Jamaica Vacation For You Chapter 4


Joan and I are fulfilling the sexual fantasies we have shared during our lovemaking at home. Joan wants to experience all of our sexual fantasies on this romantic vacation.Joan found out during the first few days of vacation that for this one week, she can lose all of her inhibitions. She is very comfortable at our resort. Joan enjoys the people here and especially loves the black natives, and the look and feel of their huge black cocks.I have turned my beautiful classy innocent wife into a slut for a big black cock.Joan and I woke up late in the morning. The aroma of sex hung in the air from the intense lovemaking from the night before. During the night, you turned around, your lips were across from mine. We pulled each other close kissing passionately, our fucked bodies entwined together.The fragrance from our fucked bodies makes us want all of our erotic hot naughty desires. We could not get enough of each other, thinking about what has transpired on this groundbreaking journey.Joan needed satisfaction now! She took action on her intense primal needs as she climbed on top of me, taking my cock deep into her cunt. Joan started riding my cock like she was a fucking wild woman. It wasn’t long before Joan yelled out, “I am coming you cunt fucking cuckold,” and with those words we both orgasmed. Joan squirted and pissed all over my cock and balls which were buried deep inside her horny soaked cunt.I filled Joan’s cunt with my warm cum. She collapsed on top of me, holding each other, laying in all the love juices. We were as one. My cum was drooling out of her fucked cunt, her piss and cum had squirted all over me and the bed.Joan and I finally dragged ourselves to the shower. The warm water flowing over our bodies felt so good. We washed and dried each other lovinglyI picked out a bathing suit for Joan to wear, a silky beige suit that clung to her beautiful body. The suit with the cut-out openings. The material just barely covered her large breasts ass and cunt. The bathing suit looked so sexy on her as she modeled the suit for me. Joan was doing a lot of teasing as she modeled. She was definitely in the zone for our romantic vacation.Joan also picked out a bathing suit for me. I was really surprised at what she had chosen. The bathing suit was a brief suit, made with thin white nylon material. The suit just barely held my cock and balls when I was not sexually excited, God what will it do when I get excited. Joan just laughed. My ass crack also showed. I had a suit on but it did not hide much. I put on my white netted jersey, to go to breakfast.We left for breakfast, Joan did not wear her bathing suit cover. She said, “I don’t care what people say or think, I am dressed, it’s hot today and besides we are going to spend the day at the beach, I asked James last night to get us a canopy bed in a good spot to see the action on the beach and the beautiful ocean.”As we entered the breakfast venue, James, our personal native resort attendant, was there to greet us. The two of us had gotten quite close to James. He had taken care of us in every way since we arrived. Joan was quite infatuated with this fine-strapping black native.James complimented you on your bathing suit, his eyes taking all of Joan’s sexy body in. James Yozgat Escort pulled you to him for a big hug and a passionate kiss. James’s hands slid down your beautiful body over the silky bathing suit. I hear a low deep erotic moan come from Joan’s lips. You finally let each other go. James takes your hand and leads us to a beautiful table. I noticed you were breathing hard and flushed when we got sat down.The breakfast was great, James made sure of that. Joan and I had everything we could want for breakfast, plus James brought us our favorite drinks as we let our meal settle. Watching the sun hit the beautiful ocean was very relaxing.James returned and asked if we were ready to go to the beach. James also mentioned that he had the day off, and he was wondering if he could join us at the beach, I was processing what James had asked when Joan said “sure, we would love to have you join us, there is plenty of room on our canopy bed at the beach for the three of us. You are always welcome to join us anywhere anytime.”James took us to our canopy bed on the beach, “This is a great spot,” Joan said. “Couples all around with nice sand and a beautiful ocean view.” Joan and I made ourselves comfortable on the canopy bed, laying out and not covering up all of our assets on the white bed covered in pillows. There were two tables for the drinks and food, one on each side of our canopy bed.James pulled his shirt off over his head, showing his beautiful dark-skinned muscular body. He slid his shorts off, showing his spandex white bathing suit, although not a brief, the suit could hardly contain or cover his large limp cock and balls. James slid right up between the two of us on the bed, touching your body as he made himself comfortable.I looked over at my wife to see her reaction. What I saw was Joan’s eyes taking in James’s beautiful black body. Her eyes stared at his feet scanning up to his well-endowed jewels, his cock was already starting to protrude from his very tight bathing suit. Her eyes continued up his body until they met his eyes, and there they stayed. I could see the physical and sexual attraction igniting in both James and you. Both on their faces and their body language.This was going to be an interesting day, I think to myself. My cock slowly rose out of my bathing suit.Our drinks arrive with snacks. The three of us get comfortable, James reaches to get his drink across Joan’s chest, his hand and arm touching her body and breasts in the process. I notice Joan’s hand in James’s hand lying on the bed between them. We all take in what is happening on the beach – lots of eye candy for all of us to see.There was a lot of hot action happening, making out, petting, and even some couples making erotic love. So much to see, the ocean was beautiful. A lot of topless women swimming and quite a few fully naked couples enjoying the sun and surf. The three of us, including Joan, shared some naughty sexy comments about what was happening in front of us. The three of us were getting very comfortable together.James leaned over to me and whispers, “Do you mind if your wife and I show some loving today?” I did not know what to say, but I knew making love with a black cock, in public, was one of Joan’s favorite Yozgat Escort Bayan fantasies when we made love, I nodded yes. My cock grew coming out of the top of my