I Took a Licking


I started out having sex with dogs at a fairly young age and quite by accident. We’d always had dogs when I was a kid and my mom’s favorite breed was the dachshund. The one who introduced me to the joys of sex was named Buddy, a fat black and brown sausage of a dog who loved to lick. He always slept in my bed with me and had a habit of burrowing under the covers to keep warm during the winter months.

One night when I was in my early teens (probably 13 or 14) I woke up to a sensation I’d never felt before. I felt Buddy’s soft fur brushing against my legs and his wet tongue was working its way up my thighs. I never wore underwear to bed and, by the time I was fully awake, Buddy had wiggled under my nightgown and started licking my pussy. I was young enough that it didn’t occur to me that this was a bad thing. All I knew was it felt good, REALLY good, and I didn’t want him to stop.

I wanted to see what he was doing, so I pulled the covers back and there he was with his whole body between my legs and his head buried under my nightgown. I opened my legs wider and he pushed his pointy snout in further, bumping my clit with his nose as he dug his tongue in deeper, licking furiously at my tender snatch. I wiggled and moaned as his tongue ran up and down my slit from ass to clit. He would occasionally lunge at me to dig into my hole like he was trying to fuck şişli escort me with his whole face.

I’d never felt anything so good in my life! Sure, I’d rubbed my pussy and even finger fucked myself a few times, but nothing had ever felt as good as that hot wet doggy tongue licking up and down my pussy over and over again. The more Buddy licked, the wetter I got and he was soon trying to dig his tongue deeper into my hole to get all the cream he could. I reached down and pulled apart my pussy lips to give him better access and he went nuts, seeming to try to get his whole snout buried in my teenage cunt.

It didn’t take long for that concentrated licking to make me cum. His nose bumped against my clit a few more times while he shoved his tongue deep into my hole and I came all over his hairy face. He kept right on licking to clean up all my juices until I had to shove him away because I was too sensitive down there.

Buddy came wiggling up to the head of the bed, licking his chops with his tail wagging. That’s when I noticed the pointy tip of his cock was poking out of its sheath. Since he’d made me cum I thought it was only fair that I help him out, so I rolled him over on his back and started playing with his cock. As I fondled him and massaged his sheath, the more his cock came out of hiding. He wasn’t a big dog and didn’t have a big cock – maybe four inches or so when fully extended and quite slender. I made an “o” with my thumb and finger and slid them up and down his slimy prick and soon he was hunching his furry hips and fucking fingers like mad. Didn’t take him long to cum either and he shot hot doggy all over my hand.

That was the beginning of a wonderful relationship with Buddy. He turned me into a ragingly horny teenager and, more often than not, I’d have him eat me out til I came before going to sleep at night. He was a good dog to experiment with because he was small and non-threatening. He never seemed to tire of licking my pussy and he even seemed to enjoy digging his tongue into my asshole when I held my cheeks open for him. I never had to coax him with peanut butter or anything. All I’d have to do was bring him up on the bed with me, open my legs and he’d dive right in.

Most nights after he licked me til I came, I’d jack him off. But his cock was also the first one I ever sucked. I was fascinated by the smooth heat of it and decided one night I wanted to see what it tasted and felt like in my mouth. I put him in his usual position of laying on his back and I laid down next to him with his cock right by my face. I massaged his sheath until his cock fully extended and leaned down to touch the tip of my tongue to the tip of his prick. I was afraid it would taste bad, but found out there wasn’t a lot of taste to it at all. Kind of salty, but not bad. Buddy’s hips twitched and he whined a little as I licked up and down his skinny little prick. Then I wrapped my hand around the base, pointed it at my mouth and slid my lips over the end. Buddy went absolutely crazy! His doggy hips went wild, hunching up and down, fucking his cock into my mouth as fast as he could. Like I mentioned before, his dick wasn’t very big and not all that long, so there was no chance I’d choke. And to be honest, it was exciting having my face fucked like that with so much enthusiasm. I let him plunge in and out of my mouth until I was taking the whole thing right down to the small knot at the base. The whole time he was fucking there were little spurts of pre-cum flowing over my tongue and I swallowed it as best I could. After a few minutes, Buddy yipped and blew a huge load of dog cum down my throat. For such a small dog he sure could spew out a lot of cum. I swallowed most of it, but some of it escaped and dripped down my chin. Made me feel good to know I’d given him so much pleasure.

I enjoyed my time with Buddy, but eventually my family ended up having to move to where we couldn’t have a dog and we gave him to my aunt. I’ll always wonder if she discovered his talented tongue. Since then I’ve had the pleasure of experimenting with many other dogs and I hope to post more of my stories in the future.

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