How Polygamy Begins 1-2


I got to the coffee shop just as Brandi walked to the mic. I didn’t care for most of her poems. She liked free verse and most made no sense to me, but tonight it looked like she had written a sonnet about a love between a horse and a bull. The girls and I had known Brandi for a couple of semesters now. She is a sweet girl with a memory like an elephant but tended to be a bit of a downer at times. We tried to support her the best we could, but she had more down points than up, so we didn’t go out of our way for her.I sat down between Heather and Rach, both of them scooted their chairs next to mine and leaned on me. ‘Oh,’ I thought to myself, ‘this whole thing is so dangerous.’ Brandi finished her poem in about ten minutes. Everyone clapped, but I couldn’t help but think they were just thankful it was over.Brandi came over and sat with us. “Hi girls, hi Jay.”We all said our hellos, and Brandi asked, “So, how did you like my poem?”We all looked at each other. “It was interesting,” said Connie. “Wherever did you get your inspiration for a horse and cow love affair?”“I spent last weekend at my uncle’s farm and watched his horses fucking next to their cow. I just kinda thought, what must that cow be thinking. And what if the horse was fucking the cow. I just started writing, and the rest, as they said, is history.”“You have a unique way of looking at the world, Brandi,” I said.“Yeah I know,” she said, “I’m odd, but you guys love me anyway.”“Yes, we do,” said Sue. “Another great performance.”We all sat around and talked to Brandi for a while longer until Brandi had to leave for work.“So, Jay, where are you taking Heather on your date tonight?” asked Sue.“It’s a surprise,” I said.“Yeah, right,” interjected Connie, “you don’t have a clue yet do you?”“Connie,” I answered. “You four have been my best and closest friends for the past three years. You don’t think I know every like and dislike you have? I know every good and bad date each of you has been on. I know your favorite foods, your favorite songs, even your sexual fantasies. You don’t think I can come up with the perfect date for each of you?”Connie’s eyes started to tear up, I looked at the other girls and they were all crying.“Girls, why are you crying?”The girls all started sniffling and wiping their tears away until Rachel spoke up.“Baby, we are so sorry. You are the best friend to all of us. You’ve sat with us, listened to us, been our sounding board, and sometimes punching bag for three years. You know everything about us, and I think we all just realized how little we know about our best friend.”A random jock walked up to our table. “Is this dweeb bothering you ladies?”Heather yelled at him, “FUCK OFF ASSHOLE, CAN’T YOU SEE WE’RE HAVING A MOMENT HERE!”“Excuse the hell out of me,” he said and quickly moved across the room.“Girls, please don’t cry,” I said. “I’ve loved every moment I’ve ever spent with you. You four are the light of my life.”They all stood and surround me, then pulled me up for a group hug. Connie faced me, leaned in and pressed her lips to mine. Our tongues met for the first time and rolled around for several moments before we broke the kiss. Then Heather, Sue, and Rachel each took a turn. As we finally broke apart, we looked over, and the Jock and his buddies were sitting across the room with their mouths open, watching us. The girls all winked at them, giggled and walked out of the shop with me in tow.Connie and I peeled off at our building as the other three proceeded to their apartments. Connie and I were neighbors on the second floor of building 501. Rach and Sue lived in 503, and Heather lived in 504. Every semester we all tried to move closer to each other, but getting into the same building was difficult. Connie and I said our goodbyes at her door, she entered her room, but yelled back, “Jay, have a great time tonight!”“Don’t worry, your time next,” I said.I dressed nicely in black slacks, a blue button-down polo, and black boots. I knocked on Heather’s door a few minutes to 7:00. Heather unlike the rest of us, had a roommate, and they pretty well hated each other from the first day they met. Jackie answered the door and yelled out, “The dweeb is here.”“Jackie,” I asked, “why do you have to be such a bitch?”“Because I can be.” And she slammed the door in my face.A moment later Heather answered the door in a stunning black mini dress, and black lace-up knee-high boots.“Sorry about the bitch but, it looks like I chose the right attire.”I leaned in and kissed her on the lips.“You look stunning,” I said.“Thank you. So, where are we going?” she asked.“It’s still a surprise,” I replied. “Shall we?”We walked to my car and I opened her door.“Such the gentleman,” she said.“Same as always,” I replied.“Yeah I know,” she said. “It just seems more special tonight.”We drove into town and I pulled up to the valet at her favorite restaurant, Arigato’s Japanese grill.