How to Make a Virgin Orgasm in Under One Minute


This story only available on Lush Stories PREPARATION (not part of the One Minute, sorry): THE ROOM:Use low lighting only, small amounts of twinkling fairy lights or one candle across the room – enough to see by, but not enough to scare the virgin into thinking you can see everything. Indeed, if you can see everything, there is too much light. Less is more, lads!THE BED:Provide clean sheets, and at least one duvet, blanket or top sheet to hide the virgin’s form. It just has to be enough so that she feels covered. As you get to know her, she will be fine with just you covering her. With yourself.YOU:Have a shower and get all squeaky clean and fresh – that way, she will want to put parts of you in her mouth later on. Also, prepare Document A(a) for later use.HER:Let her have a shower and get all squeaky clean and fresh. It will help her relax. Leave sex izle a plate of gingerbread cookies and a large, strong Bailey’s milkshake in the bathroom for her as she showers. Like for Santa, but completely different. Instruct her to leave her knickers off when she is ready.THE NEARLY-THAT-TIME TIME:Let her get into the bed whilst you are not in the room. Don’t frighten her by walking into the room naked, and if you want to strip off, do so on the opposite side of the bed so she can avert her eyes from your willy (willies scare many virgins until they get to know them personally).THE NOW-WE’RE-ABOUT-TO-START-TIME:Don’t forget, the virgin will be used to doing this on her own, not having somebody else do it for her. You will probably need lots of practice and regular sessions. Have Document A(a) on hand for any mishaps, or Document alt yazılı porno B(b) just in case.Lie her on her back under the sheets (make sure she’s finished her milkshake and had enough time to get bright pink facial cheeks – this is how you know she is tipsy and therefore more relaxed). Lie next to her on your side, so that you can kiss her face and neck. Place your hand on her nearest inner thigh.Be kind to her. Tell her how you feel about her and how you would like to make her feel. Do not lie. Her subconscious will pick up on any lie you tell her and make her nervous, so don’t say it if you don’t mean it. Plus, if you lie, but she subsequently finds out the truth, you might find yourself singing soprano for the rest of your life. Just saying.Smile with her. Don’t be afraid to giggle. It should be fun! altyazılı sex izle Virgins need to giggle, it helps them relax.And now you are ready. If you do this right, and she is relaxed enough, you can make your virgin orgasm in less than a minute. It’s not a race, it’s skill. It suits many settings where you have a free minute (we do not recommend trying this in public places until you are well practiced). HOW TO DO IT (c,d): 1. Kiss her deeply with loads of tongue. She will be so aroused and lost in the sensations that you can do what you want (remember this, until she gets used to it – you might be able to benefit). Intersperse the whole session with this, but never move your lips anywhere below her shoulders, or you will scare her.2. Slide your hand up her inner thigh as you snog her face off, and gently and softly wiggle your index and middle fingers in a scissoring motion between her pussy lips into the area of her Happy Button(e).3. Ever so carefully, wiggle your finger pads into the area until you can feel her HB growing and hardening. Remember, direct pressure is not suitable for all virgins!4.

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