt deliciously slutty as she continued to nuzzle Dan’s neck and fondle his hard cock. Relaxing her thighs, she allowed her legs to part slightly. Pretending to keep her eyes closed, she peered down through her long eyelashes, and was thrilled to see her skirt was still riding high on her thighs.

She felt wonderfully sexy, knowing she looked half naked to Dan’s father. He was obviously getting a thrill from watching her, or he would have put a stop to their petting already. Even with her newfound sexuality awakening within her, she was still amazed at her ability to turn men on. Even older men like her teacher and now, Dan’s father. She was truly enjoying herself!

Keeping her eyes partially closed, she dared to glance over towards the study. This time there was no mistaking it. She could clearly see his glasses as he peered through the crack in the door. Jennifer allowed a slight smile to cross her lips as she leaned forward to kiss Dan. She slipped her tongue deep into his mouth as his hands danced over her naked breasts.

She pulled back slightly and looked into his eyes. Her hand went to his zipper tab and she grasped it and pulled as she grinned at him. He grinned back nervously as Jennifer opened his pants and reached her hand inside to grasp Sivas Escort his hard-on. It was wet and slimy from his flow of pre-come, and she sighed as it slid smoothly through her fist.

Dan was turned at an angle that prevented him from viewing the door to the study, but Jennifer could tell that he was nervous about being caught. She knew better, though. From his peeping actions, Jennifer knew that the last thing he was going to do was stop them. She smiled with her secret knowledge, and pulled Dan’s cock from the front of his pants. Her heart was beating wildly as she looked down to watch it slide wetly through her hand. And it was also beating wildly from the knowledge that she was being watched by Dan’s father.

Taking a deep breath to calm herself, she slid her hips away from Dan and leaned over his chest. focusing her eyes on his cock, she leaned forward. At the same time she moved her ass forward again. She felt the cool air against her skin as her movement caused her skirt to slide up to her waist.

Stretching her left leg out, she parted her thighs as she leaned closer to Dan’s cock. He groaned as he felt her warm breath on his cockhead and pushed his pole up through her fingers. He was definitely nervous, but was beyond the point of caring.

Jennifer smiled and moved her mouth closer. Her tongue flicked out against Dan’s wet cockhead, drawing a bit of his pre-come into her mouth. She sighed, loving the taste as she opened her mouth.

Just before she closed her lips around Dan’s cock, Jennifer opened her eyes fully and looked directly towards the study. Lowering her face, she kept her eyes open and locked on the crack in the door as Dan’s hard cock slid over her lips and into the wet, warm cavern of her mouth. Moving her head slowly up and down on Dan’s shaft, she smiled around his cock as she saw the door open a little more.

Dan’s father was obviously enjoying her show, and it was exciting her immensely. She sucked slowly and deliberately, sliding her mouth up and down wetly… letting the combination of her saliva and Dan’s thick pre-come pour from her lips and over her fingers. On each downstroke, she took more and more of Dan’s cock into her mouth until she felt his cockhead pressing against her throat. Jennifer held him there, preparing herself, then pushed lower, hearing Dan groan as his shaft slid into her throat. She closed her eyes and held him deep, enjoying the sensations of her newfound talent, then slowly pulled her mouth away.

Again Dan groaned as she slid her lips off him. She laved his cockhead with her tongue as she rubbed his wet rod over her lips and cheeks. She laughed throatily as she heard Dan’s breathing begin to move in and out in short, strained pants. She looked up at him and grinned.

“Do it…” she breathed. She held his cock against her cheek and ran her hand up and down it’s slippery length, pressing it into her face. Dan’s hips began to move, fucking against the outside of her cheek.

“Watch it…” Jennifer whispered, a little louder, “Watch your hard cock come all over my face…Do it…Come on my face, Dan….Come for me…”

Dan groaned and pushed his hips up. A long, thick streamer of semen erupted from his cockhead and skidded over Jennifer’s smiling face, covering her from her chin to her hairline. “Oh…yeah…” she sighed, pulling his cock away from her cheek. Her fingers wrapped around him, jerking him off as she stared down at his cum covered cock, her mouth open and her panting breath blowing over his head.. Dan watched her as she jerked him off, his eyes heavily lidded, as he fired another full blast towards her open mouth. Jennifer smiled as she saw his cockhead expand, and extended her tongue out as he shot.

A thick spray of cum splashed against her face, hitting her nose and upper lip and dripping syrup-like into her mouth. Dan watched in disbelief as his girlfriend continued to jerk him off, mewling like a kitten each time his cum splashed over her face, her tongue working valiantly to capture as much of his semen as she could. All the while, she was grinning up at him, her eyes locked lovingly on his. She was so caught up in the excitement of the moment, that she’d totally forgotten that they were being observed.

