I Never Imagined – Emma Pt. 01

I had never imagined that I would experience anything like this in my life. To be honest, I don’t think I had the capacity to even fantasise about the craziness that is my life… but then Emma. Emma changed it all.

Let me begin by telling you about myself. I’m Jessica. I’m 24 years old. I’m your typical young woman I guess. I’m slim, only 5’4″ tall, I have a cute smile, big brown eyes, a mop of mid-back length, thick, dark hair, a small pair of breasts, a bum that is bigger than it should be (Latin blood) and a desire to work hard but also have fun.

My life had been fairly standard. School. College. University. Job. School meant a few kisses, a fondle or two. College meant a real boyfriend, and is where I lost my virginity. University meant a bit more exploring and experimenting. But nothing, and I mean nothing, had prepared me for what was about to happen in my life.

I met Emma at a networking event for my industry. She immediately grabbed my attention as her presence seemed to be greater than every other soul in the room. She is 31 years old (although you’d never believe that) and whilst I sit in all the realms of typical, she is far from it. Standing at a mighty 5’11” she towers over me. She has a beautiful swoosh of long dark red hair, insanely deep green eyes, pale and freckled skin, a pair of breasts that I would kill for, a slim waist with gorgeous hips. She is basically a model in the wrong industry.

Once I’d seen her on that fateful day I honestly couldn’t take my eyes off her. This was an unusual feeling for me, I’d never considered myself straight, nor had I ever felt like I was bi-sexual or even gay, I just liked the people that I liked, but I’d never, ever felt like this about anyone before, let alone a woman.

She networked her way through the crowd and I attempted to do the same. An hour or so passed by and I remember nothing of those conversations. I just watched her. My body was betraying my feelings for her and I was struggling to maintain any level of decorum. She had me entranced.

She was so close now, I could hear her voice now, like audio Silk to my lustful mind. She was talking at the little bar table next to mine and I could tell her conversation was concluding. I was free, simply nursing a gin and tonic (everyone had given up attempting to talk to me I think) on my own at the next table. If she turned my way I had no idea what I’d do. If she turned the other my heart might actually break. Then it happened.

She turned toward my table orhangazi escort and a glorious smile lit up her face as she approached. I smiled back, probably over enthusiastically and making me look like a right fool.

“Hi Jessica” she said as she approached. For a moment my mind raced, how did she know my name? Have we met before? Did she guess? Is it fate?, but before I could unleash a wave of verbal junk about how I loved her too and we should run away together forever, I remembered the name badge that was on my blouse. I also realised I hadn’t responded.

“Hi” I replied, my voice shaking nervously.

“How’s it going so far? Made some good connections?” her demeanour was doing nothing to help.

She wasn’t only stunningly beautiful, but she was clearly kind and friendly. (Or so I thought)

“Not too bad, got a few leads… Emma is it? What about yourself? Looks like you’ve been talking to everyone.”

What a stupid line, she’ll know you’ve been watching her. Idiot.

“Yeah pretty good. Should be able to get some work out of it, so I can’t really complain. But to be honest…” and she leaned in towards me “you’re the only person I’ve really wanted to talk to since I arrived”.

The words hung in the air, she’s slowed down to emphasise them and it had worked. “Wh… what do you mean?” was all I could manage.

She looked at me, our eyes locked. Her tongue flicked out slightly and licked her full, pink lips. “I’ve seen you watching my every step, your eyes never wandered far from my body, and I know what you want.”

She was almost whispering now.

In the middle of this room filled with 150 or so people, Emma was seducing me. Well maybe seducing isn’t the right word because I was already envisioning being wrapped up in a sweaty, tangled mess with her.

“I’m sorry” I replied weakly.

She laughed at me at this point. Her wonderful laugh that we would come to know so well.

“You apologise and yet I know that you don’t feel sorry. You don’t regret it. You want me. And the truth is that I want you too.”

My heart was pounding at this point, I honestly thought Emma must be able to hear it or see it beating. I couldn’t believe this. This doesn’t happen does it? Before I could compute this information my hand was in hers and she was leading me out of the room. We probably left quite normally but in my mind we ran out of there like a couple of giggling school children. She dragged me along and my mind nilüfer escort raced to figure out what was happening.

