I am My Ex-Wife’s Pay Pig


Let me begin this true account of my life with two verbatim emails I received from my ex-wife. The first one I received today read:

“You are beneath me. Your money cock pleasures me more than your little penis ever could. You must pay for the honor of pleasuring me. It makes my pussy throb and wet to demand tributes of you. And that it is your duty to pay them.”

We divorced over 5 years ago mainly because I have a little dick. Even worse it rarely gets fully hard. I encouraged her to find a real man to be with on the side but when she did I got too jealous, but by now she was into his big thick cock and wouldn’t stop.

We stayed friends. She is a masseuse, a legit one, and about two years ago I asked if she would massage me and she said sure. I had seen her maybe three times for a legit massage before I mustered up the courage to ask if she would give me a happy ending.

“I don’t do that,” she huffed.

“I will pay for it,” I said.

She ignored me and continued massaging my glutes and upper thighs. When she turned to reach for more oil, I adjusted myself so that my legs were spread wide apart. I may have a little dick – about 4 inches soft – but I have big balls and I knew she could see them now. She resumed massaging me but this time she massage my inner thighs and when she did that her hands would brush up against my balls.

I moaned a bit when she did that.

“Turn over,” she said, after a while.

She watched me turn over and she had a small smile on her face. She leaned over and whispered in my ear, “How much?”

Her breath in my ear made me shiver. Her hand was resting right next to my balls when he asked me that.


“Plus, the massage, right?” She smiled.

“Yes, of course.”

“Plus, karabağlar escort a tip.” She cupped my balls in her hand.

“Yes,” I whimpered.

For the next 30 minutes that’s all she did. She massaged my balls, even tugged on them a little bit, ran her long finger nails along my shaft and on and off would stroke me. “I forgot how small you are,” she said.

“I am sorry.”

“Yes, you are,” she chuckled. “If you put that inside me I wouldn’t even feel it, would I?”

This was not how she used to talk to me. It was a bit shocking and arousing all at once. “No, I guess not.”

“Definitely not! I can assure you that your little soft penis will never ever get near my pussy. It’s just too pathetic.” Suddenly for the first time in years I was rock hard. I was still only 6 inches if that. “Oh my,” she whispered.

She began stroking me with one hand while massaging my balls with the other. “You know,” she said, leaning down close to my penis. I looked down. Her mouth was an inch a way from my head. “Oh god,” I mumbled.

“I figure your hard penis is about half the size of Rudy’s. His is much thicker too. Rudy was her husband now and she knew I didn’t like him much. “His cock is so magnificent,” she said. “It hurts so good when he pounds me.”

She smiled at me. It was the smile of a devil. “Do you want my mouth, baby?”

My voice cracked, “Yes, please.”

“You have to pay more for that and do something for me before you go.”

“Okay,” I said as she blew air across my penis and balls.

“It will be $90 for the massage, $300 more to stroke you and blow you. That’s $390 and I figure another $60 tip will suffice.” She didn’t wait for me to answer. She knew I was too karaburun escort far gone and would do anything she wanted. She licked and sucked me for another 10 minutes or so and it was incredible. She rubbed her lips all over my penis and when she sucked me, she took all of it down her throat.

When I told her I was about to cum, she stopped. She stood up and grinned.

The look on my face must have been one of despair.

“Oh, you thought that price included you cumming, did you?”

I nodded and grunted, “God yes.”

“If you want to cum in my mouth, it’s another $200.

“Will you swallow?”

“For another $50.00.”

She started sucking me again. I did the math in my head. $700 to have my ex-wife blow me and drink my cum. That was a lot of money, but she knew I would pay it.

It took less than a minute before I began shooting my load in her mouth. I must have spasmed five times and she took it all, didn’t lose a drop. She looked at me and let me watch her swallow the last load down. Then, while stroking my spent penis, which was making me squirm, she handed my phone and said, “E=transfer the money to me now.”

It was difficult to log in because she was torturing my penis, stroking it and licking it, slurping up her own saliva and then dripping it all over my balls. Finally, she stopped and left me like that, my penis and balls soaked with her spit.

I got up off the table. My legs were weak, and I wobbled a bit. Then to my shock she pulled down her yoga tights and her thong and bent over the massage table. She reached behind and spread her ass cheeks open and whispered, “Kiss my ass before you go.”

I didn’t hesitate. I knelt and pushed my face between her ass cheeks karşıyaka escort and began kissing and licking her ass hole for a good 5 minutes until she just stood up and told me, “Okay, you can go now.”

That was the beginning of our current relationship. It’s been two years now that I have been seeing her but now I pay her mortgage and utility bill plus there are other times when she just demands money. I got this email two hour after the one above:

“I need you to transfer Mommy $1,000. You need to do this because you are my pay pig and because you are so lucky to have me, and I am above you. As a reward you can stroke yourself to release thinking of me and my pussy.

Love Mommy”

I am now her pay pig and every time I see her now I worship her ass and suck her pussy for at least half our time together. Then she torments me until eventually I cum. She prefers to stroke me into her other hand so that she can watch me slurp up my own cum. She decided a year ago that it was demeaning for her to suck my pathetic penis, so hand jobs, often very rough hand jobs is what I get, if I am lucky. Sometimes she just edges me over and over but sends me home with blue balls.

I see her now twice a week in her studio. We must be quiet, so her boss doesn’t hear us.

For the past year or so I have been begging her to let me cum inside her pussy, but she has never let me. One day I asked her if there was an amount I could pay to do that, and she slapped me and said firmly, “I am not a whore.”

But I have kept hinting about it and when I asked her if she would like to financially rape me and she immediately said she would, I asked her if she would take my cum as my rapist.

“Maybe,” she said.

There is more to this true story, but I am going to stop here because I know there are a lot of readers who will write terrible things about me, who will judge me and think I am a loser, but I don’t feel that way.

I maybe a pay pig who is further abused financially but I am having the hottest sex now than ever in my life.

Let me know if you want me to continue.

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