Intensive Care


When John woke up, he knew that something was wrong. For starters, he didn’t remember going to sleep.

The lights were on, and he vaguely realized that that was very unusual. He always turned out the lights when he went to bed. Right? Right. Then what?

Fuzzy memories of a party bubbled up from the murkier parts of his mind, and he realized that he had a headache to match. Of course, that was it. They’d thrown a party at the office to celebrate the big Marston contract finally coming through. Ken had tried to Xerox his butt and cracked the document glass on the photocopier, and there was something involving Lizzy and a fire extinguisher, but the details were a bit fuzzy…

OK, so he’d gotten smashed. So he’d forgotten to turn off the lights before he crashed into bed. Sure. The janitor back at the office probably had a lot of cleaning up to do, too…

Oh, God, this was the worst hangover he’d ever had. Even his legs hurt… quite badly, in fact.

He slowly opened one eye to see if the world anything like the last time he saw it. That was a mistake. He quickly closed it again, realizing something was seriously wrong. He’d woken up up in odd places before, but this was definitely a first. The hospital room was mostly white, and sterile and anonymous as such rooms usually are. The room contained a single bed with clean, white sheets. The bed contained John.

What the hell – he had been partying, and the next thing he knew was lying in some hospital with pain in his legs, his head, and in most of the rest of his anatomy. What the…

After a few minutes of dizzy contemplation, he realized that there must have been some accident. But how? What sort of accident? And where? At the party? Somewhere else? And what day was it? And which hospital was he in? Through the uncurtained windows he saw that it was dark outside. Whether it was nine in the evening or three in the morning he couldn’t guess. There was no clock in the room.

Then the door opened quietly, and a nurse walked in: starched, brisk, crisp and white.

“Good, you’re awake”, she said.

“Errrr”, John replied, in a voice that seemed to belong to his deceased grandfather. “Urgle…”

He looked around, saw a glass of water standing beside his bed. He reached over to pick it up, and pain shot through him as he tried to sit up. He groaned.

“No, no, don’t move”, the nurse cautioned him. “You’re still weak, and your legs haven’t recovered at all yet.”

She took the glass, lifted his head a bit and let him drink. It made him feel better. Only a little, but better. Slowly his blurred vision improved, and he looked around the room. Since there wasn’t very much to see except that it really was a hospital room, he looked at the nurse. That proved much more rewarding. She was tall, had red hair, and curiously deep green eyes. Her figure was partially concealed by the clothing so typical for nurses all over the world, but what he could make out was promising, since the white textile displayed interesting curves in all the right places.

“Maybe you’d better tell me what happened”, he said, his voice croaking. “All I remember is a party… It must have been quite a smasher.”

“You had a car accident. I believe you were rather intoxicated when you arrived here.”

John felt stupid. He’d been driving home?

“I must have been pretty far gone then…” he said softly. “I usually don’t drive when I’m drunk… What’s the damage?”

“The doctor will see you tomorrow morning”, she replied. “In the meantime, I can tell you that both your legs are broken, about four inches below the knees, and your left leg has a second break halfway down your shin bone. But it doesn’t look too serious. You can expect a full recovery.”

“Broken? Can I take a look?” John asked. He suddenly had disturbing visions of himself hobbling around on crutches for the rest of his life.

The nurse pulled away the sheet that covered him from the chest, and John looked down to survey the battle field. It was a bit of a mess. He was naked. Obviously the ER staff hadn’t bothered with the usual hospital gown. Whatever part of his legs was visible was covered with ugly bruises, ranging from a rather nasty deep purple to a sickly shade of yellow, all the way up to his groin. Both his legs were in casts from the knees down. He could not move his legs at all, and it hurt when he tried. Fortunately, all visible damage was below his hips. His thighs looked reasonably intact, and the equipment between them showed no signs of damage.

She followed his gaze. “Don’t worry, everything’s still in place there.” She smiled. “And I must admit that it would have been a real shame…”

John knew that he had nothing to complain about, but he’d never considered himself overly gifted. Her remark took him completely by surprise.

“Aaahmmm… yes… well, ah… That’s good.” he stammered, a bit embarrassed. She pulled up the sheet again, and changed the subject by checking his blood pressure. She was obviously a seasoned professional, which heartened Samsun Escort him a bit.

