Human Sexuality

Big Dick


The first day of the fall semester is always exciting. The mix of students—fledgling freshmen, experienced middies, and final-push seniors—are all in top form, at their peak enthusiasm.

I’ve been wanting to energize my Psych 201 class in Human Sexuality for a while now. Clinical descriptions and theoretical analyses don’t have quite the same impact on millennials as elder generations of learners.

Today’s students need visual, virtual, and literal material. I’ve been thinking about this for years and I think the time is right. I will plan lessons around real-life demonstrations. I will demonstrate the sex acts we discuss in class by having the students perform them and participation is mandatory.

The ice-breaker is me. Professor Lilly will teach the course in the nude.

Of course, I wore a dark blue pants suit, powder-blue blouse, and black canvas shoes. To arrive naked would be too shocking, even for me. The course description states sexual activity will be demonstrated and performed—”hands-on”—but most students will assume that it isn’t literal.

After the room was about half full, I moved from standing next to the doorway to leaning on the lectern. The podium with built-in keyboard to “drive” the smart classroom. As in most retrofitted classrooms, designed by those who never taught, the display screen covered most of what used to be white board, which works only because literal nation prefers power-point presentations to taking notes.

I nodded smiling wordless greetings to students as they entered and found seats, invariably filling in from the back to be a far away from the professor as possible until there was nowhere to sit but up front.

The class list had 28 of a max 30 students and no more than 25 would show up for first session. As per usual, there would be no more than 20 by the end of the term. I expected two or three to walk out as escort tanıtımları soon as I made clear they would have to participate in the buff and perform sexually. Several others will think it over and decide to drop the course as well, but most will join the fun because they want to learn, believe everything the faculty say, do what we tell them, and have casual sex all the time anyway.

At the appointed hour and minute, I spoke, “Welcome to Human Sexuality. I’m Doctor Lilly.” I hate waiting for the stragglers up to five minutes late, always breathless and disruptive by apologizing for their tardiness and disrupting.

“There’s a sign-in sheet circulating,” I explained, as I indicated an old-fashioned sheet of lined notebook paper on one of the front row of desks.

“I have a Master’s in Counseling and a Doctorate in Psychology. I’m a licensed practitioner, both in cognitive behavioral and sexual therapy.” I left out the part that public health regulations exempted sexual therapists from prostitution laws, as we received a fee for our services.

“You should all have a copy of the syllabus, which is posted on course’s web site. There will be a reflective paper and a research paper as well as a mid-term and final exam, both of which will be in-class group activities.”

We ran through the list of topics, including heterosexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality, incest, fetishes, polyamory and polygamy, pedophilia, and sadomasochism.

“Some things are illegal, but nothing—absolutely nothing—is abnormal.” I panned the room for reactions and saw a few nods from female students and a smirk or two from males.

“The other requirement…” I paused for maximal effect. “…is that the class will be conducted nude.”

Predictably, a young white girl in the front row started unbuttoning her blouse. “Not today!” I laughed. “Next week gaziantep escort telefonları will be the first fully naked session.” I took off my jacket. “I will break the ice myself today.”
I unhooked the eyelet at the front of my pants and unzipped the boyish zipper.

I decided to let them see my frilly panties before my lacey bra. I bent at the waist to lower my pants slowly instead of just dropping them, kicked off my shoes and stepped out of each leg, scanning my audience as I did so.

“It’s interesting that women know more about their own bodies—and men’s bodies—than men do about their own or women’s bodies…even sexually experienced men are, well, pretty clueless.”

That got the class laughing—almost everyone, that is—while I pulled off my shirt, unhooked my bra, and paused before letting it drop, freeing my mature breasts. All of the males and many of the females zeroed in on my nipples. They aren’t particularly large, but their purplish color makes them stand out.

“We’ll discuss the male and female anatomy,” I said the word anatomy at the very moment I slipped my panties down. “As you can see, like most ladies my age, I don’t shave or wax, but my pubic hair is neatly trimmed.” I thrust my hips forward and pointed to my triangle. “I shave my armpits, though.” I drew another laugh and waved my arms in the air.

At that point, two of the women, one black and the other white, rose and walked out of the classroom, avoiding eye contract.

“It’s to be expected,” I said calmly, as I came around the front of the podium and leaned against it. I was now close enough to touch the first row of desks and I sensed the little white girl getting wet. There were hard-ons among the boys in the back, no doubt.

“Gentlemen, listen up.” I spread my legs and made a a chopping motion toward my crotch with both hands. “There gaziantep escort bayan telefonları are two holes in the vagina.” I pinched my labia and separated them. “One track to pee and one track for fucking.” I scanned the room and deliberately focused on a black beauty on a hunch.

“Lesbian women don’t need instruction, but straight men do, as I said a moment ago.” I turned around and wiggled, the bent over. “The derriere is also an erogenous zone…as the gay and bi fellows in the room know very well.”

A Latina named Jennifer raised her hand. “I have a question…Should we come to school naked or undress in class next week.”

I smiled as if she had earned an A. “That’s up to you. Some of you may come from home or your dorm naked, or strip in the parking lot or bathroom, or get naked here. Some of you might want to wear a robe or a trench coat, since the rest of campus will be clothed as usual.”

“Any more questions?” I asked, folding my arms over my boobs, which had been bouncier than normal.

A man who appeared Asian raised his hand. “Will we be performing sex acts in class?”

“Most definitely,” I answered swiftly, prompting a choke and a guffaw from two white guys in the rear. “Some of the fetishes—such as golden showers and spanking—will be optional, but I want everyone to come away with a thorough grounding in oral, anal, genital, and group sex, including same-sex and solo activities. We’ll start next week with masturbation, which is how all our sex lives began.”

“That’s all we for today, being the first class meeting. For the women who are menstruating or anyone with a medical condition, you may wear undies or adult diapers, but otherwise nudity is required.”

I gave a flick of my hand and focused on a young black man. I wondered whether his penis was straight or curved when erect. Also, I couldn’t wait to find out how many of the young ladies had fur between their legs if not more bodily hair covered up by their androgynous clothing. As two of the white dudes enthusiastically waved goodbye to me, I wondered who was circumcised, uncut, long, thick, big-balled and tiny.

After class, I stopped at the pharmacy and bought a case of condoms, twelve dozen, and wondered if the supply would last until mid-terms.

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