I Got Burned


Most of my life, I have been told countless times not to trust the black man. Don’t get involved with them they would tell me, you will get hurt. They use you and take advantage of your kindness and then dump you like garbage on refuse collection day.

I am a white girl that I would say has a good head on her shoulders and is a good judge of character, but of late, I would say I’m not. I could usually weed on the “bad news” but I was taken to the cleaners. I thought I found my happiness, my soul mate, my partner for life and all I found was how to be taken by a black man.

I met Gary one night when I was out with my girlfriends. We took one Friday night every month to go out to dinner, dancing or the movies and this month we went dancing. They served good snacks so we thought we would have the snacks, some drinks and do some dancing and let off some steam from our busy hectic weeks. I didn’t have my car that day because I loaned it to my younger brother who was having his car serviced and he would be returning it on Saturday.

My best friend took me to work and picked me up and then we went back to my place to shower and get ready for our night out. She brought a change of clothes with her to save some time for later on. The day was not as hectic as it was earlier in the week so it was a welcomed treat. I had time to set up my computer to do the payroll on Monday morning and have weekly and monthly sales reports ready for the bosses by 3:00 Monday afternoon. Jim picked up lunch for me since I didn’t have my car and we had our lunch together. We were close friends had on occasion had our lunches together. Jim was a black guy and I was white. We always worked well together and we were nicknamed “Salt and Pepper” because of obvious reasons. He asked what the plans for the girl’s night out tonight was and I told him dancing and invited him to join us but he couldn’t because he was expecting his sister from out of state. He said he would like to join us next time and I told him it would be great.

After leaving work for home to shower, Julie had told me about her issue of what to wear tonight so she brought with her a few different ones so we could pick something out. We took our showers and sat around and gave each other manicures and pedicures and that saved us over $ 50.00 so we promptly put it in our jar marked “Vacation Fund” and picked out colors to be painted on each others feet. We shared the week’s events and had a few good laughs. We then picked out her outfit and we got dressed. I bought a new black and white outfit last weekend at a really good price and I was able to then get a new pair of flat shoes, handbag and also some decent costume jewelry. She had a beautiful turquoise and purple sweater with a very slimming pair of black jeans. I had to get myself a pair of those and soon because they looked so comfortable.

We headed to the club and couldn’t wait for the night to start. There was a little chill in the air but we were dressed warm enough that we didn’t have to bring coats, jackets or blazers. It appeared that the parking lot was a little empty for a Friday night but quite sometime is a welcome treat. We were just going in when a few of the others were coming in and we were only waiting on Julie’s co-worker Diane who was coming in from Pennsylvania. We got a great table and it gave us great view of the band and very close to the dance floor.

After munching out on some Bostancı Olgun Escort really tasty snacks we decided to get on the dance floor. It was starting to get busy but not as crazy busy as we have seen in the past. We were having a great time singing with the music and dancing up a storm. After 3 dances in a row, we decided to sit down and order another drink. As I sat, I saw a very sexy black guy walking in. He was really good looking and was headed in our direction. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him before because I know I would have remembered that body and that cute face as he has a shaved head and a dimple in his right cheek only.

As he got closer, I was getting all excited and could feel myself heat up and my panties getting wet. He approached the table and said hello to us and asked if he could join us. He just got stood up by his buddies because they wanted to do karaoke and he wasn’t in the mood. We all told him that he could but no words came out of my mouth. Julie was heading to the ladies room and asked me to join her. She asked me if I was attracted to our new friend and I said I certainly was.

We came back to our table and he was sitting with his chair turned so he could see us returning. Julie talked to him and he introduced himself as Gary and we told him who we were. He congratulated me on the award last week and assumed the girls told him about it. I introduced myself as Joan and his name was Gary. Even though he was talking to all of us, I caught him staring at me a few times and I actually was enjoying it. A slow dance came on and he asked me to dance and I said I would. He held me close and tight and told me that he was attracted to me and I told him I was attracted to him. He asked me to leave to go somewhere else with him and I told him that we made a pact that none of us would leave the group if we were all out together. He respected our decision to do so and he asked if he could follow me home and I told him that I had gotten a ride but he could follow us. I told Julie that Gary would be following us and she told me that I should go with Gary that it would be okay but I didn’t want to break our pact to each other so Gary followed us. Sometimes she would stay over when we went out but she had a meeting at noon tomorrow with her insurance agent about car insurance. She got all her things from my place and packed up her car and we hugged good night and as always I told her to call me that she got home safe. Gary wished her a safe ride too and even helped her with her suitcases. She thanked him and gave him a kiss on the cheek and he kissed her back on the cheek as well.

I gave Gary the tour of my condo and he said that I had great taste and loved how I matched everything and loved how I decorated everything. We sat on the couch and I offered him either another drink, coffee or teas of which I had a nice assortment of flavors. He didn’t want anything but he did say he wanted to get to know me better. He took my hand and told me that I was beautiful and kissed me on the lips. I was shocked but I welcomed it as I wondered all night how it would be to kiss him and now he was kissing me and I kissed him back. We kissed and hugged and I felt his hand reaching for my large tits and I let him do what he wanted. Neither of us was drunk but his touch was fantastic. We broke the kiss and began to lift my sweater over my head and I helped him. He noticed my bra was Bostancı Sarışın Escort closed from the front and he carefully unclasped my bra and separated it and held on of my tits in each of his hands and then began to squeeze and then take turns on sucking and nibbling and I was in my glory.