“You’re shitting me right now,” she exclaimed. “Honey, I love that you Anadolu Yakası Escort remembered how much I love this place, but it’s too expensive.”“Heather, this night is all about you, don’t worry about it. I can cover this and a lot more.”I got out and handed the keys to the valet, walked around and opened her door. We entered the restaurant and I told the hostess, “Donner party.”“Oh good evening, Mr. Donner, your table is ready, and the Chef is working on your order. Right this way.”The hostess guided us to a private booth and left us.“Honey, reservations at a restaurant that’s booked weeks in advance, how did you do this?”“It’s a secret,” I said and smiled at her.A few minutes later the waiter arrived, “Your Champagne, sir.”Heather’s eyes go wide as the bottle of Dom was popped and poured in her glass and mine.“What are you doing, you don’t need to impress me?” she whispered. “Remember, I’m a sure thing.”“You and the other girl are worth every penny I’m going to spend on you. It’s not to impress you, It’s to show you how special you are to me.”“Oh look, someone got a love boat… oh my god, you didn’t” as the waiter stops at our table with the Sushi order.”“You pre-ordered everything?”“The nights just getting started, my love,” I said.We spent the next two hours consuming every kind of Sushi except Uni and Mackerel which I knew she didn’t like. Then we finished it off with a Japanese Matcha Tiramisu dessert.“Are you ready to continue our adventure?” I asked.“Don’t we need to pay the bill?” she asked.“No, everything was paid ahead of time,” I responded.We walked out of the front door, and my car was waiting with the doors open and running. “Good evening Mr. Donner”.As we pulled away Heather commented, “We can go to your place.”“Nope,” I said, “we have another stop.”A few minutes later we pulled up in front of The Blue Oyster.“The Blue Oyster,” she exclaimed, “this is like the hottest nightclub in town; I’m not standing in that line for two hours.”“Not to worry, my love.”I pulled up to the VIP Red Carpet. We got out and I walked her to the door. “Good Evening Mr. Donner.”We went into the club and were seated at a private table by the dance floor and live stage.“Jay, honey, you’re doing too much.”“I promise, the other girls are going to get the same treatment, and the money is not a problem for me. I want you to feel special tonight.”“Okay, but no more after this.”“This is it, and then we can go to my place and do whatever you want.”She calmed down and we spent the next two hours talking, dancing, and listening to the band.We left just before midnight and drove to my apartment. we walked up to my apartment door and I opened it, as I walk in, Heather stopped me.“Jay honey, I want you to know this has been the best date I have ever been on, but the girls said I should make sure you do things right. You need to ask me properly to come in.”“Oh sorry sweetie, you’re right.”I took Heather by the hands, leaned in and give her a lite kiss, and asked, “Heather, I really enjoyed our evening together, would you care to come in for a nightcap?”“Perfect,” she said, “yes Jay, I would love to come in.”The formalities out of the way I escorted her into the apartment, and as we got to the living room she turned and wrapped her arms around me, kissed me deeply, grabbed my arms and pushed me back on to the couch. Then jumped on top of me and we continued kissing. Our tongues wrestled for dominance over the other’s mouth for several minutes before she broke our kiss.“Honey, I meant it when I said that was the best date I’ve ever been on, but don’t think it gets you off the hook. I want my three and a half hours of toe-curling sex.”I sat contemplating Heather for a moment. I had thought a lot about it before our date and remembered all the dates and sex Heather had spent talking to me about for the past three years. What I realized, and hadn’t completely formulated until now, was that Heather liked it a bit rough. It’s not really who I am, but I considered it as play acting for her benefit.“Bitch, you better show me some appreciation for that great date I just took you on, or the only thing you’re gittin is an ass woopin.”At first, Heather had a confused look on her face, but then I saw a little smirk form on her lips.“You ASSHOLE,” she yelled, “I’m not giving you shit for that crappy date.”“Oh, yeah, I guess I’m going to have to teach you some respect.”“I’m leaving,” she said, “and turned to leave, but I grabbed her hand and pulled her across my lap. With a quick movement of my hand, I pulled her mini dress up over her hips to expose her bare ass.“What a little slut you are,” I said, “not even wearing panties on our date.”“Not that you would ever notice you dickless piece of shit,” she said. And with that, I brought my hand down on her ass with a loud slap.“Oww,” I followed it with three more hard slaps to each cheek.