The doorbell rang with insistence and I ran to open the door. I was just floored to find Bobby at the door but he didn’t give me any time to say anything.

“What the hell is going on between you and Mark?”

“What do you mean?” I asked, really not knowing what he meant.

“Are you dating him?”

“What would make you ask that?”

“Well you sure have been quite chummy with him lately and the guys were teasing him about you after you left today, something about a dinner. So are you or are you not dating him?”

“Gee, Bobby, you almost sound jealous”. This time I was teasing and he made a face to indicate his patience was wearing thin.

I then decided to reassure him. I stepped up to him and put my hand on his chest and said “Relax, I am not dating Mark. We’re just friends.”

Bobby looked at me and asked “Are you sure he knows that?”

“Sure he does.” I continued. “And he understands the reason I gave him and is okay with just being friends. I told him that I might be moved soon and didn’t want to get involved with anyone just now. He accepted that so I didn’t have to say anything more to him. We only had dinner together that one time.”

“What more would there have been to tell him?”

“Well, I didn’t see any point in giving him other reasons. I didn’t want to hurt his feelings by telling him there is no way I could be attracted to him while I’m attracted to another guy. That just wasn’t necessary.”

“Who is this other guy?” Bobby was getting tense again.

I smiled and asked, “Do you need a drawing?”

I had been very attracted to Bobby since we had worked on a project together a few months back. He had then told me that he had a girlfriend so I had backed away some but I still flirted with him and he would sometimes flirt back. Sometimes, during staff meetings, our eyes would meet and I would feel this intensity running through me and wish there could be more between us. However, I wanted to respect the fact that he had a girlfriend and would not make any real overtures towards him.

Bobby grabbed my hand in one of his and held it. He then put him other hand around my waist and pulled me to him. Before I could even think about what he was doing, his lips were on mine and I just melted. His lips were softer and warmer than I had ever imagined they could be. My other hand went to his neck and I put my fingers through his hair. I was amazed at how soft his hair was. I couldn’t help but wonder if the rest of him was as soft.

His kissing got deeper and more insistent and already, I felt my legs weakening. He let go of my hand and his hand turned and rested Sinop Escort on my breast, sending shivers through my whole body. His actions were indicating that he wanted more but I still was unsure of his intentions so I didn’t dare be too bold. So with my second hand now free, instead of feeling what I really wanted to feel, his front, I went for his rear end.

When I squeezed the outer side of his rear end, Bobby moaned gently, encouraging me to go a little further and squeeze some more. His hand that had been resting on my back took a hint and lowered to my own rear end and he alternated between squeezing and pulling me tighter against him. I could feel his manhood, hard and throbbing through his jeans. I wanted him more than I’d ever wanted any man before but I was afraid that if I took the lead, he’d realize what he was doing and pull away.

Finally, he pulled away just long enough to look into my eyes and say “I want you, take me to your bed.” I was just in heaven, hearing those words. However, I didn’t want to bed him if he had a girlfriend. It was one thing to kiss him and let our hands roam, it was something else to get naked with him.

“Wait. What about the little fact that you’ve got a girlfriend?”

“There is no girlfriend, not anymore. She dumped me a month ago.”

“And why didn’t you tell me about this earlier?”

“Didn’t want to admit I’d been dumped.”

“Hmmmm. Well, that doesn’t matter to me. I’m just glad you’re free.”

I took his hand and led him to my bedroom. Once there, he started kissing me again, driving me absolutely wild with desire. His hands were not idle either, as he started pulling my T-shirt out of my jeans. I took a hint and pulled his out also. He pulled away and removed his shirt in one quick sweep.

I pulled mine off over my head and Bobby whistled as he grabbed me by the sides, where my bra is. I had on a very perky and lacy bra and knew he’d like it. He bent over and kissed the tops of my breasts. I asked “would you like me to take it off?” He answered “Not yet.” He was rubbing his thumbs on the sides of my breasts and just driving me bonkers. He straightened up and started kissing me again. His hands left my breasts and he started undoing my jeans. I followed his lead and pulled on his fly too. I was luckier with his and started pushing his jeans down. He pushed his shoes off and bent over to take his socks off as well as his jeans, leaving only his underwear. I kicked my slippers off and helped him take my jeans off. Bobby took one look at my underwear and went “Mmmm”. They matched my bra and were all lacy and inviting.

We Sinop Escort Bayan started kissing again and his hands were all over me. I pulled him close and ground against him. He moved me towards the bed and gently lay me down on it. He then laid down next to me and kept kissing me. He moved down and took down my bra strap. He kissed my breasts and pulled out a nipple to suck on. I was just floating! My hands reached down and I pushed down his underwear so I could grab his rod. I started stroking it up and down slowly.