tight bathing suit, at the thought of these two making love right in front of me and all the couples on the beach.I notice that Jame’s hand is caressing Joan’s partially clad body, as they lay side by side. As I watch. James’s hand comes close to Joan’s hot cunt as he caresses her body through her thin sexy bathing suit. Joan’s nipples are hard and protruding through her sexy suit, but she does not pull away, Instead, she pulls the straps on her suit down onto her arms. She reaches over and caresses James’s dark hairy chest down to and touches the top of his bathing suit.They both roll toward each other, their lips are only inches apart. James reaches over Joan with his huge hands and arms pulling her body and lips to his. Their kiss turns passionate very quickly, and their lips, tongues, and bodies are melting together. Joan moans with sexual arousal.James and Joan are breathing hard, and the touching of their bodies is like a brush fire, spreading rapidly, very hot, and there is only one way to put out the fire.Their bodies were closely entwined, seductively kissing. Both James and Joan are showing strong heated sexual passion for each other. Nothing else matters to them now, other than to fulfill their extreme sexual desire. They don’t care who is watching them, on this public beach.They finally break off the passionate kiss. Joan’s hand slid inside James’s bathing suit and she easily finds his huge cock, as it is growing right out of his suit, she slides her hand down his beautiful black cock. James is rubbing my wife’s cunt through her thin bathing suit. I see a wet spot on her bathing suit continue to grow as he continues to rub her cunt through her suit. Joan lifts her body, looking for more pressure from James on her horny cunt. Joan is in passionate heat. wanting, needing almost begging for the taste of James’s big black cock.My innocent wife has an extreme sexual desire for Jame.s, right here on the beach, with her husband watching, from the same bed. A lot of couples are starting to notice this very horny black and white couple, getting very sexually excited, right in front of them.It’s hard for me to see exactly what Joan is doing with James. I can hear his groans very clearly. I lift myself up for a better view, she is stroking his hard cock and swelled-up balls, in his bathing suit. I see Joan’s tongue slide around her luscious lips. I picture Joan’s tongue licking James’s big cock.Joan pushes James onto his back, his cock is huge, protruding from his bathing suit. Joan proceeds to pull down his bathing shorts, freeing his huge black cock and balls. Joan can take no more, she is a slut in heat, and she wants that cock now.Joan gets up on her knees in front of James and pulls her bathing suit down to her waist, exposing her breasts for James and everyone else to see. Joan then crawls between James’s legs, pulling his bathing suit completely off and pushing his legs apart.Her eyes and mind take in his beautiful black body. Joan was focusing on his black cock and balls, how smooth and shiny, with the precum Escort Yozgat dripping from the large purple head.The smells and sight of James’s body and cock, bring Joan into full sexual excitement, Her bathing suit, covering her cunt has a large wet area that is spreading fast. Joan’s nipples were hard as bullets, her breasts heaving.I can not help myself watching my mature innocent wife, who has never fucked or sucked a black cock before this vacation. Joan is showing so much sexual excitement, not caring who is watching.Joan thought she was too old for this resort, she did not think the men would be attracted to her. Joan has turned into a wild uninhibited woman. I convinced my wife to come on this romantic vacation, to live in another world for a short time, of unbridled sexual desire.I push down my bathing suit and start stroking my hard cock. I am getting so turned on watching my horny wife going after complete sexual satisfaction. Right here, right now.Joan lay between James’s huge legs with her sexy ass in the air, for everyone to see. Her bathing suit pulled tight into her ass, those beautiful ass cheeks exposed to all. She reached out sliding her hand along his huge cock. Joan cried out in great passion, “God, this black cock feels so good, smooth, warm, and long. I want this big black cock in all my holes fucking me now, hard. I deserve a good fucking.” You have everyone’s attention now. Joan’s lips touched the end of his cock, her tongue licking the precum into her mouth, like a hungry tiger, savoring the taste of her black cock, that is all hers for the taking.Joan looks over at me and gave me a wicked smile as her face and mouth went down on James’s cock, licking and sucking this big black cock like a bitch in heat. She could not get enough of the smell and taste of James’s cock. Joan was rubbing his cock on her face nipples, and breasts. She then began sucking his cock and balls, taking his cock deep down her throat untell she gaged. Joan must have over six inches of James’s thick cock in her mouth and throat.I have never seen my wife so fucking horny, even hotter than when Joan saw her first black cock two nights ago. Joan sucked James’s cock off right in front of me. She has gone wild with desire for his body and big black cock.I can hear the slurping and sucking of Jame’s cock. I see the drooling running from my wife’s beautiful mouth, dripping onto the bed, his balls, and her chest. Joan continues to suck and stroke his cock, my wife is being so naughty, Joan is in cock sucking heaven. Joan slides her hand under James’s tight ass, searching for his very sensitive butt hole. James lifts his butt and Joan slides three fingers into his ass hole. He moans loudly as she starts fucking his ass with her hand. She is sucking his huge cock, fucking his ass hard, James is on the edge of coming.Everyone is watching, feeling, and hearing the sexual heat, people are coming closer to see this mature hottie sucking that huge black cock, and some are taking pictures. I have my cock out fully erect ready to cum, watching my innocent wife turn into a cock sucking slut. James groans with pleasure, his cock and balls being sucked, his ass fucked by my wife’s hand. James erupts filling Joan’s throat mouth, and face as his cock unloads a huge load of black cock cum.James pulls you off his dripping cock, up to his lips, and kisses you passionately, your leg pushing hard into his cock and balls. James’s hand finds your hot wet cunt, rubbing you through your cum soaked swimming suit.

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