In Pam’s Control Pt. 04


Thanks again for all the kind words! Pam and I take a long weekend in Atlantic City. It was the most erotic few days of our lives. I will try to describe the true events, as best I can. Enjoy!

After my first week as Pam’s slave husband, things got back to normal. Pam cooked and prepared the meals, cleaned the house, and did the laundry. I helped a bit, and was tempted to do more, but I held back. We had sex, but the intensity wasn’t the same as when she was my Mistress. We didn’t talk much about my ‘slave week’, although she kidded me about it. We finally had a long talk one night, over dinner, at the Tribeca Grille.

“Scott, did I fulfill some of your fantasies last week?”

“You were incredible Pamela! In my wildest dreams, I never thought you would dominate me like that. You made me do things, I never imagined.”

“Like what?” Pam said slyly.

“Like what…are you kidding? How about putting a butt plug up my ass? How about tasting my seaman, and dressing in panties for your best friend while I massaged her feet, and if that wasn’t enough, you made me buy the New York Times!” we both laughed.

“I want our special weeks to be perfect. That’s why I researched so much. I never want to go too far, and screw up our marriage.”

“Let me ask you something Pam, and promise to answer truthfully.”

Pam raised her right hand, as if she was a court witness.

“I will, my Scott.”

“I noticed you were always so wet during our encounters. Was it a turn on for you being my Mistress?”

Pam turned a bit red, sipped her drink, and said,

“Totally… When we started, I was only doing it for you, but as we went on, I couldn’t believe the rush I was getting! Looking at the web sites, I realized it is a common fantasy, and you truly enjoy it all. I then decided to enjoy it myself. What wife in the world would not love being treated like a queen? Once I got over the fact that the bitchier and more demanding I was, the more you loved it, I was wet all the time.”

I leaned over the table and tongue kissed her deeply.

“It’s hard to explain. The humiliation aspect of it is amazing. When you have me in that deep sub zone, I would do anything to please you. It’s not so much as what I do; it’s that you are making me do it. Do you get what I’m saying?”

Pam smiled, and nodded her head.

“I get you loud and clear Scotty, and trust me; next month is going to be awesome, or awesomer, if that’s a word. I just want you to know, that if something is happening, and you are not ok with it, give me a secret sign or something, so I will stop.”

I smiled as she looked so cute sitting there.

“I don’t fore see that happening, but if it makes you feel better…the word is ‘Lexus.”

“Lexus it is, and if you are chicken enough to use it, I might start you on spankings.”

“Lexus,” I called out, as we both laughed.

We went home and had our clothes off before we hit the bedroom. She rode me like a wild stallion. I guess all that talk stoked our fires.

I wanted Pam’s birthday to be special. There was this ad in a neighborhood news paper that interested me. It was a guy name Jason, who was a physical therapist who also gave ‘exotic’ massages. In the ad, he claimed he would travel for in home massages. I thought it would be hot for Pam to get a massage, on her birthday in Atlantic City in our hotel room. So I called Jason, and asked him about his services. He was a bit vague (as if he couldn’t talk) so we decided to meet for a drink.

He lived in Brooklyn, and we met at a local bar down town. He was a nice looking guy about 28, with a surfer type look about him. After some small talk, I asked him about his ad.

“I am a masseuse, and I have my own table with oils, and music. My hands are trained to please the human body.” He said assuring.

“That’s great Jason, but where does ‘exotic’ come in?” I asked.

“I can finish a woman off with my hands, mouth or cock if that is what’s desired.”

He said it, as if he knew what I wanted to hear. He went on to say that he is married, and disease and drug free. He is a New York City fireman. He started about 6 months ago, and has had good experiences. His fee was $200 an hour.

I told him it was my wife Pam’s birthday, and we were going to Atlantic City next weekend. I wanted him to give her a ‘in room’ massage. I also said,

“I don’t know how Pam will react if you sexually touch her.”

“It’s all cool. If she protests in any way, I am gone. I think I understand what you’re going for.”

“What’s that?’ I asked

“I assume you will be present during her massage, correct?”

“Yes,” I said

“So you want to get off watching me please her.” He said it quite naturally.

“I guess you understand it all.”

I then showed him a picture of Pam, and he said,

“Man, I would massage her for free. In fact, I would pay you to massage her!”

We both laughed, and spent some time talking with a couple of drinks. He was a down to earth guy, who I trusted completely. I made arrangements with manisa escort him, and the stage was set.

