I Am Yours

Big Tits

Tingling warmth on my skin,Gliding up along my body,Breath and tongue stirring me,Heartbeat running wild.Liquid slipping through swollen lips,The throbbing of a delicate button,Keeping time with my heart.Back arching offering Demetevler Escort my breasts,Nipples hard and exposed,Shivers along my skin,Waiting in Otele gelen escort anticipation for you.Your smooth, but oh so hard cock,Pushing between Balgat Escort my folds,Legs spreading further beckoning you in.Pressure on secret places,And teeth upon my neck,Holding still as my world narrows down,Down to nothing, but you.Moving in and out claiming what is yours,Nails on your back holding you close,Harder and faster you go,Making my body your own.Taking me, owning me, leaving no doubt,“Now!” you growl inside my ear,Filling me with your mark,Clinging tightly to you.My muscle pounding harder,Begging your cock for more,“Yours,” I moan in pleasure,My body forever yours.

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