I Hate Valentine’s Day


“I hate Valentines Day.” Lizzy flopped down on the couch in front of the TV, turning it on.

“Don’t say that.” Said Amy through the phone “Valentine’s Day is great.”

“Yeah for you. You have a boyfriend.”

“Don’t worry about it. I’m sure you’ll find something to do. I have to go but I’ll call you later.”

“Sure. Bye Amy.”

“‘Night, K.”

Lizzy turned off the TV not finding anything to watch and went up to her room. Standing in front of her mirror she looked at herself. And why don’t I have a boyfriend? She thought to herself. She ran her hands over her flat stomach, lifting her shirt to expose her fair skin. The cool air in her room made the nipples on her 36DD breasts get hard. Guys both old and young had told her she had a fierce body especially for an 18 year old. She worked out a lot so was trim but genetics had also played a role in her looks giving her curves as well. Her breasts were matched with a 32 inch waist and 38 inch hips. Her fair skin set off by her black hair and her stunning green eyes. Well fuck it, she thought. I’ll find something just fine to do the 14th.

The next day after school Lizzy came home to find her house empty. As usual her parents were working late so she would have to walk the dogs herself. She left the house with the two small dogs on leash and started to walk down the block, paying more attention to what she could do for V-day than where she was going and she bumped into someone.

“Oh. Wow. I’m really sorry Lizzy.”

She looked up to see who it was that knew her name to see that it was her next door neighbour James.

“Oh. Hi James. Sorry I wasn’t really paying attention.” She said looking up at him and placing her hand in his when he reached down to help her up. “Thanks.” She said wiping some snow off her.

“You heading home now?” He asked her

“Yeah. You going to walk with me?”

They headed back up the street towards their houses

“So what are you doing for Valentines Day, Lizzy?”

“Nothing. I hate Valentines day, one guy for one girl for one day. Not for me.”

James laughed a bit making the little dimples around his mouth deepen. “Someone doesn’t have a date.”

She got a bit red. She had always thought he was really sexy, sneaking peeks at him when he did chores in the yard, making sure only to tan in her backyard in the cutest bikinis. He was 42 and lived with his son Greg who had gone to her school but graduated two years earlier. They were very similar looking; both the same height (about 6’3), lean but muscular, black hair, blue eyes but James had greying temples and usually a scruffy bit of a beard while Greg was clean shaven. She had always preferred tall, dark and handsome and James and Greg were both the epitome of the stereotype. adıyaman escort bayan She had had crushes on them both since they moved in four years ago, chatting them both up regularly until last year when she made out with Greg at a party. Since then her and Greg didn’t talk as much.

“Yeah make fun. Dateless wonder here.” She said

“Well you know I don’t really do the Valentine’s thing and I’m thinking of having a sort of anti-Valentines party. If you wanted to come that’d be great.”

“No way. I’d totally be imposing. The young girl and all.”

“No, really. You should come.”

“Yeah sure, not like I have anything else planned.” She said changing her mind quickly at the thought of spending an evening with James in his house. “That sounds really great. Thanks James.”

“See you Monday then.” He said and jogged up his front steps as Lizzy headed to hers. When she got in she squealed as she shut her front door and ran upstairs to call Amy and tell her all about it.

After talking to Amy (who fully agreed that James was by far the sexiest man either of them had ever met in real life) they were agreed that Lizzy would need to buy a new dress for the party. Something sophisticated but also sexy. She set out to the mall the next day find the perfect outfit.

She spent the day shopping and finally found the perfect dress for the occasion with some cash to spare so she decided to buy some nice lingerie to go along with it. She got to the lingerie store and picked out a few things carrying them around with her as she browsed. Her back was turned to the door of the shop so she didn’t see Greg as he came in.

“I like those ones.” He whispered in her ear from behind.

Lizzy jumped, startled by him. “Oh. Hi Greg. What’re you doing here?”

“My dad’s making me buy some stuff for Monday and I saw you as I was walking by. You’re coming right?”

“Yeah your dad invited me yesterday.”

“So is this for me then?” He said pointing to the lingerie in her hands and smirking at her.

“No” she teased, blushing “I didn’t even know you were going to be there.”

“Look at you! You’re blushing!” He teased back.

“I’m not blushing because of you.” She said trying to regain some composure.

“Well if not for me then who? My dad?”

Lizzy blushed an even deeper shade of red now but he didn’t seem to notice.

“Sorry Liz. I’m distracting you. Were you going to go try those on?” Lizzy nodded. Greg leaned in closely to her still standing behind her and whispering in her ear; “can I watch?’

Lizzy instantly felt her pussy get wet. The idea of sneaking into the change rooms with Greg was making her pussy drip. Greg could see her thinking akkent escort bayan about it.