Pam thought it best if I didn’t cum for a week before our Atlantic City trip. She knew I would be more submissive that way. We both took off from work on Monday, and we would leave on Friday night. She was packed when I got home from work on Friday. She had two large suit cases and her make up bag ready to go. She kissed me when I walked through the door.

“Go and pick yourself out one of my worn panties from the hamper, put it on, and pack the car. You are mine for a whole week. Make sure to pack your butt plug, and my pocket rocket. Go now.”

“Yes Mistress…” I began my second week as Pam’s slave.

The ride to AC was traffic free. Pam sat in the front seat teasing me with her feet anytime we stopped. She wore tight black jeans, with a white low cut blouse. Her three inch open toe sandals were worshiped at every red light. Our windows are slightly tinted, so Pam made sure my window was down while I kissed her feet. More than a few witnessed our play, including two teenage girls, who were laughing and honking at us. My humiliation began.

Pam made sure she was sitting in the back of the car when we pulled up to the Borgata valet parking. She got out and walked straight to the entrance, while I gave our bags and car keys to the porter. They asked me if I was her chauffeur, and I said

“No, I am just her husband” as both attendants laughed.

I met her at the check in desk, and we were able to get a suite on the third floor.

“I am going to have a drink at one of the bars. I want you to un pack the bags, and put all my clothes and shoes away properly. Call me when you are finished.”

“Yes Mistress Pamela.”

She walked away as if she owned the place, as I was followed by a porter to my suite. The room was quite plush. It had a small living room area with a 60 inch TV hanging on the wall, including sofa, and table. The bed was king size, and the bathroom was enormous. Including large jet bath, a separate make up table, and stand up shower. Everything was marble, and well appointed.

When I opened Pam’s bags, I noticed she had been shopping. Tags were still on her ‘very little black dress’, to go along with her ‘very, very little red one.’ I hung them up with her sequined pink gown that had a split on the side, up to her hips. My cock was rock hard as I placed all her lingerie, in separate drawers. She brought four pairs of shoes, all super sexy, including the pair I bought her with the six inch heel. Pam also packed her white bikini; the hotel has a water club and spa. I brought a bottle of wine, and put it on ice.

I called Pam and told her everything was in order.

“Meet me at the bar.” She said, with loud music in the back ground.

“Which bar are you at Mistress?”

“You figure it out.” And she hung up.

The Borgata is the finest hotel in AC. It has a variety of clubs and restaurants. As I searched for her, I listened for music. Pam loves to dance (something I never like to do) and finally I found her, on the dance floor of a dark neon lit club. She was on the dance floor shaking and grooving with the music. There was a DJ spinning tunes, from a balcony above. I took a seat at the bar and watched as guys were hovering around her. She was bumping and grinding with a couple of guys, and my cock started to grow. The next thing I knew, she was being escorted to a private both. The both had a red entrance rope, and a large bottle of vodka encased in ice. Inside there were three guys and another female. We had been there a little over an hour, and she made new friends. I ordered a double Gentleman Jack, and my cell rang.

“Enjoying your self?” it was Pam.

“You know I love to watch you dance Mistress, but who are those people?”

“Relax my love; I am just having a bit of fun. Do you want me to leave?”

I was jealous and angry, but once again my cock over ruled my feelings.

“No Mistress, I will be here when needed.” I couldn’t believe I said that!

“Does watching Mistress flirting with other guys turn Scotty on…are you hard in my panties right now?”

“I must admit, I am Mistress.” I whispered.

“Good boy.” Pam said as she moved closer to the group.

Pam hung up, and I saw one of the guys pour her what looked to be a martini. One night we were out, and after two Martini’s Pam was totally sloshed, and she swore never to drink them again. I watched her sitting there sipping the martini, with her legs crossed, and shoe dangling. Her ankle chain was reflecting colored lights, as she laughed and chatted away. What really got me going, was watching one of the guys light her cigarette. She hasn’t smoked for years! I gulped down my bourbon, and ordered another.

