Instinct and Immorality Ch. 10


*** All persons engaged in sex in this story are at least 18. Thank you for reading.


Mia, 46, mom, sex worker

Rick, 28, Mia’s son

Katie Kim, 29, freelance financial crimes investigator and recovery specialist.

Officer Diane Prady, 44, cop

Roxy Schuster, 41, boat pilot, ex-sex worker.

Luke Schuster, 19, Roxy’s son

Jahanna Schuster, 18, Roxy’s niece, OnlyFans model

Ryan Schuster, 43, Jahanna’s father, Roxy’s brother

Chapter Ten

Katie Kim held her sniper rifle like a newborn baby. She just fired five bullets at a Russian mobster’s boat, hitting a pile of scuba tanks and popping them up in the air. It forced them to retreat, and our real-life battle on Lake Mead felt something like an encounter with Indian Ocean pirates.

“Dmitri Sadakov is a heroin trafficker,” said Katie. “And an enforcer. The Russian mafia uses him when they need people dead. The crew on that boat were ex-Spetsnaz.”

“How do you know?”

“One of them had a bat tattoo on his chest. It’s the insignia. They tattoo it all over their bodies. They even tattoo it on their cocks.”

I was still shaken from the incident, and so was Katie. So much so, she was opening up to me about her brief career as a sniper.

Katie Kim is a tall and slender Asian beauty that once served in the Special Forces of the People’s Army of North Korea. But she looks more like an actress, especially with her long black hair flapping like a flag on the breezy lake.

“I trained with Spetsnaz for three months. All the snipers did. But I was the only woman. And there was no such thing as sexual harassment. When we were on a mission, that’s when it really got rough. They would simply pull out their cocks and put them in my face.”

“And you sucked them?”

“I didn’t have a choice. It was nothing for them to kill someone. And they’d make it look like an accident. So, I did everything they wanted me to do. Took it in the ass a lot. They loved ass.”

Fuck. I’ve had my cock up her ass, and it does feel great. But Katie’s painful recollection made me rethink any further attempts to do it again.

“Did they hurt you?”

“At first. Then I started prepping my asshole with that chocolate-nut paste that comes in their MREs. It stopped the pain, and it would freak them out when they saw all this brown shit on their cocks. But it didn’t stop them from doing it again.”

“What did you do when you got back to North Korea?”

“All my missions were to eliminate the private competition to the government drug trade.”

“You mean the government made drugs?”

“Oh yeah. It was big business, and they didn’t like competition. I wanted out, but the only way I could get out was to join the MSS. So, I passed the tests, and they sent me into South Korea for plastic surgery. They wanted me to look like that famous actress, Kim Hyun-joo. My job was to fuck high level western politicians and get information.”

“How did you end up defecting?”

“They sent me to Melbourne, and the next day, I turned myself into the American Embassy, and was immediately sent to California, where I was debriefed and diagnosed with PTSD. I wasn’t deemed mentally fit enough to work in CIA counterintelligence, so they transitioned me into the world as a financial crimes investigator. They gave me a lot of inside information to get me started. They know a lot of the shit that’s going down on Wall Street.”

“How did your father get to America?”

“As soon as I made enough money, I paid his way out. Cost me three million.”

“What about your mother and sister?”

“After my father escaped, my mom and sister were arrested. They just got out of prison a month ago. But it will be very difficult because they are under surveillance.”

The tragic life of Katie Kim was finally revealed to me, confirming that all the rumors were true. And in the strangest quirk of fate, we have fallen in love. But this isn’t a normal love. While I am capable of loving Katie as a girlfriend, she has cast me in the only way she can love me. As her brother. But there is no better sister in the entire world.

“You just saved my life, Katie. I can never repay you for that.”

“Just don’t complicate my life, Rick. That’s how you can repay me.”

That was an odd thing to say, and I suspect it’s related to our affair. She is currently in an incestuous relationship with her father and doesn’t want it compromised. So, I am the odd man out.

I sighed. “I just hope this fucking mess is worth all the trouble. Otherwise, we almost got killed for nothing.”

“Can you check if the money is still there? We are close to the marina, there should be a cell signal out here.”

The reason a Russian mobster was so interested in our boat was because of a very large treasure on the bottom of Lake Mead. And it wasn’t in some sunken Spanish Galleon laden with tons of gold.

It was crypto. And the crypto was retrievable with wallet recovery words stored in two NFC chips grup seks yapan gaziantep escort embedded into a man’s jawbone. And that jawbone belonged to Jarvis Karo. And we just found it on the bottom of the lake.

