In Your Room

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“Ssh!” Julie hissed as she helped Will walk into his apartment. She was holding onto his elbow for dear life, as she had never seen him this drunk before. She didn’t mind attending to Will when he was drunk, but she was far from sober herself. She ended up leaving her car down at Eclipse; she was in no condition to drive. She quickly closed the door behind her and kicked her spiked heels off by the door with the other shoes in the house, making sure they weren’t in the doorway.

“Don’t wake up Nick!” she stage whispered. “He’ll kill us both,” she reminded him, as she guided Will into the living room, careful not to slip and fall while walking over the freshly waxed linoleum.

“Too late,” Nick said, glowering at them as he flipped the light on in the living room where he had been obviously sleeping. His brown hair and dress clothes were disheveled, like he had been sleeping in them for a few days, instead of a few hours. He quickly looked over Will and then looked at Julie, who was doing her damnedest to support Will while they stood in the doorway like sheepish children.

“God, you guys didn’t drive in the condition you’re in, did you?”

“Of course we didn’t, Nick,” Julie answered in slightly slurred speech. “The taxi drove us home.” Julie looked blankly at Will. “Did we pay him?”

“Yes, Jules,” Will answered, stumbling over to the burnt sienna colored loveseat. “Remember, he was impressed when you pulled the twenty out of your cleavage.”

“Oh, yeah!” she exclaimed, flopping down on the matching couch.

Nick crossed his arms over his chest. “Well it’s a good damn thing you didn’t drive,” he said, sitting back down on the couch next to Julie. “You’re drunk and he’s absolutely trashed,” Nick remarked, directing his glance over at Will, who was slumped haphazardly on the loveseat, one foot on the floor and one foot on the couch. “I’m glad you’re going to be here in the morning to take care of his hungover ass.” He quickly turned back in Will’s direction. “Get your boots off the furniture.” Nick narrowed his eyes at his roommate. “Get my boots off the furniture, and thanks for asking to borrow those,” he added with a sarcastic twist.

“Nick, are you angry with me?” Will sat up and looked at his roommate. “I didn’t bring home any tricks like we agreed. I just brought home Julie.” He pointed over at her, who was flipping through channels on their digital cable television. He bent down, and started taking off his boots. He let out a relieved sigh of achievement when he finished and could sit upright again.

“Of course I’m not angry with you. I’m just tired, and my ass has to be at work in four hours.” Nick stood up, picked up his cigarettes, and his cell phone. “Goodnight, you two. Will, don’t forget to lock up before you go to bed.” Nick dropped a kiss on Will’s cheek, and then dropped one on Julie’s forehead. Nick flipped the light off before he turned to head up the stairs. Will stood up as best he could, forgetting he hadn’t felt his feet for over an hour.

“Where are you going?” Julie asked, watching Will stagger back into the kitchen. She leaned over the couch to get a better look at him, trying to see what he was doing. Besides that, she just liked looking at his ass. Julie thought Will was an attractive man, despite the fact he slept with other men.

“I’m locking the door before I forget,” Will said, double-checking the lock on the back door. He pulled the Venetian blinds down on all three of the kitchen windows before opening the refrigerator door and grabbing two sodas off the top shelf.

Will made his way back into the living room and sat on the couch next to Julie. He handed her a soda and then laid his head in her lap. They’d always had a special relationship; they had the kind of friendship where they could tell each other everything and anything. He tried to take a sip of his drink and proceeded to pour most of it in Julie’s lap. He jumped up and began sweeping liquid off her skirt and she just sat there laughing. That’s how he knew she was drunk; she was wet and didn’t seem to care that he had just spilled half a can of Diet Coke all over her semi-new denim skirt. “Oh, shit! Jules, I’m so sorry!” He ran into the kitchen and pulled off a few paper towels to dab at her skirt and then to wipe the excess off the hardwood floor before it stained.

“Will, it’s okay,” Julie said, taking the paper towel from him and wiping off her legs and feet where sticky soda was dripping around her ankles. “It’ll wash off. I’m just glad there isn’t anything on the couch. Nick would flip the fuck out.” Will nodded his head in agreement, knowing how much Nick’s furniture was important to him. He sat back on the couch and Julie sat next to him, both of them sitting upright as to not have any more soda tragedies. Will quickly finished what was left of his and flung the empty can back into the trashcan next to the corner lamp. Julie finished hers, and sat the can down on the floor. This time she leaned her head Samsun Escort in Will’s lap and decided to find something to watch on television, picking up the remote to surf the onscreen program guide.