“So… What happens next?” John asked. Though his legs still hurt, his headache was slowly subsiding, and he decided that he probably would live through all this.

“First you need a bath”, she told him. “You’re starting to get a bit ripe. You’ve been out for over 48 hours, and you probably weren’t exactly spring fresh to start with. So I’ll be back in a couple of minutes to wash you. In the meantime I’ll get you a razor and a toothbrush.” She turned and walked out of the room. John admired the swaying movements of her hips and her lovely rounded, perfectly proportioned ass under the white hospital fabric.

Shaving and brushing his teeth using a stainless steel basin proved awkward. Nevertheless he managed, and after about 15 minutes the nurse returned, pushing a cart with more basins, towels, soap, and a couple of boxes which, John guessed, contained medical implements. He wasn’t really all that curious to find out.

She closed the door, took the basin he’d used for shaving and put it on the cart. Then she pulled back the sheet. “Just relax”, she said, and reached for a towel.

John laid back passively as she washed him. “We’ll have to skip your back for the moment”, she said. “You’d better not sit up just yet, and you certainly can’t turn over.”

She washed his face, his arms, his chest. Then, when she reached his groin, it happened. John had been a little afraid of that, which probably made things worse. In any case, he felt himself harden under her hands as she rinsed him.

“Sorry”, he muttered, his face beet-red with embarrassment.

“Don’t worry about it”, she answered lightly. “It happens. You’re not the first, and you certainly won’t be the last.”

She went on rinsing him, then washed and rinsed his cock, too. Unfortunately, the water was warm, not cold. Right now John would have preferred ice water. But when she was done she just ignored his swollen manhood, which was standing proud and tall by now. John was grateful for that. She cleaned the part of his legs that were not covered by bandages, using cotton wool and some cold, weird smelling antiseptic, then put away the tissues and folded the towel. Finally she pulled back the sheet over him.

His cock, still standing up straight and rigid, made a tent out of the white fabric. The sight was ridiculous. He looked down at it, smiling ruefully.

“Hm…” she mused, looking down at his tent pole. “That just won’t do, I’m afraid.” She pulled back the sheet and looked down on his throbbing erection. The blue-veined column nodded gently in the rhythm of his pulse, the thick, bulbous head reddish purple, swollen with excitement. And she smiled.

“It would be a shame to waste that”, she said. “And if I’m the one who caused it, I think I should be the one to deal it, too.” She took his hot shaft in her hand, running her thumb softly along the underside of the engorged head.

John gasped. The feeling was electric! She ran the fingers of her other hand across his scrotum, then cupped his balls. His hips tensed.

“Now don’t move”, she said. “Whatever you do, don’t move. Your legs are still in bad shape.”

She bent down and put her full, luscious lips on the swollen head of his cock. Her tongue gently licked the slit, and then she opened her mouth a bit further to take him inside. He gasped again as he felt her lips slide down over him. With her hand she pulled down the skin of his shaft to increase the tension on the head. Then she slowly started to pump him, licking and sucking him gently. John moaned with pleasure.

Hush”, she whispered around his head. “We don’t want any company.” Then she took him further into the wet warmth of her mouth.

He couldn’t believe it! There he lay, being blown by a fabulous redhead nurse he didn’t even know! And she was damn good at it, too. Her fingers played a delicious game around his shaft and balls, while her tongue licked around the head of his cock, running around the rim and the up and down the slit. Then she started to suck rhythmically. He felt the head of him expand inside the vacuum of her mouth. The slippery wet friction was delicious, almost too much.

A wonderful feeling started to build in his groin. He realized it wouldn’t be long now. Apparently, she felt it too, because her licking became increasingly delicate, and the movements of her hands slowed, until she was merely caressing him, slowly, slowly…

The delicious sensations in his groin continued to build, build, then extended to his hard cock. It rose and rose, spread through his balls, and finally reached the tip of his cock just as she sucked. And he came! He felt the head of his cock swell, and then lightning struck his shaft, and he exploded right into her mouth, pissing stars on her tongue. It went on and on, as he shot thick white spurts into her mouth. And she swallowed it all, until he had no more.

She slowly let him slip out of her mouth, looked up at him and smiled.

“Wow…” Samsun Escort Bayan John said. He was literally speechless, astonished by what had happened.

