Inherited Passions Ch. 01

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Julie listened intently for the electric garage door to finish closing before she got up from the kitchen table and watched her mom drive away. Going first into the garage, she picked up the 3 foot length of scrap 2×4 leaning up against the garage wall. Carrying that to her bedroom, she dug out one of the short lengths of rope she had hidden under her sweaters in the bottom drawer of her dresser. After taking off her shoes and socks, jeans, and T-shirt, she dragged her small dressing table chair into her mother’s bedroom wearing only her bra and bikini panties.

Placing it close to where it would be needed, she opened the door to her mothers closet and adjusted it so there was about a 2 foot space between it and the already open door to the connecting bathroom. So with an ever increasing anticipation and heart rate, she quickly fetched the rope and 2×4, preparing herself for her new experience. While tying the two ends together of the short 4 foot length of rope, she thought back through her last four or five years.

She remembered when it first started while watching a movie with her mom and dad. That short scene with a woman being tied between two posts became etched in her mind. Then after going to bed, thinking about being suspended by the wrists between two posts brought her to a more than standard orgasm during masturbation. Of coarse she didn’t understand quite everything about sex, and why this caused her to climax. But with each passing year, she began to understand more. And it was only about two years ago, how rummaging around the house if she was alone, find things to use to play tied up games on herself. Doing this really enhanced her orgasms when she was done, stimulating sensations of arousal while she pretended to be tied. She couldn’t resist always trying to be more creative. Now here she was, just about ready to do her first real suspension.

She had wanted to try this for a long time, always looking around the house for a high enough place to tie a rope to. It had to be high enough and strong enough to support her slim figure. Unfortunately, and very saddened, there was not a convenient hook anywhere in the house or garage. It was then, as she was watching a history program on TV, that she saw where some ancient people had placed two long stones upright and placed a third stone across the top between them. Remembering the piece of scrap wood in the garage, her mind clicked as she remembered the short distance between the bathroom and closet doors in her mother’s bedroom.

With a smile on her face now as she recalled how they both opened into the bedroom. These would be her pillars. And with her short height of only 5′ 2, this just might be high enough. A little bit later, while her mom was in the kitchen, she ducked into mothers bedroom and placed her body up against the closet door. Extending her arms up while standing on tiptoe she found her wrists were still below the top of the door. Now all she had to do was wait for the right time. So with mom gone shopping for at least an hour, now was the time to try her suspension.

Moving the chair up to sit in front of the gap formed between the two open doors, she stood up on the chair and placed the 2×4 across the door tops near the front edge. Picking up the rope, and tying the two ends together, she formed 5 loops, leaving about an 8 inch opening. Standing on the chair, she placed one arm on each side of the 2×4, placing them inside the loops made by the rope. Out of self bondage experience, she knew how to twist her hands around so that the loops would become twisted and tighten around her wrists. Taking a deep breath, she slowly stepped off the chair and let her wrists take her weight as her feet lifted from the chair. Stimulated, she let her legs down to dangle freely and unable to touch the floor. As the pain in her wrists only increased to a moderate level, she was relieved that her temporary support held her up and firmly in place.

Becoming much more relaxed now, she bent her head backwards and marveled at the site of seeing her own bound Starzbet and stretched arms supporting her. The pain was very bearable although it was a little bit more than what she had expected. Nevertheless, she figured she would be able to stand this for quite some time before needing to step up on the chair again. Moving her head to look down to see how far her feet were actually off the floor, it was quite clear they were several inches off the floor, and unable to reach even if she pointed her toes. Feeling the waves of the most pleasurable sensations she had ever experienced increasingly envelop her, she closed her eyes to prevent any distraction as she felt her juices flow freely from her tingling pussy. After a few minutes, she decided to set her goal to do a 30 minute suspension. The time was easy to read on her mother’s alarm clock on the nightstand. As she opened her eyes to check the time, and figure out when her 30 minutes were up, to her horror she saw mother walking into the bedroom.

With eyes opened seemingly bigger than her gasping mouth, at first frozen in shock, Julie spontaneously began twisting her body around and frantically tried raising her legs to step back up upon the chair. It was unfortunate that in her rampant movements she knocked the chair over. Feeling the heat from her very blushing face radiating to her up stretched arms, she found herself in the most humiliating situation she had ever been in. With eyes glued on mother, she awaited the inevitable tongue lashing.

