How To Be A Sensual Man


I grew up in a remote Alaskan cabin not too far from Denali National Park. My old man was a surly, backwoods kind of guy that loved hiking, fishing, and chopping wood.I wasn’t born in Alaska.I was born in Las Vegas Nevada but my mother left my dad for his loan shark when I was eight and my dad lost his shit.So, we ended up in butt-fuck Alaska, living in a cabin far away from just about everyone and everything.From the age of eight, there were no female influences in my life, so the rugged manly lifestyle was what I grew accustomed to. I was already over six feet tall by the time I was fourteen, with muscles to match. Chopping wood all day will quickly give you a six-pack. By the time I turned eighteen, I’d grown to six feet, four inches tall, and even though I was 250 pounds, I was solid muscle.During one particularly cold winter day, I found a box my dad kept hidden in the attic. There were some old notes and letters from some of the broads my dad used to run with, but what caught my eye was the Playboy Magazine at the bottom of the trunk. I thumbed through the pages and didn’t really know what the hell I was looking at, but I sure knew I liked it!My pecker was suddenly harder than packing a dead mountain goat out of the alpine. Underneath the magazine, there was a book titled, How to Be a Sensual Man. The byline read, This book will teach you how to turn women on and make them want you.I slid the book into my coat pocket and read it every night before going to bed. Published in 1978, It was my window into the sexual world of pleasing women, offering the best advice for picking up chicks and satisfying their sexual needs.The first page of the book read:…If you’re the kind of guy that loves pussy, then you already have the potential to be a Sensual Man. You see, broads nowadays are all about equality, which at first seems like a bad thing, but let me tell you that equality makes dames just as ready to fuck as you are!You see, all modern women want is a man that makes them feel good in a sensual way. Once you press all the right buttons, their panties will come off quicker than a rocket ship blasting off from Cape Canaveral.My dad rarely had anything good to say about the fairer sex, so everything I learned about women came from reading How to Be a Sensual Man.When I turned eighteen and finished my homeschooling, dad said that he’d saved all the money he made trading furs so I could go to college.He said, “Son, I taught you everything I know and a lot I don’t know but you need to find your own way in life. The Lower 48 is nothing like the bush, so I think it’s important you have the choice of getting a formal education. If you decide you wanna live in the bush, you always have a home here, but I want you to spend a year in college down south and see what the world has to offer.”Three weeks later I enrolled in a Washington State community college in Seattle. Leaving my dad behind was the hardest thing I’d ever done. I cried on the snowmobile all the way to Fairbanks. The only things I packed were some clothes and the book that taught me everything I needed to know about chicks.After settling into an apartment near the school, I went to my first class. Man-o-man was I out of place. I looked like a bearded burly lumberjack but all the other men were clean-shaven and wearing fancy clothes. Most were wearing skinny-looking pants and some of them had their hair up in a bun!Everyone was also carrying these strange electronic devices, which I soon found out were called cell phones. Even though everyone always had their face buried in their cell phone, hardly any of them ever talked to someone else on the damn thing.The next thing I noticed were the broads. There were a few that looked like the ones in my dad’s Playboy, but the chicks came in far more shapes and sizes than I’d ever imagined. Some had long hair and some had short hair. There were light-skinned babes and dark-skinned chicks – one had huge melons and the next one had knockers that were bursa sınırsız escort barely bigger than mosquito bites.Every one of them was beautiful to me. Man-o-man, I was eager to show them all what a sensual man I was. Page 32 – How to Be a Sensual Man…Modern broads love an outgoing guy. In the old days, women wanted to be courted by suitors and their romance was kind of like a game of cat and mouse. There are still some men out there that try to use romance to seduce women but these are the guys that go home alone and beat their meat to some old porno mag.Because you’re a sensual man, you know that modern women like bad boys. This means you need to be the bad boy, at least until you have her attention. And the best way to get a babe’s attention is by giving her a compliment she’ll never forget!You see, broads love compliments!So, if you see a chick with big knockers, walk right up to her and say, “Hey doll, those are some beautiful breasts you have!”Now you may be wondering, “if I talk like that to a woman, isn’t she going to slap me?”The answer is yes. But for every three slaps, you’ll find one little fishy that takes the bait. Take it from me! I’ve been slapped thousands of times, but I’ve banged more pussy than Morris the Cat.After about a week in school, a cute babe from my English class started chatting me up in the common area. She was only about five feet tall but her zoomers