Karo was a math whiz with several ingenious crypto innovations that all ended in rug pulls. He started his criminal career sixteen years ago as a money launderer for the mobster, Alexander Kuznetsov, who was part of the soft side of the Russian mafia. The mob bosses that would hire lawyers and take you to court.

But Kuznetsov and Karo laundered money for another mob boss who did not hire lawyers. Dmitri Sadakov. Sadakov, who was ex-Spetsnaz, provided all the contract killing services for the North American territory. And Sadakov hired the best of the best to do that job. Ex-Spetsnaz.

Kuznetsov and Karo both lived exorbitant lifestyles, and were skimming money from Sadakov, who found out about it four years ago and demanded restitution. And once again, he didn’t hire a lawyer.

And that’s when the shit hit the fan. Kuznetsov’s daughter, Alina, who ran his Vegas casino, also happened to be Jarvis Karo’s fiancée. And they all decided it was a good time to retire to Russia and move their operation to a large villa on the Black Sea.

So, Jarvis Karo, a partner in a crypto exchange platform, orchestrated his rug pull and stole $2.6 billion in crypto. But on his way to the Black Sea, he ended up on the bottom of Lake Mead. And Alina and Alexander Kuznetsov were never heard from again.

Karo had a Las Vegas prosthodontist put two implants into the back of his lower jaw. Those implants contained small NFC microchips that stored the wallet recovery phrases for the stolen crypto.

We know, because we have read both implants with an NFC app, and are currently in possession of 1,272 recovery words. And only twelve were needed to recover a single crypto wallet, so that meant there were 106 wallets.

But were they still good? Or did someone beat us to the treasure? There was only one way to find out.

“Katie, can you put down that rifle and come here?”

Katie set down the military grade sniper rifle and sat down next to me. The boat was on autopilot, and I got onto my TrustWallet app to see if I could import a wallet using the first twelve words I just read from Karo’s implants.

I typed them into the recovery phrase field and pressed “Import.”

It was the moment of truth. For good or bad, my life would never be the same. But this isn’t a fast process, especially with a poor connection. So we waited. And waited. And waited some more. Almost seven minutes. And then it finished and displayed a message.

“Import Successful.”

I immediately tried to comprehend the amount that was imported.


“Katie, it’s still here. And it’s mostly Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP. That’s not bad. And they’ve all gone up since Karo stole it.”

“How many more wallets?”

“A hundred and five.”

“Can you try another?”

I did the next twelve words. And in about seven minutes, I recovered another wallet, worth $42.7 million.

Katie and I took a very long look at each other. We were rich. And not just rich. This was quit-your-job rich. This was divorce-your-wife rich. This was tell-your-HOA-to-fuck-off-and-die rich. I did some quick calculations in my head.

“It looks like Karo distributed the crypto evenly among the wallets. If this keeps up, that’s over four billion, Katie.”

I have no practical concept of four billion dollars. Five dollars, yes. That’s a Taco Bell Classic Combo. But four billion? I guess that would be 800 million Classic Combos. Finally, I could put my head around it.

“Wow, that’s a lot of money.”

* * *

I was only able to recover three of the crypto wallets before we docked at the Lake Mead marina. And so far, Katie and I were sitting on top of $130 million.

But we had to stop counting the booty, as Katie’s father, who has Meniere’s disease, was on the boat with us, and the choppy day on the lake caused him a debilitating bout of vertigo. He couldn’t even walk, so Katie took him to the emergency room at Henderson Hospital.

I was so distressed from the near-death experience on the lake that I didn’t check my texts until I got back to the marina. There was one from Officer Diane Prady, stating that she had some more information for me. She wanted to meet me at my house, and since Officer Prady and I are fuckbuddies, I presume she wanted to have sex.

I was late, and when I arrived home, Officer Prady’s police car was parked in front of my house. Due to a recent accusation of sexual misconduct, she has been taken off her regular beat and given a desk job. She has also been asked to retire, which will happen at the end of the week.

I parked in the driveway and came in through the front door, only to be greeted by voices coming from upstairs. And I knew those voices all too well.

I walked upstairs grup seks yapan gaziantep escort bayan and down the hallway toward my mother’s room, and the voices got louder. I put my ear up to the door and listened.

“You liked it, didn’t you? Fucking your own son. How did it feel? Did you cum on your son’s cock? It’s the only way you can cum, isn’t that right, mommy? With your son inside you?”

