I Thought I was Up For It Pt. 02


There I was, laying on the bed, my sweat yellowing the white sheets. My head was craned awkwardly to stare behind me, incredulous at what stood before me.

It was Clark: a glorious, sweat-shimmering adonis, gently spreading a thick glob of lube over his erect penis. He wasn’t looking at me anymore, instead, his gaze was at his own member, which he was gently caressing and preparing.

“Wha—what are doing?” I asked, my own hand sliding down toward my pussy, which already felt tender and sore. Clark’s gaze flickered up to me, and he smiled, dimples peeking out.

“Well darling,” he said, placing down the bottle of lube and beginning to lean forward onto the bed, “it’s like this.”

He slowly began to crawl onto the bed, and I watched in something of a post-sex stupor as his manhood swung toward me. Like a cat stalking its prey, he approached me carefully; cautiously. When his face was just centimeters from mine, his eyes roved over it, examining my lips, my nose, my eyes. I began to feel the heat rising in my face, the intensity of his examination bringing back that hot spotlight from the cab. He leaned in closer.

“It’s like this,” he whispered again, placing his thumb on my lip and dragging it across gently. His chocolate eyes met mine.

“I just can’t get enough of you.”

I closed my eyes as his words washed over me, and at the same time, his lips met mine. Gently, softly, his lips massaged mine open. His head tilted gently to the right and mine matched it on the left, marrying our mouths together. His tongue began to circle the outside of my upper lip, darting forward to tease it gently, then disappearing as his lips replaced it with delicate, deep kisses.

This kiss was different than the first—it was slow, steady. There was a new familiarity between us, one that was christened with the heat of what we had just shared. As his tongue met mine, it was gentle, but this time, with a simmering desire to go deeper than before. He began to intensify each contact, touching me only with his lips, but using them so deftly that I felt as if my whole body was being sucked on, licked and adored.

I felt my pussy beginning to melt and swell again, preparing herself to welcome his cock once more. As his tongue penetrated and flirted with my lips, my womb clenched with unexpected need—thirst.

What in the heavens is this, I thought nervously. Having had no time to recover or clean up, no time to intellectualize, no time to glance at myself in a mirror, I was shocked by the way I was responding. My heart rate was climbing again, and my hands had found their way around Clark’s face, pulling his face against mine.

The kiss was working some magic on me. The way his tongue explored, gently rolling around mine—the way his lips and mouth moved, knowing when to pull away, when to push, when to suck, when to nibble—he was as artful with this part of his body as he had been with the other, and the spell was binding me once more.

I began to moan as my pussy throbbed. The fire was reigniting in my abdomen, and I was certain I was up for a second round. So I wouldn’t walk tomorrow—big deal. As far as I was concerned, I could spend a lifetime in this bed, as long as he would fuck me deep into it this regularly.

“Clark,” I said, uttering his name between kisses.

“Mhm?” He breathed, his hand suddenly finding my neck and using it to guide my head closer.

“Clark,” I whispered again, not even sure of what I intended to say.

“What is it, baby?” He asked, kissing his way down my chin and across my collarbone.

“I want you.”

It was a simple statement, but I had never meant it more in my lifetime. I had the need to merge us together indefinitely. In that moment, time was of no concern. All that mattered was his body, and my body, becoming one. I wanted him to fill me in every possible way, and I trusted him to do so in a way that would please us both.

He paused, looking up at me from beneath his lashes.

“How much?”

The words hung in the air, as I looked back at him, stupefied. I smiled.

“All of you,” I replied, and I was pleased to see that my sassy attitude was resurfacing. With it, I felt a sense of power and control in the situation, Çankaya Escort which comforted me slightly as it made me feel I was on somewhat equal footing with him.

He chuckled, as if to brush my power aside. “Darling,” he began, pinching my left nipple tightly between his thumb and index figure. “You won’t be able to handle what I’m about to give you.”

A spike of pain shot through my breast, and my nerves tingled with pleasure at the sensation. I felt myself suddenly pop back into my body fully, the woozy buzz of orgasm fading away and that sharp awareness of need taking its place. With it, my need to challenge returned in full force.

“Give me everything you’ve got,” I purred, grabbing the hair at the back of his skull and pressing his lips to my breast. The last thing I saw before I closed my eyes were his dimples peeking out from his cheeks; a smile blooming on his face.

Clark licked my breast from base to nipple tip, gently sucking my left nipple, and then my right. He nibbled the base of my erect nipple, simultaneously shifting my body from its previous half-upright position to its back. I kept my eyes closed, feeling his tongue work circles around my nipple, which sent tingles through my breast and across my chest.

My breathing began to change as he gripped my left breast in his hand while sucking on my right nipple. His other hand worked its way through my hair, firmly gripping the top of my head. I was pinned beneath him, and the waves of pleasure began to roll.

