Janet’s Debt


Spent a bit of time on this one, was back and forth between a few stories but I finished this one. Let me know what you think at the end please! If you want more I would love to hear it, or if you have any opinions / suggestions let me know. Enjoy!~


Janet was a woman in her early thirties, she had long brown hair and blue eyes. She worked five days a week at her local grocery store as a cashier, enjoying her job for the most part since she got to talk to customers and enjoy chatting with the regulars.

The only real downside was the pay, since her car accident a few months back, Janet has been struggling financially with bills pilling up in the thousands of dollars, and a loan from the bank she had to borrow to fix up her car, Janet was at the end of her ropes now.

She sits alone night after night stressing to figure out what she is going to do, she has considered not paying but she stressed how it would affect her credit, not to mention the bank repossessing what little she actually has.

Janet was desperate, she wound up going to her boss’s office, on her day off she is here to talk about a raise. “Look Janet, I wish I could help… But currently I can’t give out any raises without other employees wanting the same treatment.

We have Larry here who started around the same time you did, and if I gave you a raise, it would only be fair to give him one… and a few others here.” Giving her the run around knowing he doesn’t want to fork up the cash because she really can’t afford to quit.

Looking defeated, she clenches her small black wallet in her lap. Her boss Mr. Lon shook his head. “again, I am sorry but there is nothing I can do.” He said apologetically.

Raising a hand and doing her best not to cry. “No, it’s okay I understand really.” She calmly stands up and gives a forced smile. “I really do appreciate your time.”

Mr. Lon stands up politely and would adjust the lower button on his cheap suit. “Any time.”

Sitting in her car a run-down old Jetta, at the parking lot of her job Janet stares at a card her friend had given her that previous week, her friend told her it was a last resort thing and not to be used lightly.

Feeling as if this is probably her last hope. Dialing the number into her cellphone. Ringing on the other end she hopes only hopes the answer to her prayers are there. Only a few moments go by before a man’s voice answers. “Hello?” Biting her lower lip, she takes a calming breath before speaking.

“Hello, Hi. My name is Janet Mcfowlin. I was given this number by my friend who said you might be able to help me out of my debt?” Listening intently the man on the other end only seemed to sit there in silence.

“Please, I am getting desperate and I have no one else to go too and I am drowning in debt, I just need something to help me out for a bit so I can figure something else out.” The man on the other end just returns her pleads with silence.

Just as she was about to hang up the man speaks. “Be at the Olive Bar north end of the city, seven o’clock. Ask the bartender for a ruby sparkler, he will then director you what to do after that.”

With tears in her eyes Janet nodded her head, aware he couldn’t see her but that didn’t matter to her. “Yes, Thank you! Thank you very much, Olive Bar seven o’clock. Got it.”

“Oh, and Miss Mcfowlin, Don’t be late. You have one chance and that’s it.” Hearing a click as he hung up on her, Janet looked in the mirror and wiped her eyes.

Turning her car on she headed home. Making another phone call as she drove. “Hey Beth! I made the call, I just wanted to let you know. Thank you so much for this chance. I really appreciate it, call me back as soon as you get this.”

Leaving a voice mail she hangs up and continues driving. Janet smiled softly thinking about her blonde friend. She was more than just her friend, If Janet would go lesbian for anyone it was her dearest friend Beth.

Beth was a mature woman such as herself, with long blonde hair. Beth was someone Janet could constantly rely on and both have shared a bed on more than one occasion, nothing sexual but enough to get Janet a bit wet as they slept close together.

Pulling into an old, rusty parking garage she steps out of her vehicle. Closing the door and making sure it’s locked. She heads inside to the stairwell she quickly climbed, ignoring the trash on that cluttered along the steps and flickering light’s above.

The apartment she lives in is definitely a low end budget, but you get what you pay for. Entering her room she pays for, she would lock it with a chain lock a two double bolted locks, just for good measure. A lone woman in these buildings at nights are not very comfortable.

Inside her apartment is a small wooden table, cluttered with bills, papers, and opened envelopes. A tan couch with a few stains on it, coffee stains is what she hoped for when she had found it sitting behind her apartment next to the dumpsters.

