In The Beginning – Chapter 20


LukeMy first year at university was a mix of crazy, hard work and realising maybe I wasn’t quite as good at rugby as I had thought. That first day was weird, fear of being away from home and excitement about being away from home. Mum and dad gave me a hug and kiss along with the usual, ‘be good, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do,’ and such. My sister hugged me, which was unusual and kissed my cheek, even more unusual.“Speak to you on Sunday?” Asked mum.“Sure,” I replied.I watched them get into the car and waved as they drove off, ‘Here we go then,’ I thought. I smiled as I returned to my room, thinking of how mum had fussed about hanging some clothes up and making sure others were folded in the drawers properly. I was prepared for her to lick her fingers and brush my hair down too.I did the important things first, read through the schedule for the weekend and Freshers’ Week starting Monday. Looking back, it is strange how the girls’ first task was to connect their laptops and phones to the internet, before downloading their schedules. How the world has changed in a single generation.The accommodation campus was made up of rows of three-story, twelve room blocks with a shared kitchen on each floor. These were laid out around the focal point of the site, the canteen and bar.The first night was when the crazy started. There were plenty of drunk people both celebrating their new found freedom and feeling homesick and scared. There were already people pairing off that night and more than one drunk girl and even a guy tried to chat me up. Being tee-total, the atmosphere needed to be right to really let go. It was not right for me, so it was thanks but no thanks, to each. Sunday was a little calmer, but you could spot the people that had arrived that day.Freshers’ Week was about more than just one big piss-up, much to some peoples’ disgust. There was general orientation including finding out your timetable, signing up for extra-curricular groups and the like. There were also trials for the various teams and having played first team rugby for the last three years at school, I thought I would be a shoo-in for the rugby team. I was disappointed when I read the initial squad lists, reserves, which meant the third team at best.Week two, the course proper started. I was at the start of a four-year course with the aim of achieving a Master of Engineering degree. There would be plenty of maths, though they liked to hide a lot of it behind names like fluid mechanics and thermodynamics.During that first year, I was kept busy with coursework and was able to keep amongst the top quarter of each of the classes. I also spent a lot of time in the gym and on the training pitch, so by the end of the season, I had played several games for the first team. As the primary hooker was due to graduate, I had a good chance to take his place next year. The crazy continued too and there were plenty of parties to attend and plenty of drunk people too. In the first two terms, I had had several very Escort Anadolu yakası short liaisons. I really didn’t have any interest in making the time for a longer term relationship, it was something I was clear about up front, so we were all happy with it. After the season was finished, I was revising for exams, sitting them and then the year was done. John, the first team hooker, had a serious blow out that lasted three days with people coming and going through the entire time. At the end of the year, I had a reasonable group of friends, spread across all years, a number of courses and both sexes. It was with a bit of a heavy heart I said goodbye to some who were graduating and others who I would not be seeing until the new year. I did pass all my subjects with flying colours.TinaI was so thankful to Diane for organising everything, I had been in such a tizz over the summer. Now here we were at the halls, mummy and daddy had left eventually and I sat on my bed, a nervous wreck. When Diane’s parents knocked to say goodbye, I almost asked them to take me back with them, until I saw Diane stood grinning behind them. When the lift doors closed, Diane dragged me back to my room, telling me to get my shoes on.“Where are we going?”“To get spare room keys cut. How else are we going to raid each other’s rooms?”I had known Diane since we were in primary school. She was always the bossy girl I had seen in the playground but never spoken to until one day when I did. Some boys had been teasing her about the braces she had been told to wear. Her friends were not saying anything to stop them. It was only by accident that I got involved.A teacher had asked if I had seen Diane and if I did to send her in. Not knowing about the teasing, I saw her and walked across to tell her. I had often seen her talking to boys so didn’t think much of it but the look on her face said something was wrong, not the bossy Diane I knew but a frightened girl.“What do you want?” said one of the boys.“Err, Mrs Henderson wants to see Diane.”“Tell Mrs Henderson you couldn’t find her.”Looking back this was wicked, the boys were twelve, Diane and I were eight. Add to that I was very timid. “But…” I could feel myself filling up and my bottom lip quivering.Something changed in Diane’s demeanour, a determined look came over her face. She took my arm and led me inside where, once calm, I told her again that she was wanted. After this we became close friends, Diane became less bossy but also quite protective of me. For my part, I started to become a little less timid. It also started to open Diane’s eyes to the injustices in the world and gave birth to a need to protect people. This led her to her final career choice, law.We went to the same secondary school and chose our universities based on them doing courses for both of us. Diane starting with a Bachelor of Laws and me doing a Mathematics with Accounting BSc. My timid nature came to the fore again when Kurtköy escort I didn’t apply to what might have been my first choice university because Diane would not go there. After being