It was Officer Diane Prady. I shouldn’t be surprised by this. Diane has two personalities. One is a very kind woman who is very loving and maternal. And the other is a sadistic cop. And when she puts on that police uniform, look out.

“Yes. Yes. But please don’t hit me,” gasped Mia, my mother. “Please, I’ll do anything you ask, but don’t hit me again.”

Holy fuck. This was some sort of sick cop-rape-roleplay scenario. My mother has a fetish for rape-roleplay. And so does Diane. Except in Diane’s case, she loves to play the rapist. And she really gets into her role. So much so, this might be dangerous.

So, I opened the door and poked my head in. And what a shocking sight it was. The extrema of human sexuality never ceases to amaze me.

My mom was nude, on the floor, on her hands and knees, and one of my belts was wrapped around her neck. Officer Prady was holding the end of it like a leash, walking my mom around the floor like a dog.

“Ricky,” gasped my mom, who put her hand on the belt to loosen it so she could talk. “Come on, take off your clothes and join us.”

Holy shit. My mom looks like she’s lost her mind. And Diane was only wearing her police shirt, which was completely unbuttoned. And once again, she was wearing her strapless strapon.

Her strapless strapon is basically an “L” shaped dildo which doesn’t use a conventional harness. Instead, one end goes into the woman’s vagina and is held in place with her pelvic muscles.

And the other end is used to fuck, just like a conventional strapon dildo. It is also contoured to stimulate the clitoris and g-spot of the wearer during thrusting, so Diane can have very intense orgasms when she pegs someone.

And Diane has well trained pelvic floor muscles, so holding the strapon in place is no problem for her. And she fucks just like a pornstar, with very powerful hip movements. I’ve seen her in action, and she really gets into it.

“Yeah, Rick,” said Diane, “come on, I wanna watch you fuck your mom. Get your clothes off and let’s rape the shit out of her.”

I gulped. Both these women look like they have gone over the edge, and have entered a very dark place in their minds.

Nervous, I stepped into the room, peeled off my clothes, and noticed that my mother had red lipstick all over her body. The words “SODOMIZE ME” were written on her ass. And on the small of her back were the words “RAPE ME”, again written in red lipstick.

My mom’s ass was bright red, looking like it had been whipped. Her face also looked like she had been slapped. The words “CUM DUMP” were written on her face, with a lipstick arrow pointed at her mouth.

This was going to be a rough one. I dropped my boxers to the floor, and Diane continued with her verbal abuse.

“So, you suck your son’s cock, don’t you?” Diane pulled on the belt, which caused my mom to cough.

“Yes,” gasped my mom.


“I don’t know. It just excites me so much. I don’t know why it does.”

“Maybe because you’re a sick fuck?”

“Yes,” whimpered my mom, who was in a very deviant corner of her mind. “I need incest. I don’t know why, I just need it.”

“Then show me, mom. Show me how sick you are. Put your son in your mouth like the sick fuck you are.”

I was standing just inside the door, next to the queen-sized bed, when Diane pulled on the belt. It lifted my mom up to her knees, which exposed the words that Diane had written on her chest in red lipstick.

“RAPE ME SON” was scrawled just above her breasts, with the words “INCEST HOLE” written on her mons pubis, with another lipstick arrow pointed at her cunt.

And right in front of me, on her knees, were my mom’s quivering lips, just inches from my cock. Diane tightened the belt around her neck, put her hand on my mom’s head, pulled her hair roughly, and directed her mouth toward my cock.

“Come on!” chided Diane, in her deepest sex voice. “All mothers want to suck their son’s cock, they just don’t want to admit it. You want to suck your son off, don’t you?”


“All mothers should let their sons fuck them. You can’t get off any harder than when you bust it on your son’s cock. So, smell it, mom. Enjoy the smell of his dirty filthy cock.”

My mother looked up at me with tears in the corners of her eyes. She put her hand on my cock, which was on the rise, and stroked it several times. Then she put her nose underneath my swollen shaft. And inhaled deeply.

“How do you like it, mom?” grumbled Diane, who once again tightened the belt.

“I love it,” whimpered my mom. grup seks yapan gaziantep bayan escort “I love it so much.”

“Then do the unspeakable. Put your mouth around it. How could you love your son and not want to taste his cock? If you don’t eat his cum, you don’t really love him.”

My mom put the tip of her tongue directly into my urethra, like she was trying to penetrate it, and got in remarkably far. I’ve never had a woman put her tongue that far into my peehole. And as she withdrew it, a string of my seminal fluid stretched to the tip of her tongue.