Somehow, my cunt was responding to his tongue, which felt miles away. My breasts heaved in response to his touch, and my back, which wanted to arch but was instead restricted by the pressure of his hand, directed its pleasure downward. I could feel my wetness collecting again, dripping, moistening the lips of my pussy and migrating across my thighs.

“Mmm,” I moaned, my eyes rolling more deeply into the back of my head. His was sucking hard now, honoring each nipple with a wet massage of lips and tongue. I felt the ripples of sensation charge across my chest and up my neck, sending prickles of pleasure all the way up to my scalp.

Clark began to move downwards, his tongue drawing a wet trail from the center of my breasts down, across my belly button, toward the mound resting between my legs. I could feel every movement, and behind the blackness of my closed eyes, lights of many colors began to flash in synchronization with his touch.

I felt his tongue on my pussy, tasting the wetness there. I heard a murmur of approval, and then, his lips on my cunt lips, tasting, sucking, kissing. It was like my lips kissed him back, my whole body rocketing forward with electricity, desperately trying to draw itself closer to him.

As his tongue stimulated my clitoris and his hands gripped my thighs, my vagina started pulsing, throbbing. The attention to my flower had caused her to swell in anticipation, and the walls of my vagina were so plump with blood flow that I could feel them against each other, creating a tight crevice that was begging to be filled.

I wanted him inside me, desperately. I could feel a clitoral orgasm forming, but I knew it would be just a whisper of the pleasure that I had felt when he was deep against my cervix, a feeling so deep that it threatened to penetrate my very soul.

As the orgasm began to race toward its peak, I felt his tongue disappear. Before my eyes could frantically flash open to survey the situation, it was back—tracing a line past my clit, past my opening, and further south—to my asshole.

This wasn’t the first time I had silently thanked the gods for impeccable grooming habits, and I suspected it wouldn’t be the last. I had never had my asshole played with before, but I knew in the moments that he had briefly teased it earlier, I wanted him to.

Now, his tongue was right against it, working against the tight star with deliberate, expert strokes. I moaned loudly, and my body responded to the heat with a twitch.

“Mmm,” I sighed, and his tongue began to tease the opening of my asshole. The pressure was delicious, unlike any other sensation I’d felt today. The area was so sensitive that my pussy seemed Keçiören Escort to receive gratification from the touch, as well, flexing in response to his hot, wet tongue on my anus.

Clarks tongue disappeared again, and with it, my trance. I opened my eyes at last. “What ha—” I began to protest, before his face appeared again just above mine. His gaze was inescapably focused, so intense it almost frightened me.

“Can you handle it?” He asked breathlessly, and for the first time I realized how long he had been on my body. What had felt like seconds must have been much longer.

“Yes!” I replied urgently, eager for him to resume his work. I expected him to return to his position between my legs, but instead, he lifted me by an arm and a leg, much like a rag-doll, and rolled me onto my stomach.

He began to kiss my back, long, deep kisses that I could feel sliding through me, sending shivers all the way to the other side of my body. Before I could fully process what was happening, he was back at my asshole, but this time, with his hand.

It was that thumb again, now lubricated and wet, massaging in long, deep circles. His thumb was large—the size of it more than covered the width of my tiny anus. The stimulation was causing me to moan involuntarily, and a feeling of drunkenness was beginning to descend over me as I twitched and groaned.

I was alarmed to find my body trying to sink onto him—absorb his thumb into me. The unfamiliarly of anal stimulation had me wary, but there were forces in control beyond what my mind could comprehend. My body was in control now—and she wanted every orifice filled—to its brim.

Clark could read my body’s cry. His thumb began to push harder, pushing for entrance. I refused to battle it—my needs had won. In one swift movement, his lubricated thumb entered my ass. A squeal escaped me; the feeling was unlike any other I had ever felt.

As his thumb began to massage me from the inside, a guttural howl rumbled at the base of my throat. My asshole gripped his thumb tightly, feeling every ridge of skin and knuckle slide in and out rhythmically, his finger rolling back and forth in the clutch of my sphincter.

As he worked my asshole, warming it, stretching it, penetrating it, tears of pleasure began to form in my eyes. The sensation of being anally full was creeping up my abdomen like a thick tree root, and I felt as if I was full even in the deepest recesses of my belly. My nerves received the stimulation with such joy that the pleasure was like an electric shock, firing up my entire lower half, including my asscheeks, which his other hand was holding firmly.

When his thumb disappeared, I knew what was coming next. I felt the head of his penis between my cheeks, squared up against my throbbing asshole. My pussy, although right next door, had quieted, allowing all the attention to be placed between the crest of my asscheeks.

I sucked in a deep breath, wiping away the tear that had dripped down my cheek. Then, I grabbed a handful of sheets and braced myself as I felt his lubricated cock begin to push into my tight anus.

