It’s okay for girls to be naked in front of men. P1


It’s okay for girls to be naked in front of men.

by Vanessa Evans

Part 1

I met this guy (Nathan) during my first semester at college and every time that I saw him I felt my nipples and pussy tingle. The first time that he spoke to me I got so close to cumming that I just had to excuse myself and go to the restroom to rub one out as my brain played-back our short conversation over and over as I tried to imagine him without any clothes on.

Maybe I should tell you a little about myself before I go any further. I’m Jade. I’m18 and have a 32AA – 24 – 30 figure, I’m a bit on the short side and maybe a little under weight and I have shoulder length blondish hair. You’ve probably gathered that my tits are small but my nipples make up for that, they quite dark compared to the rest of my pale skin and they are about the size of the end section of my little finger. What’s more they seem to be as hard as my little finger for most of the time.

My mother always used to make me wear a bra to school to try to hide the fact that my nipples were poking at my school blouses but now that I’m 18 and going to college she’s given up on that and lets me decide what I do and don’t wear and I like it when people at college stare at my chest but I get terribly embarrassed if they say anything about my pokies.

Like most girls these days I shave my whole pubis and genitalia area just about every day but even before I started doing that I could see my protruding clitoris through my sparse, blondish pubic hair. I don’t have much inner labia and my protruding clit makes it easy for me to rub one out just about every morning before I get out of my bed.

College for me was over 100 miles from my home and the accommodation building is coed with a room for each ‘inmate’ and separate male and female bathrooms.

Clothes, our school uniform was knee length skirts, or trousers, white blouses and a jumper, but as soon as I left school I was free to choose my own clothes and the college, thankfully, doesn’t have a uniform. I never liked trousers and only had 1 pair of jeans because I always felt so restricted when I wore them so now it’s only skirts or dresses. Like most girls who wear skirts at college, I wear my skirts to my mid thighs. There are a few girls who wear them shorter and I’ve noticed that those girls get more attention from the boys. On our tops the unofficial standard is tank tops with most girls showing the straps of their bras.

On my first day I decided to wear a tank top as well even though I’d stopped wearing bras when I finished at school, and as usual, my nipples were giving me prominent pokies. When I first went into college I was quite embarrassed about my pokies and I started holding my books against my chest but I quickly got used to having permanent pokies and it doesn’t bother me any more. I guess that it helps that the boys have got used to seeing them every day.

Anyway, back to Nathan. As I said, the first time that he spoke to me I had to excuse myself and go and take care of an urgent need, and the second time that he spoke to me I was equally embarrassed, not for the same reason, but because I had to cut short our first conversation.

That second time was in the college cafeteria, I was alone at a table and he came over and asked if he could sit at my table. I was tingling like hell and so wanted to run to the restroom to rub another one out but Nathan’s quiet, smooth talking soon had me relaxing. We had about 10 minutes small talk before the bell went to tell us that the first lesson of the afternoon was about to start.

I walked to that lesson a very happy Jenna and I missed about half of that afternoon’s lessons as I daydreamed about Nathan.

The next lunchtime Nathan came and joined me again and I was over the moon when he asked me out on a date. Of course I accepted, and that night we went to the movies. It was a thriller but I quickly lost track of the plot because we started making out within minutes of the movie starting.

I’d worn my favourite cotton sundress and a G-string and it wasn’t long before Nathan confirmed that I wasn’t wearing a bra and I soon discovered that he enjoys playing with my nipples just as much as I enjoy him playing with them. I guess that my moaning into his ears encouraged him to keep going.

Nathan had undone the buttons on the top part of my dress and he was able to see my tits whenever enough light came from the movie screen.

Nudity had never been a big deal to me, there was never anything sexual about it. One sunny day a few years ago when my mother had been out shopping and I was out the back sunbathing on my stomach with my bikini top unfastened, my father had said to me.

“It’s okay for girls to be naked in front of men.”

From then on I never thought anything of being naked around my father and brothers or sunbathing in the back garden totally naked. The first time my mother saw me naked when my brothers and father were around she gave me a filthy look and was about to say something when my father said,

“It’s okay honey, we’re family and we’re at home so it doesn’t count.”

I never went out of my way to be naked at home, apart from the sunbathing, but I never rushed to get dressed on a morning or put some clothes on after I’d taken my school uniform off on an afternoon when my brothers and I got home from school a couple of hours before our parents got home. I don’t remember sex crossing my mind even once.

On the subject of nudity and sex, before college I’d had a few boyfriends and we’d done all the things that teenagers do, but I never got serious, or ‘in love’ with any of the boys. Once my mother realised that I was ‘active’, she took me to the doctors and after a very personal examination I went home with an implant in my arm and I haven’t had a period since.

