“I Should Take a Photograph”

Big Tits

The time is 8.45 on Saturday night. I’ve just downloaded an app on my smartphone and created a profile.

“Shy bi guy looking for meets.”

I upload a photo. I’m bare-chested, in jeans. No face.

Guys seem to flock to my hairy chest though.

Almost instantly, I’m getting messages. Some of them are from guys that are bottoms as well. A few are pleasant enough social messages; I have a bit of back and forth with those guys. A few are really just not my type. A few are interested but really want a face pic, something that I generally don’t feel comfortable with.

Which is silly, but you know…

At 9.20, I get a message from J.

J: Hi, hot pic.

Me: Thanks. What are you up to?

It turns out J lives incredibly close to me, about 700ft, on a road where I used to live years back. He’s a top, and fairly quickly we’re negotiating what we might want from a meet. Because it’s a first meet, and we’re arranging it so quickly I tell him that I’d be interested mainly in sucking some cock.

“I love having my cock sucked.”

He sends me some pics, some of his body, some of his face and a couple of his fat dick. I’m impressed. In fact, I’m licking my lips. Sure, he’s a bit stockier than I’d normally like to be with, but he’s pleasingly built and masculine and no alarm bells are ringing that he’s a psychopath. And, he has whisky.

And I could be at the door at 10 minutes.

After a little discussion he says, “I need to take a shower. How does 10.15 sound?”

I reply, “fine.”


I spend a very tense 20 minutes getting ready. I quickly shower. It’s funny, I sometimes flirt with meeting a guy for sex, but the sure fire way of knowing whether I’m really going to do it or not is always the shower. That means I’ve made my decision.

I put on a sweater, jeans and some cheap H+M sneakers with no socks. It’s a warm August evening.

While I’m waiting for him to get out of the shower and to message me back, I’m browsing online looking for anything to distract me from the nervous sexual tension I’m feeling. Then I get a message. “I’m out of the shower. Just message me when you get to the door and I’ll buzz you up.”

On my way there, I’m terrified I’ll bump into somebody I know, though there’s no way of them knowing the slutty thoughts in my head. But I get to the door, message him, and I find myself walking up to the top floor.

The door is open as I arrive. I say hi, a little sheepishly, and he says to me just to go to the bedroom while he pours me a whisky. He can tell that I’m nervous, so he pours me eryaman escort a good long finger of the stuff. As I take the glass, my hand is shaking as I drink but the warm liquid going down my throat soon calms me down as I look up to him standing above me. He certainly is stocky, but much taller than I’d imagined. I’m sitting on the bed and he’s in a swivel arm chair. I’m breathing deeply, and he gently says to me “just drink that, mate.”

After a couple of minutes of charged silence, we put down our glasses on the bedside table and I climb down onto the floor, my hands reaching out to the crotch of his jeans. He says, “take off your clothes.”

I take my sweater over my head and, looking at my naked chest, he says “I’m liking this.” His hands move down to caress my chest hair and nipples as I rub his cock under his clothes. I then sit back so as to take off my shoes and jeans, and simultaneously he takes off his top. I start to unbutton him, and when his jeans are half ways down his legs, he finishes the job and takes off his trousers.

I’m naked in front of a hairy 6ft4″ guy with strong legs who’s wearing nothing but his underwear.

I reach out feel his legs and thighs, stroking them up and down, as my face reaches out to tease his fat cock in his undies. My breathing intensifies as he pulls me towards his crotch as my tongue feels out the outline of his hardening prick.

I put my hand into his underwear and tug him longingly, before taking his underwear over his thighs and purring as his gorgeous cock peeps out at me. My whisky wet mouth licks up the bottom of his shaft as he groans gently “that’s good”, slowly all the way up to the tip and down again, and then slowly up one more time before my hot whisky mouth envelops his dick. I work down the shaft, my tongue playing around the tip as my mouth slides down him. His cock is thick, delicious, and long enough that I can take him all the way down without totally gagging. Just right.

I spent a few minutes slowly exploring his cock with my mouth. I’ve a great tongue for cocksucking and I enjoy varying up the strokes. At this stage, you’re only fear is that he’ll come too quickly before you really get into it, although it turns out there’s no danger of that. He tastes and smells so masculine, and as he’s laying back on the armchair enjoying the first minutes of my licking I also get the feeling that I’m servicing a right beast.

But at this stage he’s gently encouraging: “that’s it, you’re so good at this.”

