I Awaken


I awaken, it seems to be a new dawn; but every day is the same none the less. I wait and continue to do so, wishing for an opportune time to have something interesting to say. I long for a time where affection is wanted and shown. I thought it was what I could hold onto but it seems it was something I only once had. Carrying my head high, feeling as though I am in a lie, I carry on. I look up and stare into the most beautiful eyes, as they always were, filled with mystery and an uneasy sense. I wonder what thought fly threw and which are not spoken. Is there something that has changed, something I have missed?

No longer are the days what they were. Small things that mattered are less and less visible, and the important ones have gone. Am I expecting too much? Possibly, but how can I tell without asking? I say nothing and continue staring. Sometimes it seems the eyes drift away, but not often, and not for long.

It bothers me but I don’t let it get to me for more then moments. I still have that longing feeling, the want, and the need. I take a step closer, I have to touch him, taste him, I want him still. I do not sense hesitation, as I thought I might, but there is something cold and unspoken between us. Perhaps it’s all still in my mind and I have thought it over too much and there is nothing wrong.

Maybe the coldness lies within me and I am afraid to admit it yet. I wrap my arms around his broad shoulders. They seem stiff from the day’s battle, and the stresses of conversations are still hindering his mood. I only want to soothe him. I draw him closer, nestling my head upon his chest.

I can hear his heart beat dimly from under his armor, it is strong and steady; it still has the familiar beat of the first time I heard it. His arm makes its way across my back; I hear a slight sigh of relief and a long sigh as he holds me. It is as if he is letting go, slowly, of all the day behind us and giving into the comfort I wished to bestow. On the beach the sunset is falling and the night sky seems to be coming rapidly. I pull a blanket from my pack, and lay it on the ground, asking him to sit with me. A crazy idea he believes it at first, but if I have my way, a momentous one it shall become.

We sit together, staring into the sky, comfortable in a silence, so it seems. I am laid across his chest and his arm still wraps around my shoulders. I feel as if it should be where I belong, but I am still Escort bayan unsure. This worries me and I know he can detect that other things have crossed my mind as we lay together.

“What’s on your mind?” he asks.

Dreading bringing up any insecurity I ask about opinions of battles yet to come and recent events until I am sure the subject is no longer me. When there seem to be no more words needing to spoken, I anchor myself up on top of him, looking in his eyes once again. I bring my lips upon his and slowly let all my worries go, as slide my tongue in his mouth. I sit across him and let my kisses linger, biting and nibbling his lips. I can feel my pressure and temperature rising. His hands fondle my hair and move up and down my back at times pulling me closer, then others relaxing.

The people walk past us; some stop to stare, other make comments our ears do not hear. We continue falling into each other, singing a lyricless song. I can not help but grind my hips against him. I feel one of his arms moving off my body, it seems he too does not want less then what the moment could bring. He pulls his blanket from his pack all the while keeping his lips pressed firmly against mine.

He drapes it over us and I feel his hands once again against me. This time they find the front of my robe where the belt fastens it closed. His fingers pull on the tie and loosen it more then enough to feel my flesh. I glide my hands down his steely chest, barely managing to grip his buckle in my hands.

As I sit on top of him, kissing and licking his mouth, I try and remove the coverings over what I know to be his hardened cock. I want it in my hands for a moment before he puts it inside of me and makes me forget any unbecoming I may have felt. The moisture from my lower lips almost lubricates his pelvis.

I grind into his fingers, which are now sliding in and out of me. I moan into his ears and rise up slowly with each plunge. I want him now, I don’t want to cherish this; I want it to become something dirty and out of character for both of us. I lift the blanket from my back and there in the moonlight remove my robe.

I slowly take off what armor of his I can, kissing and caressing each part of his sweaty body. There is nothing surrounding us now, save him and I, no thoughts, no paranoia, nothing. I sit myself up on his cock, and look into his eyes, as I buck slowly on him.