Back to my first date with Nathan, my nipples weren’t the only protruding parts of me that his hands found that night, from the open top on my dress Nathan’s hands slowly made their way down my front, opening more buttons as he went, and whilst our tongues were battling away Nathan’s fingers first touched my pussy through my very wet G-string and we both moaned. After a few minutes of Nathan’s fingers rubbing along my slit and round my clit I pulled my mouth away from his and I whispered that my G-string had tie sides.

Within a minute my dress was wide open and he was passing my G-string to me to put into my little handbag which I did whilst he looked down on my totally naked front. My knees had automatically opened and as soon as my bag was on the empty seat beside me I looked up at Nathan and he said,

“It’s okay for girls to be naked in front of men.”

“I know.” I managed to say before our mouths met again and his right hand started rubbing my pussy again, but this time without my G-string in the way. Nathan’s fingers soon discovered what the inside of my vagina felt like.

Twice I heard someone saying, “Ssh’ as Nathan made me cum three times before the credits started rolling and the theatre lights went on.

Nathan told me to stand up and face him, and when I did he pulled the sides of my dress together and fastened about half of the buttons before he too stood and took my hand to lead me out. As we got into the foyer I looked down my front and saw that Nathan had only fastened the buttons below my tits and down to my stomach. My hands went to fasten the other buttons but Nathan again said,

“Leave them, it’s okay for girls to be naked in front of men.”

“I know.” I again replied and moved my hand to hold one of his.

We left the cinema with my dress in such a state that anyone who cared to look could see part of my tits and my slit as I walked.

“You look great Jenna.” Nathan said as we walked to a pub for a drink.

“You’re not bothered that people can see my tits and pussy then Nathan?” I asked.

“Hell no, you have a great body Jenna and as I said earlier,

“It’s okay for girls to be naked in front of men.”

“My dad said that to me a few years ago.”

“I’m starting to like your father Jenna and I haven’t even met him.”

“So you’re not bothered that I’m half naked in public Nathan?”

“Not at all, but we’ll have to be careful so that the coppers and the woke prudes don’t see you, there’s way too many of them around.”

“I’d never really thought about it, but you’re probably right.”

“So you’ve never been naked in public then Jenna?”

“No, only at home and in the back garden, and my dad said that that didn’t count.”

In the pub Nathan bought us drinks and we sat at a table at the side of the room. Nathan steered me to a chair that was facing the main part of the room and I was happy to sit there even though the sides of my dress fell down the sides of my thighs and I’d sat without crossing my legs. I was sure that if anyone cared to look they could see my bare legs right up to my stomach and probably the front of my slit. If anyone came and stood next to me they’d easily be able to look down my top and see my tits.

We were only at the pub for about 30 minutes but during that time I noticed a few men looking at me for more than a quick glance. After the first one I told Nathan and he said,

“That’s okay, they’re men and you are a beautiful girl so it’s okay. I’d be worried if they didn’t look at you.”

“But they could probably see my tits or my slit.”

“Does that bother you Jenna?”

“Maybe a little, I’d rather that it was you looking at them.”

“I am looking at you and I’d like to look at all of you a lot more often Jenna.”

I thought for a few seconds then replied,

“Are you saying that you’d like to see me again Nathan, maybe even be my boyfriend.”

“Yes Jenna, I am, and I’d like to make you cum again, like I did in the cinema.”

“Just the once?”

“No, a hundred times every day.”

“That sounds wonderful Nathan, but not very practical.”

“I know but you get what I mean Jenna.”

“Could we go to your room Nathan, I’d like to make a dent in that 100 count.”

It was then that I discovered that Nathan didn’t live in college accommodation like I did, that he shared a house off campus with a couple of other guys.

“So I can show my new girlfriend’s body to my housemates.”

“You want your housemates to see me naked?”

“Yes Jenna, it’s okay for them to see you naked isn’t it?”

“It is, do you want them to make me cum like you did, maybe even fuck me?”

“Not before I’ve fucked your brains out Jenna.”

“That sounds nice Nathan, why are we still sitting here?”

We almost ran out of the pub and to the house where Nathan lived. I caught a glimpse of his housemates as we dashed up the stairs and into Nathan’s room but I was more interested in what I was about to do than to weigh-up his housemates.

My dress was off in seconds and Nathan’s clothes followed as our tongues wrestled. Once he was naked too he eased me back onto the bed and he started kissing my neck then slowly down to my tits. I nearly orgasmed as he masterly played with my tits with his mouth.

Nathan must have realised that I would cum again if he kept on nibbling my nipples and as he kissed his way down my front he somehow managed to tell me that I had awesome nipples.

He soon started kissing bursa eskort my pubis and inner thighs, teasing me by kissing me all around my pussy but not actually on it. Just before Nathan actually kissed my vulva I heard a noise and looked towards the door and saw both of Nathan’s housemates watching us. Nathan licked right along my slit then concentrated on my clit and I forgot all about asking Nathan if he knew that we were being watched as my first orgasm in his room hit me. What’s more I got a bit verbal and I’m sure that his neighbours knew that I was cumming.

