Is Mitch Here?

Double Anal

It was suspected by most of the guys in the class, with the exception of Mitchell Hollis, that his roommate, Greg Simmons, was passionately in love with him. Eighteen-year-old Greg’s five-eleven, one hundred and ninety-five pound body, along with his notoriously aggressive attitude, prevented others from saying anything negative about Mitch, or from telling him about Greg’s desire for him.

Mitch was the same age as Greg but had a slightly smaller body and a modest attitude, seldom found in truly handsome guys. The typical boy-next-door, he had medium length, wavy, light brown hair and brilliant, laughing-blue eyes that melted everyone.

Continual knocking on their door by guys wanting to kiss Mitch’s ring was a constant irritation to Greg, who resented having to share Mitch’s attention. It was Arnie Phillips who was had knocked. “Oh, hi, Arnie,” Greg tentatively greeted, making no effort to hide his indifference.

“Yo, Dawg, Mitch here?”

“Yeah. Just a sec, huh,” he said closing the door to leave Arnie in the corridor. He knew he’d been rude but he’d hoped Mitch wouldn’t need to invite him inside.

Arnie sighed apprehensively as he leaned back on the sofa. “Hi, Arnie, hey, it’s great to see ya,” said Mitch, enthusiastically shaking his hand. Greg, pretending he was busily working on his computer, cringed. “Wazzup, Arn?” Mitch asked, smiling widely.

“I sure would like to get yer opinion on something that happened-“

“Sure, Arnie, break it down, buddy.” Greg cringed again.

“Well, Mitch, I’ve gone out a couple of times with this girl okay; she’s not my girlfriend, er anything like that.”

“Okay, so what’s the problem?”

“Well, she’s sorta pregnant,” Arnie, said, shyly.

“Wow! Congratulations, daddy, I can give ya the name of a good place to get cheap cigars, Greg said, killing himself with laughter, “It mightn’t have been planned, Mitch, maybe he didn’t know he was cumming.” Arnie’s eyes shot an arrow in Greg’s direction.

“What kinda trouble am I in, Mitch, like legally?”

Mitch was a brilliant first-year law student but certainly not qualified to be giving legal advice; however, all the guys relied on his knowledge of the law and continually sought his opinion.

“Arnie, all ya gotta do is plead that yer dick’s so small the condom came off an’ ya didn’t notice.” Greg advised him, smugly.

“Fuck you, Greg,” Arnie, replied, expressing his appreciation. “What do ya think I should do, Mitch, I sure as hell don’t wanna get married to a broad I hardly even know,” he explained, needlessly, Greg thought.

“Are ya sure yer the father?” Mitch asked.

“I don’t know how I can know that; shit, I don’t know much more than how to get my penis in,” Arnie said, expressing how fed up he now was with the whole thing.

“Ha, ha, too bad ya didn’t know how to get it out,” Greg laughed, hilariously, again. “Ya should get a bunch of guys to all say they screwed her without condoms, around the same time,” Greg said, trying to maintain a straight face.

“Fer jezzuz sake, dickhead, will ya mind yer own freakin’ business an’ crawl back into yer condom?” Arnie said, cleverly, he thought.

“Mitch, can you believe this ingrate? How does he have the gall to come here, begging fer us to help him, with a rotten attitude like that?” Greg asked, indignantly. Arnie released another arrow but said nothing.

“Why don’t ya wait a little while, Arnie, to see what happens; I don’t think you should worry too much, immediately,” Mitch suggested.

“Ya, I’m in complete agreement with Mitch,” Greg said, supporting his legal advice, “No point in us breakin’ our head fer nothing,” Greg said, readying himself for Arnie’s anticipated assault that didn’t materialize.

“You know, Greg, you’re a first class shit disturber,” Mitch said, after Arnie had gone.

“So am I,” Greg replied; and they both laughed aloud. “So, what kinda trouble is he really in, Mitch?”

“It’s hard to say, but usually this type of thing is resolved, amicably; at least, that’s what I think,” Mitch said, positively uncertain.