A small room in the back she uses as her tiny bedroom, bayan escort gaziantep a kitchen you can barely turn around in and a bathroom, where the plumbing works part of the time. However, despite all these things, Janet still calls it home, or affordable rather.

Walking to her couch she sets her wallet onto the papers covering her table, sitting down on her couch she looks at the time on her little flip phone. “one o’clock, I still got plenty of time… Perhaps I should go ahead and get ready just in case.”

Standing up. “There’s no time to rest.” She chimes with hope that this offer will be something that can finally pull her out of debt. Walking into the bathroom she peeled off her clothes, just tossing them onto the floor and turning the shower knob.

A loud squeaking comes from the pipes as they attempt to spurt out water, giving a very low pressure, Janet turns around and looks at herself in the broken mirror. “I can do this” Trying to sound confident. While being thirty-two, she still thought she was gorgeous. Her breasts were a bit average, only being a C cup with a bit of sag.

She tried to wear revealing tops on her nights out with a guy, only ever having douche bags take her to hotels.

The men finish with her quickly before she even reaches her peak and is sent on her way. Janet not a whore or anything but the companionship alone was something she enjoyed. However short it may be, she still got a guy to buy her a few drinks, tell her how pretty she is, then wham bam, filled condom and her nights over.

Turning around Janet steps into the water. “Shit shit shit!” she shouts out loud, having her shower head trickle out shivering cold water. She gritted her teeth and bared it, taking this shower quickly. “Fucking land lady must be running the washer and dryers upstairs again.” Janet makes sure to scrub down really good. Grabbing bar of soap, she wets it down in the icy water, roaming it over her body briskly.

Jumping out only after her hair had been shampooed and every inch of her frame was washed thoroughly. She shuts off the water as she shivered, reaching to the wall on her right she grabbed a hanging grey towel. Her skin crawling with goosebumps and nipples as hard as rocks from the arctic shower. She dried off swiftly before wrapping the towel around herself.

Tip toeing towards the bedroom she stopped, hearing her phone ringing she quickly pranced over and answered it with “Hello?”

“Hey! It’s Beth, so you said you’re going through with the card I gave you?”

Janet could hear the enthusiasm in her friend’s voice. “Yes I am, I figured I have nothing to lose at this point and everything to gain!” Her friend giggled on the other end.

“I am glad to hear that, I know you are struggling and this is a great opportunity. I just wanted to make sure to remind you, this is a private club owned by people who help others get out of trouble.” Janet walked over to her couch and sat down.

“Well, yeah you explained that… But now that I think of it, you never told me what they want in return? I mean come on, there has to be a catch right? No one gives money away for free.” Janet could hear Beth smirk on the other end. Knowing the little noise, she made as she blew out her nose when she did so.

“Yes, well… They are just going to show you off a little, and a guy will offer to pay for your services… kind of thing.”

Janet’s brows scrunched up. “Services? Are you saying this is a prostitution set up?! Beth I am not a hooker, I may have gone on plenty of one night stands but I did it because I liked the guy, and that was very rarely! Beth I do not have sex with men for money! It’s wrong, not to mention illegal! Good lord, what were you thinking!?” Janet feeling a bit insulted at this point. Feeling as if her friend saw her as nothing more than a tramp.

“No, Janet calm down. That’s not what this is… Listen to me, these people just invite you in. They put you in front of others who are, well rich I suppose you can say. They explain your situation before you come up on stage, these people offer to help you out of debt by buying it, they buy your debt… and you just keep them company for a few days.”

Janet couldn’t believe her ears. “How do you even know about this, Beth?” Janet inquired, seriously questioning her friend’s life style at this point. Beth had always been a fun party girl since high school, but after she met Ted, Janet figured she would calm the life style down. Apparently not.

“Well, last year, me and Ted took a vacation to Mexico. We used our savings to enjoy ourselves while we were down there. Unfortunately for us, when we got back Ted’s mother was diagnosed with Cancer, we took out a loan on the house and drained our bank accounts to help her get better. She has been in remission for a few months now. So I don’t regret it at all, but we were piled up to our necks in bills.” Janet knew all about Ted’s mother getting cancer and the struggle to cim cif gaziantep escort bayan pay the bills for it. However, she wasn’t aware it was to that extent.

