It was Grammy’s Idea Ch. 02


Daniel D. Dickson waited nervously for his name to be announced. In the audience his striking short haired mother was taking pictures while his 51 year old sexy grandmother gave the boy a big wave and a huge smile. As she always does in public, Diana had put her long platinum hair up and had donned a huge pair of sunglasses so that no one would recognize that Danny Dickson’s grandmother was a famous porn star.

“And now introducing graduate, Daniel D. Dickson.”

Donna cheered for her young son while his grandmother gave a loud wolf whistle. The other boys in Danny’s class had no idea who the stunning two blondes were, except that one of them had to be Danny’s mom. As the proceedings dragged on every boy would desperately try to steal a glance at the two smoking hotties who seemed to have their eyes glued onto their classmate. As Danny would look up, Diana and her daughter would smile and wave at the 18 year old boy who was now a high school graduate.

As the ceremony ended and the graduates threw their caps in the air, mother and grandmother rushed to find Danny in the sea of humanity. Diana, in her short skirt and 5 inch heels stood over 6 feet tall, her big silicone beauties proudly trying to burst out of her sheer nylon top. Danny’s mother Donna, the short red skirt showing off her long slim legs and tiny round buttocks, searched for her boy.

“Donna…over here!”

As the two bombshells greeted the boy, Diana threw her arms around her grandson, her fake boobs pushed into the teenager’s chest.

“Sweetie! You did it! Congratulations. Give your Grammy a kiss.”

The boy, his prick starting to harden as the two mounds of hard round tit flesh pushed against him, gave his grandmother a peck on the cheek.

“Danny Dickson, come on…you can do better than that. Give your Grammy a nice one.”

The boy looked around, making sure no one was looking. Reaching in, his grandmother met his lips with a short open mouth kiss that no grandmother would ever give her grandson.

“MMMMMM! Nice!”

It was Donna’s turn to give her son a kiss. As she put her arms around him she could feel her son’s swollen cock against her pelvis. His platinum blonde grandmother had given him a hard on! She tried to act like she didn’t notice but her mother noticed that her daughter let out an inaudible gasp.

“Oh, Danny, I’m sorry I gave you a boner. But I can tell your mommy likes what she’s feeling down there.”

The two blonde milfs wanted some pictures to remember this day. Danny Dickson was the envy of every boy in his class with the two drop dead gorgeous blondes all over him.

“Hey, we better hurry to Maxi’s. We don’t have a lot of time. Our reservations are at eight.”

Maxi’s was the swankiest restaurant in town. As the valet opened the car door Diana and her daughter each grabbed a hand. Holding hands. the three of them walked into the restaurant. Donna was first to be seated in the private booth as Danny motioned for his grandmother to sit beside her. His grandmother would have none of it.

“Hey, you’re a man now. Your mother got a complete makeover for tonight. Get in there next to her where you belong. I’ll sit across.”

As he sat down next to his gorgeous mother, her short red skirt rode up her leg. In a second he could feel her slim tanned bare leg against him. He was surprised that his mother did not pull away.

“There, that’s nice. My sexy unfucked daughter and her sweet young hunk of a son. You two look like you need weekend locked in a hotel room.”

Donna didn’t know what to say. Her mother is always trying to stretch the envelope, saying things like that.

“Mom, you know, you don’t look so bad yourself.”

“No. I don’t. Still got it for 51. What do you think Danny? You ready to let go tonight? You know, after dinner you’re going to be dancing up a storm with two hot assed, horny…milfs.”

The three of them agreed that they would start with a bottle of white. After all, on this special occasion, it would be okay if Danny had a glass or two of wine.

“Danny, your mommy and Grammy just might get shitfaced like we did the other night. You might just get…lucky.”

Donna had usually let her mother’s comments roll off her but it seemed that she was going a bit overboard.


“Donna, what are you giving Danny for his graduation?”

“Mom, it’s a surprise. But since he’s already graduated, I guess I can let it out, Danny, I’m giving you one of those new Apache laptops.”

“Mom! Really? I heard those are the best thing going, It will be perfect. I be able to play all the latest games and…”

“Sweetie, you know it’s also going to be good to watch all of your Grammy’s videos in 4k. You’ll be able to see all my pink…close up.”

As the waitress delivered their entrees she gave the youngster a look. Hell, what’s this kid doing with these two…old women who are all over him?

“Sorry, he’s ours. All ours. And…can you please send us another bottle?”

Diana thought about cheating on her vegan diet for this special occasion but thought the better of it.

“Mom, aren’t otele gelen gaziantep escort you going to order something off the regular menu?”

