I Got What I Longed For


It was two o’clock in the morning, and everything in the house lay still. You are down the hallway in your office and I’m on the couch watching late night television. I am a naturally horny person so I’m feeling the need to get off. It had been a few days. You were working hard and I didn’t want to bother you. But I couldn’t get the thought of your body out of my mind. I wanted you, I needed you. I close my eyes and imagined you taking your clothes off for me. First, you lift off your shirt and reveal your toned muscular arms that I long to have wrapped around me. Then, you unzip your pants and let them fall to the floor. I can see the bulge in your boxers and my imagination runs wild. I open Yakacık escort my eyes and find myself caressing my breasts, rubbing my thumbs over my nipples. I can’t take the wait, and I lift off my shirt. I continue on rubbing my breasts as I let out soft quiet moans of pleasure and arousal. I can feel my nipples grow firm as I continue on. They are erect now, firm, and so sensitive to touch. One hand slides slowly and softly down off my breasts, onto my stomach, and down my leg. I bring it back up slowly on my inner thigh. I can just barely feel one of my fingers touch my pussy lips through my panties; my wet panties. I open my legs wider, so wide. I close Atalar escort bayan my eyes again and imagine you there between my legs, doing what you do so well; eating my warm pussy. I’m so horny it’s as if I can almost feel your warm tongue against the lips of my moist pussy, and the soft skin of your fingers guiding deep into my cunt. I slowly slide a hand down inside my panties, and instantly feel overcome by pleasure. My body quivers slightly as my middle finger slides in between my pussy lips. I stop at my clit, and rub it slowly in counterclockwise circles with the very tip of my middle finger. My pussy becomes even more wet, and my moans become Escort Kadıköy a littler louder and less muffled. I go faster now…I can hardly resist cumming. Within minutes, I am lying on the couch completely naked with my legs wide. Two fingers from my right hand are deep in my tight, wet cunt, and two fingers from my left hand are rubbing my firm, sensitive clit. My mind is still focused on you. My moans were becoming louder and louder. I knew you might hear, but I didn’t stop. Little do I know, you were hearing every second and loving it. You are standing a little ways away from the couch, with your cock in your hand, stroking while your eyes run over my body. My body glistens of sweat as I writhe around in pleasure. You walk closer–I feel your presence. You’re standing almost directly in front of me, stroking your hard cock. I open my eyes to that sight and it near puts me over the edge. I rub my clit a little faster, and my hips thrust up into the air as an orgasm approaches.

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