“Come on.” He said taking her hand and walking into the change rooms with her. The walked to the back of the corridor and went into a room together.

“You’re so sexy Lizzy.” Greg said as he leaned down and kissed her hard, his hands trailing down her back and resting on her ass, lifting her up onto her tip-toes. She kissed him back loving how slutty she felt doing this. Greg pulled his face away from hers and backed up against the wall.

“So let’s see them then.” A wide grin spreading across his face.

Lizzy was shy but had never been shy showing off her body. She smiled back at him and slipped her t-shirt over her head, standing in front of him in her bra and jeans. She leaned against the wall opposite him and began to undo her jeans, smiling back at him and grinding her hips into the air just slightly. She dropped her pants to the floor and stepped out of them. She grabbed the first set of lingerie; a white lace thong and matching bra. Turning away from him and hanging the set on the hook she reached behind her and undid her bra, then reached down and slipped off her panties, bending over at the waist giving him a great view of her ass and she was sure her pussy as well. She stood up as she put on the white lace thong and felt Greg’s strong hand pinch her ass then rub it with his palm, then the other each around her and rub her pussy through the lace. She slipped the bra on and he did it up for her and turned her around backing against the wall again to look at her.

“What do you think about these ones?” she asked doing a little turn for him.

He smiled back and reached out and took her hand pulling him roughly against his chest and kissing her again. This time his hands lifting her by her bare ass.They broke the kiss.

“I love white panties.” He growled in a sexy, low voice as he pushed back against the other wall. His left hand reached up and squeezed her tit as his right still kneaded her ass. Kissing down her neck and back up to her ear, growling in the same voice; “Suck my cock, slut.” Lizzy loved being called dirty names by a guy and immediately dropped to her knees. Looking up at him from down there her hands reached up and undid his pants pulling them down along with his boxers. His cock was sticking straight out at her face. She licked the palm of her hand and started to jack him off with it, her head leaning down and going straight for his balls which she licked first with one long flat swipe.

With his cock now a little wet she moved on, licking the underside of his cock from base to tip and popping the head into her mouth. She let spit run down the shaft and massaged it gaziantep anal yapan escort bayan in while she stroked his shaft, she began to move her mouth down his cock her hand moving down to massage his balls. She slipped her mouth down his cock, pushing it back into her mouth, into her throat, until she had taken him all in. His hand tangled itself in her hair, grabbing a handful he began to pull out of her mouth, pulling out leaving the head in her mouth and then slamming it back in to the hilt. He let out a low groan and repeated it picking up pace until he was fully fucking her pretty little mouth as she looked up at him, purring on his cock and rubbing his balls under her little hand. The force that he was slamming into her with made her gag around his cock which only made him slam into her harder the next time until she felt his seed moving around in his balls and knew he was going to cum soon. Only he pulled out his cock. She looked up at him questioningly. “Stand up slut.” He said pulling up on her hair. She stood up. “I can’t go blowing my load before I get to try that nice pussy of yours. Turn around.” She turned around facing the wall.

He bent her over and made her lean on the wall and spread her legs. He pulled the panties to the side and placed his cock at her pussy and without any warning slammed it into her as deep as it would reach. He thrust in and out of her tight pussy grunting with every stroke. Lizzy started to moan. She suddenly felt a sharp sting on her ass, Greg had slapped her and was now rubbing her cheek with his hand as he spanked the other cheek then rubbed it. This made Lizzy even wet than she already was and allowed Greg to fuck her harder and faster.

“Oh you fucking slut. Your pussy is so nice and tight.” He grunted

“Oh, fuck me Greg. Your cock is so fucking nice, it feels so good. Please fuck me, make me cum please. Uhn fuck me please, make me cum Greg.”

Hearing her talk dirty sent Greg over the edge and he thrust into her harder pushing her to the limit. Greg came, shooting his load up her pussy which in turn made Lizzy cum, her pussy spasming and milking the cum from his cock. When the had both finished Greg pulled his cock out and Lizzy dropped to her knees and immediately began to clean off his cock enjoying the taste of his cum and her own pussy.

They kissed again when she had finished. Greg pulled on his pants and before leaving her in the change room kissed her. “See you Monday, sexy.” He grinned. “Oh and definitely buy the white ones.”

She got home and ran up to her room to go call Amy but decided to keep her day’s adventure to herself.

Lizzy couldn’t sleep well that night. She was so turned on by what had happened that day with Greg in the change rooms. She couldn’t believe how slutty and willing she had been to let Greg use her like that, and how much she loved it. She thought about how much she loved sucking his cock. As she thought about sucking his big fat dick and him cumming down her throat and on her tits and face she began to finger herself. Before she was finally tired enough to go to sleep she had fingered herself to four orgasms.

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