“No way sweetie. This vegan diet is the reason I look so good at 51. Keeps my skin nice and tight. That why I look 35 instead of looking like an old lady. You think your 51 year old Grammy looks pretty good, Danny? Would you…fuck me if you got the chance?”

“Mom! Let it go.”

“Okay, sorry. But Donna if you started going vegan like me, I promise when you turn 40, you’ll still look 25.”

“You know mom, I have been reading a lot about how going vegan retards the aging process in women. What the hell. Mom, Danny, tonight I’m officially going vegan. Danny, are you okay if your mother looks 10, 15 years younger than she is?”

“Uhhhh…yes. Mom, that would be cool if you looked…”

“Mom, I do have to admit that it would be great if I looked half as good as you when I’m 51.”

“So Danny, if your mother looked like me when she turns 51, would she still give you a hardon?”


“You’d still want to fuck her, even if she’s 51?”

“MOM!! Don’t embarrass him like that!”

“Oops! I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to embarrass you Danny. But you know a little talk about sex is perfectly natural. After all we are all adults now.”

“That’s okay Grammy. I’m not embarrassed. I’m 18.”

“Good, Donna, since you are now officially vegan, I’ll tell you one more thing that happened. Even though I’m the ripe old age of 51, I have the cunt of an 18 year old girl.”

The teenager couldn’t believe what his sexy grandmother was telling them.

“WHAT?? Mom, you mean…?”

“Donna, you know as you get older your little snatch dries up and it…loosens. But I found out when I turned vegan, my little girly down there is still juicy as it was 30 years ago. And it’s still nice and tight. My young male…costars tell me my little snatch is the tightest they have ever fucked. In fact all I ever have to do is give my little girl down there a little squeeze and those boy’s can’t hold off.”

“Okay mom, let’s talk about something else.”

As they sat there enjoying their dinner and their second bottle of wine, Donna decided her first vegan meal wasn’t half bad. Danny noticed that his sexy mother still hadn’t pulled her leg away from him. Stealing a glance downward, he could almost see that her short skirt had ridden all the way up to the edge of her red panties. He could tell that she was wearing a tiny sexy pair like the other night. Her makeover had made Donna feel totally sexy. Even though the conversation had gotten a bit uncomfortable, she was totally enjoying her night out with her darling son and yes, her mother, who happened to be her best friend.

“So mom, when are going to give Danny his present?”

“Danny, why don’t you come over to Grammy’s tomorrow morning? I have something special. In fact, just plan on sending the day with your Grammy, okay?”

“Sure Grammy.”

What 18 year old boy wouldn’t want to spend the day with his GILF grandmother, his blonde…jack off fantasy?

“By the way Danny, your mother and I have been talking. You know I need a lot of help around the house. I’m thinking on putting it on the market someday and it needs some work. Also, Donna tells me you’re interested in business right?”

“Uh yes Grammy. I’d like to major in business and maybe someday run a small company.”

“Well, your mom sometimes helps me with all my books and helps me with my website. Maybe you’d like to take over for her? Well, Donna, what do you think? It may be good experience for Danny to help me manage my business.”

“Mom, you know I can do everything no problem but just thinking it may be good for Danny to…uh…”

“Help his Grammy with her porn site? What do you think Danny? I’ll pay you union scale.”

“Uh…sure Grammy…if it’s okay…”

“Great. Its settled. Danny sweetie, you’re going to be spending the summer helping Grammy with her website and help me around the house. I have some painting and some minor repairs on the house before it goes on the market. The rest of the time you’ll be helping me catch up with my business stuff.”

With his 34 year old mother’s long tanned legs still pressed against his, the teenager couldn’t believe his luck. His drop dead porn fantasy blond grandmother….wants him to help her with her website! As the three of them finished their entrees, they could hear the music start in the other room.

“Hey, the band’s starting. Let’s hurry in and get a table in back.”

Diana quickly paid the tab, as she usually does, giving the young waitress a nice tip. As the three of them headed into the room next door, Danny’s grandmother led them to the back of the room.

Donna again sat down first, again with Danny next to her. Diana quickly sat down next to her grandson, on the other side, the three of them squeezing in tightly on the back booth.

“Mom, you’re not sitting across?”

“No sweetie. My grandson only graduates once in his life. gaziantep otele gelen escort I want to snuggle up to him so I can kiss him when his mother’s not looking.”