The feel of Dan’s hot cum splashing onto her skin had opened a whole new door for her. The look of lustful excitement in Dan’s eyes as he came on her made her hotter than she’d ever been. It was everything she’d fantasized about…and more!

“That was so hot!” Jennifer said excitedly, as she felt his flow slow to a stop. She dropped her head, taking his cock into her mouth once again to suck the last remaining drops of cum from his cock and balls. She swallowed noisily as she moved her lips up and down his shaft. Dan groaned as he watched her suck, and pushed his cock deep into her mouth.

When she felt him begin to soften in her mouth, she pulled off and sat back with a huge grin on her face.

“Absolutely awesome!” she breathed, Sivas Escort Bayan running her tongue around her lips. Dan’s cum clung to her features, making her look even more beautiful than she had been. And the love pouring from Dan’s eyes made her heart begin to beat wildly again. He was totally speechless, staring at her as his chest heaved up and down.

“Are you okay?” Jennifer giggled, leaning over to kiss him. The cum on her cheek left a smear on his face and she licked it off teasingly before sitting back.

“Wow…” Dan sighed, still grinning. “Yeah…I’m okay…Except I just got my mind blown!”

“Along with something else…” Jennifer chuckled, running her fingers over his semi-hard shaft. “Will you grab me a towel….please?” she said coyly, holding her palms towards him. His cum clung to her fingers, stretching between them like thick spider webs. “I got all sticky…” she said innocently.

Dan laughed and got up, tucking his cock back into his pants as he walked towards the kitchen. When he turned the corner, Jennifer turned towards the study. She flashed a brilliant smile at the crack in the door, that increased in intensity as she saw the door open even more.

The sight of Dan’s father’s face peering out at her startled her at first, but she relaxed when she saw the grin on his face and the heat in his eyes. She continued to smile as she leaned back against the couch and brought one cum covered hand up to her breast. She cupped it lightly, then proceeded to rub Dan’s cum into her tit, all the while grinning at his father.

She heard a sigh come from the study and her smile wavered a little as she watched the door swing open. Dan’s father was standing on the other side, the light from the late afternoon sun shining over his grinning face. The fact that he was so at ease and confident made Jennifer shiver.

“Thank you…” Mr. Renquist said softly, his eyes watching her hand as she moved it slowly over her breasts. The sun was also making her skin shine as she massaged Dan’s cum into her tits.

“Did you enjoy…?” Jennifer whispered. She felt her nervousness disappearing as Mr. Renquist’s eyes washed over her. Slowly, she stretched her leg out again, and let her thighs part, exposing her neatly trimmed pussy. She smiled sexily and repeated her question, glancing back to see if Dan was on his way back yet.

As she turned back to the study, she saw Mr. Renquist open the door wider. “You tell me…” he whispered. “Does it look as if I enjoyed?” Jennifer’s eyes widened in surprise as he stepped into the doorway. His pants of his suit were open and his hard cock gleamed in the sunlight as he wrapped his hand around it. Jennifer gasped. His cock was enormous! She felt her heart catch in her throat as she watched him stroke it in front of her. Unconsciously her hand moved down her front and over her pussy as she drank in the sight of his hard meat.

Renquist’s cock was easily ten inches long and appeared to be as big around as her wrist! She’d never seen anything so big. even in the movies she’d watched. Tearing her eyes away from it, she looked up at him to see him grinning back at her.

“Wow..” Jennifer breathed, a smile forming on her lips. He winked at her and leaned forward slightly.

“Yeah…I enjoyed…” he chuckled, continuing to run his hand up and down his shaft. He loved the way this young girl was watching his cock and fondling herself in front of him. The hot stirrings in his balls served to offset the guilt her felt for exposing himself to his son’s girlfriend. And the wanton way in which she was licking her lips as she watched his cock move in and out of his hand…the way her hand was rubbing her pussy as she spread her young legs for him…these sights more than eased his conscience.

Jennifer was startled out of her teasing game with Mr. Renquist when she heard Dan’s feet in the hallway. She slowly closed her legs and sat up as he walked into the room. Turning to him, she felt a momentary pang of guilt as he grinned and handed her a warm washcloth and a towel. Her heart was still beating hard in her chest, though, as she thanked him with a smile and brought the warm cloth to her face. She breathed deep, loving the mingled scents of the warm, wet cotton, and Dan’s cum as she wiped her face.

Peering over her hands, she saw the door to the study was once again closed tightly. Moving the washcloth over her breasts, she turned to Dan.

“I loved that, Dan…” she purred, still able to smell the musky odor of his semen. She leaned over and kissed him as he sat beside her, his eyes watching her hands as she moved the washcloth slowly over her breasts. “It was so hot when it hit my face….god…I loved watching you come!” She kissed him again and they both began to chuckle.