The DJ started playing a popular rap song, that’s on the radio all the time. I am more into rock, and don’t know the name of it. The entire place was on the dance floor now, including Pam. I could tell the martini was working its magic, mavişehir escort because Pam was really shaking it! One of the guys, very tall, and with an athletic built, appeared to be about 30, was dancing alone with Pam. He was grinding her from behind, and she met his grind by squatting up and down. He was certainly rubbing his crotch against her ass, and Pam was enjoying it. At another point in the song, she had both her arms resting on his shoulders, as he had his hands on her hips. I couldn’t tell for sure, but it looked like he was rubbing her pussy with his crotch. The song was over, and they all went back to the private booth, and Pam continued to sip her drink and her dancing partner sat a bit closer, with his arm around her. I was torn between dragging Pam out of there, and watching my beautiful wife flirt. I ordered another drink. Pam then left the table, and went toward the ladies room. My cell rang again.

“Is Scotty still hard, or is he mad at Mistress?”

“I’m a little mad… but very hard Mistress.”

“That’s good, because Mistress is very wet knowing you’re watching me in your little panties.”

“You are driving me crazy” I panted.

“Should I stop now, or does my slave husband want to see more?” she purred.

“I want you to do as you wish, Mistress. I have total faith in you.”

“Go up to the room, and put your butt plug in. Then you may continue watching Mistress.”

She hung up, and I walked briskly toward the elevator. I made my way to our suite, and pulled out the butt plug. I pulled down my lavender bikini panties, and with a little help from baby oil, slipped it up my ass. It still was difficult walking, but I was feeling loose, from the bourbon.

When I got back to the bar, Pam’s dancing friend still had one arm around her, and was pouring her another martini with the other. Pam was sitting with her legs crossed, and her back straight (her breasts were quite perky) She was holding up a cigarette in an elegant manner. She seemed mesmerized by what ever he was saying.

I evaluated my situation. Here I was sitting at a bar alone, with panties on, and a butt plug up my ass…watching my intoxicated sexy wife with another guy. I must be insane. But the fact of the matter is… I was totally turned on, and in sub heaven.

The rest of the group got up to dance, leaving Pam and her friend alone in the booth. They seemed even closer now, and Pam was sitting a bit tilted towards him. It was dark, and a lone candle shed light around them. His hand was now behind her neck, as he moved in slowly to kiss her. I could not believe what I was seeing. When his lips were close to hers, she lifted her hand to his mouth, and stopped him. I was in the midst of Cumming and having a heart attack! Pam then got up slowly, shook his hand, and walked away.

I gulped my drink, as she walked toward me. I was sitting on a stool, and she stood between my legs and deeply tongue kissed me. Her dancing friend was left in the booth in a daze.

“I need to have my pussy licked Scotty, lets go.” She ordered.

Pam walked ahead, and I followed her in awe, watching her ass sway all the way to the elevator. We got in, and she coolly freshened up her lipstick. I was still in shock. When we entered our suite, Pam put down her purse and said,

“You will treat this room as our home. I want you only in panties while we are here. Now strip.”

I took off my pants and shirt, and sported a hard on breaking through my panties.

“Good choice Scotty, I like lavender on you… It is time to put your tongue to work.”

I got to my knees and took her shoes off, licking and kissing each foot, as she told me how sweaty they were from dancing. I then peeled off her black jeans, and kissed my way to her crotch.

“May I taste you Mistress?’ I pled.

“You were a very good slave husband tonight. You may sniff my panties, and then I will decide.”

I put my nose to her white thong, and inhaled deeply. She was filled with aroma.

“Steven made me very wet tonight, rubbing his hard cock against my pussy and ass. Can you smell my juices?” she moaned.

I guess the guys name was Steven, and she was indeed very wet.

“Yes Mistress, you smell intoxicating.” I muffled.

Pam moved to the bed, and lay on her back with her knees bent. I remained on my knees waiting for instruction.

“Did you like watching me with Steven tonight?”

“Yes and No Mistress…I had mixed emotions.”

“Come here and stand next to me” she demanded.

She stroked my cock a couple of times, and gathered some pre cum. She then placed it on her pussy lips.

“Come up here and service my pussy and ass with your tongue, you can now taste my juices mixed with cream, and imagine its Stevens… Thank me for not sucking his cock, and fucking him tonight. I would have left you at the bar, and brought him up here…in our suite… while you stayed at the bar in your panties and butt plug wondering what I was doing. I want your tongue now!”

I scrambled menderes escort to her pussy, pulling down her panties, and slowly licked and sucked her nectar. It was a bit bitter, from the long day she had, and my man juice, but some how the bitterness was the sweetest I ever tasted. I paused now and then saying,

“I thank you Mistress, for not fucking Steven.”

