It Started with a Look


It all started with a look.

They found each other across a crowded room, two people brought there for different reasons, him, with mixed feelings of loyalty and unrequited love, and her, with happiness and sadness at the same time, fearing she would never grasp what seemed to come so easily for everyone else.

He was shielded with a camera, as usual, given the freedom to watch everyone else, but not be a part of their stories, just an anonymous presence, documenting strange lives and telling stories. She was alone, going between a smile, filled with the joy from seeing other people’s happiness, and a serious face, with eyes bright with tears never cried. She wished she could be like the rest of them and drown her sorrows in alcohol, but she didn’t find joy in losing her control, much less in a crowded room.

He saw her though his lens, and, against common courtesy rules, she stared back at him with questioning eyes, the hazel look between a challenge and a plea.

-“Interesting” -he thought- “Most people automatically smile for the camera”.

He continued looking through the lens at others, now and then his eyes coming back to her with curiosity, following her discreetly, until he looked around and couldn’t find her anymore.

Deciding to take a break, he took a drink and went outside, where he found her, sandals by her side, dress hiked up, feet on the cool water of the pool.

-These shoes are hell on your feet- she smiled as she looked up at him.

–Don’t you dare take my pic, or I’ll never hear the end of it, “a lady doesn’t complain of her shoes, and would rather be killed before letting herself be caught in an embarrassing position like this”-she rolled her eyes and sighed at the thought of her law abiding, God fearing family.

-Well, your pic like that would certainly be the most spontaneous one of the night-he chuckled, sitting beside her-but don’t worry, your secret’s safe with me. I’m Daniel, by the way-he said, extending his hand.

-I’m Alicia, and it’d be nicer to have met you in less embarrassing circumstances, but pleasure to meet you- she said as she shook his hand firmly.

-Well, trust me, taking pictures in lame parties is not my idea of a proud job, but what the hell, it helps me pay the bills and I can entertain my few vices.-he answered with a chuckle

-Vices? Oh, that’s much more interesting-she replied with interest.

-Well, sure, as interesting as buying photography equipment on the internet goes- he said lowering his head a bit.

-Oh, don’t be ashamed, at least you get to do something you like. Some of us must go through live doing what other people like and expect us to do- she said lowering her head now, looking a her feet splash the water.

He just stared at her with a mix of amusement and interest, there she was, this beautiful girl completely disconnected of the environment, and holding what seemed to be a great weight on her shoulders. He studied her look, starting from her eyes, big, hazel, his favorite color. The long and wavy black hair, the soft skin, almost like white chocolate. He realized he was gawking like a three year old and quickly turned his head.

She noticed the whole scene that was reflected on the water of the pool.

“You don’t have to turn around, you are not the first guy that checked me out tonight, at least you can say it’s from an entirely professional point of view” she said, still staring at the reflection on the pool.

“Oh, I wasn’t, you know…” he retorted in a very clumsy way.

“Yes you were, I can see your reflection on the pool you know, I thought photographers had to check always for reflections” she said, finally turning her head to look at him.

Daniel was completely taken aback, his face red like the crimson full moon in the sky. Before he could say anything she quickly interjected.

“So, do you like what you see?”- She asked in a very mischievous tone, somehow this guy he just met gave her a good feeling, good enough to let her be flirty about it.

“Very much…” he said, and after a few second pause continued -“…from an entirely photographic point of view of course” he finished with a twisted smile on his face.

“Oh, that’s good to know, if law school doesn’t work I can always become a model” she said standing up suddenly. She walked a few steps back and turned her back to him. Then she turned around, her face in a femme fatale look now, she walked a few steps like she were in a fashion runway, turned around and then returned the point she started. “So, how was that, it’s just my first pose but I think it wasn’t that bad.” she said.

He just laughed about it, who was this girl? What was she doing in a place like this? He stood up and browsing in his bag produced a different camera that the one he was using before, it looked modern, sleek.

“Don’t move, this deserves a few shots with my latest vice” he said, holding the camera in front of him.

She wasn’t expecting it for sure, but played along, he seemed very focused on taking the pics, constantly checking the light and moving around her. After shooting a few Samsun Escort pics he came closer to her.