“Shit, I’m hungry,” Julie announced, handing the remote to Will. “Find something to watch while I find food.” She got off the couch and walked over to the pantry. She pulled open the door and went straight for the nacho tortilla chips they always had on hand. She ripped the bag open and sat back down on the couch, placing the bag between them. She and Will sat in companionable silence for a while; the only sound in the room was an old episode of Cops and the obtrusive sound of crunching chips.

“You know,” Will started, his mouth full of chips, “I never did tell you how good you looked tonight. You look much too good to be hanging out at the gay bar with me.”

“Well thank you, Wills,” Julie said through a laugh. “You know a diva’s number one rule: always look your best no matter where you are.” She laughed at her own joke and then smiled. “Besides, I never get tired of hearing how beautiful I am.” She winked at Will. “It’s the same feeling you get when a cute chick tells you how good-looking you are. You eat that shit up.”

“I still like women,” Will said. “So shut the hell up,” Will stuck his tongue out and Julie and smirked. “You really are cute though, Jules.”

“So are you, Will. We’re just too cute for our own damn good.”

“And we’re good kissers, too,” Will said with a wicked gleam in his eyes, alluding to a moment he and Julie had a few months prior after they had both been drinking. He kept teasing her and she told him to essentially put his money where his mouth was. It’s still a point of contention who kissed whom, but they had shared a kiss; a damn good one at that.

“I still maintain to this day that you started it,” Julie said, shoving more chips in her face, waiting for Will’s reaction.

“Oh, no, bitch,” he said, laughing. “You started that shit. You kissed me. Who had who backed against the wall?”

“I may have kissed you, but you brought it on yourself when you kept kissing around my earlobes and shit.” Julie poked him in the chest with a perfectly manicured finger. “You know better than that shit.” She laughed and then got quiet and looked at Will. “You get off on the fact that I’m attracted to you, don’t you?”

Will pointedly looked in her eyes. “I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like it, but I know that you like it, too. It’s only a matter of time before we’re fucking, Julie.”

Julie’s head snapped up and looked at Will. “Since when?” Julie asked, her voice louder than what she intended. “Okay, so we’re attracted to each other. Big deal. You’ve never once let me know that you’re interested in more than friendship. Making out like horny teenagers doesn’t make a relationship. Besides, your last relationship was with a man. Nick, if I remember correctly.” Julie threw that last dig in there, knowing how much Will regretted hooking up with his rooomate, even if it was just for a fuck.

She smiled and continued on. “So you should make up your mind, Will. Men or women. I don’t want to get caught up in –” Julie stopped short, realizing she was on the verge of a confession. She stood up and stretched her arms above her head. Julie grabbed the bag of chips off the couch and put them back in the pantry. “Nevermind,” she said, shaking her head and scratching the back of her neck, subconsciously getting the hairs on the back of her neck to stop standing on end.

“I thought we weren’t ever going to talk about that again,” Will said, his face scrunched up into a grimace. Will walked into the kitchen and leaned against the doorway. “Nick and I never had a relationship. Nick and I will never have a relationship. It was a moment of weakness. As a matter of fact, I think I had a fight with you that night and I was worried that I fucked up a really good friendship.”

“A really good friendship?” Julie repeated. “Is that all I am to you?” She fixed her lips in a tight line, but the gleam in her eyes was more playful than she wanted to let on. “I was more than that last week.” She grinned at the memory of her and Will on the couch in this very living room; divine intervention interrupting them before Nick walked into the apartment. Will was very careful about not flaunting their friendship in Nick’s face.

“You know you’re more than that. I would sleep with you,” he said with a throaty edge to his voice, walking up to her and standing right behind her. He titled Julie’s neck and found that spot on her neck and bit down ever so gently. He quickly switched to sucking on her earlobe and running his tongue down her jaw and back into the crook of her neck where it met her shoulder.

