Instructor Mike’s Academy – Part 3 – Is this Love?


Warning: This is an explicit semi-fictional/semi-autobiographical

multipart series involving White Daddy / south asian boy raceplay,

crossdressing, and more. If you are not of age and/or find the notion of White Cock superiority to be offensive, then please do not read on.

Instructor Mike’s Academy – Part 3 – Is this Love?

I picked up the note and read carefully so as to not miss anything:

“Hello little aimee. As the days go on, your instructions will become more complex but today we will start simple. You’ll notice the pretty pink panties and sundress that you wore for me yesterday on the bed. Put those on, and then slide into the slippers at the foot of the bed before heading to the vanity. Put on the blond pigtail wig, then put on the clip-on earrings I left there for you before grabbing your doggy bed and coming downstairs. Place the doggy bed at the foot of my recliner, have a seat, and announce yourself. I will join you shortly after.”

Seems simple enough. I quickly slipped on the panties, which easily covered my spent dicklet, and then threw on the sundress. The slippers were a nice touch as I’m a waif and often cold, especially in skimpy clothing. I took a closer look at them and they said QT and Pie…cute! The wig had an adhesive and took a few tries to get on correctly. The earrings were far more simple to put on as I checked myself in the mirror. I looked sexy! Like a pretty girl. I scampered downstairs at 2:59, set up the bed and then announced, “Instructor Mike, I am prepared and in position.”

As I sat on the demeaning doggy bed, I took stock of who and what I was becoming. The frilly panties felt amazing, and I looked cute, but my masculinity was still rebelling against this new reality. It was a tug of war between my old hopes and dreams and the epiphany of White Cock Superiority, coupled with confusing feelings for Instructor Mike. The fear and uncertainty was creeping back in. I guess such a rapid change can lead to an equally rapid response pushing me back.

Mike walked into the living room carrying 2 different colored drinks. His hair was a bit tussled after the shower and that along with his beard made me stare at him longingly. He was wearing blue silk pajamas and I could see his Big White Cock flopping around in them as he walked over. The Cock hole in the pajamas was open and I caught glimpses of it as he got close and sat down, putting the drinks on a side table. I turned to face him sitting Indian-style, my panties visible to him with my hiked up dress.

“Instructor Mike, I would like to thank you if it is permitted.”

“By all means. If you feel the need to thank a White Man, you have correctly asked for permission. Pull off my pajama bottoms and proceed.”

As I reached my hands over to his waistband, he lifted up a bit and I then removed his bottoms completely as he slid his slippers to one side. I sensed the nearness of his Tremendous Cock, reached over as he pulled his shirt up a bit to give me full access, and prayed to it as it deserved. I resisted the urge to sniff and then planted my 10 allowed kisses all over his Big White Cock and Balls.

“Thank you for thinking of me with the slippers to help keep me warm while still showing off my body for you, Instructor Mike. They are so cute!” I resumed my position on the doggy bed.

“My pretty little aimee is looking very cute in her outfit. A bad Dom only takes and never gives. I saw that your slim body was chilly yesterday, so I was sure to buy something to help keep you warm. When you are with a White Man, remember that it is his right to use you for pleasure however and whenever he desires. However, if he is not bringing you happiness as well then you have the right to walk away. No relationship or encounter results in a 50-50 split. In general, the larger Man utilizes the smaller and weaker boys and girls to tame the Dominant animal brain within. When those drives are sufficiently satiated, a small reward may be in order if the Man feels the boy/girl has performed well.”

“Thank you for explaining that, Sir! It felt really nice to receive such a nice present. So much is happening so quickly that I don’t know what to say or do.” As I said this it was hard to maintain eye contact as I wanted to stare again at his Magnificent Meat, but I restrained myself and focused.

“Sir never has that problem, which is why He is here to guide confused little ones like you. I will say that I am very impressed with both your intelligence and obedience. You will make a wonderfully servile little sissy.”

He patted and stroked my head with one hand as he took a sip of his drink with the other. He was right, of course. I was very intelligent and listened carefully to Sir’s orders. Coupled with the fact that my enthusiasm stemming from my sponge-like desire to learn about sex made me the perfect “student.” I can see why Mike enjoys this so much and why I am not the first teenager on the doggy bed.

“Have you ever drank alcohol before, little aimee?,” he asked as he looked down at me commandingly while adjusting his Cock, forcing me to steal a glance.