“Yes…” she said softly. “Well, at least the treatment seems to have been successful.” She looked down at his cock, which had gone down now that his arousal had found its release.

“Thanks”, John said. It seemed inadequate, but he really didn’t know what else to say.

“My pleasure”, she answered as she walked around the bed.

She bent down, reached under it and pulled a handle. Slowly the whole bed lowered until it was little more than two feet from the floor.

“Do you think you’re fit enough to return the favor?” She started unbuttoning her uniform.

“Only one way to find out…” John smiled.

“Good”, she replied briskly. “Because this has kind of gotten to me, and I need to get rid of it, too.”

The white uniform dropped to the floor. Underneath she was naked, except for a tiny pair of white panties. She wore no bra. Her breasts were full and firm, the dark nipples at the tips standing out proudly and hard with excitement. There was a large wet spot in the front of her panties where the outline of her pussy shimmered through the thin fabric. She put her thumbs under the elastic band, then slowly pulled down the panties and stepped out of them. Between her legs she was a redhead, too.

She kneeled on the edge of the bed, then put up one leg and placed it at the other side of his head so that she sat straddling his face.

“Careful. Don’t try to get up”, she cautioned him. “We don’t want to hurt you.”

She parted her thighs, gently lowering herself until her groin was completely exposed to him. Her smell, the musky and delicious fragrance of a highly aroused woman, hit him like a freight train.

She pulled her inner thighs even further apart with her hands, spreading the labia. Her pink inner folds were shiny with wetness. Her clitoris peeked from underneath its hood, pink-reddish, begging to be caressed. A droplet of her moisture ran down her inner thigh.

She slowly moved her knees a bit, gently lowering herself on him, and pressed her pussy onto his lips. He put his hands on her hips and stroked her buttocks with the tips of his fingers. Then he kissed her there, at that most intimate spot between her thighs. She gasped as he ran his fingers through the short red curls or her neatly trimmed bush. John slowly extended his tongue, probed between her labia. She tasted sweet and and slightly salty at the same time. He licked along the outline of her labia, then caressed the inner folds with the tip of his tongue. He opened his mouth as far as he could, tried to suck her inside, all the time licking her slit in long, loving swipes.

She moaned, and pressed herself further into his face. He moved up and gently touched her pleasure button with the tip of his tongue. She drew in her breath with a sharp hiss.

“Yes… Right there… Go on, go on…” she whispered.

John let his tongue play around her clit, licking it, teasing it, feeling it swell and harden under his tongue. He hoped that she could cum without making too much noise, but right now he didn’t really care. He felt how the sheath around her clit slowly retracted, exposing the sensitive tip even further until it stood out proudly and hard. He continued to run his tongue over the tip of it, ever so gently. She moaned again, louder this time. His face was wet with her moisture.

“Harder…” she whispered. He did.

He went on like that for some time, sensing her arousal rise and rise. Her breathing came faster, and she started to rock slowly back and forth on her knees. He moved his hands up from her hips, stroked her belly, her torso, touched the underside of her breasts. He ran the tips of his fingers over her nipples, felt how hard they were. She gasped.

“Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes…” She had her eyes closed, and her face was flushed. She was almost there.

John opened his mouth wide, and took as much of her inside as he could. He licked her clit again and again. Then he put his tongue and lips around the hard, swollen button, and he sucked.

She let out a short, deep, guttural groaned that seemed to come from her very core. Her thighs clasped his head like a vice. Her eyes closed, her lips withdrew to expose tightly clasped teeth, trying to hold in a scream. It came out as a long moan, as he felt her pussy contract against his tongue as she came. He tried to swallow as much of her wetness as he could, but wave after wave gushed out of her, wetting his face, his pillow, and god knows what else. It went on and on. John had never known a woman who came so intensely, so deeply.

When the violence of her orgasm had finally subsided, she looked down at him between her breasts, and she smiled dreamily.

“Well, I guess we’re even”, she said. “That was the best orgasm I’ve had in months.”

“Hmmbll hmmmmm hmlblll hmmmmm”, John replied.

“Oh, sorry”, she said, and lifted herself Escort Samsun up so that his mouth was free again. John breathed deeply.

“Hmm…..” He sighed contently. “That was amazing!”

“Yes, it was”, she agreed. “But I guess I’ll have to wash you again. You’re all wet.”