Julie turned around and put some distance between her and Will. “You can’t do that, damn it,” Julie said, trying not to laugh. She knew exactly what Will was trying to do. “Every time we fight Samsun Escort Bayan you try to kiss your way out of it, and I’m through falling for it,” she scolded him as she stepped away from him and out of his reach. “You’re such a little shit. Go jack off and go to bed,” Julie said, laughing as she went to get a blanket out of the hall closet. She went back into the living room and lay across the couch, preparing to turn out the light when Will grabbed her by the hand.

“You don’t need this blanket. Come upstairs with me.” Will smiled as he perched on the arm of the couch. “You know you want to.”

“That’s not a good idea, Will,” Julie countered, cutting out the light and shrouding them both in darkness, the only light streaming from the streetlamps and the television. “And you know it. You’re just drunk and horny.”

Will took Julie’s still folded blanket and tossed it into the chair in the corner. He stretched himself out across her body. They were lying chest to chest, and she could barely breathe. Not from the weight of Will on her chest, but from the pressure of her friend’s erection pressing into her stomach and the consequence of what that meant. Will dipped his head down and found Julie’s mouth in the darkness, taking over her lips completely and manipulating them his way. Julie responded in like, wrapping her arms around Will’s shoulders and kissing him back, opening her mouth slightly so she could tease Will’s tongue with her own.

They continued kissing, their tempo rising with each passing minute until Julie broke it off and turned her head. “Damn, I forgot just how much I like making out with you,” she observed, resting her head back against the pillow still left on the couch.

“No one said you have to stop,” Will whispered, going in for another kiss. He put his hands on both sides of her face and held her head while he quickly forced his tongue past her lips and into her mouth. She emitted a soft, breathless moan and reached up to grab hold of Will’s hair. She and Will manipulated each other’s lips and tongue, not realizing how intense their kiss was becoming until she felt Will’s hand under her skirt and running along her inner thigh.

Julie’s eyes flew open and she jerked her lips away from his. “What in the hell are we doing?” she asked, not sure where she lost control of the situation. “Making out like teenagers is one thing, but we’re trespassing onto territory entirely different than harmless kissing.” She moved under Will, signaling to him that she wanted to sit up. He moved as directed and she leaned on her side of the couch, putting a little safe distance between her and Will. She brushed her hair out of her eyes and pulled her skirt down to where it belonged. “All I’m saying is that the last guy that kissed me like you just did got fucked everyday for a week.”

“You say that like it’s a bad thing, Jules,” Will said, stretching and running his hands through his hair. He looked over at Julie and she was wearing a slight smirk. “What are you smiling about?” Will couldn’t resist the urge to smile himself. “Why are you looking at me that way?”

Julie crossed her arms over her chest and tilted her head. “I make you nervous,” Julie said in amazement.

Will cleared his throat, trying to hide his nervousness. He hated when she was right. “Is that so?” Will asked, turning his head to look her straight in the eyes. He propped his head up with his arm resting on the arm of the couch. “And how do you know?”

“You only run your hands through you hair when you’re nervous or you’ve just woken up,” she answered, staring back into his eyes. “And we’ve been awake for quite sometime.” Julie tucked a stray strand of hair back behind her ear while waiting for Will to answer.

“I make you nervous, too, Jules.” Will slowly reached out to her and retucked the unruly lock of hair back behind her ear, dragging a finger down her neck and stopping short of her cleavage. He could see the fleeting flash of desire in her eyes. “I’m not the only one that fidgets with hair when they’re nervous.”

Julie sucked in her bottom lip. “Touché.” She let out a frustrated sigh and rubbed her hands over her eyes. She sighed again and smacked her hands on her legs. “I’m too tired to think about this anymore,” she muttered as she stood up and made her way towards the stairs, more for her benefit than for Will’s. “I’m going to sleep after I get back from the bathroom, and you’re sitting on my bed,” she announced, hoping Will would get the hint and be safely locked away in his bedroom so she could ignore the fact that she wanted to fuck him very badly. “Goodnight, love. See you in the morning.” She walked up the stairs and locked herself in the bathroom for a few moments.

After washing her face with Nick’s facial scrub so she didn’t feel completely bar gross, Julie emerged from the bathroom. She let out a startled cry as she felt an arm grab her and pull her into the next room. “I disagree,” Escort Samsun Will whispered, backing Julie against his bedroom door. “Your bed is in here.”