“Uuuummph,” I gasped as he pushed into me, slowly, gently. My anal hole resisted at first, sinking back against me, shying away. Knowing the pleasure that was waiting, however, I guided myself back against him, willing my sphincter to relax and accept him in. I heard him groan in response, pushing himself in even more deeply, to which I responded with a guttural moan.

In less time than I could account for, Clark’s cock was buried in me to the hilt. He was crouched over me, thrusting even deeper, as if to magically disappear his entire self into my body. I moaned loudly, feeling his head deep inside me, somewhere dark and unaccountable, stimulating places that I didn’t even know I had.

My body was suspended in a place of pure bliss as he began to thrust. The same tightness I had experienced with his thumb was wildly magnified, and every vein of his dick was palpable as he slid in and out, in and out. With every thrust in, a wave of warmth swept over me from ass to scalp, leaving my spine tingling and my lungs breathless. I felt as if my consciousness was rising, Etimesgut Escort lifting, as I began to moan at each push.

Clark’s groans matched mine, and together, the music of our voices increased in volume. I began to lift my ass to meet him, and he slapped it with some force. I cried out in delight, raising it once again, only to have it spanked once more. The spank felt as if it left my asscheek red, and with each strike, the feeling of his penis pounding my insides was increased.

Now the tears were pouring down my cheeks as he was fucking me hard, our moans accelerating like the climax of a symphony. My asshole was still holding on tight to his cock, sliding across its slick surface with ease, yet with an unrelenting iron grip.

As I could feel him coming closer to climax, I shifted the angle of my body so that his penetration in my ass began to provide sensation to my pussy walls. Having already been sensitized by previous orgasms, my cunt immediately responded.

Clark grabbed both of my cheeks and started his final thrusts. He drove his dick in deeply, pulling almost all the way out and then slamming back in. I screamed, begging for more, begging for that thick cock to permanently embed itself deeply into my ass where I could feel it’s heat forever.

Then, unexpectedly, I felt two fingers slip into my cunt, reaching for the raised, rippled bloom of my G-Spot. As I felt his cock slamming deeply into my gut, he aggressively pinched and rubbed my g-spot, creating a sudden wave of pleasure and an additional feeling of fullness below beyond what I even thought possible.

I couldn’t handle it. As more fingers slipped into my tight cave, my body began to shake violently. As his knuckles pressed into my pussy, rubbing my swollen pleasure button, I felt a sudden throb in my womb. As his cock pushed deep into my abdomen, his sword forcing open my tight sphincter and tearing me apart, my legs trembled and I let out a sound so inhuman, so primal, that my body lurched just at the sound of it. My pussy began to squirt out a stream of hot liquid as I howled, and both my cunt and my asshole began to rapidly throb as a back-breaking orgasm flooded through me, my legs buckling beneath me.

At the same time, Clark’s hand pushed even deeper into my pussy, now the entire thing inside of me like a claw, touching every part of my quaking cunt. I screamed harder as I collapsed deeper onto it, feeling it stretching apart the inside of my pussy walls to new and incredible distances. His penis pushed me even further down onto the bed as it continued to fill my ass, and the combination of his hand and his dick filling me elevated me to such a height of pleasure that I briefly lost all awareness—suspended on a heavenly orgasm, the product of his cock that felt indescribably enormous in my ass. Then, that cock exploded, cum gushing into my gut, filling me with delicious heat that seemed to absorb into me. I sobbed in pleasure, my bones shuddering as I allowed myself to be so fully and deeply fucked.

I had never felt so vulnerable, so used, so appreciated, so pleasured, so full, so hot, so tired, so satisfied—ever. I laid there, feeling the warmth soar through me, feeling my anus pulse against him, and his penis pulse inside of me. After a moment of silence and heavy breathing, Clark pulled himself out from me.

Rolling onto my back, I heaved deep breaths, gazing at the ceiling and waiting for my mind to return. The body high was incredible, and all-consuming. A chemical cocktail pleasured my brain, tickling every neuron and synapse like Clark’s body had just tickled my cunt and ass. Unable to resist, a wave of giggles washed over me, rocking me from head to toe.

“What’s so funny?” Clark asked as he laid down, hitting the bed beside me with a contented sigh.

I covered my mouth, laughing even harder. His dimples peeked out again, smiling at my mirth with amusement and mild confusion.

Finally, after a deep, steadying breath, I leveled my gaze into his eyes, trying not to laugh again. The movement had almost stimulated another orgasm, which I was certain I could not handle at the moment. I met the eyes of my Paris lover, who had taken me to the moon and back on his majestic cock.

“It’s just—” I began, another giggle beginning to creep up, “I thought I was up for it!”

With that, we both burst into laughter, a feeling of bliss so pure that we felt the need to dirty it up again by spending the whole rest of the afternoon in bed, rolling around naked, creating pleasure, enjoying laughter, and making love.

-The End-

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