accepted Diane set about arranging our halls and even nagged them to get a room next to each other, which resulted in rooms opposite.The key cutting was the start of our adventure. During Freshers Week we signed up for groups of interest, Diane unsurprisingly for the Law society and both of us joined the film club and gym. I saw a yoga club and thought it looked interesting, so signed up for that. The rest of the week was a bit of a blur, drinking, dancing, kissing boys, waking up one day in bed with Diane or another with her in mine, but always feeling like a cat had died in my mouth.Neither of us had gone further than kissing any of the guys swarming about. Diane’s big boobs did attract far more than my tiny little titties but in her ever-protective mood she had agreed to not go further than we did for the first week as my boyfriend for nearly a year had decided, after he had taken my virginity, that we should split up as we were going to different universities and I was still feeling the pain from this a couple of months later.After the week was over, however, Diane let her hair down. She didn’t abandon me, the opposite, wherever she was going I was invited, she would even arrange a date for me. If I had something I wanted to do, she was always keen to come with me. I don’t know if it was me or them, but the dates were always clumsy or arrogant or crude or any number of other issues, they were always wrong.“What rugby match, Tina?”“Erm, the first team are playing at home on Saturday.”“Since when have you liked rugby?”“I just thought it might be interesting.”“Uhuh.” Diane nodded knowingly, “I’ll see if any of my friends want to join us. Come on then, spill.”“It’s going to sound silly.” Diane just opened her eyes wider. “I’ve seen him in the library and gym a few times. I thought he was one of the bodybuilders, he and his friends always hit the heaviest weights, none of the general fitness stuff.”“I thought you didn’t like bodybuilder types.”“Well, the times I’ve seen him in the library he doesn’t seem to be like that. I don’t know there’s something about him, his friends seem to feed off him, he’s always smiling with them.”“There’s more, don’t hold back.”“That’s it, there is more. One time someone dropped their books, he broke off from his crowd to help them. Another someone went and asked him something while he was working, he spent the next hour going through it with them.”“Ooh, someone’s a little stalker. And he plays for the first team?”I looked down, the timid girl coming back, “Yes, I overheard today, I thought…”“He might notice you? Might see you in the library and say something?”“I don’t know, but, oh forget it, it was silly.”Diane put her arm around me, “Honey, it is rare that we get that je ne sais quoi feeling, if you want Maltepe escort bayan to go to the rugby, we’ll go.”Saturday took about a month to arrive, even though it was only two days later. A two pm kick off was far too early for Diane on the weekend, but she was there as promised, but not with the promised accompaniments, which I was pleased about. LukeOn Saturday we had a home match which was expected to be close, but the odds leant more towards the other team. The first half went as expected not much in the way of scoring and a close run thing. It was near the end of the half that the ball went out but as I collected it, I realised I recognised one of the girls it had stopped near. I tried to place her and realised I often saw her in the library. That line out didn’t go so well and only a scramble around the end of the line won us the ball.I got a pat on my backside from Rob, one of the props, “Nice tits huh?”“What?”“The girl that screwed up your throw in, nice tits.”“But, she…” The half-time whistle ended the discourse.While we had our team talk, I noticed the girls had gone. After some flack about my last throw in, mainly led by Rob we went to line up for the kick-off. As the whistle went to start the half, I saw they were back again and for some reason, I was happy they were. This was soon ended as a couple of men joined them, putting their arms around them, this felt like it was a personal jibe. All thoughts of them went out of the window as their winger came running down the wing, all I knew was he was going out. I knocked him back about five feet before dumping him into touch (out of play).“Whoa, Luke, nice hit! Where’d that come from?” I just grunted back.The line out went perfectly, and the game went up from there. I took several strikes against the head, the opposition were crumbling under my tackles, I even scored two tries, which was unheard of, two in a season would have been a lot for me.After the game and the usual congratulations and hand-shaking, I looked around for the girls and saw Rob talking and laughing with them. When I caught up with him, I asked what the talk was about, I guessed he knew them and they had come to watch him. When questioned he didn’t know them but had been inviting them to the next games with, “If you are the cause of turning Luke into a demon, we want you at all our games.” Tina“Hi there,” it was one of the players coming to speak to us. I thought they looked big, across the room or on the pitch, but up close he was huge. Nearly a foot taller than me and made the two guys Diane bought look like they were visiting from our old secondary school. The one that had attached himself to me put his arm around me as if he were marking his territory, I wasn’t too happy about it, but didn’t want to make a scene.“Oh hi,” replied Diane.“I was wondering if you could come to the next match?” he said speaking to Diane.“Oh?”He went on to tell how his friend had got flustered when he saw Diane and then got wound up when her friends turned up.She smiled and put a hand on his arm. I saw his friend tense up but didn’t say anything he just looked defeated. It’s sometimes nice to have a puppy dog, but I’d feel far safer with a man that would stand up for me when it was needed. Looking at me, she said, “It wasn’t me that wanted to come and watch.”

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