Island Dreams


It has been more than a year but the memories of those nights are still vivid in my mind.

The days were long; the rain had stopped and the fog lifted in the late afternoon. The night winds had not yet started but there was turmoil in my heart and in my loins. The twilight lingered on as the fog began to again envelope my world. I checked my clock for what must have been the forth time in the last 10 minutes. 10:30 PM. Yes, the alarm clock was set. It wasn’t like I was going to sleep any way, but just in case…

Daytime friends and nite time lovers Hoping that no one will discover, where they go, what they do in their secret rendevous….

The gentle sound of the rain drumming on the glass on the window above my head roused me from a fitful sleep. I listened to the sound of my roommates breathing. Again, I checked the clock 11:45, and the alarm. I tried to ignore the conflicting voices in my head. It was as if I had been transported back twenty years or so to college. She actually wanted me! A couple of hours ago I had kissed her good night teasingly reminding her to lock her door against things that go bump in the night. Smiling, she said that she didn’t lock her door and that I should visit later. My heart hadn’t slowed down since. The tent formed in my sweat pants by my cock hasn’t subsided This is ridiculous. I shouldn’t feel this way. I am a grown man. A married grown man. Her lips were so soft and her eyes so beautiful. Things are so complicated. It is as if I am living in a surreal world. The rules are different here. Bent. Twisted. Broken. Isolated. So very far away from my own normal little world. The ever present fog serves as our own little cocoon. Our own world

Long, lean and confident. She was all the things that I find sexy in a woman. 12:30 PM. Her smooth curves

I awoke with a start at the sound of my watch beeping. 1:30 am. It was time. I listened. My roommate was sleeping soundly judging from his rhythmic breathing. The wind had picked up making a low moaning sound. I moved quietly to the door. Listening for sounds in the hallway, I heard none.

The hall was quiet. Even in the dim light I could see reflections of wet foot prints on the floor. One of the night crew or someone making a trip to the restroom. I moved quickly and quietly down the hall. It was as if I was in a dream. I feel the bounce of my erect cock. The friction of the sweat pants against the head adding to the excitement. The hall smelled of wet wool, heating oil, and sweat. Four doors past the partition, on the right; I counted each one. A faint stream of light from the under the first door on the left. I pause. Sounds of people. Sounds of passion or just the television? One door to go. I check over my shoulder. The hallway is empty. Room A-8. I take a deep breath and turn the knob half expecting it to be locked; a cruel joke . She wants me. Heart pounding, I enter the dark room. The room smells of her. A beautiful woman. I so want to do this right.

Closing Şanlıurfa Escort the door behind me, I step into the room, quietly. She stirs. Her breathing changes. I step from my shoes and shed my shirt. I feel at the same time both silly and very much alive sexually standing in the cool darkness of the room. Kneeling beside the narrow bed, I never take my eyes from the sleeping form, I gently kiss her cheek. A sweet moan.

“Hello, Lover” I breath.

“I have been waiting for you” she says.

Our kisses become firmer, more passionate. I can feel the warmth of her body against the chill of the room. I remove the last of my clothes in the low light of the room. Pealing back the bed clothes she invites me in; closer to her warmth. Closer to her soul. The rain beats harder against window. White cotton panties and a t-shirt, understating her femininity. She welcomes me with open arms. I tremble as I slide into the narrow bed atop her. The coolness of the room slips away as our passion heats up. I lower myself against her slowly. My weight supported on my arms and knees. She touches my face and toys with my beard as I softly kiss her nose and her cheeks. Our eyes lock, probing each others souls. It was as if we are meant for each other at this moment. He kiss deeply. Our tongues probing and dancing in each others mouth. I explore her neck and ears with my lips. My nostrils are filled with her scent. I caress her face, her shoulders and the front of her neck. Carefully I move my hands across her chest my palms passing lightly of the apex of her breasts. I can feel her nipples harden creating a tantalizing break in the smooth fabric. I toy with them between my thumb and forefinger as I kiss along the neck opening of her shirt. Across her shoulders, my mouth continues its wonderful journey. Moving her arm over her head, I kiss the inside of her upper arm. My knee press between her legs. Her other arm moves across my back her fingers tracing along my spine. I shudder.

Smiling, she presses her had against my chest, indicating that I should raise. Facing each other, she lifts her shirt to pull it off. My hands follow the fabric upward; along her ribs, under her breasts. She smiles as she shakes her hair free from the shirt. My eyes drink in her beauty. Even in the dim light I can tell she has perfect breasts. Her nipples are hard in anticipation or from the cold air. I am hard as well, from anticipation and yearning. She looks at me, expectantly. I smile. We fall back on to the bed. Exploring each inch of each others bodies. I take each nipple in my mouth. Licking and sucking. She moans, low and quiet while the on the other side of the window, the night winds buffet the building.