Nathan’s tongue didn’t stop and as I felt my first orgasm passing I felt his fingers slide inside me. Oh my gawd, I went back up there almost instantly and I stayed up there for goodness knows how long as his tongue and fingers just didn’t stop.

On and on the orgasm went, or maybe it was multiple orgasms one immediately after another, I didn’t know and I didn’t care.

Finally Nathan stopped and I started to come down from my high. When I started to get my wits about me I looked at his face and saw the biggest grin that I have ever seen. What’s more his face was covered with my juices.

“I’m going to fuck you now Jenna, is that okay with you?”

I couldn’t speak so I just nodded then Nathan lifted my legs and I saw them coming back over to my head then my toes touched the bed. Just before Nathan’s cock entered me I caught a glimpse of his housemates who were still there watching us. Again I had more important things to think about than a couple of voyeurs.

Looking back on that night I should have expected Nathan to empty his balls into me within seconds, after all he’d been playing with my body, pleasuring me to the ultimate peak for what seemed like hours, but no, it was like he was a mechanical fucking machine, fucking me to yet more orgasms. I had lost control of my body and my brain was going the same way.

I vaguely remember feeling Nathan cum inside me then a while later I vaguely remember it happening again and again a little while later but my brain just wasn’t capable of working properly. In fact it switched off and the next thing I knew I was spread eagle on my back on Nathan’s bed and I was still totally naked.

I could hear Nathan and 2 more male voices talking and my brain started to try to remember what had happened in the last goodness knows how long because I had no idea what time it was. My brain couldn’t understand how Nathan could have managed to cum 3 times because I knew that men take at least a few minutes to recover ready for more action but the fucking had been virtually non-stop.

I was totally knackered but totally relaxed and extremely happy. Then it registered that I was totally naked, spread wide open and there was obviously 3 men nearby. I opened my eyes and before I moved them down from looking at the ceiling I saw and heard Nathan,

“You’re awake Jenna, good, how are you?”

“Happy.” I managed to say.

“This is Luke and Jacob, my housemates.”

My eyes moved from Nathan and I saw the 2 guys looking down on my naked body. Both said “Hi” and I managed to say hello back then I looked back to Nathan who was now sat beside me and I said,

“I’m naked Nathan.”

“You are Jenna, and an awesome sight it is too, isn’t it guys?”

“Totally awesome.” Luke said.

“Perfect.” Jacob said.

I wanted to close my legs and cover myself but I just didn’t have the energy to move even my fingers, but Nathan moved his fingers to my left tit and started caressing it.

Nathan must have seen a slightly concerned look on my face because he said,

“It’s okay Jenna, it’s okay for girls to be naked in front of men.”

Being spread like that and with cum probably leaking out of my pussy wasn’t quite what I imagined when I would be naked in front of men but I was incapable of saying anything. My left nipple was starting to send pleasure to my other nipple and my clit but I was just too tired to even think about cumming again. Instead I closed my eyes and immediately went back to sleep.


When I woke up again I was feeling something really nice but I’d never felt a cock going in and out of my hole as I woke up before. I was on my side and Nathan (I hoped) was spooning me whist fucking me and one of his hands was on one of my tits. I opened my eyes and saw the sun shining in through the uncurtained window. I quickly realised that we were both naked on top of the bed, nothing covering us.

I moaned and said,

“That’s nice.”

I was relieved to hear that it was Nathan who replied,

“Good morning beautiful, how are you feeling?”

“Extremely happy Nathan, I’ve never felt better.”


“You’re going to make me cum if you keep doing that Nathan.”

“Don’t you want to cum Jenna?”

“If course I do but I might be all cummed out after last night, what happened, I can’t remember much after I had my first orgasm.”

“Don’t you worry about it, the important thing is that you enjoyed it.”

“Oh I certainly did Nathan, and I’m enjoying what you are doing to me right now, don’t stop doing that until you’ve cum inside me, I don’t want you to get blue balls again.”

Nathan’s hand moved from teasing my nipple and slid down my front before finding my clit causing me to gasp and moan.

“Oh Nathan, don’t you dare stop doing that until I’ve cum.”

I said as I tried to turn my head to kiss him. I couldn’t reach his head but I did see that the bedroom door was still wide open and I’m sure that I caught a glimpse of someone moving away from the door. I gave up trying to kiss Nathan and just enjoyed being fucked.

Neither of us lasted long and I just lay there in post coital bliss until Nathan’s cock went soft and slid out of me.

“Do we have to get up and go to classes? I want to stay here doing this all day.” I said.

“Sorry gorgeous but we have to go, well I do, I’m giving a presentation.”

