Jan Acts Out Her Slutty Fantasy


Jan was now retired, she had lived a safe predictable but comfortable life watching her children grow up, marry and make her a grandma. When she had passed sixty-two and became a widow she realised guys didn’t look at her with desire anymore as they did when she was young, she could not recall when it changed?After four decades of marriage her husband Mike passed away, Jan tried another relationship, but it didn’t last long because she realised she did not want to be tied to a man again. Jan enjoyed the freedom and independence of her single life, the small downside to freedom was loneliness, kicking around an empty house. What she sometimes missed was when she had those horny moments, when she craved the physical contact and passion of a man, feeling his body pressed against her, having a hard cock inside her pussy.Jan had learned over time to become an expert with her fingers while watching herself masturbating in front of the mirror then she recalled a moment of lust a long time ago.Jan could not know how a chance encounter today was going to fulfill the longing she fantasised about in those intimate moments of desire..oOo.Jan was casually strolling through the crowded store, the multitude of voices all talking together made it feel claustrophobic. Jan like a magpie was looking at anything that took her interest. This was an exercise she performed practically every Wednesday. This was when she would meet Sally for a coffee and an indulgent slice of cake. Jan and Sally met regularly since Jan’s husband passed away three years ago, the first year it was therapy, it got her out of the house, then it had became a pleasant habit.Jan glanced at her watch and sighed, she still had twenty minutes before coffee with Sally, so out of boredom she made her way to the lingerie department, Jan liked to browse in that sensual extravagant department.She had a weakness for sexy underwear, so when she found the pink satin knickers she felt a familiar tingle; Jan felt the smoothness as they slipped between her fingers. They were totally impractical and ridiculously skimpy. Jan closed her eyes and deliberated how she would look wearing them, the notion pleased her, a small smile danced across her mouth.She knew the gratification she would enjoy feeling those knickers pressed against her skin, so shear they were practically see through; provocative and teasing. Enough to drive a man wild? The kind a slut would wear to inflame a man?Jan was now contemplating later today when she would be alone, dressed in nothing but those knickers. Sprawled on her bed watching herself in the mirror, leisurely caressing her tits. Stroking her nipples, feeling them grow hard and sensitive.The sensation in her pussy as searching fingers investigated the silky knickers, her pussy becoming damp from her caressing.When she could take the teasing no longer she would gently push the gusset of the knickers to one side exposing her swollen lips, Jan would be eager to introduce impatient fingers into her cinsel bilgiler yearning pussy.Jan was suddenly startled she became aware of voices as someone bumped into her, brining her back to reality, the stranger mumbled, “Sorry.”Jan’s eyes sprang open; she was staring straight at a guy across the store watching her.He was smiling and she automatically smiled back, then realised she was holding the knickers tightly in her hand and blushed bright red. Although quite impossible she imagined he knew what she had been dreaming. She dropped the offending knickers and grabbed the first thing that came to hand, unfortunately, a rather formal jumper.While pretending to inspect the jumper she swivelled her eyes to look at the guy, he was still there looking at her with a big silly grin on his face. He was stood in a queue waiting to pay for a shirt. Jan had to admit he was quite good looking, slim with hair that was once brown but now had flecks of grey running through it. How old was he? Perhaps sixty but he looked in good shape, Jan could see laughter lines around his brown eyes. He was dressed in a dark jacket and jeans; she thought it smart but casual.Jan watched him pay for the purchase then instead of heading towards the store exit, he began walking in her direction. Jan felt a knot in her stomach, she wanted him to walk up to her but at the same time, it filled her with anxiety. She clutched the jumper staring at it intently.She sensed the stranger was close; perhaps he was he going to pass her by on the way to some other destination?“I don’t know if you want my advice but if you are going to choose between that jumper and those enchanting knickers, please let it be the latter, that shade of pink is your colour.” His voice was deep and warm.Jan was frozen she just stared blankly and mumbled, “Thank you”The stranger stood for a moment, smiled and walked away.Jan stood motionless for a while then threw down the jumper and picked up the pink satin knickers and bought them.She didn’t know why but the whole situation seemed surreal but also erotic, she decided she wanted to wear the outfit, for him to watch her. Would he be aroused seeing her wearing them? Enough to rip off her flimsy pink knickers?Looking around the crowded store she realised he was gone. The moment had in the blink of an eye, slipped away and she felt ridiculous and disappointed.Jan gave up looking, dumped the silly daydream of a sixty-year-old grandma and set off to meet Sally for the usual coffee, as she had done many times before..oOo.Sam needed a new shirt; he had no option but to look smart at work because his boss was a demanding woman. He entered the store and briskly made his way to the men’s department. It was an easy choice, and it took no time to choose the classic white shirt. Standing at the counter waiting to pay for the shirt he noticed her.At first glance, he noticed she was tall and slim with a cropped slightly old-fashioned cinsellik bilgileri hairstyle, but that suited her face, which was actually pretty. She had dark sultry eyes and a mouth that some might think too wide