Young Danny Dickson had both his hard body mother and his sexy grandmother’s bodies pressing against him in the back of the dimly lit room. He could again feel his mother’s bare leg, this time pressed more firmly against him. On the other side his grandmother ran her bare leg against his other leg. The teenager was in misery, his cock was so hard it actually hurt in the confinement of his trousers.

Diana orders a dry martini and one for Donna.

“You want a martini, sweetie?”

“Mom, are you sure? After the wine we had at dinner?”

“Donna, do what you want. But Grammy’s having a couple of martinis.”

“Well, if you’re having one, I guess I’ll have one too. But maybe Danny better have something else. How about a beer, darling?”

“Ya, mom, I think I’ll have a…light beer. Don’t want to get wasted.”

As the band started Diana had an idea.

“You know Danny, you and your mother look so good together. You know she’s so…hot looking right now, Maybe you better not waste it.”

“Grammy, what?”

“I think that now that you’ve graduated, you and your mom should maybe have a mother son date night every week. I mean, look at her. You should ask her if she’d like to spend one night a week on a date night.”

The two of them, their bodies pressed against each other, looked at one another.

“You know mom, that isn’t such a bad idea. I mean someday, Danny’s going to meet someone and be out on his own and…well I think it would be cool if we…spent more time together. What do you think Danny?”

“Mom, you’d really…go on dates with me? You know I’m not too good with girls.”

“Yes, I’d love it. How about we agree, from now on, every Saturday night…is our night. Just the two of us.”

As the band played a fast number, the platinum haired fuck bomb sprang to her feet. Grabbing Danny’s hand, she pulled her grandson to the dance floor.

“I love this song. Sometimes at home all alone…I go crazy…”

The 51 year old milf lewdly thrust her hips to the beat of the drums, her big silicone boobs shaking deliciously to the sexy song. Danny tried his best but there was no way he could keep up with his grandmother.

“You know sweetie, I’ve always fantasied about getting fucked to to the beat of this song. You know. if your mother wasn’t with us, I guarantee you’d be fucking me by now.”

Looking down at her grandson’s lap she gave the youngster a big smile and licked her lips. She motioned for her grandson to get closer.

“Danny Dickson, are you getting hard for your Grammy? You know sweetie, when I see that…it makes Grammy…all wet. Yes, my little panties are already soaking wet.”

Just then the song ended and the band played a slow one. Diana put her arms around her grandson and held the boy against her. She pressed her big fake boobs against the totally aroused teenager and rubbed her pelvis against his hard 18 year old dick.

“Sweetie, I can’t wait to give you your present tomorrow. I know you’re gonna love it.”

As the song went into its second chorus, the blonde grandmother and the boy made eye contact. Kissing him once, then another one, she whispered into his ear…

“Sweetie, you and I are going to have so much fun this summer. Your Grammy’s gonna rock your world Danny Dickson.”

As the song ended Diana reluctantly pulled away. It was Donna’s turn on the dance floor. Danny’s hard body mom made eye contact and gave the youngster a huge smile.

“You know darling, I love you so much. I just want to make sure I make you totally…happy.”

“I love you too mom. You’re the best mother any one would want.”

“So Danny, you like your new mom? My short hair and my new…look? If I wasn’t your mom, would you…go for me?”

“Mom, you are…hot. I mean, really….smoking hot. I mean I’d totally go for you in a second.”

“I’m glad you think so, I did it for you, no one else. You know when you tell me I’m sexy and you’d go for me, it makes me…all excited. I haven’t felt like this in a long time.”

As the song ended…

“Darling, you better start thinking about where you’re going to take me…”

“Take you?”

“Yes, on our first date. You’re not going on a date with your mother, you’re going out with a hot, incredibly hot…older woman.”

The song over, as they sat down, Danny Dickson was again surrounded by the two blonde hotties. As the evening progressed they were all over him. Between two songs the lead singer came onto the mike introducing the members of the band.

“And a special shout out to our three dancers in the back of the room. Hope that you two women make it more often to our little lounge. And also to their very lucky…companion. Ladies, are you robbing the cradle?”

Diane yelled back so that everyone could hear.

“Yes he’s a lucky boy, but not as lucky as he’s gonna get later on.”

At gaziantep otele gelen escort bayan midnight the band took one last break. Donna suggested they leave. Tomorrow young Danny was spending the day with his Grammy. Donna knew that her son was getting a new motorbike and was probably going to go bike riding all day with his grandmother.

“Danny, I know what your Grammy’s getting you for your birthday. I think you two are gonna have a long day tomorrow.”

“Yes Danny, you and I are gonna have a blast.”