“I suppose that I do as well. What time do you finish, can we come back here and continue where we left off?”

“Of course we can, every day if you like.”

I turned to face Nathan and gave him a big, long kiss then replied,

“I like.”

“Come on, shower time, there’s enough room for both of us.”

We got off the bed and Nathan took my hand and led me to the bathroom, both of us totally naked. As we went along the corridor I realised that this was a big house with lots of rooms upstairs. Nathan was right about the shower but as we walked into the bathroom I saw that someone was already in the shower.

“You about done in there Luke?” Nathan asked.

“Yeah, 2 seconds.”

I moved to be partially behind Nathan but quickly realised that Luke had seen me naked already. As Luke stepped out I saw that he had a semi and I wondered if he had just had a wank.

“Morning Jenna, looking good.” Luke said as he reached for a towel.

“Hi Luke.” I replied as Nathan started to move into the shower pulling me behind him.

“Cute little bubble butt Jenna.” Luke said but I ignored him because Nathan turned the shower on.

“That’s nice.” I said as I bent and went down onto my knees.

“I haven’t done this to you yet have I?” I said as I cupped Nathan’s balls and took his cock into my mouth.

“You’ll have to be quick Jenna, we’ve got to get to college.”

I hadn’t had that much experience giving blowjobs but I did my best, it just seemed so easy natural, with Nathan.

It didn’t take long and I soon had a mouth full of his cum. I looked up to Nathan’s face and opened my mouth to show him his cum then I closed my mouth, swallowed, then I showed him my empty mouth.

“Good girl Jenna.” Nathan said as he pulled me upright then started washing me.

We soaped and shampooed each other and I so wanted him to fuck me right then but we didn’t have the time. As we dried each other I told Nathan that I’d let my hair air dry.

We left the towels and I assumed that Nathan was leading me back to his bedroom to get dressed but before I really knew what was happening we were going down the stairs and into the kitchen.

“Morning Nathan, Jenna, Jacob said, “looking good Jenna.”

By then I’d accepted all 3 of them had seen me naked more than once so I made no attempt to cover my tits or pussy and Nathan again said,

“It’s okay for girls to be naked in front of men.”

I didn’t reply as Nathan pulled a chair back for me to sit on and Jacob slid a mug of coffee in front of me.

The short conversation that followed was about college and classes before Nathan stood up and went to pull my chair back.

“Come on Jenna.” Nathan said and seconds later he was playfully swatting my butt as we ran upstairs.

I quickly found my shoes and dress and as I put it on I said,

“This dress is crumpled and dirty, I’ll have to go to my room to change it. Have you seen my bag?”

I looked at Nathan and was surprised that he looked ready to leave.

“I’ve got it here.” Nathan said. “Let’s go.”

“I haven’t got my knickers on yet, they’re in my bag.”

“You don’t need them right now, come on.”

We left the house and quickly walked down the road.

“It feels funny without knickers on.” I said as we walked.

“Does it really feel different to when you wear one of those tiny G-strings, the fabric is smaller than my hand.”

“It does, I guess that it’s a sort of security feeling.”

“I’ll keep my hand there all day if you want Jenna.”

“Hmm, nice idea, but not very practical.”

“You weren’t wearing you G-string after we left the cinema last night.”

“No I wasn’t was I, but this morning it feels different.”

“Probably the fresher air, does it feel nice on your pussy?”

I though for a second then replied,

“Actually it does.”

“How about going commando all day then?”

“I’ll have to be careful then.”

“Why, it’s okay for girls to be naked in front of men.”

“I’m not going to college naked if that’s what you’re thinking.”

“That’s a really nice thought, I’d be able to stare at your tits and pussy, and that cute butt of yours all day, but I guess that the college isn’t ready for girls to be naked in college.”

By then we were arriving at my building and running up the stairs. In my room I quickly took my dress off and dived into my skirt drawer.

“A nice short one Jenna.” Nathan said.

As I dug out my shortest denim skirt I said,

“So, this is my place, not as big as yours but probably a lot cheaper.”

“It’s compact, but cosy.” Nathan replied as I pulled up the skirt up then went for a tank top.

Tank top on I started opening my knickers draw and Nathan said,

“Why bother Jenna, you’ve admitted that it feels nice without any on and so what if anyone sees your pussy, it’s okay for girls to be naked in front of men.”

I let go of the G-string, closed the drawer and turned towards Nathan. Smiling I said,

“Okay, I’m ready, lets go.”

As we hurried to our classes the breeze up my denim miniskirt was feeling nicer than up the longer dress that I had been wearing. As we kissed then parted to go to our separate classes I thought,

“People are going to see my pussy today, in this skirt I just can’t help it, but what the hell, bursa escort bayan as Nathan says, it’s okay for girls to be naked in front of men and I can’t wait to get naked in front of Nathan again, I wonder if his housemates will see me naked again.”