“May I?” he said bringing his hand to her hair. She just nodded, and he fixed a strand of hair that was over her face, his fingers seemed to be trembling a bit, nervously, and as they brushed over her face she noticed the softness of his hand that suddenly seemed very feminine and small up close, not the regular muscular and rough hand she was used to hold on the guys she had dated.

Moving completely on instinct she got closer to him, her eyes focused on his, their breath mixing in the little space between their lips, lips that drew closer every second till they finally met in a soft yet passionate kiss.

His lips were also different, he wasn’t trying to choke her with his tongue either like most guys did, his kiss was gentle, full of passion, but delicate, like he was tasting a fine wine and didn’t want to drink it in a single gulp, but enjoy its taste on his mouth as much as he could.

On the other hand he felt repressed force on hers, this mad torrent trying to break free of some imaginary dam, but instead let only a tiny stream leak out, building slowly up till the walls couldn’t hold anymore.

They held on to each others lips for a while, until she broke off to catch her breath and gather her thoughts, what to do? there was no privacy whatsoever in that place and she already risked to be seen by kissing him, not that it matter that much to her, but her parents could become really annoying, it was best to avoid giving them any ammunition. On the other hand he just stared at her, not really sure what to do, should he kiss her again? Should he look for a private place where to continue this? The first option sounded safer so he moved to kiss her again, only to be met by a step back from her.

-Sorry, I shouldn’t…-he began to say.

-No, don’t be, trust me, I want nothing more to see where this could go, but the place isn’t right, if somebody catches us I’ll never hear the end of it- she answered.

-Oh, I see, yeah, I understand, family can be a pain in the ass- he said blushing a bit, why was he blushing?

She noticed his blush and it made her smile, this guy was not for real, first he was all passionate kisser and now he is a blushing kid, it did made for a interesting mix, she wondered in which other areas he was passionate, and in which he was more like a kid.

-So…-he began to say.

-Listen, you don’t have to be sorry for anything, god knows I wanted to do it too, so, don’t sweat it, I…-she cut in.

-I was gonna ask you for your number- he said.

-Oh that…well-she said as she took his mobile phone off his pocket, making sure to feel the zone a bit -here, I’m free tomorrow, so, feel free to drop a call, in the meantime-she continued as she put her shoes on-I see people calling for me, social duties, this sucks. I expect your call Daniel, don’t be shy- she finished as she gave him a quick peck in the lips and leaving before he could answer or do anything. He found himself with his phone in one hand, camera in the other and his lips open but making no sound. He turned around and saw her talking with some girls, he already had taken pictures of them, nothing really interesting in their eyes, boring as usual. He took a look to the screen of the phone and realized there was not just a phone number, but an address and time, with an emphasis on being on time. He smiled and pocketed the phone, yes, this had been a interesting night.

It continued with a call.

-Yes? – said the familiar voice.

-yeah, I’m calling to confirm an appointment at 5 o’clock- he said trying to sound very business like, while suppressing a fit of laughs.

-Oh, yes, we are expecting you, 5 o’clock, sharp-she answered following his lead.

-Five it is, see ya in 20 minutes. – He finished snapping his phone shut.

He drove very calmly, not rushing himself, composing his thoughts. Was this really happening? Was he really driving to a girl’s house? He had to admit he was inexperienced in this, his previous adventures, if you could call them that, mainly limited to his backseat in a lonesome location, or that time in his place while his parents were away. Maybe he was reading too much into it, after all they just had met the previous night and shared a kiss, a great kiss, but just that. Maybe she just wanted to chat, maybe see the pictures, good thing he had his laptop and camera with him. As he made the last turn before pulling over, he made a promise to himself, no matter what happened, he was not gonna screw it up, he liked this girl.

He ringed the interphone and received no answer, just a familiar sound that indicated the entrance door was open. The hallway of the building was very nice, it was evident the people in this place was not the average medium class kind. He pushed the button on the elevator, the ample and silent kind, and in a few seconds he was in front of the door, he knocked.

