Interview with a Domme Ch. 02


When in short order Raef returned carrying two freshly refilled glasses of iced tea Erica couldn’t help but note that there was nothing servile in his demeanor, but more a sense in him of delighted privilege. He served her first and when she thanked him he responded with a slight bow of his head and a smile. When he then offered the second glass to his wife, Erica noticed that as she took it Amy barely glanced at him and continued uninterrupted with her small talk. Erica realized that Raef’s was not the act of a gracious host, but one of expected everyday service, which appeared to require no acknowledgment or any expression of gratitude. As he resumed his kneeling post at Amy’s side, Erica thought that this would be a good place to ease into the second part of the interview. After receiving the okay from Amy to proceed she turned the tape recorder back on.

“So then Amy, getting back to some of the examples you gave at the beginning, you indicated that ‘you mess and he cleans’, and that ‘he works while you rest’. Do I take that to mean that he does all the work around the house?”

“Let’s just say that all of the domestic chores are his responsibility.” Amy replied. “But I fully recognize that he has a very demanding and responsible job in the outside world, and that there are only so many hours in the day. He has to maintain a very tight schedule to get everything done and his leisure time, which I minutely manage, is extremely limited. But I do want to keep him healthy and fit. I don’t want him breaking down on me. I realize that he does need some down time, both physically and mentally, so I do pitch in to help when I see that it’s necessary. We do want to make this all work in real life.”

“And actually, I do enjoy doing a number of what might be considered by some to be chores. I like cooking, and while Raef is a very good cook himself, and frequently makes our meals on the weekends, I usually, if not most of the time, cook dinner during the week. Cleaning up afterwards is always his job however. But when I see things that need to get done, and I know that there’s no possible way he’s going to be able to get to it, I’m certainly not above helping out.” She reached out to brush the back of her fingers along the back of his neck as she smiled benignly once again. “For which he is always sincerely grateful.”

Amy now suddenly beamed. “But speaking of my rest and his work, let me tell you that there’s nothing quite like spending a hot and sunny Saturday afternoon lying in my bikini on my chaise lounge in the yard, with a tall cool drink, reading a book but stealing long glances at Raef, dressed only in his cutoffs and sneakers, his skin glistening with sweat as he trims the hedges, hand mows and manicures the lawn, and weeds the garden, his only breaks coming when he refills my drink, or gets me a snack, or moves my lounger into the sun so that I can sunbathe, and then back into the shade so I can rest and read. Oh, I might allow him a little pleasurable downtime kneeling at the end of my chaise kneading and pampering my feet, but most of the rest of his afternoon is spent toiling in the hot sun for my amusement as I lounge. You can’t imagine what a rush that all is.”

“It does sound … astonishing.”

“It truly is. But I also have to tell you that no matter how delightful it is never having to be concerned with the daily domestic drudgery, it’s the personal services that Raef provides that I appreciate the most.”

“Personal services?”

“Yes. I’ve trained him to become quite the masseuse. His total body massages are to die for. I insist on having one at least once a week and sometimes even more often. And nothing is more soothing than his evening foot massages which he also provides for me each night while I’m watching TV.” Amy stopped for a second to silently enjoy her contemplation. “And his pedicures are better than any you could ever receive at any spa.” she finally declared.

For some reason this last one, as Erica cast a glance at the muscular, rock-solid, no-doubt-about-it, masculine appearing Raef, seemed to be beyond her ability to envision.

“Pedicure? … Somehow I have a great deal of difficulty visualizing that.”

“Well then why don’t I have him give you one right now.”

“No, that really won’t be necessary.”

“Why not? It would add some very mild but real hands on experience so to speak, on what we’ve been talking about. It would lend a nice personal touch for the article to relate to your readers. And we can continue our conversation while it’s going on. What do you say?”

Put that way, despite Erica’s very clear reluctance, it did make some sense and seem reasonable. And it had been ages since she had been to the nail salon.

“Well, okay then, if you don’t think he’d mind.”

“Mind? Not in the least. Excellent!” Amy turned to her husband. “Raef!” was all she said.