looked like two Hindenburg Blimps about ready to explode.I said, “Holy hell, Nancy, can I just say that those are some beautiful breasts you have there.”Sure enough, Nancy slapped me right across the face and called me a “pig.”Over the next few weeks, a similar scene played out with Donna, Megan, Dolly, and Susan. Starting to believe I’d done something wrong; I hurried back to my apartment after each encounter to re-read portions of How to Be a Sensual Man.Strangely, I was following the author’s directions to the tee but all I was getting was slaps instead of pussy. Utterly dejected, I walked around my neighborhood to blow off some steam.Back when I lived in the bush, I could walk for ten miles over mountainous terrain in just a few hours. Walking around campus took forever because I had to stop and wait for traffic lights to change at every other intersection.It was just getting dark when I walked past a business with a red neon sign in the window that read, “Lingerie Modeling $30 per hour.” Thinking to myself about how much I liked looking at beautiful women in lingerie, I decided to check it out.When I walked inside, the lobby was empty, other than a small desk and two folding chairs. I sat down in one of the chairs and waited for a few minutes before this gorgeous Asian-looking girl walked through a door connected to the back of the store.Man-o-man was this chick sexy! She was barely five feet tall, fit and thin, with perky C-cup knockers, dark tanned skin, silky straight jet-black hair, and legs longer than a summer day in The Land of the Midnight Sun. Sure as shit, just like the sign said, this broad was wearing lingerie – a white lacy two-piece number that was just thin enough to make out her dark brown areolas and hard nipples the size of .44 caliber bullets.“Holy hell!” I said. “You’re the best-looking broad in this whole goddamned city!”The model put her hand on her hip and said, “Okay, sure. What the fuck are you doing in here?”“I came to see some lingerie modeling.”The model gave me a dirty look and said, “Right. Men that look like you don’t come in here unless they’re cops so why don’t you go eat a donut or something.”“I’m not a cop. And what do you mean by men that look like me? Am I too ugly to look at lingerie models?”She didn’t miss a beat, “You’re like a bodybuilder or something. Men that look like you don’t come in here, so I’m not buying it.”It was the first nice thing anyone had said to me since I’d been in Washington.“You think I look like a bodybuilder?”The model rolled her eyes. bursa escort bayan “C’mon, man. Just get the fuck out of here, okay? I don’t want to be hassled. I’m trying to make a living.”Pulling a hundred-dollar bill out of my wallet, I said, “Do you have change for a hundred?”After a brief pause, the model said, “Alright. Follow me,” and led me to the back room. There was a chair with a table next to it. On the table was a box of tissues and a bottle of lotion. After motioning for me to sit in the chair, the Asian-looking girl stood over me and said, “If you want me to do this, you need to prove you’re not a cop.”“How do I do that?”The model pulled her panties to the side, exposing her bald pussy. It was a lot different from the hairy ones I’d seen in my dad’s Playboy magazine. I figured it was a cultural thing. Plus, because it was bald, I could see her pussy lips and they hung down about a half inch from her slit.I couldn’t take my eyes off it!She said, “Touch my pussy.”I gladly complied with the request but no sooner had I touched her mound, the model pulled away and adjusted her panties so they covered her slit.“My name is Kim. Leave your money on the nightstand while I get ready.”“Are you from China?” I asked.“No. I’m not from fucking China. I’m from upstate New York and my grandmother was from Thailand. Now that you have my family history, can you put the money on the table while I get ready?”Utterly confused, I watched Kim walk through yet another door into another room. I put the hundred-dollar bill on the table and hoped she’d bring back some change.About three minutes later, Kim walked back into the room wearing a silk emerald green robe with red trim and green high heels to match. She turned on some music, turned down the lights, and walked over to the table to collect my C-note.After tucking the money into her shoe, she said, “Thanks for the tip, honey. I’m sorry I snapped at you. You’re going to get a good show.”Kim walked over and started dancing right in front of me. She opened her robe and let it fall to the floor revealing a green see-through bra, green panties, and nothing else. Dancing provocatively, she turned her back to me and bent over. Her incredible ass was only a few inches away! Then she turned around and pressed her titties into my face.Kim whispered in my ear, “I don’t normally let guys touch me but I’m going to make an exception with you.”She grabbed my hands and placed them on her hips before moving in between my legs and running her leg up and down against my hard cock.Holy hell! My beef baton was pressing so hard against my blue jeans I started worrying that my zipper might explode!Raising her eyebrows, Kim said, “Oh my. That thing is just as impressive as the rest of you.”She slowly unfastened her bra and held it over her titties before letting it fall to the ground. Kim’s nipples were far bigger than any I’d seen in the