A familiar pair of hazel eyes met him on the other side of the door, she was wearing a skirt and a simple shirt, no make up Samsun Escort Bayan and her hair loose. She smiled that smile he had seen only a few seconds last night and motioned him to enter. The place was huge, he didn’t found the decoration very appealing, too classic for him, but it wasn’t so bad, it was evident this was a family household, the pictures in every table was proof of it.

-Right on time, you are a man of your word. Welcome, mi casa es su casa- she said.

-Always, and thanks- he answered turning around and giving her a nervous smile.

She noticed he was a bit nervous, and he looked good in casual clothes. She remembered one too many guys her parents insisted she dated, that only looked good in designer clothes, and ultimately showed that it was the only good thing about themselves, the fancy clothes.

-You have last night pictures? – She asked.

-Got ’em right here- he said patting his bag with the laptop -where can we sit?-

-This way please- she said leading him through the hallway into a room.

This room, he had to admit, he liked. It was bigger than his room and certainly better equipped. The huge LCD TV set was connected to different devices, he recognized the satellite box, the DVD player and two different gaming consoles he was still saving to buy. There was also a big comfy sofa and a pool table, the wall was decorated with several sports teams’ banners, and in the back a small bar with some stools completed the scene.

-My dad, he is a sports nut, the video games belong to my little brother, this is their den, but I come here too every now and then to spend some time, mainly with my brother- she explained.

-Well, they surely don’t get bored. So, pictures, here…”- he said opening his laptop.

They started browsing through the pictures from the party, from what he could learn most of the people present were the sons and daughters of some of the richest families in the city, no wonder they were drinking the expensive booze like it was water. Eventually they got to the pictures of her.

-Oh my god, you did take the picture- she said looking at a picture of her with her bare feet in the pool -please tell me you are not gonna include that one on the ones you will sell to the magazine.-

-Are you kidding me? This one is gonna make the cover- he answered mockingly.

She punched him softly in the arm, making him wince in mocked pain. They both looked at each other and laughed ad the whole scene, but after the laugh extinguished, the look remained. There was not a sound in the room except for almost inaudible hum of the cooling fan in the computer. Like an extension from the moment they had shared last night, they got closer to each other, until for the second time their lips met, only this time they let loose the inhibitions that came with being in a crowded place.

After of minutes of sweet bliss they broke apart, still holding each other. It was make or break time, either he moved or wimped out he told himself, but also remembered the promise he made about not screwing it up. He needed a answer and sure enough it came from her. She took him by the hand, leading him across the room, finally sitting down on the couch.

-What about your parents? – He asked.

-Fuck them, let’s say this is poetic justice in action- she answered, and with resumed the kiss.

Laying in the couch they spent several minutes, he kissed her lips with a passion he hadn’t felt in several years, they were inviting, the force he felt repressed the night before now completely unleashed, her tongue probing his and her teeth biting softly into his own lips. He liked that, only one girl before, not that there were many, knew how much he was turned on by this. She started to move down, slowly kissing his neck, naturally enough the first thing to come off was his shirt, she wanted to kiss every inch of his body, and then some. Her tongue felt like a warm caress all over his shoulders, down his chest and into his torso, he was completely lost into it. Before reaching his lower torso, he took her hand, he wanted to enjoy this and he wanted to play too. He looked at her and began to pull her shirt off, she wore a simple black bra, which was quickly removed by his agile hands. Her bare breasts were even better that he imagined they would be, not too big, soft and round, crowned by a pair of pink nipples that were starting to point out. He began caressing them with his hands, really soft, playing with her nipples until they were completely hard, only then he moved his lips close to them. He ran his tongue in circles around the nipple on the right breast, really soft and slow, feeling and tasting her soft skin, while his other hand played with the left one. She seemed to enjoy this as her breathing began to sound a little louder, and soft moans escaped her mouth. He spent a good time playing with her breasts, making sure she was enjoying it, only then he began to move down, tracing down a path with his tongue until he reached the edge of the skirt.