We arrived at the disabled toilet door and she dragged me inside. As soon as the door shut and the lock clicked over she pushed me up against the wall and leaned down to kiss me. Oh what a kiss it was. I’ll never forget the moment that her lips met mine. I’m certain that electricity sparked between us. I’m certain that her lips we’re like velvet come to life. And I’m certain that at that moment Emma was marking me as hers. Her lips were all over mine, manipulating mine in such away that a deep moan left me and was lost down her throat. Our tongues entwined and danced their way across each other. She pulled me close, her hand on my thick behind and I was loving and living every second.

This kiss was broken and all I could do was look deep into her eyes. I was lost in their emerald green quality. They say the eyes are the window to the soul, well Emma’s were like stained glass windows. Beautiful and precious. I think I fell in love with her then. But perhaps it was something else.

The setting wasn’t romantic and it wasn’t erotic but this was the most romantic and erotic thing I’d ever done. And all we’d done so far was kiss.

“Come here” she said pulling me closer and fondling my body. Her voice was more stern now. More frantic. Her hands up under my blouse as we kissed again. I attempted to feel hers, I was unable to really feel her wonderful thighs and arse due to her gorgeous green dress. So decided to be bold. I reached down and my hand found it’s way up between her legs. I felt her flesh and it was the softest thing I’d ever known. Her thighs were heavenly. The kiss continued and she was sucking on my tongue, another moan from my body. I’d never been so aroused. I dared to venture on and just as I was about to hit the goal she stopped. She grabbed my hand and I felt her strength for the first time.

She leaned back against the sink counter and pulled me along by my wrist. I was under her spell but also her strength. She pushed me to my knees by placing a hand on either shoulder and I simply complied. She stared at me with those green eyes on fire and hoisted her dress up. All the while my heart was racing.

“Eat my cunt Jessica” was all she said. It was a command. An order. I had no choice in this matter. My own body was an oven of hot sexual arousal.

Before me was the most glorious sight of her hairless mound. She türbanlı escort had not worn underwear. Almost as if she expected to find a willing pussy eater that day. Well the truth is she had. I wanted to please her and so I worked my way between my legs and my mouth and tongue found their home. My own panties now a sodden mess.

Her intimate area was just as soft as her thighs and I began by kissing all around her slit. Each kiss on her flesh was like a drug giving me another hit. I wasn’t thinking anymore and had I stopped and considered what had just happened things might have been so different.

I felt her hand on the top of my head. Her fingers entwined themselves into my hair and she pulled me in close to her sex. I could feel the heat before my lips made contact with hers. I was going to eat this woman’s cunt as if I’d never do it again. I quickly began to lap away at her, eliciting moans that were like a symphony to me at this point. Her taste was sweet, tangy and musty and I loved it. I worked my tongue between her folds and slowly found my rhythm. My nose pressed on her clit as she pulled me in deeper. I could hardly breathe now as she was forcing my face harder into her now dripping Pussy. I was going to make her cum. I knew it. She was riding my face at this point, her wonderful womanhood coating my lips and lower face in her scent. I licked and sucked and fucked her with my tongue, impressing myself at my ability to make this god like woman writhe in pleasure. Gaining pleasure myself I felt my own body near climax, which shocked and delighted me.

She tensed up. I could feel my tongue trapped in her pussy as her walls tightened. She went silent. I locked my mouth on her as she screamed out and came. Her body quivered and I lost my grip. I was greeted by a spray of girl cum right across my face. She had reached down and was rubbing her clit furiously. Spraying me with her squirt. I was in heaven. Drinking in her orgasm. I’d heard of this but never seen it. I was dripping wet and at that moment I actually came myself from being coated in this woman’s cum. I cried out and collapsed back on my knees. Shaking myself with a look of delirious pleasure on my face. She hadn’t even touched me and I’d climaxed.

Emma was panting heavily and grinning. “Fuck I had no idea you’d be that good” she beamed. I smiled unable to talk yet. “You really are a slut Jessica. I think I’ll keep you”.

My mind still a bit of a blur. Keep me?? what does that mean??

I didn’t need to wait long and Emma leaned down and began licking her own juices off my face.

“Yes you’ll make an excellent slut for my pleasure”. My body quivered again. Was this it? Was I destined to be a submissive slut to this wonderful woman? I guess this was the start of it all…

(Part 2 soon)

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