I lifted her ass, and my tongue found her hole,

“I thank you Mistress, for allowing me to worship your ass… and not fucking Steven.”

My tongue was deep inside her ass hole, and the bitter taste made me want to go deeper. She was screaming in orgasm, as I continued my assault. She clamped her legs around my head, and came in buckets all over my face. I think she even peed a bit, and I licked that up too. I lay there with my face covered,

“You have pleased me with your tongue tonight. What do you say?”

“Thank you Mistress, for letting me lick my cream from your pussy…and Thank you for not fucking and sucking Steven tonight.”

“You are welcome. Tomorrow morning, I expect my tea ready in the morning. Since it is my birthday, I will spend most of the day at the spa. Before I go, you are to shave my pussy bare. Do you understand?”

“It will be an honor to shave you there Mistress.”

“Good, now go clean up, and remove your butt plug. I don’t want to be disturbed until noon tomorrow.”

“Yes Mistress…and thank you for not fucking and sucking Steven tonight.”

Part four…chapter two

We both slept soundly. I got up early, and took a nice hot shower. I found Pam’s still very wet white thong, and wore it under my jeans. In the hotel lobby, I found a Star Bucks, and got some coffee for myself and tea for Pam. While down there I played roulette, and placed $20 on Pam’s birthday, number 3. Sure enough it came in, and I won $700! I went back to the suite with a smile on my face.

Pam woke about 11, and thankfully her tea was still hot. She sat on the bed rubbing her tired eyes, with her blonde hair going in different directions. She was gorgeous none the less. As she sipped her tea, I sung happy birthday to her, and told her about my winnings.

“If you want to cum this weekend, it would be a nice gesture for you to go over to my bag, and put the money in it.” She smiled.

I did as I was told.

“Good boy Scotty. Money makes Mistress happy.”

She rubbed my naked ass in her thong, and rolled her fingers in the waist band.

“Call up the spa, and reserve me a one o’clock appointment. I want a hot rock massage, and a facial. Oh and Scotty, make the reservation under Mistress Pamela.” She giggled.

“But Mistress, I ordered a special birthday in room massage for you. I wanted to surprise you.” I said a bit worried.

“Come here and give Mistress a kiss. My slave husband is so thoughtful.”

I kissed her lips, and she asked me what time her masseuse was coming, and I told her about six.

“Good, I will just enjoy a facial, and relax in the sauna. I might even have my hair done. You may now shave your Mistresses pussy.”

I went in the bathroom and soaked a cloth in hot water. My razor was new, and I got Pam’s pink shaving gel. She sat up on the bed with her legs slightly parted.

“Be careful my love, it would not be wise to nick Mistresses pussy.”

I put the hot towel on her, and moved it slowly over her pubic hair. She was very well trimmed to begin with. I then spurted some cream on her, and began her shave.

“Scott, would you be a doll and get me a cigarette from my bag?”

She knew her casually smoking; while I serviced her would be a turn on.

I got her the Marlboro, and she held it in her lips while I lit it. She blew smoke in my face and said,


Pam was driving me nuts, sitting like a queen smoking, while I carefully shaved her pussy.

“Steven was good enough to buy me cigarettes last night. You remember Steven, don’t you?” she was blowing smoke up in the air.

“Yes Mistress, I do.”

“I think he would like a cleaned shaved pussy. So make sure you do a good job.”

She was feeding my submissiveness and knew it.

“Yes, I will Mistress.”

I was again in sub heaven, imagining shaving her pussy for another guy. Or was I imaging?

I carefully shaved around her lips, and her pussy was now totally smooth. She then opened her legs wide.

“Make sure you shave around my ass hole, he might want to explore there.”

I put a couple of pillows under her hips, to raise her ass for me. The sight of her bald pussy and her pink rosebud so close to my face almost made me cum.

I shaved inside her crack, and spread her cheeks to get inside. My nose and face were less than an inch from her beauty, and her aroma was breath taking.

“When you are finished, you may kiss my ass hole once, and thank me”

When I was finished, I planted a wet tongue kiss in her hole, and she let out a low gasp.

“Thank you Mistress Pamela for letting me shave your pussy and your ass, and thank you for not fucking and sucking Steven last night.”

Pam was pleased. She had me rub some lotion on her pussy, and up her ass. I never saw her totally shaved, and it was a turn on. She then had me dress her in that white bikini, and a floral rap around her hips. She pulled back her hair, and applied red lipstick.

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