It’s a Gift


The sound of loud voices woke me and I sat up startled. There was more sunlight today than there had been yesterday and I looked around in panic as I didn’t see Orrin.

My wandering eyes found him toward the one end of the boxcars and my panic instantly stilled. He held one finger up to his lips and I nodded.

Rising up as quietly as I could I walked over to where he stood. Over top of the hood of a tossed car I took in the sight of white trucks and lots of people boarding upon them.

There were men with guns, but for the most part the people seemed happy to go into the trucks. I glanced at Orrin and he whispered, “It’s the UN.”

I blinked and looked back and my eyes took in the unique characteristic of the blue helmets that some of the soldiers wore. Orrin’s conspiracies aside, I had no love for the UN and the sight of them already here on the ground in force only confirmed to me more as to the inconsistencies of what should’ve been a mass effort to preserve humanity instead of one that seemed bent on the process of extinguishing life rather than saving it.

Glancing to Orrin I took him in fully. This man had kept me from death at least twice now.

He was a good protector and with interest I took in the seriousness of this study of what was going on across the way. He was fulfilling his promise to me in so many ways.

My mind drifted to my promise and then how he’d claimed me and then the following morning of how he had unselfishly showered me with pleasure. Truly, he was a stud and yet he hadn’t pressed on me the desire I knew he had for me when we had stopped early this morning.

Instead, he’d held me and let me sleep. Shyly I regarded him and mulled over the thought of what I wanted to do for him. Finding the courage to do so was a bit hard to find though.

Sidling up beside him I let my hand close over his groin and squeeze softly. He glanced at me surprised and staring into his eyes deeply, as I rubbed my hand against the expanding flesh beneath his pants, I whispered, “You’re a great warrior. Thank you for keeping me safe.”

Orrin mumbled out distractedly, “I’m trying, but…”

“No buts. You’re doing a great job as my man, Honey.” I interjected softly. He swallowed and I watched intensely as vulnerable emotions came to the surface of his eyes and wanting to lock in the changes I saw I whispered, “I couldn’t ask for a better man to keep me safe.”

“Safe? Who’s going to keep you safe from me?” He exclaimed out and smiling Antalya Escort I shook my head and said, “I don’t need anyone to keep me safe from you, Honey.”

He seemed to growl deeply and lifting his hand he held it gripped lightly across the front of my throat as he said forcefully, “Do you have any idea how hard I want to take you? I… I’ve fought for hours to keep from waking you! I…”

“Go ahead. Take me as hard as you want.” I offered challengingly, but he shook his head no savagely and with a soft smile I asked, “Why not?”

“It wouldn’t be right. I… I have no desire to hurt you.” He said at the last before looking back off towards the far off slope mostly devoid of people now, even as he let go of my throat.

Smiling, I pressed closer and kissed his neck as I said, “See, I was right. I don’t need any other protector other than you.”

As I said my words I squeezed my hand as best as I could around the raging shaft that had come to full life behind his pants and with pleasure I saw his eyes close briefly. Softly then I said, “You know I’m really beginning to suspect that behind your cold hard shell of an exterior that there is a sensitive and loving man buried somewhere in there.”

He shook his head negatively and tried his best to ignore me. Smiling, I undid his belt buckle and as I pulled the zipper of his pants, down I said, “I’m really hungry. Do you mind if I have breakfast?”

His gaze came to me and was one of shock even as I slipped down in front of him to kneel before what I had revealed and stroked to life. I wrapped both my hands around his shaft and felt the thrill of just how big he was.

Glancing up, I said, as I lifted an eyebrow, “You don’t mind do you?”

Wiping at his suddenly sweaty brow with a shaking hand, he said, as if to himself, “What did I ever do to deserve this?”

Giving him a serious look I said, “Sometimes grace is given without measure to those who deserve it least of all.”

“Why?” He asked, as I moved my mouth forward toward the beaded drip of moisture that had formed on the head of his shaft.

Glancing up as my lips grazed him I whispered, “Because it’s a gift. A gift that is freely given and that can’t be earned.”

I kept eye contact then with him as my mouth closed fully over the head of his shaft. He shook slightly as my tongue licked the tip of his shaft before then penetrating it slightly.

