It Started Online Ch. 02


I could hardly believe my luck. Most guys are complete perverts and so when Robert asked me to come live with him I assumed he would asking me to strip and fuck him the moment I got in the door. Which I was prepared to do if need be. I mean at least I’d be screwing someone other than my old landlord, Vinnie. Now he was a total pervert. Robert on the other hand is a perfect gentleman. He fed me a delicious lunch, set me up in a nice room. He gave me time to take a long luxurious bubble bath and then went out and bought me some new clothes. And none of that cheap crap either.

Then on top of all of that he is so hot. His picture didn’t do him justice. I mean I know he told me he was nearly fifty but that can’t be. He is the embodiment of tall dark and handsome. Almost six feet tall and definitely still in shape. I love his salt and pepper hair and how he resembles Jimmy Stuart. When he opened the door and our eyes met I knew he was the one, the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I knew God had brought me here and given me this perfect guy to replace the one he taken from me a year ago.

Robert had just spent the last hour or so pleasuring me and by God I was going to return the favor. I feverishly pulled at Roberts belt. I couldn’t get his damn belt to unbuckle. Finally I did and I pulled at it with all my strength, which as it turns out was too much. The belt gave way and I fell back off of the bed onto my butt. Robert looked down at me sitting there rubbing my back side with great concern. “Are you OK Grace?” he asked.

How could you not love this guy? “I think I hurt my bum,” I said matter-of-factly.

He smiled, did I mention he has a great smile, and started laughing. My pride was hurt at first but then I realized how funny I must look sitting there on the floor naked, but still holding Robert’s belt. I burst out laughing as well. I hadn’t laughed this hard in so long I wasn’t sure I remembered how. Robert walked over and literally took me in his arms. He was definitely not fifty. I mean I’ve lost a lot of weight but I still have to weigh at least a hundred pounds or so and he picked me up like I was nothing.

I had never been swept up into someone arms before and boy did it feel good. I wrapped my arms around his neck and laid my head on his chest. He kissed me on the lips and I could smell his aftershave. My Father had worn the same kind. He laid me on the left side of the bed and then went around to the other. He started to unbutton his shirt and I started to touch myself between my legs. He watched me and his dick hardened in his slacks. He removed his shirt and I could see that he had a hair chest. I love a man with a hairy chest, Shawn Connery makes me so wet. He undid his fly and let his pants fall. Finally, he removed his blue pinstriped boxers to reveal his huge cock.

Now I have to admit I don’t have a lot of experience with cock size. I mean I have only been with half a dozen men in my lifetime. What’s more I didn’t pull out a tape measure right then and there to see how big his was, but I’m telling you, it was seven inches if it was a millimeter and it was still growing. Please, I began in a little pray to myself let my pussy be able to handle that.

Robert kissed me on the forehead. Then on the check and slowly he began to kiss my neck. When he finally kissed around to my ear he traced it with his tongue and blew on it. My whole body shivered with delight. His husky voice filled my ear, “You have no idea what I want to do to you.”

“No,” I said, my breathing already quickening in anticipation, “But I’d love to hear you tell me.”

“I don’t want to scare you,” he said a tinge of fear creeping into his voice.

“You’re not going to scare me Robert,” I reassured him.

“Some of it is naughty,” he warned.

Yes! I said to myself. “Just tell me what you want. I want to please you Robert. I want to make you as happy as you have made me,” I said to him.

“What if I want you to call me daddy?”

“No problem, daddy.”

“What if I want you to wear a harem girl outfit?”

“Those are actually very comfortable. Just make sure it’s purple.”

“What if…” I put my hand over his mouth to silence him.

“Robert I love you. If you’re trying to scare me off or push me away you’re too late. I will wear whatever costumes you want me to. I will call you whatever you want me to and change myself in any way you desire. I can make that offer because I know, love and trust you Robert. I know that you would never ask me to do something morally wrong or that would endanger my life. I am willing to do anything else to make you happy. That’s what I mean when I say I love you.”