“I tried a Budweiser once, Sir, but I didn’t like the taste.”

He pulled his hand from possessively stroking my head and handed me the other drink which was a clear liquid with ice and a lime on the rim. “This is a vodka tonic with lime. Try it. I made it weak for you since you’re a lightweight in every sense of the word.”

As I took a sip from the pink straw I felt a little burn as it went down, but it was much better than the beer.

“I thought you’d like that. We call that a chick drink which suits your girly figure so you don’t get sloppy drunk. Much lower alcohol content than my bourbon on the rocks.” He waved it in front of my face and my eyes burned. He laughed and said, “Leave the Man drinks to the Men. So what kind of drinks do you like and why, little aimee?,” he asked snarkily.

“I like chick drinks, Sir. My girly figure makes Man drinks out of the question for me. Thank you for introducing me to it. I like it very much!” I did and started drinking it down a bit faster.

“Good girl, aimee. I wanted to give you a little alcohol to loosen you up for the next lesson, but as you’ve come to find out, the lesson never ends. Finish your drink and then give me a nice foot massage.”

I downed the drink which, as promised, şişli escort only got me a little buzzed. Sir took the glass from me, pointed at his feet and said, “Proceed!”

I pulled his left foot into my lap and began massaging as well as my weak little fingers could manage. He was halfway finished with his bourbon, looking down at me at giving me pointers on how to work his feet better. When I felt I couldn’t do any more on both size 12s, I gave each foot a kiss and then looked up for further instructions.

“Not bad but you need to strengthen those weak fingers of yours. You will get ample practice and will get stronger. Your physical training will all be geared towards sculpting your body in all the ways necessary to please White Men. You will now thank your Instructor for the honor of massaging his feet.”

I repositioned myself on my knees and performed my White Cock prayer happily. The alcohol must have been hitting me a bit because on my tenth kiss I briefly ran my tongue over Sir’s magnificent Mushroom Head and smiled. The grin he returned said it all.

“That’s my girl,” he said a bit breathlessly as his Powerful Cock thickened a bit in my hands from that final slurp. Sir downed the rest of his bourbon and handed me the glass. “Go wash the glasses and put them in the dish drainer and then resume your position. As time goes on you will learn how to perfectly pose in numerous ways for me.”

As I stood up and collected the second glass, Instructor Mike began feeling my bottom through the panties. I was startled at first as I’m still not used to being touched in my private areas without warning, but got accustomed to it and it started to feel nice. He smacked my ass and motioned with his eyes to get on with the job.

The kitchen was a beautiful early 90s modern style and quite large. I took care of the glasses as ordered and glanced around. A couple of sissy porno mags were on the island (one was called Transsexuals and the other was called Boy Power, as I recall). It was 1992 and even then those magazines looked old and well worn. I’m sure Instructor Mike was happy to have the real thing complying with his orders ready to sit at his feet once again.

As I walked back to the more reservedly decorated den area, Sir Mike had put his pajamas and slippers back on and was reading the newspaper. He didn’t acknowledge me as I sat down Indian-style once again. I looked up at the newspaper and started reading the back of it as I waited for instructions (Clinton vs Bush was in full swing). Mike turned the page and continued to ignore me and I started getting antsy. I shifted my weight a few times to remain comfortable but otherwise maintained my subservient position and obedient silence for fear of another punishment. Later in life I learned that I respond very well to rewards/affirmations as opposed to punishments, something Instructor Mike picked up on quickly with me. He enjoyed finding the right way to conquer me completely without resorting to punishment, pain or sadism…aside from the peepee pinch on the first day.

Mike put down the paper and picked up the phone on the end table. I guess he read something useful because he called his stock broker telling him to sell his shares in something and buy something else. After he hung up, he folded up the newspaper and put it aside.

“Getting a little impatient?” he asked

“Yes, Sir,” I replied. “There are so many thoughts swimming through my head right now and I feel very nervous.”

“All part of your training, little girl. I have a feeling that phone call is gonna make me a nice sum of money which is more important to me than attending to my sub at the moment.”

“Sub?” I asked not knowing what he meant.

“It’s another way of describing a boy who licked his own ass juice off my finger and has prayed to my White Cock several times today. It means submissive which is the opposite of Dominant. White Men like myself Dominate tiny submissive boys and girls like yourself. It’s the natural order of the world. Have you ever seen a woman hanging on lovingly to the strong arm of a Man as they walk down the street? That woman may have felt independent, strong, successful, etc. before she met that Man. Once he Dicked her down with his Pole she was converted into a sexually servile creature. You will understand soon; you are very close.”