“Would his case come to court before you graduate?” Greg asked, facetiously.

“For his sake, I hope so,” Mitch said; then, at least, he’ll have a real lawyer, if it comes to that… I’m gonna shower, Greg, try not to show yer aggra if anyone else knocks, okay?”

“Okay, Mitch, I’ll be very polite, ya want me to show ’em to the bathroom?” Mitch smiled and left without replying.

Greg wished he could show himself in to wash Mitch’s back, along with all of the erotic parts of his body. Mitch had always brought clean underwear into the bathroom, where he’d dry himself and put them on before coming out. That was something Greg had always watched for.

He had seen Mitch in his tight briefs often enough to know he had a full basket of goodies and a pretty good-looking bubble-butt. That Mitch hadn’t taken his clean underwear with him on this occasion didn’t go unnoticed by the ever alert Greg. They had been roommates for more than three months, during which time Greg, hoping to provoke Mitch, had occasionally been Avrupa Yakası Escort naked in Mitch’s presence, but he’d never been able to catch Mitch staring.

The scene was heavenly and surreal when the bathroom door opened and a beautiful, David-like apparition emerged naked from the cloud of steam. Greg, gobsmacked, couldn’t have turned away if he’d wanted to; of course, he had no desire to look anywhere other than at the uncut, to-die-for cock and low hanging balls he craved to feel bouncing on his chin. Smiling broadly, Mitch playfully threw the wet towel, making a direct hit on Greg’s awestricken face, before going to his bedroom; was it Mitch’s way of telling him to wipe the lust from his face, Greg wondered.

Greg, his erection trying to bust out of his jeans and his forehead beaded with perspiration, feared he was going to pass out. He leaned back in the chair and tightly closed his eyes, hoping to stop the room from spinning; the image of Mitch’s six-pack stomach, muscled arms and legs, not to mention his crotch accessories, was burned in his mind. He tried to imagine what it would be like to stretch the long foreskin over his tongue to savour the precum on Mitch’s knob.

He found himself in another world where Mitch had straddled his head and was lowering his bubble butt onto his face. He painted Mitch’s crevice with a saliva-slicked tongue and having inhaled his fill of Mitch’s erotic scent, was about to penetrate his asshole when there was a knock on the door. ‘Shit,’ he said aloud and went to answer to the intrusive knocker.

“Hi Syd, so nice of you to drop by,” Greg said, sarcastically, “I suppose ya wanna talk to Mitch, huh?”

“Yeah. Is he here?” Syd asked.

“Hold on a moment, I’ll see if he’s available,” Greg said, closing the door and leaving Syd outside. “Syd’s here! Mitch,” he shouted, knocking on Mitch’s door. He then returned to his room to continue tongue-fucking Mitch’s ass, while masturbating and hoping some of his load would get to his waiting, open mouth; meanwhile, Syd waited in the hall.

Having waited almost ten minutes, Syd Cunningham wondered if Greg had informed Mitch, but being aware of Greg’s miserable attitude, it wouldn’t have surprised him if Greg had gone to bed. “Yo, Syd,” Chris Gorham greeted, “Whazzup?”

“I’m waiting for Mitch Hollis to come to the door but I don’t think his roommate told him I’m here.”

“Why doncha hammer on the door again?” Chris asked.

“Do you know that prick, Greg Simmons? For some freakin’ reason he thinks he’s Hollis’s social secretary,” he said, angrily.

“Uh-uh,” Chris grunted in disgust, “I know of him; I hear he’s a fuckin’ bully ya wouldn’t wanna tangle with,” he said, wide-eyed.

“So I don’t have to say more, do I?”

“Ya wanna phone him from my room? I’m just one floor up; ya’d be more than welcome.” he told him, sounding really anxious for Syd to accept his offer.” Chris was a cute blonde with gorgeous, blue, bedroom eyes that gazed longingly at Syd. “It’s up to you, Syd,” he said, brushing his hand against his crotch as he reached into his pocket for his keys.