Classes were a drag all day, I couldn’t stop thinking about Nathan and the sex that we’d had, it had been the best night of my life and I wanted thousands more like that one. During a couple of classes I noticed both tutors and other students looking at my bare legs and up my skirt. The first time that I noticed I was a little embarrassed but I didn’t cross my legs and I did get a burst of that tingling feeling.

The second time that I noticed the tutor staring at my legs that tingling in my clit and nipples got much stronger and my nipples which felt harder than they did most days.

As he continued to stare and I didn’t move a muscle I started to realise that flashing my bare pussy was a pleasurable experience. It was something that I had never thought of doing before but it suddenly jumped to the top of my list of things to think about and I’m sure that my subconscious was doing just that because in my next class when I caught the tutor staring I actually opened my knees a bit.

The feelings were so exhilarating that I opened my knees a little more and felt my pussy get wet.

“Wow,” I thought, “why didn’t I do this years ago?”

I was so pleased when I was finished for the day and as I walked out of college I phoned Nathan and was surprised to hear a phone ringing right behind me then Nathan’s voice in stereo. I stopped walking, turned round and nearly jumped up on to him. Our mouths met and we started tongue wrestling.

When our mouths finally separated Nathan asked me how my day had gone.

“Well, I missed you terribly and it really dragged at first but you getting me to leave my G-string back in my room was a brilliant idea, I’ve discovered how men looking up my skirt and seeing my bare pussy makes me really horny.”

“I thought it might, like you being seen by Luke and Jacob, being seen naked by men is more than okay once you realise how horny it can make you.”

“You’re a genius as well as a great lover, my place or yours. I want my brain fucked out.”

“My place Jenna, I’ve got 2 housemates who like looking at your beautiful naked body.”

“Didn’t they see enough of me last night and this morning?”

“No Jenna, like me, and most men, they can’t get enough of the sight of a beautiful naked woman.”

“Then I’d better not disappoint them.”

“Good, not enough girls let men see them naked, the message really does need to spread.”

“What message is that Nathan?”

“That it’s okay for girls to be naked in front of men.”

“Silly me, I know that, I was too eager for you to fuck me that I just couldn’t remember it. I should go around telling girls that if they get naked in front of men they will get all horny and have some amazing orgasms.”

“You do that Jenna, but right now start taking those clothes off.”

“We’re not inside yet and I’m only wearing this tank top and this skirt.”

“That doesn’t matter.” Nathan replied as one of his hands went to the fastener on my skirt.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, we were still walking and the skirt fasteners weren’t undone until I stopped outside the front door but my skirt was down around my ankles by the time the door was open and at the same time I was pulling my top up off. Nathan pushed the door open and I quickly picked up my top and skirt and ran in, Nathan swatting my butt as I passed him.

We didn’t make it up to Nathan’s room because he pinned me against the wall in the hall and as our tongues battled I unfastened Nathan’s jeans and pushed them and his boxers to the floor. Still kissing I wrapped first one, then both legs round Nathan’s waist and he pulled me up then lowered me so that his cock slid inside my dripping pussy.

As Nathan lifted then lowered me over and over, the front door opened and Jacob walked in. I knew it was him because I recognised his voice as he said,

“Nice one guys, next time can you wait one more second so that you are further away from the front door so that it’s easier for me to get in.”

Neither Nathan nor I responded, Nathan continuing to lift and lower me whist we continued kissing, me somehow managing to let out some pleasure induced moans.

I don’t know if Jacob was still near us when my orgasm hit me, I just didn’t care, but once I started to return to normal I turned my head to put it on Nathan’s shoulder and there was Jacob smiling at me. I didn’t know what to say so I just smiled back and he turned and walked away.

When Nathan slid out of me he lowered me to the floor then led me up the stairs to his room where we fell onto the bed and cuddled. After a while I said,

“This feels so good just laying here with you Nathan.”

“Yes it does, why couldn’t we have met years ago?”

“That would have been nice, but does Jacob and Luke have to be right under our noses all the time, especially when we’re making love?”

“Don’t you like them seeing you naked Jenna, I thought that you were okay with it.”

“I am, I kinda like men seeing me naked, this afternoon when I caught one of my tutors looking up my skirt at my bare pussy I started tingling and I wanted to play with my pussy.”

“Why didn’t you Jenna?”

“You know Nathan, the more that I think about it the more that I think that I would have liked to but I think that the uni management wouldn’t be too happy.”

“You’re probably right Jenna. You just said that you wanted to play with your pussy in front of your tutor, does that mean that you want to play with your pussy in front of other men? If your tutor watching turned you on wouldn’t other men watching turn you on?”

I was silent for a minute as I thought about what Nathan had said and what I had discovered that afternoon, then I replied,

“Yeah, I guess that it would.”

No sooner than I had said that Nathan cupped my pussy and I felt his fingers slide inside me.