She climbed off him and sat on the edge of the bed, smoothed his hair.

“Don’t worry, we’ll have you presentable again in no time flat.” She stood up, and saw his rock-hard cock standing to attention, a large drop of pre-cum leaking from the slit. She smiled.

“On the other hand… do you feel up to an encore?” The blue-veined column nodded in agreement.

“Don’t worry… I’ll be careful”, she said softly.

She got back on her knees and straddled his hips, supporting herself with her hands so that her body didn’t touch his at all. Then she reached down with one hand, took his hot, hard cock, and placed the swollen head between the lips of her dripping pussy. She lowered herself a fraction of an inch, and the head of his cock slipped between her labia.

“Don’t try to move, or you’ll hurt yourself”, she said. John could only nod. The outer lips of her pussy held the tip of him captive, and her slick, slippery wetness was a delicious sensation around him. She gently lowered herself a bit further, slipping him deeper and deeper inside her. When she had taken in about two inches of him, she stopped and sat up on her knees, leaned back, and her expression became ecstatic.

“Aaaaahhhhh…” She started rocking up and down on top of him, moving him in and out of her ever so slightly. She moaned again.

“Feels good?” John asked. While the slippery friction felt delicious to him, this particular motion seemed to stimulate her enormously.

“Fuck yes… That’s just the spot.” She opened her eyes. “My magic spot…” John looked up at her.

“OK, let me teach you something”, she said. She got up and let him slip out of her. Johns had mixed feelings about that. On the one hand this was a bit of an anticlimax, but on the other he could now enter her all over again.

She moved forward on her knees until she straddled his chest, and pulled her labia apart with her hands.

“Put your finger in there, lover”, she said, and he did.

“A little further… a little more… Yes, right there. Now push upwards. No, just a bit higher, right against the bone. Feel anything there?” John moved the tip of his finger around, and she moaned softly. “Yes, that’s it… That’s my G-spot, right there. Rub it gently. A bit harder… Yes, like that… Yes, yes….”

She gently rocked back and forth while John continued stroking the spot, the tip of his finger exploring her slick, wet warmth. He moved his other hand between her thighs and caressed her there. Beads of moisture clung to the short red curls. He stroked the slippery outline of her soaked pussy, which had taken on a reddish-pink color. She closed her eyes and arched her back. John was amazed at the effect his ministrations had on her. In addition to rubbing the pleasure spot inside her, he started to caress her clit again, stroking it, rubbing it very, very gently, keeping away from the tip. He felt how her inner heat built, how the muscles in her thighs tensed up.

“Yes, yes, yes….” she chanted. Her breath went very fast now. Her hands reached up to cup her breasts, and she squeezed her hard nipples.

It took less than a minute. Suddenly he felt how her inner muscles gripped his stroking finger and contracted around it, then started contracting rhythmically. He continued to caress her clit and she came again, another orgasm right on the heels of the previous one.

Finally, after what seemed a long time, her spasms subsided, and he withdrew his finger from her inner folds. She sank down upon him, his chest wet where she sat.

“Wow”, said John, when she opened her eyes again. “I’ll remember that.”

She smiled, raised herself up, and moved backwards on her knees until she straddled his hips again. She looked down at his cock. A thick rivulet of pre-cum was leaking from the slit and ran down his shaft. Wasting no time, she took his rock-hard member between thumb and forefinger, and put the shiny, purple head against her slit. She rubbed him back and forth a few times, then pushed gently. The tip of him slipped between the lips of her pussy without effort. She lowered herself slowly, slowly, and John luxuriated in the delicious feeling of her warm, slick inner folds parting before him. He resisted the impulse to push himself up, knowing what it might do to his legs. As she lowered herself around him he entered her deeper, deeper, until finally her pubic hair met his, and he felt her wetness against his underbelly. She sighed.

“Does it hurt anywhere?” she asked.

“Nope”, lied John. “It feels great.” In reality his legs were aching quite a bit, but it was definitely worth it.

“Good”, she said. She bent forward and put her hands his his shoulders to support herself. John reached out to cup her breasts, stroking the outline, rubbed his thumbs over the hard, sensitive tips. She gasped, and he felt how her nipples grew even harder under his hands. She rocked back and forth gently, rubbing herself against him. He lifted her breasts, feeling their weight his hands, her nipples hard against his palms.

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