He looked up at her, her eyes were closed, but her expression was clear, he Escort Samsun could continue. He found the little zipper on the side of the skirt and pulled it down, he then removed her skirt slowly finding the matching black panties, that by this time were showing the signs of her excitement in the shape of a wet spot in the front. Noticing this he decided it was a good idea to play a little more with her, after all in some things faster was not better.

She noticed he had stopped from some reason, opening her eyes she didn’t find him where he was just a second ago, but before she could turn around to look for him she felt his lips on her shoulders, he was behind her. She relaxed again and closed her eyes, something she really liked, not being able to see what he was going to do next, make every move a mystery that resulted in a exciting answer. He felt him pushing her a bit, and she took it for a signal to lie down, which she did. What was he gonna do now? The answer came just a second later as she felt the warmth of his tongue on her upper back. She really enjoyed this, his tongue tracing the road all the way down to that spot at the edge of her underwear. He did this repeatedly, first going down and then up, caressing her body with his soft hands, stimulating every inch of her sensitive skin, and contributing the wetness that continued to form between her legs.

-If you don’t eat me now I’m gonna soak the whole sofa- she said half pleading, half ordering. He complied right away, turning her around and spreading her legs open. His tongue continued the trip around her body, only this time it was her legs, he softly kissed and licked the inside of her thighs, tasting every inch that by this time were already wet with little drips that generated in her pussy. She felt like she couldn’t take it anymore, placing a hand on his head she pulled it closer to her, she needed it, but he was going to tease her until the last second. Finally she felt it, that warm spot moving from the bottom to the top of her pussy, tracing a line over her underwear. She felt her panties coming off finally, she helped the process by lifting her legs a bit, but before she could pull them down again he was grabbing them and pulling them over his shoulders. The warm tongue returned to her pussy, only this time it found her clit right away, licking it. The wave of pleasure hit her as soon as his tongue made contact, he knew his way around a pussy and he was showing it. His tongue made little circles on her clit, his teeth softly biting into it from time to time. Then she felt the finger, he inserted it slowly, looking for a particular spot that didn’t take long to find, he really knew his way around her pussy. The sensations seemed like too many at the same time, but her body took them all in enhancing each other. His tongue was almost fucking her as well as his finger, licking and tasting her juices as they came out of her pussy, making slurping sounds that some would find disgusting, but she found exciting, adding up to the effect. He increased his rhythm every few minutes, she was sure she couldn’t take it any longer and let him knew exactly that. This only seemed to make him increase his efforts, his fingers and tongue now furiously fucking her, making her moan loud and long like she hadn’t done before. It started on a lost spot inside her pussy, some undetermined place that seemed to be at one particular spot and everywhere at the same time, a feeling that made her body began to sweat and her cheeks red, that made her legs tremble a bit, a feeling that grew every second, extending through her whole body like a spark that reached the tip of her toes, making them curl a bit. And then it hit her, like an explosion that sent her rumbling from head to toe, making her legs tremble and her pussy contract again and again around his tongue, her juices gushing into his face. She let a long moaning scream out, she didn’t care about anything except that moment, letting everything out and enjoying the long toe curling orgasm.

She laid there for a while, enjoying the feeling he had provided to her, he continued to caress her legs, running his tongue slowly through the inside of her thighs. She felt the need to give him the same pleasure, but she had a different idea of how it should end. She moved her legs from over his shoulders and motioned him to sit beside her. He took the signal and sat next to her, staring at her eyes with a mix of curiosity and expectation. She took his position kneeling and the floor, making herself comfortable for what she was gonna do next. She began kissing his chest, letting her tongue move down every inch of it to his torso, while using her hands to push him a bit back, making him lay completely on the couch. She continued her way down, by this time his cock was so hard he was feeling pain. She finally reached it, but did nothing with her mouth, instead she used her hand to softly cup his balls, while the other grabbed his hard cock and softly jerked it a bit, making the first drops of precum come out for her enjoyment. She tasted it immediately, he was sweet, she loved his taste. His eyes closed, his expression one of deep pleasure, she felt the need to jolt him a bit, so she applied some pressure to his balls. He opened his eyes in surprise, jerking his body a little from the unexpected sensation, this made her smile in a twisted way. Her goal achieved she moved forward with her plan.

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