“Right away, Ma’am.” he answered as he rose quickly and briskly departed. Little more than a narlıdere escort minute later he returned carrying a basin of water, a soft sponge, a towel, and a black case. The easy chair in which Erica was sitting was actually a recliner, and Raef politely bid her to settle back so that the leg rest came up to the horizontal with her legs resting upon it. He put all of his paraphernalia on the floor, sank to his knees before her, and softly asked her permission to remove her pumps.

Erica was suddenly mortified about the condition of her feet. Being a runner, she was significantly callused, and she hadn’t been joking about how long it had been since her last visit to a salon. Several of her nails were chipped, and her most recent self applied nail polish was uneven and already growing out. She felt extremely self conscious about being so exposed. But it would be even more embarrassing, she reluctantly concluded, to back out now. She gave a grim nod.

Raef carefully removed her footwear and set them aside. His first order of business was to take out a pumice stone from the case and set to work on her calluses. An athlete himself, he recognized their necessity so he did not try to substantially pare them down, but he did smooth down the rough and heavy edges and contour them more fully with the natural lines of each foot. Next he used a clipper to even out all of the chipped nails, and then filed each one until they all were of the same shape. When this task was finished he dipped the sponge into the warm water and meticulously dabbed and cleansed both of her feet before toweling them dry. Then after rubbing in a bit of scented lotion to each he gently placed small cotton balls between each of her toes. Once this was completed he leaned back on his knees, picked up and opened the case more fully, and looked up at Erica, presenting her the contents as he spoke for the first time since starting.

“What color would you like Miss Erica?” he asked with a bright and engaging smile.

Erica had become silently absorbed and increasingly fascinated by Raef’s ardent ministrations. It had been a far more pleasurable experience thus far than she could ever have anticipated. She looked down at the dozen offered choices of nail polish and felt a few more inhibitions whither away.

“Why don’t we try the Midnight Moon Violet.” she finally answered with a bemused grin of her own.

His smile broadened even more, giving every impression that he fully believed that she had made the absolute right choice. To her surprise this gave her a delightfully warm feeling inside, leaving her more than a little nonplused.

Amy, who had been quietly and enjoyably immersed in observing the proceedings herself, now broke through the shared reverie.

“While Raef finishes up making your feet even more beautiful, why don’t we continue with our conversation.”

Erica struggled to bring herself back into focus. It was going to be difficult to maintain her concentration with that gorgeous hunk of a man now applying himself so intently to her toes. But this was what professionals had to do, and she realized that the time had come to broach the difficult subject that she had been avoiding to this point. For reasons that she couldn’t quite explain, the circumstances in which she now found herself, with Raef applying the polish oh so carefully to each of her nails, seemed to make this line of inquiry even more difficult.

“I must say, Amy, that you’ve certainly presented this entire lifestyle scenario as very intriguing and even enticing. But I do have to ask now about the … sexual elements. The last example that you gave early on in outlining some of the parameters of your relationship was that … ah … ‘you cum … and that he doesn’t’. Does that mean that you keep him permanently celibate and never grant him any relief? And if so, do you have to enforce that by having him wear one of those male chastity devices I’ve read about?”

Amy actually giggled.

“No and no.” she finally responded. “To answer the second part of your question first, I’ve never seen the need, nor taken to the concept of chastity cages. I’m quite enamored with the almost constant reality of my ‘little soldier’ standing up at full attention for me while my ‘big soldier’ bustles about doing my bidding. I take it not only as a sign of respect and devotion, but I have no doubt that it also serves as a continual stimulant to his perpetual desire to please me in any way that he can. Why would I ever want to suppress and compress those urges within the confines of some plastic contrivance.”

She paused for a moment.

“Of course there are some practical problems with this approach. The biggest one is the prodigious amount of precum he can produce in that state. It certainly doesn’t do to have him dribbling and dripping all over the place. Fortunately I’ve easily solved this issue. I told you before that I keep him naked much of the ödemiş escort time when we’re alone, but I now have to admit that he’s not completely so. I always have him wear a condom while he’s that way. I have a number of different brightly colored ones to suit my mood of the day. It’s amazing what a load of goo he can accumulate in it over the course of an evening.”