“So you just went around trying to sell your body?” Beth cleared her throat.

“No, nothing like that. Ted works as an accountant for a large company, He asked a few of his friends if they would be willing to help out. All of them said no, except one.” Janet stood up still cold from her shower and made her way into the small bedroom. Pulling a chain that hung from her ceiling fan, lighting up her small room. “So giving Ted his card, this friend told him if he needed help. This would get him out of debt, at the expense that I spent a week’s cleaning someone’s house.”

“What? You cleaned someone’s house?” Janet asked.

“Not exactly, That’s what they told Ted, and that’s what I told Ted after… No my debt was bought by a woman, she made me clean alright, but not her house.”

Janet pulled open a small dresser and pulled out a shirt. “What do you mean? What did you clean?” Beth gave a faint pause over the line. “Her holes.” Janet was shocked. “You mean you cleaned a woman with your tongue?”

Beth gave a small “mhm” in response.

Janet shook her head in disbelief, feeling a bit jealous someone else has gotten to her friend first. “So a woman can buy you too?” Wanting to know as much as she could before she decided to do this thing, being a bit skeptical of the whole thing but she really has nowhere else to turn.

“Yes, anyone there can buy your debt ticket, give you the money to pay everything off and perhaps a little more. The more you tell them your debt is, the longer you will be in their services.”

Janet threw on some casual cloths, a small grey shirt and white panties that hugged her firm ass. Going back into the living she kept inquiring to her friend as to what to expect.

“So I go in, tell these people how much I want to be paid for sex, they tell me how many days I will be working if bought?”

Beth sighed. “Yeah, pretty much. I mean now that you say it, I guess it is prostitution, I just always tried to see it as me working for a few weeks to have a brighter future.”

Janet sat on the couch thinking to herself. Was there really no other option for her except to whore herself out to rich people’s entertainment? “Well, thank you for calling back. I am going to think on this some before making any decisions. I really don’t like the idea of being a prostitute, but at the same time I really could use the money.”

Beth agreed. “Yes, I know and just think of it this way. Instead of having those one night stands… you are just having multiple for a lot of money this time.” She chuckled trying to lighten the situation.

“Yeah, well thanks again Beth, I appreciate it.” Closing her flip phone, ending the call. Janet sat there on her couch contemplating if this was even the right choice here.

After a few hours of debating and coming to a decision multiple times that she was not going to do this, she found herself sitting outside the Olive Club. Looking at the time, she had ten minutes to back out and just drive home. “It’s not too late. I can just leave now… no commitments, no anything.” She told herself. Pulling down the sun visor, she looked at herself in the mirror.

Bright red lipstick, brown hair straightened and glowing, wearing the best dress she could find in her closet was a long black evening gown with a V cut at the top to show off her breasts.

Placing her hands on the steering wheel tightly, they rotated back and forth. Biting her bottom lip, she looked out her window at the bar. Not seeming to out of the ordinary. Perhaps a bit big for a bar, but it was uptown. The doorway had a giant olive in neon lights with a toothpick through it.

One man in a black suit and white gloves stood at the door, awaiting any customers to open it for them. The entrance itself was intimidating for her, never really traveling uptown as it took to much gas to get here. With no options left, this had better be worth it.

Getting out of her car, she locked it and headed across the parking lot towards the entrance. The man in his suit smiled at her giving a slight bow before opening the door. “Welcome to The Olive.” Janet gave a forced smile; truth be told she wanted to throw up from nerves. Everything felt very uncomfortable, yet here she was.

Stepping inside there were dozens of people sitting around and eating and drinking. Everyone seemed well dressed and definitely worth at least a bit of money. White table cloths on the table with small candles in the middle, the room a bit dark except the low blue neon lights that circled around the top border of the room. Every guy in here sitting with a beautiful woman who she would consider “Hooker” status. Knowing these women are only with these men for money. Was she any different?

She kept her glances at people quick, not wanting to make cinsel bilgiler eye contact, she stepped to the bar. Looking at a young man with a short haircut and a black vest on. “What can I do for your sweetie.”

