Age Difference

Summer vacation. I just graduated high school, and just turned eighteen. Off to college this fall, so I have to enjoy myself while I can. My boyfriend is away in Europe for the summer, so that’s out.

But I have my ways. Mom and Dad are off on a day trip, so I have the house to myself. Good. Now I can have some fun.

I laid out everything I needed. First the safety; an old alarm clock, with actual moving hands. I set the time to nine o’clock, then slipped the key ring over the minute hand (It doesn’t have a second hand) and set it on the dresser with the face hanging over the edge. In about twenty five minutes the hands will have advanced far enough that the keys will slip off the minute hand onto the floor, where I can reach them.

I put the ball gag into my mouth, then buckled it behind my head. I inserted the vibrator into my panties and switched it on. One pair of handcuffs on my ankles, the other locked on one wrist, through my ankles, and around my other wrist, locking me into a hogtie.

Now to sit back and enjoy myself.


I didn’t even hear her come in. “We need to talk.” Mom. Busted. I blushed purple and tried Betturkey to make myself as small as possible; she sat down on the bed next to where I lay on the floor, the keys in her hand.

“We know all about your little pastime. This”, removing the vibrator and switching it off, “makes a lot of noise. You can hear it all over the house.” I blushed even more; I had never even thought of that. “Your father and I had a talk and decided it was time to intervene.” She reached out and unbuckled the gag and removed it.

“I .. ah …”

“We are not prudes. We expect you to have sexual desires, to experiment. As long as you don’t get hurt, become pregnant, or catch anything that’s fine with us. But this”, pointing at the cuffs, “is dangerous. Suppose someone broke in? Or the house caught fire? Or you started to choke? What then?”

I blushed some more. I had never even thought about such possibilities. “Promise me you’ll never do this by yourself again.’

“I promise.” I felt thoroughly ashamed of myself, of how careless I had been.

“Good.” She reached down and unlocked the cuffs, then pulled me up onto the bed and Betturkey Giriş hugged me. “Come with me; I want to show you something.”


She took me into their bedroom, where she sat down on the bed. “Get the red suitcase out of the closet and set it on the bed.” I lugged it out and heaved it onto the bed. “Open it.”

I opened it, then backed away, blushing again. It was full of all sorts of bondage gear; ropes, straps chains, gags, blindfolds, clamps, dildos, vibrators, whips, paddles, … I couldn’t fathom it. I knew people were into that, but … Mom? Dad? My parents? She laughed. “What, you thought you were the only one? There are tens of thousands of people all over the country. Why do you think they make this stuff? Because people buy it, of course.”

“People like your father and I. He’s dominant, I’m submissive. And now you know; we’d like you to keep that to yourself, of course.” I pictured telling my friends about it; not happening. “I promise not to tell anyone.”

“Good. Now, would you like to try it yourself? For real?”

Well, spank my ass and call me Shirley. Never, never, never did Betturkey Güncel Giriş I ever dream my mother would say any such thing to me. “I … uh … okay, I guess …” No, I hadn’t decided; my mouth was leading its own life.


She instantly took charge. “Strip! Now!” I fumbled with my clothes. “Everything! Hurry up!” I yelped as she used a whip to speed up the process.

“Lie down! Face down! Hands together behind you!” She tied my wrists, then my elbows. A leather gag silenced me; a leather blindfold cut off sight. “Get your ass up! Up!” I complied; she rubbed KY on my anus, then eased a large plug into place. “Don’t you dare push that out; if you do I’ll put in a bigger one.”

“Roll over! Now!” She tied my ankles spread, then inserted a lubed vibrator in my pussy and switched it on. I moaned as clamps grabbed my nipples, then were pulled upward. A leather collar, tied to the head of the bed, stretched me out.

I yelped as the whip struck my belly, then my breasts, then my thighs, … on and on it went, as I struggled, squirmed, yelped, and moaned. The vibrator did its part as well; I came once, twice, more …


The whip stopped. I lay spent, exhausted. Four? Five? More? I had no idea how many times I came. She released me and gave me a thorough massage. “So, how did you like your first session?”


“Funny; that’s what I said when my mother initiated me.”

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