It was My Wife’s Fault Pt. 01


It was my wife’s fault, really.

You see my wife rides her own Harley, we have four at this time and we both ride, and is part of a social media group of other ladies who ride their own. They get together to ride and socialize fairly often and having been at the bar with them a couple times I know the discussions get pretty “out there”.

One of these sessions that she recounted to me was about men (big surprise, women talking and complaining about men) and their shortcomings or skills in the sack. Apparently my lovely bride shared the fact that sometimes, well most of the time actually, my cock stays usefully hard even after I cum. Some of the gals called bullshit on this but enough of them had experienced other guys with this ability that eventually it was accepted as fact. The night this discussion took place also lead to my wife nearly raping me, not really I was more than willing, when she got home because the talk had her so hot. I had three good cums that night and she had at least four or five.

That leads me to what happened about a week later. I had gone over to one of the gals house to keep an eye on things while she did an oil change on her bike. Don’t get started, I know she didn’t need the help. When we were done and we went for a quick run around the lake to cool off.

When we got back to Barb’s place another bike was waiting in the driveway. Turned out to be Penny, another of the bunch, who came by to visit and grab a cold one. The three of us adjourned to the deck out back with a cooler and adult beverages.

“You remember that night last month when Escort Büyükçekmece we went to The Porthole and Marie came home toasted and horney?” Penny asked.

“Oh yeah, and she molested me as soon as she got thru the door. Meant to say ‘Thanks’ for getting her toasty and getting her home safe, too.”

“No problem.” Barb chimed in. “Did you know she told us all about some skills you have that night, and I don’t mean with a wrench.”

“Nope she means with your ‘tool’!” Penny added.

“She mentioned that she may have shared a little freely that evening. It is what it is, I guess” In reality Mare explicitly explained to me what she had told the girls that night, she made it seem like she was bragging on how great I was since many of the others were having rocky relationship problems. And she also told me she had suggested that she wouldn’t mind letting me prove she was telling the truth.

“Barb said she believed it right away but I need a little proof.” Penny smiled an evil smile my way.

“What did you have in mind girl?”

“We were thinking a little demonstration?” Penny smiled again.

“And we might need to relieve some tension of our own, in one way or another, too.”

That was good enough for me, and since my cock was about half hard and cramped in my jeans, I adjusted it and asked “Right out here or should we go inside first?”

Then I slid down the jeans and boxers and released my modest 6-inch cock that rose to full length in the fresh air and sunshine. A drop of precum was glistening on the tip and I Çatalca escort smoothed it around as they’re mouths fell open. I can only guess they didn’t expect me to be so willing. Slowly squeezing the shaft to produce another drop I stroked it a few times just for my own pleasure. I kicked off my boots and slid jeans and boxers to the deck while enjoying the looks on their faces.

“So what’s going to count as ‘proof’ ladies? I don’t want to disappoint either of you. Slow, fast what do you want to see?”

Penny was the first to react, she whipped her top off and quickly unclasped her leather bra releasing her mocha toned Hispanic tits and hard dark nipples. She squeezed them tightly together and ran her thumbs over the nips with eyes glued to my leaking cock. Barb went the other direction, she had one hand clenched high between her thighs and had been grinding on her palm. She had her boots, pants and panties joining my clothes on the deck before I could say ‘twin cam’.

“Very cool, girls, that will make this easier with that kind of motivation!”

“Wow, Wayne, do you always leak that much?” Barb was staring at the drops of precum landing on the deck between my legs.

“Sometimes, usually when I haven’t cum in a few days. Think it’s been Wednesday since the last time, and that was just a ‘Thank you’ BJ after Marie climbed off my tongue.”

That detail must have been too much for Barb as she twitched and clamped her legs shut again, moaning “ohfuckohfuckhfuck I’m cuuummmmming.”

Her whole body slumped back in the lounger and eyes Esenler escort bayan locked with mine as she came down to earth again. She removed her hand from her pussy and it joined the other one cupping her large boobs under her tight Harley t-shirt. By this time, I was feeling like I could cum with only a couple more strokes if I wanted to.

Penny’s actions made me slow down a bit, she was aggressively mauling her smaller (well smaller than Barb’s or Marie’s) tits and focusing on the hard long tips. She threw her head back and what sounded almost like a growl came from her lips as she started to cum. A dark spot appeared on the front of her jeans and I guessed she had squirted when she got off. Barb soon crossed the deck peeling the shirt over her head, dropping to her knees she crushed her pale pink breasts against Penny’s darker skin and hugged her.

That was too much for me.

“Don’t want to bother you two but I’m there, too!”

The first shot out of my dick landed on the deck just at Penny’s feet and the second on the toe of her boot. I slowed and pumped my whole shaft to maintain the erection I planned to keep using. They had both turned to see this eruption but continued to hold each other. Penny stood and Barb slid her cm soaked jeans off her smooth brown ass. To my surprise she was going commando and had a completely shaved mound. I decided that, in the interest of fairness, I shouldn’t keep any clothing on either and ripped my shirt over my head.

“Dammit, Wayne, that was hot, even for a couple of girls who like each other better than we usually like dick! Do you want to go again right now, or what?”

Penny had both hands full of Barb’s pale pink tipped boobs and held them out in my direction.

And that’s when the sliding door opened and my wife stepped out, naked, with one hand full of a 44dd and one hand touchuing her posy. I suspected I’d been set up!

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