“Yes, even thinking and talking about it IS turning you on Jenna, you’re dripping. So, Luke and Jacob are men so playing with yourself in front of them will turn you on won’t it?”

“I guess that it would.”

“I was hoping that you’d say that, I was going to order a load of pizzas for later then after we’ve eaten them would you put on a little show for the 3 of us?”

“Do you mean a masturbation show Nathan?

“I don’t like that word, but yes I do, then afterwards I’ll fuck your brains out.”

“Are you bribing me Nathan, because if you are it’s working.”

“So you’ll do it then?”

“For you I will do anything Nathan.”

“But I want you to do it for you Jenna, think of the pleasure that you’ll get out of doing it?”

“I’ll do it for BOTH of us Nathan, I’m looking forward to the feelings that doing it and being watched by men will give me.”

“Good girl, do you fancy a coffee, I’m thirsty.”

“I’m not going to Starbucks like this, I’d get arrested.”

“No, let’s go downstairs and make one.”

“Hi Jenna, good to see all of you.” Luke said when we walked into the kitchen.

By then both Luke and Jacob had seen me naked so many times that it no longer made me shy or try to cover myself, although if I caught them staring at me my pussy starts to tingle.

“Hi Luke.” I replied,

“I’m ordering Pizzas in a bit Luke,” Nathan said,” then afterwards Jenna has promised to put on a bit of a show for us.”

I squeezed Nathan’s hand as Luke got to his feet saying,

“I’ll go and tell Jacob, he was going out but I’m sure that a show from Jenna will change his mind.”

Luke gone, Nathan started making the coffee. We each had a hot mug in our hands as we walked into the lounge. We’d just sat down when I saw a load of photography equipment.

“Who does that lot belong to?” I asked.

“Jacob, he’s on some sort of photography course, I think that he wants to become one of the paparazzi, chasing all the gorgeous female celebrities around hoping to get a photo of them without their clothes on.”

“Will he be wanting to photograph me?”

“You may not be a celebrity but I’m sure that you’d make a great model, maybe you could model for his class?”

“You mean nude modelling?”

“I do, would that bother you Jenna?”

“I guess not, after all, It is okay for a girl to be seen naked by men and them staring at me naked for half an hour or so is just a long look. And it will make my pussy tingle.”

We’d finished our coffee by then and Nathan got his phone out and ordered the pizzas. Before he put his phone away he said,

“Can I take some photos of you Jenna?”

“Of course you can Nathan, it will be good practice for Jacob photographing me.”

Nathan took a few photos of me just sat there smiling then he said,

“Shuffle forward Jenna and show me what you wanted to show your tutor this afternoon.”

I smiled and did as asked, feeling that my pussy was all wet and tingly.

“You’re making me all horny Nathan.” I said.

“I’m not even touching to Jenna.”

“No but you’re staring at my tits and pussy, and the thought that you might put those pictures all over the internet are making me horny.”

“So if Jacob were to video you later when you’re rubbing one out for us you wouldn’t mind if he posted it on the internet?”

“Would he make any money out of it, because if he does I want my share of it.”

“That sounds fair, I’ll make sure that he knows that Jenna.”

“I’m getting really horny Nathan, will you fuck me please?”

Nathan had just got his cock out and was about to push it in to me when the damned doorbell rang.

“Shit,” Nathan said, “I can’t go to the door with this out, will you go please Jenna.”

I didn’t really want to go, I wanted Nathan’s cock inside me, but someone had to go and I could understand Nathan not wanting some delivery guy or girl to see his cock so it made sense that I go, after all, it’s okay for girls to be naked in front of men, and if it’s a girl she won’t be upset.

It was a delivery guy and when he saw me he said,

“I just love delivering to student houses, so much more of a chance of a girl answering the door dressed like you are, that will be £37.99 please.”

“You get a lot of naked girls answering the door do you? I guess that more girls than I thought know that it’s okay for girls to be naked in front of men and I know that it makes me horny so I guess that they enjoy the experience as well. How much did you say it was?”

“£37.99 please.”

I heard a bit of a whistle as I walked back to Nathan for the money then when I walked back to the delivery guy I saw that his eyes were looking well below my face.

“Up here.” I said when I was right in front of him, “My boyfriend says that you can keep the change.”

The guy’s eyes came up to mine and we swapped the pizzas for the cash, the guy not even looking to see if I’d given him enough money. Then I turned to go back to Nathan and said,

“Can you shut the door please, my hands are a bit full?”

I was entering the lounge before I heard the door shut.


Nathan shouted as I put the boxes on the coffee table.

We started opening the boxes then I sat on Nathan’s lap, both of us having a slice of pizza in our hands.