Janet swallowed a bit hard and tried to not let nerves get the best of her. “I am here to order a ruby sparkler?”

The bar tender nodded and pointed to his right, at the back side of the room. A metal door at the corner with a small pane window. “Go over to that door, knock three times.” She gave a nod before heading over, turning slightly to thank the man. She walked over to the door nervously and knocked three times as instructed.

After a moment a large black man in a suit walked up to the small rectangular pane window glass. Staring at Janet for a moment she felt as if he were judging, opening the door for her she steps in. Closing it behind himself and locking it. “This way.” Was all he stated before walking down the hall and to the left.

Following behind the big black man she kept both arms in front of her, not wanting to do anything but really run away right now.

Wondering if perhaps it was too late. Janet was led to what looked the back room of a stage, behind a curtain. This room was lit up fairly well compared to the dining room, black back wall with wooden floors. A small oak desk at the end of the room with some folders on top, at the back by the black painted back wall were cafeteria style tables and chairs.

Janet asked herself what they possible could need those for, but figuring it was just for them to sit at, the room filled with other people, at least ten others. Four men and six women. Each of them dressed as best they could, but it was obvious everyone here was struggling financially as much as she was. The large man pointed a sausage like finger over across the stage to a woman dressed in a bright red sequin dress.

“Speak to her.” He grumbled before walking back down the hallway they just came from.

Stepping forward and past all the other people the woman in the red dress smiled “Now the ruby sparkler makes sense” she said to herself. The woman looking slightly older than Janet, Janet’s eyes looked the woman up and down, she had large plump tits practically falling out of her dress, long strawberry blonde hair, wide hips and as she was turning and talking to the others, Janet could easily see the red dress hugging her large ass tightly.

No curve was lost on this woman. “Ah, welcome and you must be… Janet is that right?”

Janet nodded slowly. “Yes ma’am.”

The woman in the red dress gave a loud laugh. “Oh please, everyone here calls me Mama.”

Janet gave a quirky smile. “Mama?”

She nodded with a smile. “Yes, I know but it’s just become a nick name that has stuck with me. I own this here establishment and I make sure everyone here is taken care of. New, experienced, old, young, I make sure everyone who enters my place is treated with respect.” Janet nodded feeling slightly comforted by that statement feeling as if she really would take care of her.

“I was expecting eleven people here tonight, so I assumed you had to of been the last one.” She smiles and turns, walking to the oak wooden desk. She picks up a folder turning and walking back to Janet, handing it over with a pen.

“Fill out the information, the only required space to fill in is your debt amount. That’s just to let everyone know how much they will be paying for you, and how long you will be in their services. Everything else is optional, but I will tell you this. The more people know about you, the better your chances of finding someone to take your debt.” She smiles as Janet takes the folder giving a nod.

The crisp folder having a small tag on it reading “Janet Mcfowlin.” Assuming they had written her name down when she made the phone call.

Walking towards the cafeteria benches she sat down and begin filling out her folder. The other ten participants were given their folders as well, all sitting at the four different tables, spacing away from each other and spilling out their lives onto this sheet of paper with hopes it would bring a brighter future.

Filling in her name and debt amount. Janet got to a box asking her to list several of her sex kinks. Placing the back end of the pen to her chin, she considered what exactly were her sex kinks? She liked to be pampered and made love too, but she didn’t exactly experience anything growing up that she would consider “kinky”. Having watched a few videos of porn she knew there were things like tying people up, or peeing in people’s mouths, or even worse sex with animals.

Janet shivered a bit at the thought of what these people might make her do, not too pleased with any other thought than just missionary.

She decided to simply write down. “Open to new experiences.” She then noticed under it, it had a box for “Hard Limits” She tilted her head slightly and looked around.

Noticing everyone was focused on their papers and “Mama” Was just watching them with a smile on her face. Janet got up and walked over to “Mama” stepping next to her she showed her the folder and pointed to the “Hard Limit” Box.

“What is a hard limit?”

Mama giggled slightly. “Hard Limit is described as… Your breaking point, things you wouldn’t do for any amount of money, so that way people whom are paying for your debt, know what you will not be willing to do.”

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