“Oww, oww, oww, I’m Sorry, oww, please baby, I’m sorry. I’ll be good.”I Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan had to chuckle at this point because it dawned on me that while I am not a weakling, I’m pretty sure Heather could kick my ass without breaking a sweat.“That’s better,” I said, “now you pull out my big cock and show me how much you appreciate me.”Heather slid off my lap and pulled my pants and boxers down. She took my cock head lightly in her mouth for a few seconds, then pulled it out.“This is so gross, I’m not doing this.”“BITCH, You better put that thing back in your mouth and suck it like you mean it, or those slaps I just gave you are gonna keep coming.”She put my cock back in her mouth and gave me my first blowjob. I was in heaven but needed to keep up the ruse.“You call that a blow job bitch. Get it all in your mouth.”I grabbed her head and pushed it down on my cock, as it slid into her throat, she didn’t even gag. She started sucking hard and fast. After about a minute I yelled, “Oh baby, I’m going to cum.”Heather never let up and went balls deep as my first spurt shot down her throat. She pulled it back to her mouth and took the rest of my load in her mouth. When I finished, she pulled it out and opened her mouth to show me her mouth was full of cum, then closed and swallowed. She then opened her mouth again to show me it was empty. She got up and pushed me back on the couch and climbed on top of me.“Thank you,” she said. “You really do know everything about me don’t you, but babe, it’s my turn. Oh, and the safe word is Snowball. If either of us says the word snowball we have to stop what we’re doing.”“Okay,” I said, “I didn’t go too far just now did I?”“No baby, it was perfect, but now I want to tie you up.”“Oh… okay,” I answered, “I trust you.”“I don’t have any of my toys,” she said, “so I have to improvise” Heather stood and pulled me up “let’s go to the bedroom.”We got to the bedroom. “Down on your knees slave,” she said.I dropped to my knees. “Yes, baby!””Slave, you will address me as mistress, do you understand?””Yes, Mistress.”“Rise slave, and help me remove my dress.”I unzipped her dress and it fell to the floor.“Now slave, I need to be bathed… with your tongue.”“Yes, mistress.”She laid on her stomach, and I began licking from the back of her neck down her body. Heather is a tall curvy hard body with big tits and smooth skin, so licking her body was a dream come true. I only wished I had some honey or something, but soon enough I’d get to taste her own personal honey. I was getting close to her ass, and anticipating the taste and smell when she barked out “My feet slave.”“Yes, mistress.” Now one thing I knew was that both Heather and Sue have foot fetishes, so if I did it right, Heather would have an orgasm or two as I sucked on her toes.Heather was still wearing her Satin Prada Sandals, so I undid the clasps and removed them and began by kissing the bottom of her foot. She moaned lightly as I kissed it but then she screamed, “SLAVE, I SAID CLEAN IT!”“Yes, Mistress.” I licked the bottom of her foot which made her moan again, then I put her small toes in my mouth, and then sucked and licked all around them. She moved her hand between her legs, and within seconds her hand was soaking wet. When I stuck her big toe in my mouth I felt her quake and saw her body start to shutter. I gently set that leg down and moved to the other and repeated the process. After what appeared to be another orgasm I started up her legs, doing a few inches each at a time. Heather seemed completely lost as I continued up her legs to her ass cheeks. I licked every part clean except for her crack, saving that for last.At last, I began licking her crack until I reached her tight little hole. As my tongue found her anus, I licked around and around her tight little hole and as she started to say, “SLaaaaaav”, as my tongue pushed inside. “Oh god… Yeesssss!” she pushed her ass back and up as my tongue assaulted her, after a moment she raised her ass higher, “M… m, mmy P, p, ppuusy slaaaa, eeeet, cllleeeen it.” I moved my tongue to her pussy, licking from her clit to her opening.“Ohh god, oh god, yes, don’t oh…” she came with the most powerful orgasm yet and squirted her sweet juice into my mouth as she came. I flipped her over on her back and proceeded to clean her front. She had a couple of smaller orgasms as I cleaned around her pussy. I finally made my way up to her lushes D cup tits. Her tits were definitely the softest part of her body and felt different under my tongue. She had large nipples the size of a nickel, and they stuck out almost an inch when erect. As I sucked on the first one, she began to moan again, and then pushed and held my head against it as she ground herself against me.“Yes slave yes, oh yes, slave lay down, and I want your dick now.”“Yes, Mistress.” Little formality was left in her, and she got up as I lay down, hopped on and impaled herself to the Escort Anadolu Yakası hilt.