“What if…” Robert began. I moved my hand to put it over his mouth again but he grabbed it and kissed it on the back, like they did üvey kız kardeş porno in the old days. “What if I just want you to be you?”

Tears filled my eyes and started to fall like rain. Robert kissed each one away as they rolled down my cheeks. Then he kissed me on the lips for what was in real time only a few minutes but felt like an hour to me. Then he rolled over pulling me with him so that I came to rest on top of him. “I like my women to be on top.”

I smiled down at him. “I personally don’t care where I am,” I said reached down to put his hard cock in my dripping wet pussy, “As long as tab ‘D’ is inserted into slot ‘P’.”

Robert took in a sharp breath as I inserted his dick into my honey comb. I began to ride his pole and his eyes rolled back into his head. His cock was so hard, but all our previous conversation about me calling him daddy and wearing costumes for him, had made me so wet I was able to take his cock all the way in me. “Oh Grace, you’re so tight.” He exclaimed as I quickened my pace.

“It’s not that I’m so tight daddy,” I said as I began to kiss his hair chest, “It’s that you’re so big and hard.”

“I was just kidding about the daddy thing Grace,” He confessed between breaths.

“Well I wasn’t daddy. I like kinky stuff and from the hardness of your cock I’d say you do too.”

By this point Robert’s dick was so far up my pussy I wouldn’t have been surprised to feel it coming up my throat. I stopped licking Robert’s nipple and sat back driving his dick even further up my pussy. I used one arm as a prop and started playing with my kitty with the other. Robert put his hands on either side of my waist and started lifting me off of and then back down onto his dick. After a few minutes I just let him push me up and pull me down. I rode his cock like an upside down pogo stick. All the while I kept fingering my clit. It felt like I was going to explode at any moment.

I needed a distraction or I was going to cum right then and there, “Do you like my shaved kitty?” I asked.

“Oh yeah, I like your shaved kitty a lot. Did you do that just for me?”

“Yes I did. I hoped you’d like it.”

My pussy was quickly reaching critical mass. I prayed to God to let Robert cum soon or I was going to spontaneously combust. Finally, he came. I knew this because he pulled me down harder and faster than all the other times and then didn’t push me back up. I had been biting my lip to prevent myself from coming before Robert. I released my lip, I had bitten it so hard I tasted blood and a millisecond later I released my orgasm. It was as though someone had touched me with a live electrical wire. My entire body went numb and for a split second I swear my heart stopped. I collapsed onto Robert’s chest which was rising and falling as though he had just run a 10K. I was scared for a moment I had killed him but my fears were in vain for as I lay there I turned my head putting my ear to his chest. I could hear his heart pounding away, as fast as mine. Both of us were exhausted so we decided to just lay there covered in our own sweat and cum.

Sometime later, I had recharged enough to speak. “Robert, are you dead?”

He wrapped his big arms around me. “I must be because I’m in heaven.”

I gave him a half hearted smile. “We need a shower.”

“Good grief women, you just had a bath, now you want a shower. What are you a mermaid or something?”

“And what if I am, foolish mortal?” I asked tried to sound as indignant as possible, before I started laughing. “But really Robert, we need to wash up.”

We lumbered into the master bath which was attached to the master bed room. If I was a mermaid this would defiantly be the room I’d be spending most of my day in. The walls had been mudded with plaster that created a ripple effect and they were painted sea foam green. The bath tub, which was more than big enough for me and Robert to both lie in comfortably, (I made a mental note of that fact for later)the shower and the backslashes above the twin sinks were all covered in tiles that looked like they were made of the insides of oyster shells. The wall on the far side of the tub was a large stained glass mosaic. In the scene an old sailing ship was being guided into port by a lighthouse. Three gigantic skylights let in huge amounts of natural light and made the whole rooms seem bright and airy. The shower was octagon in shape and filled one corners of the room the triangular tub taking up the other. Inside I discovered two things of interest; the floor was made of smoothed black river rocks and against one wall someone had added a narrow bench made entirely out of driftwood.

“Now I see how important I am to you.” I said with mock scorn. “You stick me in that little bathroom and keep this Poseidon’s xnxx porno paradise all to yourself.”