Will grabbed Julie by the head and went straight for the kiss he’d wanted from her all night. He used his lips to force her mouth open and darted his tongue back and forth in her mouth, giving her the only option to lustily tangle her tongue with his. It felt so good and he didn’t know why this was happening, but he didn’t care. He was getting what he’d wanted for so long, something he almost convinced himself that he didn’t want. But wanting Julie wasn’t enough; he needed her, he needed this night. Holding the side of Julie’s face, he kissed her harder, invading her mouth, taking everything Julie would give him, and more.

“Don’t ask me to stop,” Will pleaded with her, breaking their kiss long enough to catch his hurried breath. “Because I don’t think I can.”

Julie wasn’t sure what just happened, all she knew was that there was a hell of a lot of pleasure and she wanted more of it. She closed her eyes and let out a soft sigh. “I don’t want you to,” she admitted, putting her hands on both sides of Will’s head. To hell with her resolve, and to hell with her always trying to do the right thing. She was no longer content with just kissing Will for sport; she was kissing Will because she wanted him. She didn’t blink when he kissed her again, nudging her thighs apart with one of his own. She took that as a sign to get closer, and used a knee to stroke Will’s erection, which she had been painfully aware of since before the couch kiss that started her surge of hormones.

Will wants to fuck me, Julie thought, trying to make sense of it all, but her brain had been hijacked by Will’s lips, tongue, and body. She could feel Will pressing against her, and it felt so damn good that Julie had to thrust up to meet him. She closed her eyes and gave in to the sensation, opening her mouth and responding to Will’s kiss, her hands restlessly gripping any part of his body that she could get a handful.

Will expected to be met with resistance from Julie’s end, waiting to have his feelings challenged again and her wanting to overanalyze everything. Instead Julie was letting him have his way with her, letting him taste her, feeling her mouth from the inside, even letting him rub up against her in an effort to bring himself some relief. In spite of the darkness, he could see the lust in Julie’s eyes and feel the lust in Julie’s kiss. He left gentle bites on her neck as he trailed his hand up her leg and towards the juncture where her thighs met. She gasped loudly when he worked his way past her panties and to her clit, where it rolled between his fingers like a marble in hot oil.

“You win,” Julie relented, working his shirt over his head as they shuffled towards his king-sized bed. She fell back onto the bed, pulling Will down with her. They continued to kiss, increasing in intensity and in passion. Will eased his hands inside of Julie’s shirt, kissing her while undoing the hooks of her bra. When he felt the lacy material give way, he yanked her shirt and bra off in one fluid motion, working to get her undressed as quickly as possible before she changed her mind. He kissed down her body, stopping at her breasts.

Will took the time kiss every inch of her chest before taking the left nipple between his lips. He began playing with the right one, manipulating the nipple between his calloused fingers. Julie closed her eyes, taking in the feel of Will’s lips sucking her breasts. Will felt a shudder going through her and could tell she was really enjoying it. “You like that?” he whispered, pulling a nipple through his teeth. In response, Julie arched her back giving Will more access to her body. He slowly increased the pressure surrounding Julie’s nipple as he brought a hand up to caress the woman’s other breast, savoring the exceptionally soft skin against his fingertips as his thumb toyed with the neglected nipple. Gasping, she leaned down just enough to look past her softly throbbing breasts to see Will lying between her legs. “My God, Will, you’re going to drive me insane,” Julie moaned, her body tensing.

“You haven’t seen anything yet,” he smiled devilishly, sliding up her body to attack her mouth again. He dove in for another predatory kiss, rough and fierce, leaving her breathless and overwhelmed. Their kiss morphed from passion to desperation and Julie wrapped her limbs around Will.

“Is that a challenge?” she said softly, her tongue lapping the edge of Will’s earlobe. He trembled, and she continued to pull at his ear, then releasing him when she felt him grind his hips into hers, his cock prodding into her stomach. She rolled him over onto his back, and then dragged her tongue down a fiery trail to his belt buckle. She stared into his eyes as she undid his belt, finally opening his jeans to free the full erection in his pants. She worked his jeans off and flung them to the floor, admiring Will’s body. He was naked as the day he was born, and the sight couldn’t have been more of a turn on. She always knew he would be beautiful naked. Maneuvering herself onto his belly, Julie lowered her head over Will’s cock and felt his hands sliding up her jawline and into her hair.

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