We made small talk as we all ate and I couldn’t help notice that both Luke and Jacob spent a lot of the time looking below Nathan’s and my eyes which kept the tingling going. When the beer bottles ran dry Nathan asked me to go and get some full ones out of the fridge and whilst I was away I heard Jacob say,

“Is Jenna really going to let me photograph her pussy?”

“I doubt that she’ll complain if you video all 3 of us fucking her.” Nathan replied.

That last statement from my boyfriend made me stop and think. It also made me feel quite wet between my legs, and my nipples and clit start throbbing.

I knew that my mother would have a heart attack if she knew what I was thinking but I wasn’t so sure about my father. Then I came to my senses and thought that it didn’t matter what my parents thought, I’m a grown woman and can do whatever I want, and at that moment I wanted lots of cock.

As I walked back to the guys I wondered if what I was thinking was because of my belief that it’s okay for girls to be naked in front of men and that was what I was doing. Whatever the reason I was horny and happy, and that was enough for me.

I handed out the beers and watched all 3 guys watching my tits as I bent over to hand them the bottles.

As we were getting near the end of the pizzas and the beers Jacob changed the conversation topic and said.

“So Jenna, I hear that you have volunteered to model for me, and maybe the rest of my class?”

“Yes, why not, it’s what girls are supposed to do isn’t it?”

“It is Jenna,” Jacob replied, “it’s just that a lot of girls are too ashamed of their bodies and don’t want men laughing at them but I can see that you have a perfect body Jenna so you have no reason to not let men see it.”

“Why thank you Jacob.” I replied.

”It’s true,” Nathan added, “you do have a perfect body Jenna, maybe Jacob would like to photograph you out in the open somewhere as well.”

“Our tutor has been going on about photographing nature, but let’s try in here first. I’ve never photographed a naked woman before so I shall be just as new at it as you are Jenna.”

“I’m sure that you’ll get some great photos of me Jacob. I’ll just get rid of the cans and pizza boxes then I’m all yours.”

“I’ll do that.” Nathan said so I stood up and asked,

“Where do you want me Jacob?”

Luke coughed and I wasn’t sure why.

Jacob quickly setup his lights and cameras then asked me to stand near a wall and do whatever I thought I should do. At first I didn’t know what to do, then I remembered all the videos of gorgeous models on catwalks that I’d watched when I was younger (what young teen girls doesn’t dream watching videos like that).

I smiled and started adopting those poses as Jacob kept saying complimentary words. I kept looking at Nathan and I could see one hell of a bulge in his jeans. Some of the standing poses were taken with my back to Jacob and looking back to him over my shoulder. He said I had a very photogenic backside and he got me to pose with my feet well apart and me bent at the waist. Some of the time I could see all 3 guys as I looked back through my legs.

After about 20 minutes and 50 or so photos taken, Jacob suggested that I lay on the floor on my side with my upper leg bent at the knee. After those photos Jacob got me to lay on my back with my arms and legs spread wide whilst he took a load more photos. I wasn’t too happy doing that as it made my tiny tits look non-existent but I consoled myself knowing that my tingling nipples were the biggest that I’d ever seen them.

Another pose that Jacob asked me to do, one that I had never seen a video of a model do, was for me to stand on my hands and for someone to hold my ankles. This was comfortable for me to do because we often did that in PE at school, and at home when me and my brothers were messing about.

Nathan volunteered to hold my ankles and after a few seconds he spread my ankles wide apart. I knew that he’d be looking down at my spread pussy and that made me tingle even more.

As I was standing there on my hands I remembered the times that I did it at home. Sometimes me only wearing the large T-shirt that I wore in bed. The difference being that doing it with Nathan holding my ankles I wasn’t wearing a T-shirt to fall down to around my hands.

Throughout the whole session I knew from the angle of the camera that my pussy was the focal point of most of the photographs, sometimes with my lips wide open. I also knew that my pussy was very wet most of the time and that the session was making my clit and my nipples tingle like mad but as people say,

“It’s okay for girls to be naked in front of men.”

And I couldn’t help it if the whole session was making me horny as hell.

Just when I was starting to think that the session was coming to an end Jacob surprised me when he asked me what I thought of the idea of him videoing Nathan fucking me. Now both Jacob and Luke had already seen Nathan and I making love, Jacob only a couple of hours ago, so I looked to Nathan and saw a big grin on his face. He was obviously up for it so I told Jacob that I was up for it.

I went and sat on Nathan’s lap whilst Jacob setup a couple of his cameras on tripods. I didn’t see much of him doing that as Nathan and I were kissing and he was playing with my tits.

“Okay,” Jacob said, “I’m ready for you whenever your mouths can become unstuck.”

I’d never giggled whilst kissing anyone before and it was a funny experience causing me to pull my head back. Anyway, once my face was straight again I asked,

“So how are you going to fuck me Nathan?”

“Doggy style.” Nathan replied so I got up and then down on hands and knees in front of the cameras.