The underside of my cock press against the fabric stretched across her pubic mound. She rolls her hips up to meet me. I feel her hands on my back working their way down to my butt, pulling me tight against her body. We grind our sex Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan together. The head of my cock against the warmth of her sex. I want her. I want to put my mouth every where; to taste her, to devour her. I kiss down her chest, taking each nipple in turn; my tongue tracing the areola; between her breasts; along the underside of her ribs to her flat stomach. Her hands on my head. I can’t help but tease as I approach her sex; the junction of her legs with her body, the insides of each leg. I want it all. Our eyes make contact as my tongue traces along the fabric edge of her panties. She smiles encouragement. My nose makes first contact with puffy lips of her sex that seem to be straining against the confines of her underwear. My tongue tracing the each of the leg holes of her panties. Another moan. Like the wind. I don’t know if it is audible or just the moaning of our souls.

Kneeling between her legs, the flats of my hands moving along the insides of her thighs. My thumbs reaching the junction between her legs first. Stroking, I feel the heat. The dampness. The desire. The flat of my hands on each side of her mons venerous. My thumbs continue to work against her sex. My finger tips at the elastic. She lifts her hips of the bed as I slide the white panties from her hips. She opens her legs wide as I pull free the last of her clothes. Completely naked before me, I resume my teasing of her sex. Her pussy. Lips full and pouty. Wet and shiny. A small copse of soft blond hair pointing the way. My fingers stroke the length. I so want to do this right. I kiss the soft flesh of her sex. Softly at first. Tasting the essence, I probed deeper, my tongue roaming in the soft folds of pink flesh.. Sounds of approval. Sounds that say “I want you”. The contrast between the warmth of the bed with her verses the chill of the room. The warmth. The scent that is clearly woman. My tongue probes the folds searching for the magic button, that little bump of flesh. The petals of her sex open and I probe her center. Her hands on my head guide me, not that I need it but I want to do this right. I want to be a good lover because I want her, I desire her at this moment more than anything in life. The involuntary response of her hips tell me that I am. More sounds of love, lust and pleasure. I smile. Can she feel my smile? With her fingers and hands she summons me away from licking her sex.

We kiss deeply. She sucking her own wetness from my tongue. “I want you inside of me, now” She whispers. The head of my throbbing cock pressing against the opening. I press. Slowly, firmly. Slowly her flesh yields. I stop and withdraw slightly. I wait. For encouragement? To prolong the pleasure? Both. Her legs move up and around my waist, her heels on my butt. The encouragement. She is so warm. So tight. I enter her. My cock slipping into the wet, warm softness. My senses are so alive. It is certainly not the first time I have been inside a woman, Escort Şanlıurfa but the memories of this moment are so very vivid. Now it is my turn to moan. The storm on the other side of the wall. The storm on this side; In this very room. In the loins of a man and a woman. I press deep inside of her. “Ohhh , God yes…..” I whisper. “This feels so wonderful” and it does, I love the feeling when I first enter a woman. Warm and tight. Filling her. Feeling her respond.

The look in her eyes and movement of her body beneath me tells me that the foreplay is over. I want to do this right. Long slow strokes….she responds by rolling her hips against me. We kiss. We moan. I am on my elbows. My hips thrusting. My cock sliding in and out. Carefully we work out a rhythm. My breath in ear. Kissing, licking her ears. I can feel the harness of her nipples against my chest. Long slow strokes. Fighting my urge to pick up the pace. I slip from her, my cock sliding across the roughness of her pubic hair. “Oops” I say. Not romantic but the truth. Not like practiced lovers but I think that it is going well. I so want to do this right. Determined, she reaches between us. Taking my cock in her hand. She rubs the head against her sex. Over the clit. A low moan. Like the wind. Again. She masturbates herself with my cock before guiding it once again inside. Slowly, carefully we both work toward a rhythm. Her hands move up my back. Hand on my neck as we kiss. Fingernails digging in my back. Pain and pleasure. We are confined to a small bed but the space serves us well. We are forced to be one.

Breathing becomes shallow and quick. She rolls her hips to meet my thrusts. Guttural sounds. Her eyes closed in concentration. “Oh yes, oh, yes….oh God…yes”. I am fighting for control. I feel my release building and I know that I won’t soon be able to stop. Soon I’ll be over the top. Why does it have to be like this? The need to maintain and the need to release. I try to slow to a steady rhythm but my body doesn’t seem to cooperate. “Oh, oh, oh” louder now. She reaches for a pillow so as not to share this moment through the paper-thin walls. She buries her face in the pillow. The pace of my thrusting is hard, fast, and determined. My balls slapping gently against her ass. My pubic bone grinding against her clit. I thrust deeply inside of her; filling her as full of my cock as possible as I release. My face joins hers in the pillow as she arches to meet my final thrust; legs clenching my middle. My release is sweet! So very sweet! I feel a shudder. Hers, mine, and the wind buffeting the building.

The glow of her clock says 2:30 am. The storm is now just a steady rain. “Time to sleep. Good night, lover”, she says as I dress in the dark quiet of the room. We both stand by the door listening to ensure that my departure goes unnoticed. In the faint light of the room, I see her: naked and beautiful. One last parting kiss.

Her face is wet.

“You ok? I ask.

She smiles back, nods, “Thank you”.

“I’ll see you in the morning” I whisper.

“And again tomorrow night”

As I step into the dimly hallway her scent follows me. Reluctantly, I step into to shower room. As much as I hate to wash her scent away I know that I must.

I did it right.

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