Jamie , I Ch. 02

Jamie, in a state of daze, smiled and sighed deeply. She had indeed had the best time of her life so far. Wanting nothing more than to continue with her found experiences promised to make me feel the same. I couldn’t wait!

During the next week, school kept us apart save for a couple minutes here and there just to say hey and a quick kiss. Saturday night came, I was watching TV killing some time when Jamie came in from her post finals party. Standing up, I greeted her with a passionate kiss. She ran her hands through my hair; both of us knowing tonight would be the night.

Taking my hand and running over her shoulder and pulling behind her, she led the way to my bedroom. My breath getting heavy in anticipation for this lovely night. Smiling at me as we walked, my pussy was beginning its preparation. As she spun me onto the bed, her lips pressing against mine took my breath away. Her lips so soft, her tongue sliding slowly between my lips. My eyes drifted close, her arms wrapping around my body, pulling me closer. She was in complete control. All I could do was return the passion I was receiving. My arms running up her sides, rubbing gently along the side of her breasts.

Her hands sliding under my shirt pulling it up slowly, working her fingers along my sides. Sending shivers up my spine, causing my nipples to harden, my pussy to quiver and my pussy to burn bursa evi olan escort with angst. Lifting my arms and feeling my shirt coming over my face, breaking our kiss just long enough to leave me naked waist up. Continuing our kiss, moving her lips to my chin and down to my neck. Her lips working wonders on my body. As she worked from side to side with quick kisses and slow licks, I sink onto the bed lying on my back, breathing heavily. Her lips soothing every part of my body, causing my pussy to ripple with every kiss. Her hands pushing my breasts together, her lips brushing across the crest of my breasts. Looking up, she blew kiss and then began her work again.

My nipples reaching out to her lips and tongue, begging for her touch, for the pleasure she would bring. Kissing in circles, working her lips toward my nipples, slow kisses with a little sucking. I slide my hands to her head and run them through her hair, pushing her gently toward my sensitive nipples. Then she flicked my right nipple with her tongue. I scream in pleasure, scream in delight and moan in pure lust. Suctioning her mouth over my nipple, sucking and flicking with her tongue. My nipple being sucked and licked, stretching out deeper into Jamie’s mouth, begging to be teased. Letting loose, her lips sliding down my breast, licking between them then up my left altıparmak escort breast straight to my nipple.

Biting gently on my nipple causing pain and pleasure to ripple through my breasts, moaning in pure lust. Her lips massaging gently around my tense, erect nipple. Moving her mouth down my breast, toward my stomach, I arch my back anticipating. Kissing quickly all over my flat stomach, causing my muscles to tighten and my pussy ache for her touch. Staring into my eyes as she moves her way down, showing the lust in her eyes and my pussy reacts to knowing she is going to make me cum so hard. Her tongue circling my naval on her way farther down. Then…

A simple kiss on my pussy. My body tensing, muscles tightening, nipples hardening, eyes closing and pussy begging for more. My entire body on fire. Another kiss from her delicate lips, another gentle brush of her tongue and her fingers resting just above my knee. Her fingers walking up my inner thighs, creeping toward my wet box. Her lips kissing my pussy as she did my lips earlier. Her tongue dipping shallowly into my pussy, curving and licking my juices out slowly. My hands running through her hair, gently pulling her closer to my pussy. Her lips starting to pick up pace kissing and sucking my pussy rougher. Her tongue diving deeper with each thrust. My pussy, dripping wet with gemlik escort delight. Her tongue pushing in deeper and faster as she matches my quickened breathes.

My legs wrapping around her head and pushing her head into my pussy. My pussy grinding along her tongue as she sucks with all her mouth. For this being her first pussy, her eagerness to pleasure is wonderful. Her arms around my body squeezing my ass cheeks, pushing my pussy up for her taking. Sucking and licking, flicking my pussy with her tongue and sliding it in and out. My eyes rolling back under my eyelids, my nipples stretching their limits and my stomach tight, trying to hold off my impending eruption of pleasure. Her lips and tongue lashing out in and around my pussy, allowing just enough breath to keep her going faster and with more enthusiasm. Her lips, tongue and my loss of control quickly overtaking my body. My stomach tightening and pussy clenching around her tongue. Feeling my body respond to her tongue, shove it further in my pussy and forcing my pussy to squirt into her mouth. My pussy just erupting and gushing wet, sweet juices down her tongue and into her mouth. Feeling her trying to swallow it as her lips close around my pussy then reaccept my pussy for her taking.

As my body relaxes and her mouth releases my pussy from her grasp, my eyes start to open, only to see her sliding up my body. As she kisses my lips, I can taste the sweetness from which she just ate. Passionately kissing for an eternity breaking only to catch our breaths, she lifts up and smiles at me. All I can do is moan and close my eyes again. Letter her know she was magnificent and my body was hers whenever she wanted it.

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