He groaned and a thrill of pleasure shot through me at the Antalya Escort Bayan sounding of it. I brought my eyes back to the evidence of his passion for me as I went about discovering the intimacies of a man for the first time.

I let my hands roam and massage upon his thighs all the while keeping my mouth active upon his shaft. Bringing my hands around him I gripped a hold of the cheeks of his bottom and found myself quite enjoying the feel of his muscular bottom that was hard in direct contrast to the soft cheeks of my own bottom.

Touching him and pleasing him had me aching to feel him inside me again, but this moment was about him and I gave unselfishly of myself to further his pleasure in any way that I could. I felt his balls in the grip of my one hand draw up tighter and with interest I glanced up to view his passion filled face and watch as his mouth fell open even as he filled my mouth with his seed.

I squeezed his balls rhythmically and had the pleasure of feeling him shake as he stood braced with his feet shoulder width apart before me. The taste of him was a bit hard to handle, but it was only right that I should, at least that’s how I felt about it.

I swallowed deeply as I did my best to encourage his orgasm to be the best that it could be. His pumping jets of semen spent I let my mouth, pull off of him, only to then lick him clean as I heard his breath puff in and out of him like a blacksmith’s bellows.

His beautiful shaft now licked clean I pressed my face forward into the black curly hairs of his groin and breathed in deeply the heavy musky scent of his maleness. I kissed the base of his softening shaft sweetly before popping my head below it to wetly kiss each one of his hairy balls.

That done, I helped pull his pants back up and secure them again. Glancing up idly I asked, “You don’t wear underwear?”

“I like the feel of it without them.” He said husky voiced.

My eyebrows quirked at the revealing of that tidbit, but it was him so I accepted it. Gazing upward, I asked shyly, “Did you like it? I’ve never made love to a man before.”

“Yes!! I… why… why?” He repeated, as he stuttered to frame a question of why I had done what I had.

“Why what?” I asked, turning my head to the side to thoughtfully regard him.

“Why did you make love to me like that?” He breathed out in question.

“Because I wanted to. Why does that shock you? You did it to me.”

“I did my best to please Escort Antalya you and I loved what I was doing, but what you just did was different. You made me feel special the way you touched and stuff.”

Smiling, I said, as I tilted my head to the other side, “You are special Orrin. I didn’t see that at first, but I do now. Why is it so hard for you to believe that I would do something like what I did?”

“I’ve never had anyone make me feel special like that before.”

Smiling tenderly I said, “Well, now you do. Will you please help me up? My knees went to sleep.”

He lifted me up and then with sudden passion that was unexpected his hand speared into the hair at the back of my head and held my head steady for his kiss that he pressed upon me with a passion that testified to there being more substance of relationship between us than just the desires of the flesh. My hands rose to frame his face as his kiss stretched on until at long last he broke contact with me.

Something was happening between us and fuzzily I worked on figuring it out. He let go of me and shakily he wiped at his sweaty brow again before saying, “We should be going.”

Feeling bold I piped up with, “But you haven’t had your breakfast yet.”

He gave me a searing glance before commenting, “Your right I haven’t. Come along Honey.” He said, as he took my hand and led me back to the blanket that we’d spent the night upon.

The wet ache between my thighs intensified as he pushed me down onto the blanket with a look that said I was about to have a very passionate encounter. A heady thrill shot through me as he kneeled down between my split thighs and began to unclasp my capris.

“Thank you.” I whispered.

“My pleasure.” He responded back with, and then with an admonishing finger, he said “You’re going to need to be quiet though.”

“I’ll try.” I breathed out as my pants and then my bikini bottoms came off.

His arms swept around my bottom and before I knew what to expect he lifted me up to his mouth. My legs naturally curled around the back of his neck even as all my blood rushed to my head as he held me in an inclined downward position.

His mouth descended upon me and it was all I could do not to moan and then as he licked to refrain from screaming. This was going to be hard!

I heard him chuckle and the feel of the vibrations was just too much and already aroused as I was from pleasuring him I came. Stuffing my hand against my lips I screamed against it.

Looking down at me he said with a look of wonder, “You are an absolute pleasure!”

With passion lidded eyes, I asked, “Did you enjoy your breakfast?”

“I’m not done yet.” He responded back with deeply and I moaned just as deeply as he then proved it to me.

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