Amy leaned forward and pinched one of Raef’s earlobes and continued in a mock, Mommy-like stern voice.

“Sometimes though, he’s a bad boy and gets over stimulated and has an accident.” She gave his earlobe a tug. “It’s usually a ruined accident as neither one of us wants it to happen, so whatever stimulation there might have been is instantly withdrawn and he derives no pleasure from it. Any such enjoyment on his part in this way is always solely at my discretion. But in these episodes he then does go on to slowly and joylessly ooze out quite a bag full. He’s always very ashamed and remorseful, but I do have to let my displeasure over his breach be known, so he does have to be punished for it.”

She gave his earlobe another firm tug.

“I find that taping the open end of the bag around the tip of his nose and letting it hang down from there until the next morning is an effective way to concentrate his attention on maintaining control. Especially as it’s also one of those nights that he then has to spend sleeping on the floor.”

Erica tried hard to get her head around this picture. Amy suddenly snickered gaily again and let go of Raef’s ear, and he immediately bent back to finish painting the last toe of Erica’s first foot before moving on to the other.

“But you were primarily interested in our actual sex life.” She continued. “Let me say first and foremost the Raef IS my husband. I do strongly desire and wish for his health and happiness. Part of achieving this for him does necessarily involve some conjugal activities such as intercourse. And I must readily admit that I do very much enjoy those myself , and sometimes even crave them. But always at a time and place of my choosing, as a special reward for him, or as a whim of the moment for me. I absolutely control when and if. He has come to not have any expectations, but they do occur just enough for him to constantly strive to remain in my good graces, as he’s only ever allowed any enjoyable release by my permission.” “Unfortunately for him, although I do enjoy intercourse I don’t require it all that often. I much prefer other forms of intimate stimulation. And it is no exaggeration to say that Raef has the most amazing, talented and inventive tongue and fingers that anyone can possibly imagine. So much more creative than his cock. And I indulge myself with those at every possible opportunity, oftentimes several times a day and night.”

Amy’s eyes now glazed.

“Can you even conceive of the endless thrill of having the one whom you love and desire more than anything in the world, at any moment of your want and need, at the very snap of your fingers, have him drop everything that he is doing to rush forward, fall to his knees before you, and bury his face between your thighs. And that you can direct him in any way that you like … slow and sensuous … hard and fast … or allow him free rein to discover new and even more exhilarating ways to bring you higher and higher.”

Her voice became even more feverish.

“His oral adoration of my bum hole can be so special and sweet, but as his fingers and tongue search and explore my other most treasured orifice … probing and caressing … invading and cajoling … and finally churning so intensely so deeply within that I’m taken to heights I never before could have fathomed … and just when I think that I can take no more, I explode, and rain forth my juices seemingly forever as I scream and cry almost helplessly throughout.”

She closed her eyes for a moment, took a calming breath, and then reopened them.

“And the beauty of it all,” she sighed contentedly, “is that there is absolutely NO pressure. No need or expectation for ANY reciprocity on my part. Unless I so desire.”

Her faraway look now softened and refocused as she gazed down at her still toiling husband. A small smile played on her lips.

“Happily for Raef, I sometimes do so desire.”

Erica sat spellbound, swept up by the scenario of Amy’s ‘stirring’ presentation. She had also marveled during this discourse that except for a slight trembling of his hand holding her foot, Raef had remained unerring with his painted strokes. She was finally brought back down to earth by the sensation of warm air wafting across her toes as Raef blew on them to help finish drying her nails before delicately removing the cotton balls between each of her toes. He then sat back on his heels again and glanced up at her with an anxious smile. Erica looked down and was dumbfounded. Her feet really were beautiful. Amy had been right. She had never had so exquisite seferihisar escort a pedicure.

“Raef, I can’t believe it. My feet have never looked so fabulous.” she enthused. “Thank you so very much.”