Mother stood frozen in the doorway for a number of seconds sizing up this unexpected situation, just started slowly shaking her head and walking towards her daughter with her hands on her hips.

“Enjoying yourself?” mother asked inquisitively with a slight grin.

Julie, very scared and embarrassed, found herself at a loss of words as her body swayed, slowly diminishing from her previous over active reactions to free herself.

“From how soaked your panties are, and not seeing any pee on the floor, I would say that you are!” mother said observantly.

“Oh God” Julie thought to herself as she wished she could crawl into a hole or disappear completely right now! The shame and humiliation she felt was making her face turn even more beet red when mother mentioned how her arousal had already soaked her panties..

“Have you done this before, or is this your first time?”

Julie, figuring out that she was going to have to answer all kinds of questions either sooner or later, finally got up enough fortitude to softly answer.

“Fri…st time.”

After a slight raising of her eyebrows, mother moved around her slowly while looking closely at Julie’s wrist bondage to support her before asking her next question.

“Were you going to hang here and play it by ear, are did you set a time limit?”

Figuring that she would have to admit to everything anyway since she had always been honest with her mother, did not hold back her true intention.

“Ahhh, 30 minutes, mother.”

After cocking her head with a murky expression, her mother continued talking as she picked up the chair and set it down far from Julie’s ability to reach.

“That sounds reasonable to me. I’ll be back in 30 minutes to let you down, then we are going to have to have quite a talk!”

Picking up her watch off the top of the dresser, mother casually walked out of the bedroom.

Figuring that this was part of her punishment, Julie simply hung there by her hands and languished at the thought of having to face her mother and admit to a lot of things she didn’t really want to. She even felt a bit of relief knowing that this secret of hers didn’t have to be hidden anymore. However, she did wonder how her mother was going to react to this event. And not expecting anything more than just a little understanding, she still prepared herself to humbly accept her mother’s dissatisfaction of her actions. With this all going through her mind, she didn’t at first realize the increasing amount of pain in her Starzbet Giriş arms and wrists. However, all the pleasurable sensations she had sought disappeared upon discovery by her mother. The one thing that didn’t disappear was the coolness she felt in her crotch from her soaked panties. Occasionally she would glance at the clock and watch the minutes slowly pass. Her discomfort slowly increased through her wrists and shoulders as the minutes passed, but it was still quite bearable by the time her mother finally returned.

“Ready to come down now, or would you like me to let you hanging there longer?”

With most of the shock, shame, and humiliation now more under better control, Julie was able to speak normally, although it was with a great amount of humility and respect.

“I’m ready now mother, if you would please.”

Moving the chair almost directly under Julie, mother helped her get her feet properly positioned and studied, then watched as Julie untwisted her bindings and removed the 2×4 from atop the doors. Placing the 2×4 and rope on the seat of the chair, Julie picked up the chair and began to walk towards her bedroom when her mother stopped her.

“No, just leave those things here for now and come with me to the kitchen.”

Only figuring she was due more physical punishment later, Julie set the chair back down before again starting to walk towards her bedroom.

“Where are you going now? To pee?” her mother asked in a soft tone.

“No mother. I just thought I should change first.”

“Why? Just come as you are to the kitchen with me. We need to talk first.”

Following mother to the kitchen as she was, she sat down at the kitchen table on one of the side chairs next to were her mom would be sitting at the head of the table as she always did. However unexpected, mother poured a glass of orange juice and gave it to her before she herself sat down. And with half drunken mug of beer in front of her, mother simply wrapped her hands around the mug and began talking.

“Julie dear, I’m going to have to explain some things to you, and one of them is that I don’t want you to feel ashamed or embarrassed by my finding you like I did. And to be truthful with you, I kind of expected this. Then again, I didn’t. So please be patient and quiet while I explain the reasons why.”

With a very inquisitive look, Julie had no idea of what mother was going to say. Taking a sip of her orange juice, she sat quietly and properly upright as in a classroom and listened, although her cum wet panties felt very much out of place right now.