but Sam found it sensual. She was wearing a knee-length dress that hugged her body, but not too tightly. Just enough to flatter her graceful shape. Her breasts didn’t look large; Sam liked her pert tits, and instantly thought about how they would they jiggle when freed from the constrictions of her bra.Sam noticed that she had now closed her eyes and was clutching tightly a very skimpy pair of pink knickers.Sam studied her more closely, she had enigmatic smile lighting up her face and he wanted to know what she was thinking.As Sam was watching a woman brushed against her, the knicker lady opened her eyes and made direct eye contact with Sam then her eyes widened, she seemed shocked.Sam smiled; she smiled back, but looked embarrassed and blushed.Sam was now captivated and wanted to talk to her. He paid for his shirt and headed towards her. By the time he got close she was clutching a rather plain jumper.Sam said, “I don’t know if you want my advice but if you are choosing between that jumper and those enchanting knickers, please let it be the latter, that shade of pink is your colour.”He hoped for a friendly response, instead, she stood impassively and after what seemed like an eternity she softly mumbled a nondescript, “thank you.”Sam gave her a halfhearted smile and reluctantly walked away. He was irritated with himself, he now wished he had said something different, something witty.Perhaps he had embarrassed her, and she seemed a little cold.Sam needed to pee.As Sam exited the toilet he had to check twice, as not far in front was the same mysterious pink knicker woman, he knew in a moment she would be gone, what should he do?“Hello again,” he called out.She looked at him and this time her smile was warm and wide, “It’s you, sorry I was in a day dream back then.”“Day dreaming, about what?”“The knick….um, Oh, nothing much.” Jan blushed again.He smiled and said, “I am Sam.”“Hello Sam, Jan,” she replied.“If I asked you for a coffee what would you say?”Jan grimaced, “I am supposed to be meeting a friend for coffee.”“Well it was a long shot, but did you take my advice on your purchase.” Said Sam.Jan looked a little uncomfortable held up a small bag and said, “Yes it was, err, useful.”Sam replied, “glad to be of help, perhaps I will see you again, that is if you want, sometime… Soon?”“That would be nice, but I can’t today,” Jan said.Jan was torn, she wanted to stay but she was already late, Sally was probably waiting in the café wondering where the hell she was. Jan was staring intently at Sam.She made a split decision.“Don’t move, I have to make a call,” she said fumbling in her bag. She took out her phone and punched the speed dial, the phone beeped, a female voice on the other end answered, “hi cinsellik hakkında bilgiler Jan, late again, where are you?”“So sorry Sal, I can’t make it today, I have to look after the grandchildren, Mike my son has an emergency at work. I feel awful for standing you up at such short notice.”“That’s ok Jan, these things happen, we will meet up same time next week?”Jan replied, “That’s a date, see you then.”Sam smiled and said, “Do I take it you are you free now?”Jan felt a rush of excitement; she had lied so easily to her friend and was going off with a stranger, but one she found eye-catching.“Yes, I suppose I am, I don’t know what made me do that. I can’t remember when I did anything as impulsive,” Jan said.“Impulsive can be good, now do you fancy a coffee?” Sam asked.“Not here, Sally is in the café, and I can’t let her see me with you.”“How did you get here,” Sam enquired.“I was dropped off by my son, Sally normally drives me home after we look round the shops,” Jan responded.“Well my car is in the car park, but it’s nearly out of time, do you want to go for a drive?”Jan looked at Sam, she had never been picked up and was excited, and she now felt a little light-headed. Feeling free and energized she smiled, then she teased, “What kind of woman do you think I am Sam?”He leaned a little closer; she could smell his after-shave, “I think you are impulsive. I think it will be fun to find out what kind of woman you are.”They left the store together and drove off in Sam’s car.Sam drove for a while, the CD was playing classical music, “I hope you like Mozart, my day isn’t complete without a little Mozart.” Sam said.“Yes, I often listen to classical music, I think opera is timeless,” Jan replied. She was in a relaxed dreamy state. The warmth of the sun through the windscreen and the rocking motion of the car made her feel comfortable sitting in the deep seat. She was wondering what made her leave with Sam, but she knew it was the thrill, the unfamiliar, it excited her and a tiny tingle between her legs made her shiver, perhaps with anticipation, as she clutched the bag with the pink knickers.They drove miles, lazily chatting about nothing really important, then Sam enquired, “Do you have to be anywhere essential anytime soon?”Jan shook her head, “I am a free woman, no commitments or obligations. Why Sam what have you in mind?”“My place is not far, and the coffee is quite good. Or would you feel more comfortable in a public place?”Jan looked at Sam and said coyly, “Do you do this often Sam? Pick women up?”“Only if they are pretty and mysterious,” Sam replied and laughed.Jan laughed, “You say the nicest things, let’s go for that coffee Sam.”Sam’s place was a semi-detached house, not large but comfy, he parked his car in the space in front of the house, got out of his car and opened the passenger door for Jan.She slid out gracefully and they walked towards the front door.Out of the blue Jan suddenly became nervous, “Seriously Sam, believe me, I really don’t ever do this, that is, go with men I don’t know. I was married for forty years and was never unfaithful, in fact, all my life I have only been intimate with three men.”Sam interrupted, “slow down Jan, I like you and want to get to know you, so let’s see what happens. We can enjoy each other’s company, and when you decide that you want to go home just say so.

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