Interracial Love in Hawaii Ch. 02


As we lay there naked in the aftermath of our initial fucking session, James fixed us another drink and we just kind of gathered ourselves with some idle conversation, albeit in a much more intimate manner. He told me he had seen a guy watching us through binoculars from the hotel tower that was adjacent to ours while we were fucking and I didn’t even care. Between the alcohol and the great sex, I didn’t care if the whole world was watching. I had had my first black cock and loved it!

Eventually, as we both recovered, we started making out again. It was so sensual to lie there, as the usual magnificent Hawaiian sunset began to set in, kissing and exploring the new level of intimacy we had attained. James was a great kisser and I quickly began to feel my already cum filled pussy starting to ache for his cock to bury itself in me again. I kissed my way down his body and took his cock in my mouth. I could taste the combination of his cum and my pussy juices as I sucked him. He quickly became fully erect as I worked my tongue up and down the length of his shaft. He told me to take all his cock and suck him good so I could taste his seed. His cock was so thick that it was almost gagging me as I sucked him but I got used to it and really began to enjoy it.

We never had shut the curtains and as I was blowing him, he told not to stop and look because the guy was back on the balcony across the way. With the angle we were at on the bed as I was on my knees bent over James’ cock, my ass was pointed directly towards the balcony. James told me to keep in the same position but to spread my legs out further so the guy could see my cum filled cunt. I could tell James was almost ready to shoot his load and began to suck him faster as he held my head on his cock with his hand. He told me to get ready as his cock exploded, shooting a massive load of cum in my mouth. I couldn’t believe how much cum he was shooting so soon after we fucked. He kept his hand on my head and told me to swallow it all like a good little white slut. I was able to take most of it but as I pulled my mouth off his cock, some of it was dripping out. Not wanting to waste a single drop, I caught it with my fingers and licked them clean, savoring the delicious taste of this man who was making me his total slut in one afternoon.

I had totally forgotten about the guy watching from the other hotel tower but James said my fan was still there. He suggested I should walk out on the balcony and give him a wave because he had seen the guy get his camera. Not really caring about a thing anymore, I said sure. I got off the bed and, totally naked, walked out to the balcony. The evening’s sunset was still casting quite a bit of light and as I spotted the guy, I gave him a big wave and a smile. He looked to be about 50 and he quickly waved back, giving me the thumbs up to indicate how much he had enjoyed things. He then held up his hand to get me to wait and he turned and picked his camera up off the table. He started snapping pictures as I continued to stand there. When I decided to go back inside, I gave him another big wave. I turned around, bent over and gave him a great view of my ass that I’m sure he took a few shots Kadıköy Öğrenci Escort of. James was laughing his ass off inside, telling me I had given the guy enough jerk off material to last a lifetime. He told me to go ahead and shut the curtains since it was now getting dark and lots of lights were coming on in the tower across from us.

Once I got back on the bed with James, we started talking and he asked me if I had any regrets about our getting together because he was really hoping we could continue things while he was stationed in Hawaii. He made it clear though that it would be a no strings relationship. I told him I would love to keep seeing him and that I agreed there should be no strings to our relationship. With me being married, it might not always be possible for me to get away to meet him and I couldn’t expect that he would pass up on other women as opportunity presented itself. We still had about eighteen months left on our tour in Hawaii and I relished the thought of having this man’s cock at my disposal for the rest of our time there. It was also an added benefit that he was going to be stationed at Schofield Barracks which was adjacent to Wheeler where we lived. He was thrilled that I agreed we could continue to see each other.

As we were talking, we had started making out again. While he was kissing and sucking on my tits, he slid his hand down to my pussy and started fingering me as our making out became more intense. I could feel myself getting very worked up and, almost on the brink of another orgasm, he pulled one of his fingers that had been working my pussy and started to tease my asshole. He slowly started working his finger further into my ass. James told me that if I was really going to be his little black cock slut, I needed to give up my ass to a good fucking. Although I had tried taking it in my ass before when I was much younger as a teenager, it had not been a pleasant experience for me. So much so, that even despite repeated attempts by my husband, I had never allowed him to fuck my ass. By this time, James had two fingers working a constant motion in and out of my tight little asshole. Even though I had no idea how I was ever going to be able to take his cock in my ass, I told him I was his to fuck however he wanted, whenever he wanted. He said that’s what he had been hoping I would say and that he would take it slow. I expected him to do me doggie style from behind but he told me to lay back and lift my legs up over his shoulders. He said he wanted to watch my face as he fucked my sweet ass.

Once I had my legs up over his shoulders, he worked three fingers into my pussy saying he was going to use my cunt juice to lube his cock before putting it in my butt. With his cock glistening, he put the tip of his up to my asshole and began to work circles around the opening. I began to feel the head of his cock work into me slowly, stretching my hole as he worked more and more in. Eventually, with the entire head of his cock in my ass, he told me to just relax and it would be easier and enjoyable. I wasn’t sure I believed him at that point but I said okay. He reached up and grabbed my ankles, spreading my Kadıköy Çıtır Escort legs further and forcing my ass up off the bed. As he did this, he quickly worked about three inches into my ass. I groaned as I felt his thickness slide deeper inside me. It felt like he must have been tearing me apart but as he pulled back and slowly developed a rhythm, I felt myself relaxing and started to match the thrust of his cock as he fucked me with those three inches. He smiled down at me and told me he knew I would be able to do it but that we still had a ways to go.

