In Step Ch. 08


To be sure, it didn’t end there for either couple. In fact, both pairs enjoyed a robust evening of lovemaking. What would have probably been frightening to the two twosomes if each knew this about the other was that not only did their sex sessions begin similarly with masturbatory action, but they also ended almost exactly the same with the women wanting a simple, romantic finale. Both men determined this to be the classic missionary position, where the partners gazed deeply into each others eyes as they came.

To answer the question on most readers’ minds: no, the four did not climax simultaneously at the exact same moment in time.

To play it safe, before George and Donna returned to her house Sunday morning, Donna visited the bathroom at George’s home where she quickly and secretly called Kendall to warn the teens that the parents were on their way. Her daughter was grateful for the heads up and said that she would make certain they were not caught in a compromising situation when they arrived.

The four spent Sunday together to begin planning the wedding and start a search for a home. As they became lazy in the afternoon, Kendall wished they had a pool to lay out by. George agreed that it would be nice and said that they would include a pool in their house plans, if the price was right.

As the week went on, the four were together every evening, alternating nights between George’s and Donna’s homes. On Tuesday, they were back at Donna’s, and when Mark arrived, no one was home. He sat on the back patio for a few minutes until Donna drove up. She advised him that his dad had a late meeting, Kendall had a school function and George would pick her up on his way home. He expected them to be there by seven, which was two hours away.

Mark followed Donna inside, appreciating the seductive sway of her fine ass in her tight white skirt. “Should I go home and come back then?” he asked.

“Nonsense,” she answered, then turned to face him, provocatively adding, “Are you afraid to be alone with me?”

“No, no, of course not,” Mark stammered.

“Good. Make yourself at home, help yourself to anything. I’m going to change.”

“Okay.” Mark could only imagine what changing meant.

A few minutes later, he heard water running, but thought nothing of it. However, when Donna didn’t return after twenty minutes, he became worried. Cautiously, Mark walked down the hall to her bedroom. “Donna?” But she didn’t respond. The door wasn’t closed, so he walked in. She wasn’t in the bedroom. He walked on through to the bathroom, hesitantly peeking in.

To his surprise—the running water should have explained it—Donna was soaking in the tub covered in bubbles, her head tilted back against the wall. She obviously dozed off. The suds hid everything up to her neck. “Donna?” he called again.

She stirred, and then looked up, startled to find him there. However, that feeling lasted only seconds until she noticed the bulge in his pants. “Did I fall asleep?”

“Apparently. I was concerned when you didn’t return right away.”

“I’m sorry. It’s been a rough day,” she explained. “When I came in here, the thought of a soothing bath was too good to pass up.”

“Okay, well, I’ll let you get back to it.” Mark turned to leave.

“You don’t have to go,” Donna said. “Stay and we’ll chat.”

“Do you really think that’s a good idea? I mean, what with you being naked and all.”

“Are you serious, Mark?”

“Yeah, why?” he asked with a frown.

“After all we did Friday night and Saturday morning?”

He didn’t know what to say, so said nothing.

“Mark, if we’re going to be family, I hope we can get over this modesty. I’ve always been open with Kendall and I hope you and I can have the same kind of relationship.”

“Except that you and Kendall are both female.”


“That I shouldn’t be in here while you’re bathing.”

“And refresh my memory,” Donna said, “whose rule is that?”

Mark shrugged. “Society.”

“Ah, those clever people. Are you uncomfortable being in here with me?”

“Not as much as I probably should be.”

“Why should you be?” Donna made certain to keep her voice level with no accusatory or condescending tones.

“You’re going to marry my dad and become my stepmother.”

“And you think your dad would have a problem with this?”

“I don’t know,” Mark answered with a hint of exasperation. “He’s been unpredictable in the last year or so.”

“Since your mom passed?”

Mark nodded.

“I guess I should ask if you’re comfortable with us getting married.”

“Absolutely, Donna. I like you and Kendall. He couldn’t have found anyone better.” Mark chuckled. “It’s actually made his unpredictability more predictable.”

That elicited a snicker from her. “Okay, you’re going to have to explain that.”