“Thanks, Chris, I think I’ll take ya up on that,” he said, accompanying him to the stairs; Syd hadn’t missed Chris’s intentional crotch rub. Syd didn’t doubt his own heterosexuality but considering he was horny, he saw no reason why he couldn’t accept a quickie blowjob; why should the gender of the blower’s mouth matter, he asked himself?

“Would ya like a drink, Syd?” Chris offered.

“I don’t drink much, do you have any wine, Chris?” Chris returned with two glasses of wine and sat on the edge of the bed close to Syd.

“Do ya know Mitch Hollis well?” Chris asked, sipping his wine.

“Not really, but he’s so anxious to help everybody that you soon feel as though you’ve always known him,” Syd explained.

“I don’t know him but I’ve often wished I did; “I hear he’s got awesome good looks,” Chris said, raising his eyes to the heavens and lightly resting his hand on Syd’s leg. Syd tried to ignore the burning hand that was causing his premature erection.

He would’ve liked to get into a more comfortable position but he was afraid any movement on his part could cause Chris to think he didn’t want the hand touching him. Meanwhile it had crept closer to Syd’s quickly growing cock. Anxious to have Chris’s hand grope him, he tried to activate the muscle that would cause his cock to move, seemingly on its own; but his underwear was too tight.

“Would ya like me to freshen your wine, Syd?”

“Oh no thanks, Chris, I’m okay,” Syd said, preferring that Chris keep the hand in motion. Anticipating the joy of Chris’s mouth on his cock, Syd, perspiring nervously wished Chris would hurry up and make the final move. He wondered what he could do to make things happen without giving the impression he was gay.

Chris took Syd’s glass from his hand and along with his own, placed them on the side table. “You’re sure ya don’t want any more, huh, Syd?” He asked, softly, as he urged him backwards on the bed and pressed his lips against Syd’s. “Open your mouth, Syd,” he whispered, Avrupa Yakası Escort Bayan sensually. Syd, though almost in shock because of the way he was participating in such a blatantly homosexual act, obeyed and accepted Chris’s tongue. Still sharing tongues, Chris single-handedly, unbuckled, unbuttoned, unzipped and stretched the waistband of Syd’s underwear to tuck it under his balls.

Syd’s long, hard cock, now free, proudly stood straight up. “You’ve got a beautiful dick,” Syd,” Chris said, sighing in adoration as he stretched his warm mouth over the beautiful dick’s, peach-sized knob. Syd sighed appreciatively when he felt his cockhead slowly moving and destined for Chris’s throat. He squirmed delightedly when the throat muscle pampered it, lovingly.

Chris sat up and pulled Syd’s t-shirt over his head, displaying a gorgeous, muscled, upper body. Simultaneously, Syd pinched his own large, pink nipples that caused the exciting, self-controlled, intense pain to shoot through his body. “Take yer shirt off, too, Chris,” He urged, excitement in his voice.

Chris momentarily surrendered Syd’s adorable dick to remove the shirt. Chris’s muscled body surprised Syd. Chris placing his hands on Syd’s shoulders eased him back on the bed, and, boldly removed Syd’s sneakers, pants and underwear.

Syd hadn’t intended to allow all of his clothing to be stripped from him but he made no effort to prevent its happening; in fact, he was quite enjoying the feeling of the total freedom of his body. He was surprised to see that Chris, too, was now stark naked. Especially since he’d thought he’d only have to take his cock out and put it in Chris’s mouth for a few minutes.

Neither, did he offer any resistance when Chris scooped him up in his strong arms, kissed him on his lips and stretched his fully compliant body out on the bed. When Chris spread Syd’s legs to kneel between them, Syd threw his arms around him and pulled him forward to put his tongue, again, into Chris’s mouth.

Syd held Chris’s head lovingly as Chris, alternately, bit down on Syd’s nipples. Intense, sharp pain caused Syd to scream, but still, he held Chris’s mouth tightly against his swollen nipple, urging his torturer to continue. Eventually, unable to endure the erotic suffering any longer, Syd released his hold to permit Chris to bury his face under his arm and thoroughly lick his armpit.