Jacob then got me to move into the place that he wanted me which included me with my knees quite far apart.

Nathan got down behind me and I let out a long moan as his cock entered me. One of Jacob’s cameras was at an angle in front of me and I wondered if my expression of satisfaction was captured on a video.

Nathan and I got into a bit of a rhythm with me pushing my butt back as he thrust forward and I shut my eyes to concentrate on the pleasure emanating from between my legs

Then I felt it and my eyes opened wide, a cock was pushing at my mouth’s closed lips.

Instinct took over, my lips opened and I started sucking the cock. Then I realised that it couldn’t possibly be Nathan’s cock as he was still fucking my pussy, but by that time I just didn’t care.

That was the first time that I’d been spit roasted (Luke later told me that name), and I have to say that it was a very enjoyable experience.

Nathan’s thrusting was sending me forwards which meant that whoever’s cock was going deeper into my mouth then my throat. I’d heard about girls gagging but as we got a three-way rhythm going I realised that I wasn’t gagging, even though the cock was well into my throat.

Even when whoever’s cock started squirting his cum down my throat I didn’t gag.

Then 3 things happened, Nathan gripped my hips as he shot his load into me, I started to cum and the cock in my mouth started to go soft. Before I started to come down from my high I felt Nathan’s softening cock leave my pussy and a hard one take it’s place and start thrusting. Thirdly, another cock entered my mouth. This time though, I knew that the cock in my mouth belonged to Nathan because I recognised that taste of his cum and my juices.

Nathan’s cock started to get hard again and the three-way rhythm started again.

The cock in my pussy didn’t last long before I felt it stop moving and the warm cum flood my insides. Meanwhile, both Nathan and I were lasting longer and I felt the cock on my pussy withdraw and be replaced by a third hard cock.

Nathan’s hands found my tits and started caressing them and squeezing my nipples, and I started to cum again. My brain wasn’t that attentive to anything other than my orgasm but I was pretty sure that Nathan added to the cum that was already in my stomach.

Once things started to settle down and the cocks slid out of me. I lay on my side, then my back to continue my recovery. After a minute or two Nathan put out his arm for me to grab to help me get to my feet. As I was going up I asked,

“I’ve just been gang-banged haven’t I?”

“Yes Jenna,” Nathan replied, “and from the look on your face you enjoyed it didn’t you?”

“Yes I did, it was good. I want to do it again sometime. Hey, Jacob, are those cameras still recording?”

“Shit, I forgot about those, that’s your fault Jenna.” Jacob replied getting up and going to the nearest camera.

“How come?” I asked.

“For being such a great model. Are you still up for modelling for my photography class?”

“Sure, why not, it’s okay for them to see me naked. Hey, will they all want to fuck me?”

“I’m sure that they will but that’s up to you and Nathan Jenna” Jacob replied, “but I’m pretty sure that the college rules won’t allow that.”

“Not on college property,” Nathan said, “but if your class wanted to go out somewhere to photograph, perhaps some beautiful nature place where no one from the college would ever know.”

“We could go to the national park,” I replied, “there’s some great scenery there.”

“Leave it with me.” Jacob said.

It was then that I thought about the 3 lots of cum that were leaking out of me.

“Just going to the bathroom to clean up, back soon.” I said and quickly walked away then ran up the stairs.

I didn’t realise just how wet my inner thighs were but I managed to clean myself up, and have a pee before going back to the guys. Jacob was packing up his equipment and when he saw me he said,

“Were you serious when you said that you’d model for my photography class Jenna?”

I looked at Nathan, saw that he was smiling, and told Jacob,

“Yes, why not, I have no problem with men seeing me naked.”

“There are a couple of girls in my class Jenna.” Jacob said,.

“Maybe they’d like to model as well.” I said.

“Haven’t you got a grossly over-weight girl in your class Jacob? Luke said.

“Yes, I certainly wouldn’t ask her.” Jacob said, “you’d never be able to find her pussy under all those rolls of fat.”

“Stop talking about her,” Luke said, “you’ll make me thow-up.”

I didn’t say anything but I did think that I was lucky to be the skinny girl that I am.

Jacob finished packing his photography equipment whilst I went and got us each a bottle of beer then we all squeezed onto the sofa with the naked me between Nathan and Jacob while he loaded all the photo and videos that he’s taken, onto his laptop. Then we looked at each one and we all said what we liked and didn’t like about each photo and video.

Watching the naked me posing and getting gang-banged with my boyfriend and 2 of his mates sat close to me was a bit strange but also a huge a turn-on, and listening to the comments really made my nipples and clit tingle, and my pussy get very wet. In a way I was glad when the show ended and I think that Nathan was as well because he took my hand and led me up the stairs to his room where we fucked again.

Nathan had left the bedroom door open again but I didn’t see Jacob or Luke watching us.


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