“The things he’s been doing since dating you were unpredictable because I didn’t know about it and saw no reason for the way he was acting. But now porno izle I know he is just a man in love, so while I was not able to predict that the Sunday we met you at the lakefront was planned, or the reason for having Kendall and I spend the evening together, or him asking you to marry him, they would have been predictable had I known he was in love with you. Does that make any sense?”

“Well, I think I get what you mean. Were your parents open?”

“I think so. I mean, they didn’t invite me to watch them have sex, but they made no secret of the fact that they had it.”

“Did they discuss it openly?”

“Somewhat. But it would have been interesting to see if they would have been more open after I became 18.”

“You think they would have?”

“I do. I’m sure Kendall has told you about me and my mom.”

“Would it bother you if she did?” The bubbles were dissipating, but Donna made no effort to cover herself. She wanted him to become comfortable with her.

“No, I don’t think so.” He became ruminative, so she let him. “Actually,” he went on, “My mom became quite a bit more open toward the end. I really liked it.”

“What did you like about it?” She wanted to keep him talking.

“It was nice to be able to discuss things of a nature that kids and their parents didn’t usually discuss.”

“Sexual things?”


“Was your dad ever part of those discussions?”

“He was always at work when we had them. I don’t know if my mom ever told him what she and I talked about.”

“Do you think she would have taught you to kiss as she did behind his back?”

“I don’t think so. But he never acknowledged it, if she did tell him. Of course, it wasn’t long after that she rapidly went downhill and passed away. Both of us kind of retreated within ourselves after that and there wasn’t anything to be open about.”

“Mark, I can’t replace your mother, and I’m not going to try. I don’t want you to ever forget her, and I’ll try my best not to affect your memory of her. But if you’ll let me, I would like to pick up where she left off.”

“I think I’d like that. But I don’t want to do anything behind my dad’s back.”

“Nor do I. But until we can bring him around to our way of thinking, we’ll have to be discreet in our openness. Can you do that?”

“I can if you’re certain you can bring him around.”

“We’ll give it our best shot.” Donna looked up at him. She’d been glancing up off and on during their talk, but this time she made a show of it. “Thank you for having this discussion with me. I . . . oh, my.” She reached up and patted his hard on, but didn’t remove her hand. “Did this conversation do that?”

“Donna, I’m embarrassed to say that you and Kendall do this to me.” Subconsciously, Mark had noticed that the suds no longer covered Donna and that her nudity was clearly visible through the water. Obviously, that’s what had kept him hard, but he hadn’t really considered it because he was focused on their discussion.

“You shouldn’t be embarrassed. I take it as a compliment.”

“For me, it’s discomfort.”

Rubbing it again, Donna said, “Well, I’m sorry Kendall’s not here to take care of it. I guess I’ll have to.” She reached up and tugged his zipper down.

“What are you doing?”

“Taking care of you; that’s part of the openness.”

“Do you really think that’s a good idea?” But he did nothing as she continued to undo his belt and pants.

“Well, you’ve been watching me, and I’ve been staring at this lump, and I think we need to do something about it or we’re both going to be miserable for the rest of the evening.” She pulled his pants and drawers down just far enough for his cock to spring free.

Somehow, Mark became powerless to stop her as she grabbed his tool with her wet hand. Kneeling in the tub, she wrapped her lips around the head of his dick to just under the rim. He felt her tongue swirling around the crown teasing his pee hole. She was incredible. Her mouth slid down around the circumcised foreskin where her tongue tickled his frenulum. She was so good; he thought he might pass out. Then she stopped.

“Let me get out so I can do this properly,” Donna explained. She didn’t bother to dry off, which was somewhat of a turn-on in itself, and simply pulled out her vanity stool. Sitting down put her mouth perfectly at height with his cock, and she wasted no further time before swallowing his rod all the way down to the root. The woman really knew how to make love to a dick as she held just the head and frenulum in her mouth, again swirling her tongue around them, then grabbed his balls and the base in her left hand while stroking the rest of the shaft with her right.

“You really should teach this to Kendall,” Mark heard himself say, having no idea what prompted the remark. He felt the vibration of her chuckle on his penis.