“Suck me, Chris,” he asked, his voice quivering excitedly, as he sat upright to place his hands on Chris’s head. Under his direction, Chris moved up and down on the long, hard rod. Syd moaned, continuously, as he pressed on Chris’s head to get every millimeter of his long, throbbing cock into Chris’s hot, hungry mouth. Feeling Chris’s nose pressed hard against his abdomen, he pressed no farther, only wanting to keep his knob in Chris’s slippery throat.

Chris craved his cock in Syd’s mouth, and realizing he’d never have a better opportunity, he threw a leg over Syd and got him into a sixty-nine. He sucked Syd’s knob, again, into his throat and hesitated for a moment to see if he’d reciprocate. When Syd failed to react, Chris licked behind his balls, trying to convince him that the hot, tongue was working its way to his butt-hole. Syd, moaning and groaning, raised his butt in an attempt to get his hole nearer to Chris’s mouth.

Chris maintained his position, refusing to place his tongue any closer to his bull’s-eye, and waited for Syd’s reaction. Syd continued to raise himself to Chris’s tongue till he finally got the message; the moment Chris felt Syd take hold of his cock and put the knob against his wet lips, Chris’s tongue darted into his hole. Syd was jolted sufficiently to cause Chris to fear for the safety of his erection. Excited and now fully primed, Chris passionately tongue-fucked Syd’s hot butt-hole till he felt his own orgasm on the horizon. His two fingers in Syd’s ass along with Syd’s cock deep in his throat and his cock in Syd’s throat, triggered an incredible, simultaneous eruption that spilled enormous loads into cum-hungry mouths.

“Holy fuck!” Syd exclaimed, “I never cum like that before in my life, Chris,” he said, gasping for air.

“Ya know what, Syd, you forgot to phone Hollis,” Chris told him, laughing aloud.

“No point, now,” he said, joining Chris in his laughing.

The next afternoon, Chris went downstairs to knock on Mitch Hollis’s door. “Hi,” he said, sweetly, to Greg, “Is Mitch in?”

“No, I’m sorry,” Greg, said, expressing regret, “he had to go home because of some family problem,” Greg explained, “He’ll be gone for a week. Is there anything I can do?” He asked, smiling broadly at the cute, blonde boy.

“I don’t know. I’m Chris Gorman,” he said, offering his hand, “Can I come in?” He asked, displaying his best smile.

“Yes, of course,” Greg, said, “My name’s Greg Simmons,” he said, shaking Chris’s hand; Greg held the warm hand much longer than would’ve been expected, clearly delivering a message to the ever alert Chris. “How can I help ya?” Greg asked, smiling provocatively.

“Well,” Chris whispered, his hand now overflowing with Escort Avrupa Yakası Greg’s jewels, “I was wondering if you’d like to have the best blowjob of your life,” He said, smiling widely, as he slowly lowered Greg’s zipper. Greg gently moved Chris’s hand away before Chris tried to fish for his cock.

“Were you expecting to have sex with Mitch?” Greg asked, confused by the strange situation.

“No, I don’t even know Mitch,” he said, smiling again.

“I don’t get it,” Greg said, even more mystified, “Ya don’t know Mitch, and ya don’t know me either; as far as I know, so whose cock did you come here to suck?”

“Whoever opened the door, just as long as it wasn’t the maid,” Chris said, laughing loudly, “So, wha’ d’ ya say, sweetie?” He coaxed, reaching again for Greg’s cock. “Oh, wow, what have we here?” he asked, laughing hilariously as he squeezed Greg’s erection. D’ ya want it sittin’ down, Greg, baby?” He asked, readying himself for a trip to Greg’s bedroom.

“No,” Greg replied, freeing his erection, “I’ll be okay, right here, just leanin’ against the wall,” Greg said, easing his foreskin back in anticipation of Chris’s mouth.

“Awww, c’mon, man, can’t we get more comfortable?” Chris pleaded, “Can’t we go in yer bedroom?”

“Ya, okay, Chris, c’mon,” he agreed, leading a very excited Chris to his room.

