In Public Ch. 03


Jeff sat waiting patiently in the waiting room of Bruce’s office, his boyfriend was dealing with a client at the moment. He smiled and waved as Ginny, Bruce’s secretary, went off to lunch, telling her that he just had something to drop off and he’d probably be gone by the time she came back. Of course, he probably wouldn’t be, but he didn’t want her to know what he’d be doing in there either!

The door opened and Bruce came out, leading another man. With a special smile at his partner, Bruce walked past him, talking genially to the client and leading him to the door. They shook hands and Bruce opened the door for him, ushering him out into the hall.

Turning back to his partner, they grinned at each other in anticipation… this was definitely something either of them had ever done before. That seemed to be their new motto… trying something new. The pictures taken from their last escapade in the photo booth constantly revved them up, but of course they were now addicted to that energized high. They wanted that risk, the chance, that someone might walk in and catch them, no matter how unlikely. It fueled their passion to amazing heights, and made for some wonderful sex afterwards.

“Come on in,” Bruce said smiling, acting for all the world as if Jeff was just another client. Except, of course, that as soon as they were in the room he was pressing Jeff up against the door, locking it as they kissed passionately. Bruce pulled away, suggesting, “Why don’t you take me this time?”

Jeff’s eyes opened wide with pleasure and surprise… Bruce didn’t Etiler Escort like to catch very often, he tended to take the more dominant position, with Jeff’s complete consent and pleasure of course. But sometimes it was nice to try something new, and he loved it when Bruce decided to turn the tables. He nodded and pulled Bruce’s lips to his for another tender, passionate kiss; more gently than before and more loving rather than lustful.

“On the desk,” he said, his eyes lighting up with excitement. Bruce’s did too at the suggestion, and they moved towards the desk, shedding clothing as they went – just taking the time to get the lube from Jeff’s pocket. They pushed some of Bruce’s work out of the way so that Bruce could bend over the desk, his forearms resting on the wood.

Looking over his lover’s backside, Jeff caressed it lovingly, sliding the lube over his raging hard on. He kissed along Bruce’s back and shoulders, feeling his partner shudder beneath him; reaching around he began to caress Bruce’s dick and balls, fisting the long shaft. As his fist moved towards Bruce’s groin, he stepped forward and pressed his dick against Bruce’s ass, feeling his lover tighten for a moment as the bulbous head of his dick pressed against the tight hole. Both of them gasped as Jeff pushed in, it was the first time he’d ever done so without using a finger or two to get Bruce ready.

It was exquisitely tight, and Jeff’s hand tightened on Bruce’s dick in response. Although it hurt more than usual, it was also extremely erotic to have Jeff’s dick Escort Etiler be the first thing in his ass that day, without any of the usual workout. And he knew that they didn’t have time for that anyway, not with Ginny his secretary only out to lunch. His ass tightened as Jeff pushed in a little, and Jeff stopped the movement, letting Bruce adjust as his breath warmed Bruce’s back. Slowly he fisted Bruce’s dick, encouraging the pleasure response. As Bruce relaxed Jeff began to push in again, working himself slowly into Bruce’s tight ass, groaning in pleasure as he invaded the hot space.

Both of them groaned with Jeff hit bottom, Bruce resting his head on the desk. He was unaccustomed to “catching” most of the time, but it was enjoyable when he did. Moaning, he pushed his hips back towards Jeff as the dick in his ass began to pull out, wanting to feel it back inside him. A sharp cry as Jeff pushed back in, his hand pulling on Bruce’s dick, pulling Bruce’s hips back towards him as he plunged forward.

They both gasped and panted as Jeff began a steady rhythm of thrusting, his hand moving on Bruce’s dick in time to their movements. It hit Bruce that he was bent over his desk, with his boyfriend fucking him from behind, in his own office. He moaned at the eroticism of it. They moved together, Bruce getting more and more comfortable and opening himself wider to Jeff, with the effect that they began to move faster and more firmly.

Gasping, Bruce could feel his prostate being pressed against as the cum boiled in his balls, wanting to Etiler Escort Bayan spew out, almost like it was being pushed out of him by Jeff’s dick. He moaned, and then hastily stifled it as the heard the outer office door opening and the unmistakable sounds of Ginny returning to work.

“Keep going…” he whispered, not caring that his secretary was back in the outer office. He was so close…

Jeff gasped in surprise and pleasure that Bruce didn’t want to stop, and he moved quickly and firmly – although as quietly as possible – both of them trying to keep the noise of their pleasure down. His teeth gritted together as he slammed home into Bruce’s ass, feeling the tight confines ripple around him as Bruce’s dick pulsed in his hand, cum spurting out onto the clean wood of the desk. Gasping, he thrust one last time and felt Bruce’s ass clamp down, sucking the cum from his dick and into Bruce’s body.

Quietly he shuddered and then sagged over his lover’s panting body. Both of them felt incredibly dirty and erotic, knowing that Ginny was just a thin wall away.

“We should get some clothes on,” Bruce whispered, pushing his hips back and making Jeff sigh as his dick popped from Bruce’s ass. They used tissues to clean up the mess before they got dressed, exchanging kisses and caresses throughout the entire process. When they were both presentable Bruce walked Jeff out through the outer office, leading him to the door as they made up a conversation that may make Ginny think Jeff had stayed long for a reason.

But as Bruce turned around and walked back towards his office, he caught a sly little look and smile from his secretary that made him blush a deep red. Her smile got even wider and he picked up the pace back into his office, firmly closing the door, still blushing.

That had been an awful lot of fun.

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