In a surprising move, Donna, her mouth still firmly affixed to his cock, reached around him latching on to his ass cheeks amatör porno pulling him to her, then pushing him back, basically having him fuck her mouth. She kept this up until he got the idea. When he did, it was because this felt so good that he held her head on either side to continue pumping on his own. Able to multitask, she made sure her tongue was still working on the inside while she used her hands to pull his pants and underwear all the way down to his ankles, making it obvious that she had more planned.

Knowing that she wouldn’t let him stop until she considered them finished, and not certain he really wanted to stop, he assisted by halting his thrusting and stepping out of his shoes, pants and drawers. Grabbing the back of her head with his left hand to resume thrusting, he used his right to yank his shirt up and over his head.

Now that Mark was free of all clothes, Donna pulled his cock from her mouth and sucked on his balls, fitting his entire scrotum in her mouth. She then shook her head from side to side. It felt fantastic. Wow, this woman knew some tricks.

Following that, Donna pulled Mark down to his knees and lay back on her vanity stool with her legs spread. She tugged on his cock to direct him toward her waiting pussy. But he really didn’t need that hint.

The bench really was not long enough for Donna to lie on so she had to awkwardly use her arms to hold her upper body up. Uncomfortable as it was, the feel of his hard cock sliding in made it all tolerable. But only for a short while.

Even Mark could see that the position was not working. He tried to keep his thrusts gentle, but even then she was having a difficult time. Then an idea occurred to him, so he pulled her up, turned her around, and bent her over the stool on her stomach. The bench was pliable enough that she was essentially on her hands and knees with her mid-section resting on it. He then got behind her and did her doggy-style.

“Good thinking!” Donna commented.

Mark was now able to drill with firm, steady strokes. Donna’s moans were confirmation that it was working. Then it occurred to him instead of pumping back and forth, he pivoted his hips in a circular motion. He felt his glans rotating around her interior vaginal wall.

“Oh, yes,” Donna cried. “Keep that up!”

So, he did. And minutes later, he could hear her breathing quicken and her moans intensify.

Through clenched teeth, Mark heard Donna urge him: “Yeah, fuck me, Mark. Give it to me.”

Again, he did, pounding her hard.

“That’s it! I’m gonna come,” she huffed. “Come with me. Come in me.”

Mark wanted to—badly. But he had a concern. “What if you have sex with my dad later? You’ll have my semen in you.”

“Wouldn’t that be wicked?” Donna said, excitedly. And the thought of George fucking her with Mark’s cum in her pussy pushed her over the edge. She came and came hard. But she kept pushing against him wanting him to shoot in load in her. “Don’t worry. It would all be gone by then.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. Now, come!”

It had been hard holding out anyway, so he let it go, blasting her vagina with a heavy load of white, creamy semen. He kept pumping until he was finished, but it forced what he was shooting into her out. It dripped down her legs and onto his balls. Finally, he stopped and pulled out.

Donna sat up, facing Mark. “You are good, boy!” She pressed her lips to his, kissing him passionately while she grabbed his dick and smeared the residual cum all over, even rubbing his tool against her abdomen. She then stood, grabbed a washcloth off the counter and handed it to him. “Here, clean yourself off.” She got back in the tub to do the same. “Go into the kitchen and take the pack of pork chops out of the frig. Get the big pot from under the stove, fill it with water and start it boiling for the potatoes. I’ll be out in a minute.”

* * *

Kendall wished she had known this morning that George was going to pick her up after her Graduation meeting so she could have dressed a little more alluringly. There was nothing she could do about her jeans, but she unbuttoned a couple more buttons on her shirt to display a good amount of cleavage. She wasn’t certain what was prompting her to do this, except that she recalled the picnic a week and a half ago and still wanted to sample that big cock of his. She toyed with the idea of attempting to seduce him during the drive home, but when she got into his SUV, she realized there wasn’t time nor probably was this the place. However, she was certain that if it didn’t happen before, after he and her mother were married, at some point, the opportunity would present itself.

“Thanks for picking me,” Kendall offered by way of greeting. She noticed him eyeing her cleavage.

“Happy to do it,” he returned. “Besides, it will give us a chance to talk.”

“Oh? Was there something you wanted to discuss?” She asked curiously.