“Did you like that?” she asked, already knowing the answer. “Did you like watching your hot cum cover my face…?” She moved her hand to his thigh, sliding it higher as she whispered to him. Dan nodded Escort Sivas and grinned. “Yeah…I liked it a lot, Jen… I loved the way you smiled as my cum shot out. Did you really like it too?”

Jennifer grinned and poked her tongue out, running it sensually over her lips. “Uh-huh…” she intoned. “I want you to do it again…” She ran her hand over his cock, but found him flaccid. “As soon as you’re able, that is…” she teased, squeezing him.

Dan laughed and shook his head. “You’ve plum worn this boy out, lady!” he chuckled. “I’ve never come this much in my life!” He leaned over and hugged her to him. “You are too much, Jennifer Grayson…” he whispered into her hair. Jennifer smiled and hugged him back. Then, sitting up, she pulled her skirt down and tried vainly to iron out the creases with her hands. Seeing that it was futile, she grinned and shrugged her shoulders.

“I’d really better be going now…” she said, slowly buttoning her blouse. She smiled at Dan’s expression as he watched his favorite toys disappear from view. When she finished fixing her clothes, she stood up in front of him.

“Well, how do I look?” she asked, the teasing still in her voice.

“Absolutely beautiful…” Dan sighed sincerely. He stood up and took her into his arms, kissing her passionately as she moved her hips against his.

“Nothing like a facial to keep a girl looking young!” Jennifer laughed, pulling away from him. Heading for the front door, she paused in front of the study.

“‘Nite, Mr. Renquist…” she sang to the door. She smiled as the door swung open. Dan’s father stood smiling on the other side, looking much more composed than when she’d seen him last.

“Well, goodnight, Jennifer. It was very nice seeing you again.” He momentarily lost his control as his eyes moved over her breasts.

“And it was great seeing you, too…” Jennifer replied with a wink. “Hope to see you again soon.” She let her lips part and her tongue poke out slightly. The suggestion was not lost on Mr. Renquist, who “sighed” through his nose.

“Drive carefully, young lady…” he said stepping back into his office. “Always…” Jennifer replied with a smile. “But actually, Dan’s driving me to pick up my car at school. And he’s always careful…” She grinned and winked then, turning to leave, she opened the front door. Dan grinned and held it for her, then walked with her to his car.

He watched silently as she slid into the passenger seat, again letting her skirt ride high on her thighs. Jennifer cudled close to him as he drove back to their school. Her hand was on his thigh, gently stroking it as they drove on in silence, both of them relishing the afternoon.

The parking lot was nearly deserted when they arrived, and Dan got out to open Jennifer’s door. She grinned up at him and slid out slowly, letting her skirt slide higher and higher until it bunched around her waist, exposing her closely shaven pussy to him. She giggled as he stared open-mouthed, moving her left hand between her thighs and up, until her finger brushed her wet pussy. She moved her finger up and down her slit, wetting it to the first knuckle as she stared up at him.

“Next time, it’s your turn…” she whispered, withdrawing her finger and offering it up to him. Dan grinned at her and took her finger between his lips, sucking it lightly as she moved it in and out. He felt his cock hardening in his pants again as they both released a low groan. Looking around him, Dan smiled to himself. In the early evening, the lot was nearly empty, and most likely the cars that were there would be there for the night. He grinned down at Jennifer and slowly sank to his knees, at the same time leaning into his car. He kissed her lightly and smiled.

“No time like the present…” he whispered hoarsely. He grinned at he shocked expression, then lowered his face between her legs. Jennifer groaned as she saw what he was going to do, and looked over the dash to see if they were alone. Feeling relatively safe and, to be truthful, not really caring all that much, she leaned back on the seat and let her legs spread wide. At the same time, her fingers entwined in Dan’s thick hair as she pulled his face into her crotch. She groaned out loud as Dan thrust his tongue deep into her pussy, sucking her juices as his nose grazed her clitoris. She immediately began to shiver and shake as Dan worked magic with his own newfound talent. He sucked and probed, changing from slow and gentle to faster and forceful…licking her outer lips, then thrusting his tongue deep inside once again.

Jennifer couldn’t control herself. She was moaing out loud as she ground her hips against his face. The knowledge of being in the middle of an open parking lot, having her pussy eaten so expertly was making her crazy. And the tension that had been building since noon that day suddenly spilled over and through her. “Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh……”, she sighed as she felt her orgasm approaching like a runaway train. “Ooohhh…yeah….suck my pussy, Dannn……Mmmmm….yeah….fuck me with your tongue…yesss….”

Dan could feel Jennifer’s legs begin to tremble as they squeezed tightly against his head. He fought to breathe as he continued to tungue and suck her at the same time. Suddenly, Jennifer screamed out…

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