Greg balked when Chris attempted to undress him. “I don’t have to be naked for a blowjob, Chris.”

“Aww, Greg, I was hopin’ I’d get to see yer chest,” Chris whined, “Ya look like ya got such a fantastic build,” he complimented, “Couldn’t ya just lift your t-shirt an’ show me yer abs? Greg was suddenly very happy to remove his shirt. “Ohh, man! Yer awesome,” Chris told him, beaming, as he excitedly slid a hand over Chris’s six-pack abs. Greg was beside himself joy; Chris was a master In the art of persuasion.

“His arms encircling Greg, Chris sucked on his nipples. “Bite it,” Greg ordered. While Greg was high on the nipple-biting pain that shot all the way down to his cock, Chris executed his masterful, one-handed opening of Greg’s pants and got his jeans and underwear down to his ankles. Though Greg must’ve felt the draft of cool air on his butt, he remained silent.

Chris lowered himself, before the still standing Greg, to begin sucking Greg’s cock. “Oh gawd!” “He exclaimed.

“What?” Greg asked, anxiously.

“Jinkies, Greg, what a freakin’ incredible attachment ya’ve got. Gawd, I can’t remember ever seein’ such a long foreskin; I’m madly in love with it,” Chris said, sighing loudly. “I’m gonna cover my whole tongue with it, Greg; I don’t suppose you’d wanna sign a donor card fer me, huh?” He asked, laughing.

Greg’s cock had grown with each compliment; and had already been transformed into a formidable, steel poker; so, Chris was extremely pleased with how malleable he’d made his victim.

He cupped Greg’s bubbles and pulled him close. The poker slipped deeper into Chris’s throat as Chris urged him ever closer; Greg vibrated ecstatically. Throughout Greg’s ooohs and ahhhs Chris had been removing his own clothes. Releasing Greg’s cock for a brief moment, he removed his t-shirt. Then, except for two pairs of Nikes, they were both naked, just as Chris had planned.

Deliberately, Chris made a loud, slurping noise as he pulled his mouth from Greg’s saliva-soaked foreskin; Chris always thought that sound to be exceptionally sexy. He moved his hands over both sides of Greg’s face and throat. Then, on reaching his shoulders and massaging to Greg’s delight, he eased him back on the bed and removed his Nikes. Excited and ecstatic upon having Greg naked, he licked the soles of his feet, driving Greg insane from the rare pleasure of having his feet tongue-washed for his first time. He then swung Greg around so he was stretched out on the bed.

Greg was amazed by Chris’s awesome seduction technique. He had never imagined that he could’ve been so easily manipulated into compliance. “Aren’t you gonna take yer shoes off?” Greg asked, sarcastically.

“Nope. If ya wanna get fucked, I’ll get a better grip with the Nikes on,” he explained.

“In yer freakin’ dreams, Chris,” Greg said, “How about getting’ around to suckin’ my cock, that’s what ya came fer?” Greg reminded him. Having removed his shoes, Chris got on the bed between Greg’s legs and chewed the long foreskin. Sufficiently stretching the skin’s opening, he pulled it over his tongue and licked around the large, sensitive knob.

Greg couldn’t help thinking of how strange it was that he was having such a fantastic experience when he’d been expecting nothing, while he fantasized rimming Mitch, but the orgasm he’d have had from jerking himself. Chris’s tongue, buried in his foreskin, poking into his pee hole and endlessly circling his knob, confirmed that Chris was, indeed, an expert at everything.

Chris moved Greg’s foreskin back with his lips and descended slowly till the knob was in his throat. Continually twisting his mouth caused his slippery throat to provide Greg with a different pleasure. That along with his throat muscle tightening on the knob caused long, loud moans and sighs to be heard from Greg, who was coming close to his orgasm. “Chris, I don’t wanna cum, yet, okay?” Chris slowly removed his mouth from Greg’s cock and stretched out on top of him to press his lips against Greg’s mouth. Greg’s tongue invading Chris’s mouth surprised him.

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