Bobby then kissed his way down my flat stomach and soon, I could feel his hot breath through the fabric of my panties. Then, his hands were on either side of me, pulling these panties down. I lifted my rear end off the bed to help him and soon, the panties were off and his hands were making their way back up the sides of my legs. His lips were not idle either as he kissed his way up the inside of my right leg. When he got near the top, he stopped and went back to the left knee and kissed his way up that leg. This time, he didn’t disappoint and finally kissed my core. My hips immediately lifted off the bed to meet his lips. As his tongue parted my pussy lips, I let out a moan.

His right hand made his way to my pussy and he gently opened up my pussy lips to give his tongue better access. The feelings were divine as he licked my clit and teased it. His left hand made its way up to my right breast and he teased the nipple. Then, he intensified the licking and sucking on my clit and had me trembling with desire. A few more moments and I started feeling the first signs of an orgasm forming.

“Don’t stop. Please Bobby, don’t stop. I’m almost there baby, don’t ……….. Ahhhh!”

A strong orgasm shook me from head to toe and left me trembling. Bobby then stopped and gently caressed me and kissed his way back up, stopping along the way to softly kiss and lick both my nipples in turn. When he laid down next to me, Bobby said “I’ve been wanting to eat your pussy for a long time now.”

“You’re a great pussy eater. Why did you wait so long?”

“I thought you were seeing Mark.”

“I’m glad we got that cleared up.”

“Me too.”

Then, I pushed him onto his back and said “I think I’d like to return the favour.”

With that, I kissed my way down his body, caressing him with my hand. I rubbed my hand up and down his beautiful rod, enjoying the feel of it in my hand. Then, I lowered my lips to the tip of his cock. Bobby moaned softly. Encouraged, I took him into my mouth and twirled my tongue around his glans. I moved up and down his shaft, taking Escort Sinop in as much of him as I could. Then, I gently, very gently used my teeth to rub against his shaft and his tip. Then, I focused on the sensitive spot and gently caressed his balls. Bobby moaned some more and lifted his hips off the bed. I took him to the edge and then eased off. Bobby groaned and said “You’re a tease!”

“I’m not done having fun with you yet.”

“Don’t worry baby, I can go twice. Now please go back to sucking me.”

“What do you want?’

“Suck me baby, suck my cock.”

I finally gave him what he wanted. I took him back into my mouth and licked and sucked. With my hand, I pumped his shaft up and down. I felt him tense up but this time, instead of easing up as I’d done before, I kept sucking. Bobby moaned and said “Oh Baby, yeah….” His hips lifted off the bed as he spurted his seed in my mouth. I swallowed every drop of his love potion and kept on gently sucking until he was done.

When I released him, Bobby pushed me over and started kissing me everywhere again. Within minutes, he had me on fire again. Bobby went back to kissing and licking my core and soon had me panting with desire. “Bobby, please, I want you.”

I reached for the drawer in my night stand and pulled out a condom from it. I quickly tore the package open and handed the condom to Bobby. Bobby refused to take it. “No glove, no love baby.” I said.

Bobby came up and straddled my chest and said “I’d rather you put it on me.”

I grabbed his cock and was amazed that it was hard already. I stroked it up and down a few times and then unrolled the condom on his rod. As soon as I had it completely on, Bobby scooted back down and positioned himself between my now wide open legs. When he pushed against my pussy, it went in easily, I was that wet with desire for him. He entered me easily and plunged all the way in, letting out a groan. In and out he moved and I could feel every millimeter of him inside me, sending delicious vibrations up and down my whole body.

He then said words that were music to my ears “I want to fuck you from behind.”

He withdrew from my pussy and helped me turn around and get on my hands and knees in front of him. Then, he pointed his hard cock at my entrance again and pushed in. He grabbed me by the hips and started fucking me.

“Oh yeah, fuck me, fuck me hard.” I cried out.

Bobby did as asked. He fucked me fast and furious. It was fantastic and I felt another orgasm building up. Bobby continued to fuck me and soon, he was pushing me over the edge once again.

“Oh yes!!!!!!!!!! Yesssssss!”

Bobby slowed down and also reached his release, as evidenced by his groaning. When he was spent, he withdrew and laid down next to me.

“I should have gone out for dinner with Mark earlier!”

“No. No more dinners with Mark. Only with me.”

“Okay Bobby, only with you.”

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