That night Donna lay in bed, trying to get some sleep. Her cunt needed some action. A mother’s radar can pick up the signs. Her darling 18 year old boy definitely starting to think of her as a sexual object. For the first time in her life, Donna Dickson was going to use her dildo with the image of her boy on top of her.

The sexy blonde mom slowly played with her rock hard nipples. Her tits were no match for her mother’s beautiful round silicone melons, but they’ll do. Yes, Danny’s tongue would lovingly lick his mommy’s tits, first one than the other as she grabbed his hardening cock. What’s it like? How…big is it? Trying to picture her boy showering kisses on her perfect tummy, Donna raised her hips off the bed as in her fantasy, her young son pulled down her tiny panties. The horny 34 year old mother found her swollen nub, sending her to the edge. No, she didn’t want to cum quite yet! She wanted this fantasy to last. Yes, it was time for her darling son’s virgin cock inside his mommy, where he belongs. As she grabbed the dildo she tried to picture Danny’s hard dick…just one push and he’s…inside!

At that moment she heard from the other room.

“GRAMMY!!! Fuckin you… GRAMMY!! Ohhhh shit!! Your fuckin…cunt!!! Gonna…cum Grammy!!! Gonna nut a big one in your fuckin cunt!!!! Here it cums GRAMMMMYYYYY!!!! UUHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!”

Donna’s fantasy was over. Here in her mind her son was going to fuck his mommy…his virgin seed filling her insides with his warm wonderful sperm. This was to be the start of a long beautiful relationship, but…

Donna’s darling son was in his room, fantasizing about his…grandmother! It shouldn’t be that way. It should be his own…mother, getting pounded by her darling son! Not his grandmother! After what had happened the other night, this was just…wrong!

“GRAMMYYYY!!!! CUMMMINNN AGAINNNNN! Uhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

As his cries of ecstasy filled the house, Donna tried to get the picture of her son fucking his gorgeous blonde grandmother out of her mind. Closing her eyes she could almost picture her son Danny licking his mother’s ripe pearl. Gripping her swollen clitoris she rolled the tiny bud back and forth in her long fingers. Her hips bucked on the bed, as her son’s tongue found his mother’s happy spot. She was almost….please…

“DANNYYYY!!….lick it…lick your….mommmmyyyy!”

Donna raised her hips, her tanned legs spread, the sweet cream oozing out of her honey hole, as her fantasy continued.

“Ohhhhh Yessssssss!!! Dannyyyyyyy!!! Good boy! You made mommmmyyyy cummmmm!”

Trying her best not to scream she had one orgasm then quickly another. It temporarily took care of the need in her unfucked cunt, but Donna knew her need would be back again soon, then again after that.

The next morning Donna made breakfast, trying to pretend that nothing happened. They made small talk as today his sexy blonde grandmother was giving him his mountain bike. Hopefully that’s all she’s giving him.

As Donna sat across from the teenager, she smiled at her only son. She had worn a short silk robe, letting the boy get a great look at her long creamy legs and tight little ass. She had gotten up early, fixing her make up just that way she had learned to do at the salon. From now on she was going to look her absolute best for her son.

“Mom, I didn’t tell you last night but you looked really really beautiful.”

“Thank you Danny, Thanks for the two…reallys. But…beautiful? Not…hot.?”

“Mom, yes you definitely looked…hot. Mom, you look really hot this morning.”

“Thank you darling. I’ve promised myself I’m going to look really pretty from now on. No more long cotton robes and no more frumpy old sweat outfits. Lately I’ve been feeling really good about myself for the first time in years.”

“Well, mom, it works for me.”

“I’m glad you think so. You’re gonna like your new…mom.”

Reaching over she kissed her son on the cheek. Her hands ran across his hard chest as she gave him another kiss. Part of her wanted to tell her son to cancel on his grandmother. She would take his hand and lead him to her bedroom and….

“Danny, you better hurry. Grammy is waiting for you.”

“Okay mom. Bye.”

“Bye darling. We’ll continue that thought later.”

The sexy 34 year old was so horny she couldn’t stand it another second. As Danny was spending the day with his grandmother she would hurry to bed and get her dildo inside and give her cunt the workout it needed. Yes, in the playground of her fantasies, her 18 year old boy Danny was going to fuck her…all day. And she’ll scream for her dildo, picturing her sweat soaked son on top of her, giving her the fucking she desperately needed. And when Danny finally came home after spending the day with his grandmother, she was going to greet her 18 year old boy in something sexy….maybe some skin tight black pants and a white see thru top. Yes, and a pair of those 5 inch fuck me heels. Yes, he’ll like that.

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