Committed to follow through and embrace all of these new sensations and feelings I was being introduced to, I responded meekly, “Thank you for explaining, Sir. I will listen and obey. May I thank Instructor Mike properly?”

“You will but it’s time to adjust your White Cock prayer ritual to suit my current desires. Is my little brown sissy ready for her next lesson in pleasuring Powerful White Cock?”

“Instructor Mike, your little brown sissy is ready,” I said eagerly, but with shameful thoughts in the back of my mind for debasing myself.

“First off, you’ve earned another gold star for being honest, compliant, and enthusiastic thus far. I will incorporate your reward into your prayer ritual. Stand up.”

As I lifted myself from the doggy bed, Sir Mike stood up as well and looked down at His new sissy. I didn’t understand Instructor Mike’s demeanor at the time, but I can easily recognize it as a result of powerful lustful drives.

“Good girl. You look so pretty, especially with those girlish pigtails. Remove my top and then get on your knees and remove my bottoms with your face 3 inches from my Thickening White Cock.”

I was getting a little giddy with anticipation. What’s the new ritual and what reward will I receive? Sir Mike is so tall I had to get on my tippy toes to get his top off as he removed his slippers. I then descended to my position of servility and started pulling down his bottoms. Suddenly, the side of my cheek was slapped somewhat hard by his Powerful White Pole, causing me to wince for a second. He chuckled as I received my first ever Cockslap with literally a pound of Semi-Erect Cockmeat, but I continued my task until he was hovering over me naked with this Huge Weapon resting on my shoulder. My eyes drifted up to meet his as I waited expectantly.

Without moving his body, Sir Mike began flexing his Tool over and over again so that it slid up and down the side of my face. “Position your sissy body for prayer, grasp the God Cock as you have been taught, press your lips gently against Sir’s Cockhead, make eye contact with me, and then express your gratefulness for the position you are in.”

I happily did as I was told and felt a rush as my lips pressed against that Maginificent Cockhead once more and I looked into his Germanic blue eyes. “Thank you Instructor Mike for continuing to teach me my true nature as a subservient sissy and I hope I please Sir enough to remain in His good graces.”

“Sir Mike is very pleased, little aimee. Slowly slide your nose down the base of my Shaft, bury it in my Sac, and then you may breathe in and out for 10 seconds. Give each Plum a kiss and then slowly slide back till your lips are worshiping my Cockhead again.”

With his Cockslit against my upper lip I smiled in anticipation as I slid my little nose over his sensitive Frenulum, down the Neverending Shaft before I was consumed by his Superior White Balls again. Each inhalation took me deeper into subspace until he knocked on the top of my head as if he was at a door.

“Time’s up, little one.”

I placed two tender kisses lasting a second each upon those Massive Balls, one of which on its own dwarfed both of my blueberries combined. I was swooning both from the bit of vodka and the far more potent White Sac Essence. His Engorging Cock twitched powerfully as the tip of my nose stimulated him on the way back up, until his Mushroom was against my lips and my eyes pleaded to Sir Mike for more instructions.

“Sexy aimee…so sexy,” he moaned with closed eyes before Dominantly locking with mine again. “Is my sissy ready to grow up into a woman?”

I had no clue what this meant for me but hearing that I would become more adult in the process was exciting, so I simply replied, “I am here to serve Instructor Mike and be the best girl I can be for Him.”

“And serve me you will. I will teach you about all of the places you will be expected to stimulate in assorted ways. With practice and training you will become an endless source of pleasure to White Men, and they will protect you, keep your skinny body warm, and give you all the affection due a limp-dicked Ball sniffer like yourself. For now, extensive mouth training is in order, focusing on your lips and tongue today. Now you don’t quite have an adult-sized mouth yet but you will train while growing into your new skills. You were given a very generous present in the shower when I got your little peepee dribbling. Based on that, can you guess what your Instructor wants?”

“If Sir Mike would allow me to help Him dribble from his Beautiful Cock, it would be a great honor.”