“Yes, I wanted to ask you myself how anal porno you really felt about your mom and I getting married.”

Kendall wanted to ask if it really mattered, but she knew that would have been rude. And since Mark had solved their dilemma, she was actually growing more comfortable with the idea, particularly if they found the right house. “I’m totally in favor of it, George. My mother deserves to be happy and she’s happier than I’ve ever seen her.”

“I’m glad you feel that way. I want you to know that I’m not just marrying your mother, I’m taking on a wife and a daughter. I never had a daughter and always wanted one. I’m going to try to be the father you never had and I hope you’ll be the daughter I never had.”

Kendall was actually touched by his words. She hadn’t expected such raw emotion. “Wow, George, I don’t know what to say, except that I agree.”

“And I’m glad you and Mark are getting along so well. That made the decision to marry your mother so much easier.”

“I know he’s only a couple of months older than me, but he’ll be the big brother I never had. I always wanted a big brother to look out for me, and he even started the job early.” I also always wanted a big brother to fuck, she wanted to say.

“Even though he has decided to go up north to college, I want you to know that whatever you want to do is fine with me. I mean, we’re not going to talk you into going away to college so we can be alone. If you want to stay here and go locally, that’s perfectly okay.”

“Thanks, George. I appreciate you saying that, but to tell you the truth, I’ve been thinking lately of going to school up north also.”

“Oh, really? Did Mark talk you into that?”

“Not at all,” she lied. “But he’s so smart I thought it would be helpful to have him around to maybe tutor me when I needed it. We even talked about getting and apartment together to help you and mom save some money.”

“Wow. I’m impressed. That’s sounds like a workable idea. I guess it also means you and Mark have gotten closer than I thought.”

His last statement frightened Kendall. Was he hinting at something, fishing, or just making a casual observation? She didn’t know how to respond or even if to say something. She tried one of her mother’s disarming techniques and reached her hand inside her shirt as though to scratch an itch, but really to call attention to her breasts, which he had been stealing glances at throughout the drive. It seemed to work, but still, she felt something verbal was called for. Shrugging for effect, she said, “As I said, he’s becoming the big brother I always wanted.”

George simply nodded, and fortunately, pulled into her driveway at the same time.

* * *

They found Mark and Donna in the kitchen preparing dinner. The two had brushed against one another a time or two in the small confines of the cooking area, and he could have seen it leading to other things if they hadn’t already satisfied each other, not that that would have stopped them if George and Kendall—or really just George—was not coming home.

George came into the kitchen and kissed Donna adoringly on the lips. Kendall wished she could have done the same thing with Mark, and hoped that such an opportunity would present itself later.

During dinner, George revealed that he had secured a reputable real estate agent to handle the sale of both houses as well as searching for an appropriate new dwelling for them. Donna reported that she had arranged for a reception hall and judge to perform the ceremony and gave the available dates. All decided that the earliest time was most desirable so she would book them for two and one-half weeks hence. The women decided they needed to go shopping Saturday for outfits while the men would begin prepping their home as a temporary residence for the family until a new abode could be found. They would also find a suitable storage facility for Donna’s and Kendall’s furniture. Once they were ready to move into a new home the four would decide whose things to keep.

Throughout the evening, as with last night, Kendall kept hoping for an opportunity for her and Mark to be alone. Last night it never happened. Fortunately, tonight the parents were taking inventory of furniture, so while they were in the bedrooms, she was able to plant a deliciously amorous kiss on his lips. He gave back what he received.

“So, what did you and mom do?” Kendall asked.

Mark couldn’t decide how she might react if he told the truth, and even though he felt bad not being honest, he tried to remain vague. “Oh, you know, we had an exchange.”

“About what?”

He shrugged. “Whatever popped up.”

“Nothing specific?”

“She wanted to know how I really felt about the marriage. I told her I was in favor of it. She wanted to be able to take over where my mom left off, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.” He gave Kendall a look. “Then she said you told her what my mom had taught me and we talked about that.”

“I figured after Friday night and Saturday morning there was nothing left to hide.”

“Mmmhmm. What about you and my dad?”

“Pretty much the same, except he told me that if I wanted to stay at home to go to college he had no problem with that.” She became hesitant.

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