Robert raised his left hand and crossed two fingers, “I solemnly swear on the river Styx you will never bathe in any other room but this one my lady.”

“It’s going to be hard to get all of this into a suitcase when we travel but I get your point.” I walked over to him and wrapped my arms around his neck. He smiled again, have a mentioned how much I like his smile, and kissed him.

He turned on the water. “I hope I didn’t use it all up. I use to hate taking cold showers at girls camp when my cabin won sleep-in privileges.”

“Fear not Grace,” said Robert in his best attempt to imitating one of those infomercial guys, “At one time that was a problem in this house but no more. We once took in a set of twin teenage girls. Between them and Virginia I took a lot of cold showers, so shortly thereafter I installed a one hundred gallon hot water heater.”

I stepped in under the water and sure enough it was hot. Robert was about to join me when suddenly he stepped out of the shower. “Where are you going?” I asked, grabbing by the arm.

“Nature calls. I’ll use the guest bathroom. I know how that grosses some women out. “

“Why don’t you just stay here?”

“Because, I have to go.”

“One or two?”

Robert was starting to look at me much the way I imagine Alice must have looked at the Mad Hatter. “I only have to pee, but I can’t hold it with the water running.”

“Go right here, it doesn’t gross me out. I’d love to watch. In fact, I have an even naughty idea,” I sat down on the bench, it had been sanded smooth initially by Robert and then by the water over the year, I spread my legs, “Why don’t you pee on me?”

Robert’s brain was working on processing my suggestion. I could all but see the wheels in his head turning. “Because, that’s gross.”

I walked over to Robert, his cock was rapidly re-inflating. I stroked it a couple of times, “your cock doesn’t think it’s gross and neither do I.”

“But Grace it’s demeaning.”

“Says who?” I raised my hand which he had already learned meant I had more to say, “I say it’s an act of submissiveness. I like being submissive especially to the man I love.” I could tell I was winning him over by the fact his cock was almost back to full size. “Some animals mark there mates by peeing on them.”

“You really want me to pee on you?”

I growled at him and slashed at him with my finger extended like a lion’s paw. “Yes Robert I do.” I said in a deep husky voice. I had to get Robert out of his sexual shell. The truth was I liked kinky sex and I knew that once I got Robert into it he would too. “Of course if you don’t feel comfortable doing it, I understand. I mean it is a little weird.”

Using reverse psychology was a slightly low blow but it always worked. I started rinsing my hair. I had set the trap and baited it, the rest was up to him. Please fall for it, I screamed in my head. Robert walked out of the shower and then back in. I sat back down on the bench and started to rub my clit. With every step Robert’s took his dick got harder which I could see already was going to make aiming his stream difficult. He pointed his dick at me the best he could in my general direction. I figured at that distance if he shot his stream in an upward arch it should land pretty close to where I was sitting. I closed my eyes. I few seconds past and nothing happened. “Robert?”

“I’m trying Grace.”

He looked at me in consternation. He was obviously trying. I got up again. “I’m new at this being kinky stuff you know?” Robert said with more than a little frustration in his voice. I almost told him to forget it, almost.

I walked around him and began to rub his shoulders. “You’re having the two classic problems with doing this Robert. First you’re thinking too much. I put way more pressure on you then I should have and now you’re trying too hard.”

“And the other problem?” Robert asked.

I craned my neck around so he could see my impish grin, “The thought of peeing on me may has turned you off before but it’s turning you on now.” Robert looked dismayed at this revelation. “You can’t pee because your phaser,” I said reaching down to give his dick a pat “is set to fuck. We need to switch it to pee.”

“How do we do that?”

I moved around in front of him and turned him around so he could feel the spray on his back. “Close your eyes and count back from one hundred by threes.”

Robert gave me a, are you kidding look.

“No Robert this works. Oh and don’t open your eyes and grab your dick, I’ll aim for you. Once you get going then you can open your eyes and watch until then keep them closed.”