With his next thrust, I felt him going deeper than before and realized he was now working about six inches of his beautiful black cock up into my ass. Even though it still felt very uncomfortable, I started to enjoy the sensation of his cock filling my ass. As the pace of our fucking increased, I really started to get into it and gave him a sly smile as I told him to fuck his little white slut. He laughed and told me not to get too ahead of myself and as he said, he slammed the last four inches of his massive cock into my ass. I screamed and thought I was going to cry as all ten inches of him were now buried in my ass. He stayed that way for a bit until I calmed down and then he told me now he could fuck my ass the way he wanted. He pulled his cock out until only the head remained in my ass and then he drove the full length of his shaft into me. Soaked in sweat from the intensity of the fucking I was receiving, I told him to fuck me hard and give me his cum.

He worked his cock in my ass faster and faster as I became more comfortable. I couldn’t believe how quickly I transitioned from the fear of being fucked in the ass to totally abandoning myself to the pleasure of his cock pounding my ass and opening my eyes to an entirely new avenue of sexual gratification. As he was fucking me, he kept telling me that my ass was his to fuck whenever he wanted and that in no way was I to give it up to my little dick husband and that my ass was off limits to any white cock forever. He told me to get ready to feel his black seed and with a final thrust of his ten inches, I felt him start to shoot his load deep in me. The blast of his cum triggered my own orgasm and as I screamed with pleasure, I could feel his cock continue to throb as he shot the rest of his load. When we finally came down to earth, he gradually worked his cock out and we lay back. I was utterly spent as he asked me if I enjoyed it. I told him that at first I thought there would be no way but that I really loved it as we got going. He said it would be even easier the next time and my enjoyment would only increase. He also told me that I should expect to be fucked that way whenever he wanted if I was to truly be his little black cock slut. I agreed without hesitation, and as he kissed me, I drifted off to sleep.

When I awoke a couple of hours later, at around eleven, I told James I should really think about getting home. Even though my husband was gone, sometimes he would call the house phone rather than my cell and I wanted to be sure I was there. He understood but said I should take a shower before I leave. That sounded like an Kadıköy Elit Escort excellent idea so I dragged myself out of bed, really wishing I could have just stayed, and headed to the bathroom. James asked if I minded some company and with a smile, I said not at all. He told me to go ahead and he would be there in a couple of minutes.

I started the shower, stepping under the rush of water and it felt so wonderful after such a full day of lovemaking. As I soaped up and cleaned myself, I thought about the whole day and couldn’t believe what had transpired and how great a fuck James was. The most amazing part was how willing I had been to do whatever he wanted. I smiled as I thought about what an interesting relationship this was going to be.

Shortly, James pulled back the curtain and got in the tub with me. He leaned down and gave me a deep soulful kiss and then asked how I was feeling. I told him that I was just thinking about how much I had enjoyed the day. He said he was glad and as we kissed again he told me to be a good little slut and clean up my black daddy. I lather up his entire body with soap, loving running my hands over every inch of his rock hard body. I worked my way to his cock and took it in both my hands. Even limp, his cock was so long and thick. As I covered his cock in soap, I could feel it twitching and start to harden. He laughed and said just for that, I was going to have to take care of him one more time before I went home.

I couldn’t believe that after dumping his load in my pussy, mouth, and ass that he was ready for more. By the time I rinsed his cock off, he was semi erect and told me to get down there and get him hard so he could fuck my pussy one more time. I knelt down in the tub, with the water running over us, and took his cock in my mouth. As I worked my tongue up and down the length of his shaft and his balls, he quickly became hard. I took his cock in my mouth and began to slowly run it in and out of my mouth, teasing the head with my tongue. James reached down and grabbed each of my nipples and teased them with his thumb and forefinger as I sucked his cock. I could feel my pussy getting soaked all over again. He told me to stand up and, grabbing my ass, lifted me up against the wall of the tub. With a single thrust, he entered my pussy, driving the full length of his cock into me.

With my arms around his neck and the wall as a brace, he proceeded to fuck me hard and fast. I was soon moaning with pleasure as I was once again being filled by his cock. As I reached another orgasm from this unexpected fucking, he emptied another load of his cum in me. Even on his fourth cum in several hours, I could tell that it was more than my husband ever delivered. As he finished, he gently eased my legs back down to the tub and we shared another passionate kiss. We quickly cleaned up and got out of the tub to dry off. While getting dressed, I decided to skip putting my bikini bottom back on and opted just for my cutoffs and bikini top. I threw the bottoms in my bag and then James and I exchanged phone numbers so we could arrange our next meeting. James said he would walk me to my car that was in the parking garage across the street. We took the elevator downstairs and as we walked through the lobby I couldn’t help but think about if any of the people who saw us could tell that I had been getting the fucking of my life for most of the day. When we reached my car, we shared a long, lingering kiss and promised to talk tomorrow.

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