“It tastes good, doesn’t it mom?” bellowed Diane. “Because it’s your son’s. That’s why it tastes so natural. That’s why you can’t resist it.”

Diane reached down and pulled my mother’s hair, then pushed her face into my crotch. Some of the lipstick got onto my shaft.

“Lick it clean, mom. A good mother always keeps her son’s cock very clean. It’s her job.”

My mother ran her tongue up and down the underbelly of my shaft, cleaning off the lipstick.

Rock hard, I could only imagine the place my mother’s mind was in. She can be intensely incestuous and has recaptured the excitement she felt during our first time together, ten years ago.

My mother slid her lips over my crown, and her warm and wet tongue never felt better. I felt it press up hard into my shaft as my cock slid across her slippery taste buds and wedged into the back of her throat, where it could go no further.

Diane got down on her knees, right behind my mom. I’ve seen this act before. Still gripping the belt, Diane put the tip of her strapon right up to my mother’s anus. She pulled the belt, causing my mom to cough, then shoved the business end of the strapon right up my mom’s ass.

“Ow,” gasped my mom, who took her mouth off my cock. “Fuck, that hurts. Fuck.”

“You okay, mom?”

“Okay,” she gasped. She took a deep breath and once again wrapped her lips around my cock as I looked on at Diane’s deeply penetrating sodomization.

“Oh yeah, mom.” Diane’s voice was deep, breathy, and sinister. “You like this shit dip, don’t you? Get your fucking eggs scrambled? Get off on that fucking asshole orgasm? It’s a fucking great orgasm up your ass, isn’t it?”

Diane let go of the belt. My mother’s back is very sexy, and while still pounding her ass with the strapon, Diane licked the rich olive skin on mom’s shoulders. Diane has a very long tongue, with Olympic endurance. She licked between my mother’s shoulder blades before kissing her way up to my mother’s neck, and finally, into her ear. And my mom loves a long wet tongue in her ear.

“Ohhhhhh, fuck yeah,” she gasped, getting her ear probed by a very long female tongue.

Diane then put her lips to my mother’s ear. “You like this lesbo shit, don’t you? Did your mommy make you lick her pussy? Huh?”


Diane’s eyes widened like saucers. She didn’t expect a positive answer. It was just her normal verbal abuse.



“Oh fuck,” gasped Diane. “Oh, fuck I love you. Nothing tastes better than mommy’s pie.”

“I know.”

“Mommy complex, huh?”


“You’re my kind of girl. Now come on, share your son’s cock. Don’t be one of those moms that doesn’t share her son.”

Diane pulled her strapon out of my mom’s ass. She lurched towards my cock to do her own taste test. She put her lips on my testicles and kissed her way up to my mother’s mouth, who was sucking my crown, trying to get me to cum.

“Give me some of that, mom.”

My mother pulled her mouth off, letting Diane devour my cockhead. I felt her long muscular tongue glide along the underbelly of my leaking cock. My mother then put her mouth back on my crown while Diane pushed her lips against it, wedging my cockhead in between their mouths.

It was amazing. The twin tonguing of my cockhead was fast and furious, and the sensation provided by these two very perverted women brought me to the verge of an orgasm.

“Hold it.” I pulled it out, and just in time. “I’m gonna cum.”

Diane looked up at me. “Hold it, Ricky. Lay on the bed. Let’s DP your mom.”

Diane then glared at my mother. “How about you, mom? You like two cocks inside you at the same time?”

“Uh huh.”

I hopped up on the bed, laid back on the pillow, and my very enthusiastic mother was right behind me. Diane didn’t even say anything. Mom, with the belt still around her neck, straddled me, reached between my legs to grip my cock, and swallowed it up into her very hot motherly cunt, lavishing my shaft with her slick warm pussy walls.

“Fuck, mommy, you’re such a fucking sick freak,” blurted Diane, who hopped up on the bed behind her. She gripped the back of her neck and forced her face down into mine.

And as natural as it could possibly feel, our lips pressed together. Mother and son, together in incestuous paradise, tongues tingling with the thrill of deep oedipal love.

And then I felt it. I was balls-deep inside my mother’s cunt when Diane’s strapon went up my mom’s ass. It put so much pressure on my cock that I had a hard time thrusting. We kept kissing and let Diane’s rectal thrusting undulate through my mother’s vaginal walls and pulsate into my cock.

I had two women on top of me. My mother always spoke fondly of her experiences with two men inside her at the same time. And while somewhat difficult to thrust in and out, Diane was providing more than enough stimulation for the both of us as she pounded into my mom’s ass.

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