magazine and quite a bit bigger than I’d imagined a woman’s nipples could possibly be.She must have noticed my surprise because she smiled and said, “Oh you like these, don’t you? You’ve never seen nipples like these and you know what? You never will again.”I said, “Holy hell, Kim. I do like them! Those are some beautiful breasts you have there!”Instead of getting slapped, Kim stuck her hard nipple in my mouth. I sucked it like a baby that hadn’t eaten in days, which made Kim purr like a kitten. Even better, her leg was still sliding up and down against my cock.Man-o-man was I in heaven! Back in Alaska, I pulled on my pussy-plunger every night, fantasying about the horny broads in my dad’s Playboy magazine, but the real thing was better than a moose steak cooked over a campfire.I couldn’t believe this beautiful model from the city would give a Sourdough like me a second look, much less let me chew on her fabulous t-shirt dimples!Kim playfully pushed my forehead back until her nipple popped out of my mouth. Giggling, she backed away and stared nilüfer escort at me while she slipped her panties down over her hips and let them fall to the floor. Then Kim sat on the carpet and spread her legs, which made her pussy open up like a spring flower in bloom.I thought my eyes were going to pop out of my head!Kim’s squeeze box may have been the only one I’d ever seen with my own eyes, but it was the most beautiful thing I’d laid eyes on since watching the northern lights blazing over the frozen tundra. At that moment, all I wanted to do was spend an entire day and night exploring every crease and fold of Kim’s magnificent cooter. The sight of her thick lips spread open literally made my mouth water, and I instantly imagined what it would be like to have a taste.I said, “Hell’s Bells! That’s one sexy cupcake you got there! No wonder you’re a model!”Kim thanked me for the compliment and ran her index finger from the bottom to the top of her pink cunny. Then she brought her finger to her mouth and sucked on her own juices before saying, “Pull out your cock and jerk off with me.”Page 47 – How to Be a Sensual Man …There is nothing broads like more than the sight of man’s Johnson. Now, they aren’t going to admit it because modern women don’t like being called a slut even though they want to BE a slut when they’re in the bedroom.So, you can’t just meet a chick and whip out your pecker. The sensual man understands that women need a little foreplay before the one-eyed monster makes his appearance, otherwise you’re going to scare her off.You’re probably asking the obvious question, “When DOES a sensual man pull out his prick?”There is only one rule that matters, and you should consider this the sensual man’s Golden Rule – Only pull out your meat stick AFTER a chick gives you permission to pull out your meat stick.I pulled my cock out of my pants quicker than a salmon swimming past a grizzly bear. Kim’s eyes were suddenly wider than two full moons on a clear spring night.Her mouth dropped open and she said, “Holy fucking Christ! Is that thing even real?”Looking down at my dick in my hand, I said, “Yeah, of course it’s real! A man only gets one of these, you know?”Still fingering her panty peach, Kim said, “Fuck, dude! Did they make you register that thing as a lethal weapon? It must be ten inches long AND around!”“I never thought about measuring my meat stick, but what’s wrong with it? Is it too small or something?”Kim rolled her eyes again and said, “Just shut up and let me watch you stroke that amazing thing.”Utterly confused, I squirted some lotion in my hand and clobbered my swollen member while watching Kim pan for gold inside her bodacious beaver lodge.Man-o-man she was sexy! Her long, straight black hair spilled over her tanned shoulders while her sweater muffins jiggled ever-so-slightly with every flick of her wrist. My cock was so hard, the veins running along the shaft looked like they could rupture at any second. Kim couldn’t take her eyes off it and the faster I stroked, the faster she rubbed her honey pot.Even from a few feet away, I could tell that Kim’s love canal was getting wetter than the Yukon River after ice-out. Even the insides of her thighs were wet and dripping with feminine fluids. She started to moan, still staring at my cock like she was a wolf stalking a caribou. Then Kim started slapping her pussy with the palm of her hand like she was spanking it for talking back.Suddenly, Kim’s entire body began spasming. She was panting and growling like a wounded mink on a Klondike trap line, and for a second, I had no idea what was happening. When she tilted her head back and began shaking, it suddenly dawned on me that she was having an orgasm.Page 73 – How to Be a Sensual Man…I’m sure you’ll agree that there’s nothing better than getting off. There is nothing that compares to the feeling of releasing a little man batter, which is why virile men like yourself like to jerk off whenever they have a chance.However, the sensual man understands that it’s far easier for a man to climax than it is for a woman. He also understands that there is nothing more sensual than watching a chick lose all control when she hops on the bus to O-Town. The sight of a highly aroused lover in the throes of passion is arguably the best part of taking a broad to bed.

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