It was obvious from his expression he thought this zenci porno was not going to work but he started counting. “One hundred, ninety-seven, ninety-four…”

I watched as his penis started to shrink. By the time he got to seventy he was almost ready. Being taller than me was really going to help because I had a little surprise for Robert. Instead of standing infront of Robert I sat down in front of him. There were a couple of trickles and I grabbed for his cock I pointed it right at my pussy and suddenly Robert shot a stream of hot golden liquid right at my pussy. The smell of urine filled the shower. My pussy was soaked in less than five seconds. A yellow river formed, starting at my bellybutton and running down into my pussy. I thought I didn’t have much time so I moved fast. I adjusted the arch of his pee so that it was hitting me just below my chin. Warm liquid gold covered my chest. I started moving his dick back and forth like a sprinkler making sure both of my breasts got a generous watering. As it turned out, Robert really had to pee. Finally,his stream slowed until I caught the last bit of golden nectar in my mouth.

“Oh Robert, that was so awesome. Your piss was so warm.” I said getting up off the floor.

Robert stumbled back and came down hard on the bench. I stood walked into the water and rinsed quickly and then went over to him. “What have I done?” He was mumbling to himself.

“What have you done?” I took Robert’s face in both of my hands, “You just gave me the best golden shower ever.”

“You mean you wanted me to do it like that?”

“Yes Robert, it felt great. It was so naughty. The way your pee hit my body it felt so great. It was warm and wet and it just made me so fucking wet for you.”

Robert’s cock was hard again I could feel it pressing against my leg. I started kissing him like I couldn’t kiss him enough. I grabbed his hips and pulled them to the edge of the bench. “What you did to me was great Robert. And it’s only fair that I return the favor,” I said.

Before he could figure out what I had planned, I straddled his dick and opened the flood gates, covering his dick in my pee and probably at least a little cum.

Robert grabbed me around the waist like he had in the bedroom and began lifting me up and down again. His cock was pounding my pussy even hard then before. I didn’t know if I could take another fucking like that. My legs found the floor of the shower and I started a series of stands and squats in direct opposition of Robert’s thrusts. I was so wet by this point it didn’t matter how big Robert’s cock got. He could have probably fit his whole fist in there.

“You’re such a dirty girl.” He said back in his husky voice

His voice was even and un-labored. Mine on the other hand was high and breathy, “Yes, yes, yes. You made me all dirty daddy.”

“You made me pee on you. You wanted me to mark you, Like you were some kind of animal.”

“Oh Yeah, Oh God yeah. I loved having you piss all over me. I’m yours Robert, only yours”

“And you think I still want to fuck a dirty girl like you?”

“Oh please, fuck me daddy. Fuck your dirty girl. I’ll do anything for you anything.”

I had created a monster and I was loving it, both figuratively and literally. I knew once I opened the door he’d walk through it. “Hell yeah I’m going to fuck you,” He bellowed, “I’m going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before, because your fucking mine now I’m never going to let you go.”

I had already cum three or four times. All my reserves of sex juice were gone and he kept putting his cock in an out of my tiring pussy. I didn’t think I could ever have too much sex but I was getting close to my limit. My breathing was growing shallower and shallower. I kept forgetting to breathe, his cock felt so good. I was running out of air, getting light head. The room was beginning to spin.

Suddenly Robert stood, pulled his dick out, sat me on the bench and came around to face me all in one fluid movement. He stroked his shaft a few times and a gizer of cum erupted from his cock. Most of it hit me in the chest covering my breasts in milky white cum. It made my chest feel hot like a some sort of liquid electric blanket.

Robert, completely spent, lowered himself to the shower floor. His arms grabbed a hold of my legs to steady himself and his head falling into my lap. The room was silent save for the sound of running water and our labored breathing. After about ten minutes I caught my breathe enough to speak. “Am I to assume that you enjoy peeing on me and getting peed on in return?”

Robert nodded yes his face still in my lap.

“May I also assume that you will be far more willing to explore other kinky activities with me in the future,” I asked.

Robert nodded yes again.

I leaned down to Robert’s ear and in as deep a voice said, “Welcome to the dark side.”

Robert brought his head up just long enough to smile up at me.


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