“I was exactly like you when I too was 18 years old. And I do mean exactly like you. Beautiful auburn hair, beautifully slim but not skinny. Wonderfully formed and firm B sized breasts. Long toned legs that always attracted attention from both men and women. And it seems that not only did you inherit my physical aspects, but desires also. I too loved doing bondage, and just as you have done up to now, always kept it a secret. So whenever I was alone and bored, I too would play bondage games with myself. It greatly heightened my orgasms when I was masturbating. Is that what it does to you also.”

Feeling much more at ease now about talking openly and honestly to mother about this now, although embarrassed to admit to masturbating, Julie did tell her it had the same effect on her. But always feeling a little bit embarrassed when sex and masturbation came up, she again felt her face blushing.

“Don’t worry about blushing when talking about doing bondage or masturbation. I was the same way also. And really, if I had noticed anything about you indicating your bondage desires, I would have talked to you about this before now. I was never discovered, and if I hadn’t forgotten to take along my broken watch so I could drop it off at the jewelers, I would not have discovered you. And if you were wondering why I did not overreacts when I found you, now you know the reason. And it seems you inherited a lot more of me in you than your father. Starzbet Güncel Giriş Do you understand that part about it?”

“Yes mother, I think so. And thank you for telling me this. I feel much better now, although I still am a little embarrassed. But this also makes me wonder, if I am so much like you, what am I going to get over this, ahhhhh, this desire for bondage like you did? I mean, I have never hear or seen anything from you that you were ever into tying yourself up!”

“Oh baby, I hate to admit this to you, but I’ve never gotten out of the mood to do bondage for a heightened orgasm every now and then. And when I went to college, while living in dorms for four years with roommates, finding times alone that I knew I wouldn’t be disturbed was really very infrequent.” chuckling to herself as she talked. “And as fate had it, I would very casually hint about doing bondage each year I was assigned a new roommate. The only one that really ever did anything about it was in my senior year. So, although she did play some bondage games on me, being in a bland dorm room, they really didn’t amount to much as she wasn’t too turned on by it.”

“And even after meeting your father and getting married, it took a long time for me to even bring up the subject to him. And also, unfortunately for me, he didn’t enjoy tying me up near as much as I wanted. My bondage fun ended up being very infrequent, and never as intense as I would really would have liked. Although our last year together, just before he was killed in the war, they were getting a little better.”

Seeing the tears starting to run down her mother’s cheeks, Julie quickly grasped her mother’s hands and held them tightly. Without letting go, she got up and formed their arms to be able to tightly hug each other. It was only a little more than a year ago that he was killed in combat, and although her own eyes were tearing also from his loss, she understood how much more her mother must be suffering. Remaining like this for several minutes, Julie reached out to grab a paper towel first for her mother, and then herself. After that, she went to the cupboard and brought mother her bottle of whiskey and a small glass.

“Thank you Julie.” was all mother said as she kept her head lowered while pouring herself a quick double shot of whiskey. Sitting back down, Julie wanted to do something to try and distract her mother’s attention from her sorrow. Obviously, the first thing that came into her mind was what they were talking about.

“Mother, would you mind hanging me up by my wrists again, but this time leave me hanging for an hour or two? I would really like to see what that feels like.”

This did distract mother as she finally looked up into her daughters face, and was able to manage a slight smile.

“Is that what you would really like to do right now? That’s a pretty long time to be hanging by her wrists. It will probably be more intense than what you think it might be since you haven’t ever done it before.”

Still feeling somewhat embarrassed by asking her mother to do this to her, or even if she would, Julie gave her a very solemn reply.

“Yes, I’m thinking that also.” Then shifting in her chair, “But then again, don’t you agree I could use a little punishment for doing things behind your back, or maybe I could use just a little bit of distraction right now.”

After wiping the remaining tears from her cheeks, mother sought to interoperate her daughters sincerity.

“Using just ropes will be cutting off the circulation to her hands for that length of time. If you want me to do that, get the overnight case from the top shelf in my bedroom closet. Right now I think I could use another shot of encouragement.” she grimly smiled.

Julie was quick to do as she was asked and set the case down next to her mother in less than a minute. Standing close by as her mother opened the case, exposed before her was a wide variety of known and unknown objects. Then reaching into the case, mother pulled out a pair of leather cuffs and began buckling them on her own wrists. Julie watched, confused by her mothers actions.

“Julie, if you don’t mind me going first, I think I could use a two-hour suspension for distraction right now more than you do. I’ll do yours right afterwards. Is that okay with you?”

(To be continued)

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