My Bayan Escort firm nipples engulfed by his mouth and my fingers tangle in his hair. I ride him at a faster pace and feel his cock firmly in me. His breath now feels cold against the sweat of my bosom. His heart beats faster now. He is pushing up into me and I am barley able to keep pace as I feel my cunt pulsating around him, readying itself for eruption.

His hands grip my breast; he pulls me down onto him and says, “Not like this.”

He begins to kiss me once again and carries me off to his side. He runs a finger down my stomach and looks into my eyes. There’s a slight smile on his face. I will not question it. He bites my lip and drags his lips down my check, then onto my neck; he keeps his hand occupied by teasing my clit and drawing little circles over my dampened lips.

He’s biting on my neck and sucking on it at the same time. This turns me on more then I thought a small gesture could. I moan loudly and call his name, “Oh Paul, damn that feels good.”

He gives a one breath laugh. The familiar happiness seems to have risen again. He brings his lips to my breast and slides his hands back up to it and cups it firmly. His tongue flickers against my nipple. I arch my back up bringing my nipple closer to his mouth. He begins to suck on it, but as he brings it from his mouth he bites down and pulls on my nipple ring with his teeth.

“Oh yeah, oh baby, oh, oh.” I can not think of words for the feeling and begin panting.

He kisses down my stomach and licks a little around my navel. I know where this is headed, and the anticipation is overwhelming. I put his head in my hands and give him a soft push down, although it’s the intended destination, my hips push themselves up into his face, and my grip on his head lessens.

I want to loose control and give into every whim at that very moment. As I grind into his face my thighs seem to almost close against his ears, then spread again further. My cum flows against his tongue, “Oh yes, oh my god, uhh, uhh, oh, yeah!”

I push into him fiercely as I erupt all over his face. He does not stop, no beat is left skipped. My mind draws a blank and I am lost in the moment. His tongue is deep inside me and his hands seemingly hold my legs open, so as he does not have to stop. I tug on his hair wanting him to come back up and meet my face but he resists me. Escort

“You taste so good baby, I need to have my fill of this fountain”, his voice is low; my ears clear, my heart throbbing, my cunt dripping. His hand leaves my leg and one finger is forced into my pussy, faster then I would have expected, making me gasp with pleasure.

Flicking his tongue against my clit, his finger moves in and out. I grab his hair yet again but this time not to pull him up, but push him against me as once again my juices gush for him. He licks me dry in then begins kissing his way up once again.

When he gets to my face I taste myself on him; I suck up as much as I can, enjoying the taste. His cock tickles over my lips but seemingly refuses to enter me. He’s kneeled before me; he takes his dick in his hand and rubs it slowly up and down my lips, letting it slowly touch where it should go, in but never makes it that far. I can tell he likes this.

With one hand I rub my tits, and with the other I pinch one of his nipples and rub his chest hair. With one swift movement he forces his cock into my swollen cunt and begins to pound me as if it was never going to happen again. His pace is so fast that I claw his back each time he thrusts into me and can not help near screaming.

I can feel his cock throbbing in me and I know his stamina will soon run out. As fast as his cock entered me it is pulled out and laid on my chest. His hands grab my breast and force them together. His dick cushioned between them he begins thrusting more slowly then before. I lower my head to watch it coming at me and them moving away, I stick my tongue out hoping to get a taste as it comes forward.

His eyes are closed as he concentrates on his thrusts and I know my tongue barley reaching his head makes the excitement come faster. I use my hands to push my beast more firmly together allowing him more leeway to fuck them. I taste the first remnants of pleasure and I hear him begin to moan as his pace once again shows his power.

Then with one long push I open my mouth to welcome all the relief he need to let go. He sits on me, his hands on his hips, trying to catch his breath for a moment as lick up any cum I can see on his cock.

He then lies beside me on the blanket, I prop myself on one arm to look at him. I smile and reach for my robe. I pull his armor near so he too can redress himself as I do the same. Once dressed, I find the blanket I had so eagerly thrown aside before and cover the both of us. Laying my head on his chest once again I listen to the heart beat as it calms. I close my eyes and drift off with a clear mind; it’s not something that happens often.

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