“So we are clear, clitty boy, White Men with Powerful Cocks shoot; we don’t dribble.” He pointed to his Semi-Erect Tool, “This is a Weapon and you are my target. Anticipating your Sir’s needs is good, but remember that you are here to follow orders, not be proactive. That said, you are correct and Sir needs his animalistic desires satiated. Do exactly as you are told as I tell you to do it. Inch your mouth forward and bring the entire Mushroom into your mouth with your tongue swirling to polish my Cockhead while reaching out further for my Frenulum at times. Do NOT allow your teeth to touch my Cock at all! Proceed!”

“As you command, Instructor Mike,” I replied obediently. The Bulbous Head alone seemed bigger than my entire package, and my mouth for the matter. As my lips slid around the Head further until fully wrapped around the base, a million thoughts were flooding my mind at once.

Velvety, Silky, Spongy Cockhead. Hardening Powerful White Shaft. Mighty Swinging Balls. Overwhelming White Man Scent. Sissy mouth stretched. Keep teeth away. Huge Head resting on my tongue.

I had no concept of a blowjob so this insertion was completely alien to me. The fledgling web in the early 90s wasn’t the best place to see porn, and the most enticing things I found were some solo naked pics. I began swirling my tongue around and keeping my eyes locked on him as best I could. Sir Mike’s reaction told me that my first attempts to pleasure his Huge White Cock directly were going well. It was now as hard and swollen as it was gonna get and it was intoxicating to pray to and lick.

A unique flavor graced my tongue which I later found out was Precum. I continued swirling and teasing the Frenulum as Instructor Mike gripped my pigtails and pulled me back and forth a bit to give him the stimulation he desired. I could feel my lips and tongue being dragged against the Mushroom with increasing vigor as I heard several moans above me.

This had been going on for a few minutes and my mouth started aching from being so open to accommodate the Girthy White Head. My tongue was getting a bit tired as well and the quality of my worshiping actions diminished.

“You are making your Sir very happy, but you must work hard to please a White Cock. Redouble your efforts until the job is done and don’t slack!”

“Yeth, Thir. Sowwy, Thir,” I mumbled as I “sucked it up” and focused on pleasing that Powerful Tool at all costs. It was uncomfortable but seeing the pleasure in Sir’s face encouraged me to keep going strong.

“Take your prayer hands and start stroking them back and forth between your sissy lips and my Giant Balls.”

I did as I was told and Sir began writhing a bit, clearly reaching a very high level of pleasure.

“Increase the speed and pressure of everything you are doing as I get close. Good! Faster! Work that Frenulum!”

I could sense he was almost there and I was starting to really enjoy the experience with my recently spent clitty getting aroused again. He gripped my pigtails so tight I thought the wig would come off.

“I told you earlier that your future will come more and more into focus as each moment passes with Sir. You told me in chat that you barely see your dad and that is obvious after what I have observed so far. You are learning so much so fast because you have a mostly absent dad and not a Daddy to guide you into adulthood. You are about to be Baptized into the Church of White Cock. Here it comes, little aimee! Read this over and over again!”

He held a little note in front of me that read, “Baptize me with your Superior White Cum, Daddy!”

“Vafies me vif yuh suferiuh Whye Cum, Thathy!” I struggled to say as the climax approached. I repeated it 4 times before he tossed the note, pulled away, grabbed his Pulsating Cock, and began stroking it inches from my face.

“Say it again!!!” He demanded aggressively.

“Baptize me with your Superior White Cum, Daddy!!!”

As I finished the sentence, I suddenly learned what he meant by his Cock “shooting”. Rope after Rope of White Man Cum splattered all over my face and hair. It stung both my eyes, nostrils, and some landed on my tongue which gave me a surprising bleach flavor. My eyes were now shut as he held me in place with one arm and smeared his White Man Seed all over my face with his still Turgid Cock. After a few minutes he softened a bit and released me.

“Now that you have been Baptized in White Man Seed, you have graduated to the next level of instruction. You’ve been a compliant little sissy and your reward is a new honorific that you may now use to refer to Sir. As you may have guessed, the honorific is Daddy and you will learn the right times to use each one when appropriate. You may now thank your Daddy for the gift of this new honorific but do so using the new method I just taught you, and keep your eyes closed.”

I could sense the aggressiveness of Instructor Mike subside as he enjoyed the sight of his White Man Cum-covered sub sissy, basking in post-orgasmic pleasure. Using his voice as a guide I reached out to find the Slick Member and began praying.

“Thank you for Baptizing me in your Magnificent White Daddy Cum, Sir. It’s an honor and privilege to refer to Sir Mike as Daddy.”

