In Hot Water


This had been the day from hell. Everything that could do wrong, did. I just wanted this day to be soooo over. I came in the back door, stepping out of those murderous high heels, padding through the house in my stocking feet to my bedroom. I closed the door quietly behind me and stepped out of my skirt and pulled my sweater over my head. I sank down on the bed still wearing my thigh high stockings, panties and bra and laid back to relax, feeling some of the day’s tension start to loosen.

I ran my hands down my thighs, liking the silky feeling of the stockings against my legs and the palms of my hands. No wonder men find stockings so erotic, that felt very nice. My hand traveled upward and traced the outline of my pussy through the panties. MMMMMM, immediately I felt my clit start to swell and push against the panties. My nipples began to harden too and rub against the bra. I can see right now what I need and that I’m wearing way too many clothes. I pull off my panties and bra and sit up on the bed to peel off the stockings.

But wait, I know what would really feel good, a nice hot water massage on that clit and these swollen Büyükçekmece escort bayan nipples. A little masturbation in the shower is just what I need to put this day out of my mind. Walking naked into the bathroom, one hand already massaging my tingling clit, I open the shower door and turn on the water, adjusting the temperature to nice and hot, just like me. One last stop, to pick up my big black dildo, and I’m ready to go.

I lean back against the wall of the shower, letting the hot water spray me full on the body. Hot rivulets of water stinging my nipples, running down my stomach, cascading over my plump and hardening clit. Got to get everything all nice and clean before the real action starts so I squirt a liberal amount of body wash in the palm of one hand and start massaging it into my body. Soon my whole body is slick with soapy bubbles. I want everything nice and clean so I slip a soapy finger into that tight hot little pussy hole and fuck myself with those bubbles. I have to do the same with that pink little asshole too. In and out goes a slick soapy finger a few times and that Escort Çatalca feels oh so good to get nice and clean.

Preliminaries over, I’m more than ready for the main event. I take my big thick black dildo and make sure it is nice and soapy too. First I start by rubbing it against my quivering nipples. Of course it only takes one hand to stroke my nipples, which leaves the other hand free to go back to massaging my throbbing clit. MMMMMMM this feels so good that I find myself on the verge of cumming already, so I have to stop and take a few long deep breaths because I don’t want this to end too soon. I think I need a little soothing water on my tight little ass too, so I put the dildo down for a minute and turn around. I lean against the shower wall and my nipples rub hard against the wall as my titties flatten against it. I take both hands and spread my cheeks, letting the full force of the water hit my juicy booty crack and tight little hole. Oh YES just what the doctor ordered.

Now I’m ready to continue. I think I will sit on the floor of the shower and fuck myself with this cock while that Esenler escort water runs all down my body. I sit down and spread my long legs wide, bracing my feet up in the air against the other wall of the shower. My pussy is facing the shower spray and it is teasing my clit to a hard swollen nub of passion. I spread my pussy lips and start working the dildo deep into my hole. Between my natural juices and the soapy dildo it is sliding in very nicely. I have it buried now deep in my pussy. Holding the end of the dildo with one hand, I start stoking it in and out slowly while I start fingering my clit with the other hand. Wow that is awesome. The water feels like a thousand fingers caressing my body as I start working the dildo harder and faster. The finger on my clit picks up the pace to match and soon my whole body is throbbing to the rhythm.

My head is thrown back in ecstasy as I fuck myself toward orgasm. Faster and harder, my heart is pounding against my chest. My feet are pushing against the wall as all my muscles tighten. My engorged clit is fully extended and welcoming every stroke of my finger tip. My pussy clinches against the dildo, fighting to draw it in deeper until finally in an orgasmic crescendo of pleasure everything explodes at once and I am moaning ‘oh my god’ over and over. The force of the cum pushes the dildo out and leaves me breathless and stunned on the floor on the shower.

What a great way to end a day from hell…

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