As he stopped and I looked at hi crotch area, I could see that he had a hard on and it was just for me and no one else. I went for it and he helped me by unbuttoning and then unzipping his zipper and slipping his pants and briefs off and exposing to me for the first time his huge black cock and I was in awe. I reached to touch it and saw he had some pre cum on the head and I asked if I could lick it off and he said I could. I also asked him if he liked to be sucked of and he said he did and I got on my knees and began to suck and lick that lovely black cock and told me to do whatever I pleased with it. I got him rock hard and then it all started.

He began kissing me again but harder and with more passion this time and told me he couldn’t wait to fuck me and would fuck me long and hard but slowly at first. I got a chill when the tip of his cock was near the entrance to my freshly shaven white pussy as he was put the head in and slowly slide into my very wet pussy. He put his cock in and out of me and then with all his might and he had all of that very huge cock inside me. I could feel it growing inside me and he pulled out as I got on all fours and he got inside me again and it was easier this time as I was all wet and lubed up. He pumped me harder and harder and played with my tits and I reached and played with his large and very full balls. He pulled out and asked me what I wanted him to do because he had to cum and I told him I wanted to swallow some and to shoot the rest on my tits and chest and what a load I got to swallow and wear on my chest. What a fucking load and I enjoyed every drop of it. I rubbed in into my chest and we hugged and fell asleep and woke up in each others arms until early afternoon. We had some fucking sex workout and it must have wore us out.

We showered and I ordered us in some lunch from the deli a few blocks away and we spent the day together, talking, laughing and of course fucking. We went to his place so he could get a change of clothes and we went out for dinner. He reached for his wallet and it was missing so we reported it and I picked up the tab for dinner. I didn’t mind as he has been giving me more pleasure than I have ever had sexually. We were seeing each other every other day and I asked him if heard anything on his wallet and he called and no one has returned it. He claimed how much he loved my cooking and didn’t care if we ever ate out again. I was buying all the food and doing all the cooking and did help me with the dishes but didn’t pitch in any money and it really didn’t bother me at first but my friends told me he’s playing me so he doesn’t spend his money or he doesn’t have any.

I trusted him enough to give him my keys to the apartment if he want to come over before I would get off from work and he did. He did start dinner for us a few times, but again I had food in the house. My friends were seeing less of me but we talked and my best friend told me that he’s taking me for a ride and I had to get off. I told her I didn’t mind and defended him every step of the way.

One Saturday morning, I had been cleaning up my place and Bostancı Şişman Escort noticed that my money jar was moved. I always kept it in the same place all the time and I know I didn’t show it to Gary as it really isn’t any of his concern. I would pay all my bills, keep some spending money, deposit some and anything left over every month was put in the jar and would be used for the time share I wanted to get in St. Thomas. The girls and I went there on a cruise and I fell in love with it there and told them I wanted to buy the time share and we would always have it and not have to pay for a place to stay. I picked up the jar and it was completely empty. I’ve been putting money in there for the good part of 2 years and I had quite a bit of money in that jar; approximately $60,000 in there mostly $ 100 dollar bills. I would put the larger bills in when the smaller ones were taking up too much room. At first I thought I might have gotten robbed but nothing else seemed out of place. I never saw Gary near my jar when we are home and didn’t want to think that it was him.

Two months later, Gary showed up at my door with a new car and I asked him when did he get it and he said he ordered about 2 weeks before we met and it had to be ordered. He said he got it for a good price and was able to pay cash. I asked him where the cash came from and he took my jar off the shelf and said “Right here sucker and you can’t stop me from helping myself, you did tell me to make myself at home and help myself to what ever I wanted.” I demanded my money back and he said that he also found a jewelry box and he sold all the gold jewelry that was in it and that was the box of my mother’s jewelry that I wanted to get appraised. He said it looked like they weren’t being worn so he thought that he would get some “drug” money with.

It turned out that he played me all along as he had no wallet, the car he had was stolen and that there was a warrant out for his arrest in 4 states. He told me that I was not to call the police as he would kill me. He said he lied about the sex being so great and that I really sucked in the love making department. Everything he ever told me was a big fat lie and my friends were right and everyone was right. I told him to leave and never to come back and her cursed me and called me a cock sucking white whore who got my rocks off giving a black man blow jobs, having unprotected sex and doing the all for him.

At first he didn’t want to lave but he didn’t want to be arrested. Joan called the police after he left and the next day he was caught and he was given his one phone call and he called me and I told him to never to call me again. I went to my check book to write out my bills to find my checkbook missing and then found in my top desk drawer with all the check stubs for checks he wrote to himself forging my signature.

I cried for days and days and wasn’t going to work and went into a deep depression because I trusted this man and loved this man with all my heart and all my soul and I was left broke. I was kicked out of my place and work fired me. I was a lost soul and didn’t have any money. The finally tracked him down to a resort in Jamaica and he was thrown in jail and sentenced for fraud, robbery just to name a few. I was able to recover some of my money. I will never trust a black man or any man ever again. They gave me my job back and I was happy they did. I didn’t last that much longer there and I found another position. That was almost 5 years ago and I am finally beginning to see the light.

I haven’t dated since Gary and truly don’t feel the need for a man in my life at this time. I hope that no one will become a victim like I did. I was too trusting and so much in love I guess.

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