I meant every word of that. Young people with daddy issues need a real Daddy to help guide them, not an absent dad I see a few hours a month my entire childhood. The exchange of pleasure, the subspace, and the desire to please Daddy was powerful. I moved my lips from his Cockhead and slid my nose down the still Semi-Hard Shaft to those Hard-Working Balls, I gave each Plum a kiss before sliding back up and awaiting instructions. I was not given permission to sniff his Drained Sac so I didn’t linger like the last time. I think he was pleased with my attention to detail. I was a straight-A student, after all…even if I clearly wasn’t straight 🙂

“Stand up and turn around!”

As I did, Sir Mike scooped up any remaining Cum Drippings still dangling from my face with his right, middle finger. I felt my panties pushed aside and my globes being parted as that Cum-covered digit started teasing my hole. He slowly slid the slimy finger all the way in until I was his puppet once again and felt myself being guided by his strong finger.

“Let’s clean you up and get you home. Keep your eyes closed and I will guide you upstairs to the shower. Do you trust your Sir?”

“I absolutely do, Sir Mike.”

“Good girl.”

Sir Mike wiggled that finger around probingly as we ascended the stairs and entered the bathroom, stretching me slightly, but never aggressively. I heard the shower kick on and warmth quickly filling the room. It’s amazing how one’s other senses are enhanced when you take one away. I was really experiencing the smell and texture of the Daddy Cum all over my face and was lost in the moment.

“Raise your arms and kick off your slippers,” Instructor Mike ordered more gently. I guess taming the Beast between Daddy’s legs relaxed him. After I complied I felt Sir move behind me and slide my panties down with his other hand while continuing to probe my hole and squeeze my cheeks. After stepping out of them, Sir lifted off my sundress getting a little more Cum on it before tossing it aside. I could feel my earrings removed and placed on the vanity, followed by a gentle peeling removal of the pigtail wig. The Dominant White Hand directed me into the shower and Sir Mike started doing a first rinse of the Cum on my hair and face, with Daddy’s Cock bumping against me noticeably as he did so.

“Wipe your face, turn around, and open your eyes.”

It took a few seconds to get used to the well-lit shower but I could finally see Daddy again and it made me very happy. I smiled up at him lovingly and he returned a warm smile.

“Clean Sir’s finger while you shampoo your hair and wash your face more thoroughly.”

I felt the thick finger slowly recede and rise up to my lips as I began shampooing my hair. The wig prevented most of the Cum from getting into it, but this was a Substantial Load and spread everywhere. I parted my lips and Sir started plunging it all the way in, back and forth as I cleaned it with my tongue and lips. The finger receded as I washed my face.

“Sit on the bench and rinse Daddy’s Cock and Balls till they are nice and clean. You may then thank Daddy for today’s lesson.”

As I sat down his toned body approached in what would normally be an intimidating fashion, but I felt strong feelings of trust and cleaned his Incredible Package as it swung before me. When I was satisfied the expansive region was clean, I assumed the now familiar prayer pose and planted my lips on that Magnificent Cockhead.

“Thank you for the incredible lessons today, Instructor Mike. My mind is swimming but knowing I have a Strong Daddy to guide me is a great comfort. I hope I did enough to make Sir Mike happy with his sissy.”

After finishing the ritual motion along the Shaft and Balls, I returned to the Mighty Cockhead and waited.

Suddenly I was lifted off the bench by my armpits and pressed into the tile.

“Wrap your arms and legs around Daddy.” As I did so, Daddy cupped and supported my weight with his hand under my ass, while his other hand pulled me in again for a long, deep kiss that hit me like a thunderbolt. A kiss I’ve never forgotten.

As Sir Mike broke the kiss, he gently lowered me back to a standing position.

“The lesson is over for today. Finish up, dry off, and then come right downstairs. I’ll be waiting in the den. You were an absolute angel today, aimee.”

“Thank you, Daddy,” I smiled back. He dried himself quickly and went downstairs. As I went to kneel at his feet he stopped me and patted the couch, motioning me to sit next to him.

I did as I was instructed and Sir Mike smiled down at me on the couch. Once again I felt arms wrap around me as another electric kiss began. It was pure bliss and was ready for whatever Daddy Mike asked of me next.

***aimee is one special little girl. I can’t help but feel a great affection for her. Let’s see how my feelings pan out. Will I tire of this one like I do all the rest? Maybe she is finally the one.***

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