I’m matching him moan for moan at this stage. There’s something about cocksucking that’s sincan escort so amazing… everytime he makes a sound or a gesture of pleasure it turns me on the more. So I intensify my strokes. For a minute and half or so I really go crazy on his cock, which I thrilling feel grown in hardness and width as my tongue and mouth suck him sloppily, devotedly. He’s working up to a wave of pleasure which I can feel isn’t, yet, orgasm, and as I feel that wave pass over him it passes over me as well.

How turned on am I? Let’s put it this way: not for the first time in the next half an hour, I feel a cool drop of my own pre-cum dripping onto my toes.

As the wave of his pleasure passes, I feel him getting a little softer. I slow down, but I don’t want to lose him so my tongue slowly works round his head. After a couple of minutes of this slow teasing, he takes charge a little, pushes me back and starts to fuck my face. My mouth responds by working even harder round his dick which starts to thicken up again, and I’m beginning to anticipate him cumming in a big final gloopy wave of pleasure as he hold my head and his dick thrusts into my mouth.

But it turns out this is a false dawn, and that he’s not the kind of guy that has any plans to cum too quickly.

And, nasty little cocksucker as I am, I begin to know that the better I am, the more he’s going to string it out, and that I’m really going to have to work for it. And work for him. This feeling of being totally under his thumb is starting to overwhelm me.

For twenty minutes, we’re in this edgy, unpredictable pattern of horny thickening arousal and softening dead patches and he’s loving it. And I’m beginning to think, how long is this going to take? Half an hour? An hour? My pride refuses to believe it’ll be never, and in any case he doesn’t strike me as the kind of guy that’s not going to take his pleasure when he wants it. When *he* wants it.

This is thrilling, and as I’m sure you’ll understand dear reader, not the best thing for my jaw.

My mind starts to wander, and for the first time begins to imagine him pinning down on the bed and fucking me hard up the ass, making me squirm and squeak and grunt. And though it won’t be tonight, it all does start to get a little rougher.

After almost 25 minutes of virtually non-stop cocksucking, he says to me “you really love cocksucking don’t you?” And he’s holding my face onto his cock forcing me to answer him nodding with my mouth full of his fat dick. “Mmmmm, mmmmm. Mmmmmmm, mmmmmmm.”

“What a trooper!”

It’s at last finally obvious that etlik escort I’m going to need some rest, so my hand grabs his dick and looking at the floor I masturbate him to keep him hard. I need the break. But pretty soon, my tongue goes down to his balls and thighs, and before long I’m back onto his cock giving him an intense lip smacking blowjob, going all the way down his cock with my mouth while my tongue sits swirling and poking nearer the back of my throat. I’m now so attuned to the pattern of his orgasm that I feel the full body intensity of his pleasure with each flick and lick. We stay in this rhythm, taking him by hand and mouth until he reaches the pitch of intensity where we both know he’s getting up to the point of shooting.

It’s at this point that he does something that puts me into a delicious, shaking panic.

Without warning, while still sitting in the armchair, his left leg and pushes down onto my back. His legs are so strong that I’m pretty helpless: my back arches, and my face goes right into his balls, which is exactly where he wants it. This is a lot more domineering than I’d bargained for, but I find my mouth reaching out to suck his balls as he sits masturbating himself and pushing my face into him even further.

Being this submissive is thrilling and frankly terrifying for me, and I’m in a state so intense that I almost feel like crying. Like, sobbing. After a minute and half of being smothered by his balls, he lets me up for air, looks me in the face, before the foot goes back down again, I feel my back arch, and my face gets smothered once more.

He lets me go, masturbating himself as I squat on all fours beneath him, shaking somewhat, and I can feel that he’s building up to come. I’m breathing slowly but deeply, and for the longest minute in my life I hear and feel the vibration of him bringing himself to the edge. He then says very quietly to me, “Where do you want me to cum?”

A voice deep inside my body (it doesn’t feel like me) whimpers, “the face.”

He brings his dick up close to me, and as he comes with grunting force he wipes his cock all over my forehead, hair and chin. He then opens my mouth gently with his thumb and the last squirt glazes over my lips. He laughs.

The heat and smell of cum and maleness is so intense that I can’t look him in the eye. I find myself naked on all fours, trembling slightly, feeling the cum cool on my face and totally aware that he is looking at me with satisfaction. I feel his cum dripping from my face onto the carpet.

The feeling of embarrassment, guilt and arousal is so intense that I feel both exhilarated and sick. When I get home, I feel a drop in mood that lasts over an hour.

After a couple of minutes of silence, he says “You look good. I should take a photograph.” Fucking with me.

He then hands me a towel and I wipe down my face and hair. I get my clothes on, drink down the last of the whisky in a large gulp, say goodbye and leave.

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