“Oh, there’s no need to thank him.” Amy interjected. “After all, I was the one who offered to have it done.” She shrugged and sighed. “But if you really feel it necessary to bestow some small token of appreciation you can reward him if you wish … as I do when I’m feeling overly generous.”

“How so?”

“You can allow him to pay homage to his handiwork.” Amy saw the puzzled look on Erica’s face. “You can allow him the exalted honor of being allowed to …” she smiled regally, ” … kiss your feet.”

Even an hour earlier, such a consideration and thought would have been, without a doubt, utterly out of the question. But after what all had transpired since, Erica couldn’t help but feel that it seemed so … right.

“Is that what you would like, Raef?” she asked softly.

“It would be a reward far greater than my service deserves.” he responded quietly. “But yes, it would be an honor and privilege that I would always cherish.”

Erica nodded. “By all means then. You have my blessing.” She couldn’t stop herself from wiggling her toes for emphasis.

Raef closed his eyes for a long moment, and then reopened them before slowly bending forward and down to place his lips gently on the top of her nearest foot. He then moved over to do the same with her other foot. Using both of his hands he lifted that foot up slightly and softly kissed the tips of each of her toes, and then did the same again with her other.

Erica couldn’t quite apprehend the aura and emotion that was welling up within her as Raef continued this veneration. It was so sensuous and intimate, but not in a sexual way. It was more like a reverence. Here was a man, who could be as much as ten years her senior, who was a high level executive and professional, for all she knew it could possibly be in her very own company. A man of obvious intellect and power. And here he was, on his knees before her, having spent the last thirty minutes of his existence with no other thought or purpose in his life during that time other than his personal care and devotion to her feet. And now, in gratitude for being so allowed, he was worshiping and adoring them. And her. The sensation was undeniably intoxicating.

Erica remained thus entranced even after Raef had finished his adoration and resumed his place on his knees by Amy’s side. The alluring silence and sensibility seemed to stretch on for hours, but in actuality was only a few minutes. Erica shook herself internally to bring herself back to her own reality. Once again she had to admit that this had all been so very different from everything she had expected and anticipated. But she now almost forlornly realized that her major objection, her biggest concern about the entire lifestyle and relationship had yet to be raised. She suddenly felt a great difficulty and ambivalence about doing so. In the very short time she had known them, little more than two hours really, she had already come to like both Amy and Raef very much, and didn’t want to seem to be disparaging of them in any way. But she had to know. Back to being the intrepid journalist.

“Amy, this has all been a very compelling case for the validity of the femdom lifestyle in general, and your particular relationship with Raef within it. It seems a potent combination of power and perks that appears almost irresistible to pass up if offered. And as hard as it is for me to comprehend how, I can even see that it might be satisfying and fulfilling at times for those like Raef.”

“You have also made it abundantly clear that as with any successful relationship of any kind, love and trust are absolutely essential parts of its foundation. And I have come to have no doubt now that both are alive and vital in the bond between the two of you. But I wonder, and I believe many readers may as well, whether another equally crucial element to the long term success and stability of a relationship may very well be lacking and be a critical shortcoming and failing in an arrangement such as yours.”

“And what element might that be?” Amy asked with a small and wary smile.

Here it goes, Erica thought despondently. She didn’t want to so markedly challenge Amy and her life, but the issue had to be addressed.

“Respect.” she responded resolutely. “I think that real and unfettered respect for one’s partner may ultimately be every bit as important for the lasting viability of a committed relationship as love and trust. And I think that in this case it is more a particular problem for you, the Domme. I have great difficulty seeing how anyone could maintain, if it was ever present at all, respect for someone, especially a life partner, who is by the very nature of the relationship so very … weak.”

For the first time of the entire afternoon Amy evidenced real anger.

“WEAK?!?! … You think that my husband is Weak? Haven’t you understood anything of what I’ve been trying to relate to you all day? Raef is anything but Weak.”

Her eyes flashed with fury as she blazed ahead.

“He’s almost twice my size, but I have no physical shackles or chains

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