“Oh god yes, Oh Jay, that is a masterpiece, I’ve never felt so full.”Forgetting the game she started fucking me hard and fast.“Mistress, I’m not going to last long like this.”“I… I… I don’t care, cum in me baby… yes, fill me up!”She leaned forward and started twerking even faster which sent me over the edge. As the first spurt left me, she must have felt it, as she stopped and held our pelvises together as I let loose with five more jets. Heather moaned each time I came and then started to convulse with her own intense orgasm. Her eyes rolled back in her head, and her pussy gripped my cock so tight it hurt a little.She laid like that for several minutes, her pussy gripping and releasing my cock, milking it for all it was worth. It seemed to please her greatly realizing my cock was still hard as she started to pump me again.“God, Jay, that was the most intense orgasm I’ve ever felt from a guy, followed by the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had. I can’t believe you’re still hard after that. It felt like you filled me to my cervix.”“Yeah,” I said, “I can’t believe how tight you were gripping me. That was insane.”“The benefit of bodybuilding, baby,” she replied.“Wow, look at the time,” I said. “Fifteen more minutes, till you’re three and a half hours, are up.”  Heather gave me a dejected look, puckered her lower lip and said, “You won’t tell on me if I go a little over… will you?” She smiled and batted her eyes.“How can I say no to those beautiful green eyes, and sparkling smile.”For the next half hour or so we did several more positions. We tried doggie, but she stopped me after a few pumps and said it was hurting a bit. So I asked her if she wanted to try to spoon, so we did. We lay there in a slow fuck for a bit.“Jay, are you okay to go to sleep, or do you need to get off again?”“I’m good for sleep, sweetie.”“Okay, just leave it in me for now, I like the way it feels.”I wrapped my arm around her and put my hand over her boob and drifted off to sleep with my cock still buried in her.I woke to the light streaming through the window, Heather was still asleep but facing me with her head against my shoulder, and her leg across my midsection. I heard my front door open quietly and then whispering. A few seconds later I saw Connie, Rach, and Sue come into the bedroom. Connie saw I was awake and put her finger to lips, sat on the side of the bed and started playing with Heather’s pussy. Heather started breathing heavily and gave out a low moan and opened her eyes.“Jay, who or what is playing with my pussy?”“Morning, Bitch,” said Connie.“Oh thank god,” exclaimed Heather, “for a second I thought you had a cat or something.”“Get up, bitches,” said Sue, “it’s after 10:00.”“So tell us, Heather, how was the date, where did you go, how did our boy hold up?” asked Connie.“Jay said I can’t tell you about the date until he’s finished with all of us, but you were right Rach, Fucking Masterpiece. I will tell you the date was the best I’ve ever been on, and the sex, I won’t be able to walk straight for a week.”“So you ready to take Jay’s morning wood?” asked Rach.“To be honest,” answered Heather, “my pussy feels a little raw this morning, I don’t think I could take it.”“Connie, Sue, want a freebie?” asked Rachel.“No,” said Connie, “I’ll wait for my turn.”Connie licked her fingers and kept rubbing Heather’s clit, and Rach started giving me a blowjob. Sue put her hand in her pants as she watched us. Heather moaned and then put her hand on the side of my face and pulled my lips to hers. We kissed, our tongues dance together while our friends masturbate us together. It only took a few minutes until Heather and I came together. My cum shooting all over Heather’s leg, Rach’s face, and my chest.“Sue, you want some?” asked Rachel.Sue shook her head walked over and licked my cum off Rach’s face, Connie bent over and licked some off Heather’s leg, and Heather moved over and licked some off my chest.“Okay guys,” Connie exclaimed, “enough fun. Sue, you want to go on the next date?”“Sure,” said Sue, “but why don’t we wait till Thursday so we don’t have to get up for class the next day.”“Fine with me,” answered Connie. “Get up and get dressed, so we can go get Sunday brunch.”Heather and I got showered while Sue fetched Heather’s overnight bag from my car. We all got dressed and made our way to Quins Grill for brunch.While we were waiting for brunch and sipping Mimosas, I turn to Sue and asked. “Sue, would you like to go out tonight?”“Oh I don’t know, I don’t think tonight is a good night for me.”“Well is there another night you could go?” I asked.“Ahh, well I guess I’m free Thursday night, how’s that for you?”“Yeah, Thursday is good. Pick you up at 7:00?”“6:00 would be better if you don’t mind.”“6:00 it is.”“Well done, Jay,” said Connie.The week flew by and it was Thursday afternoon before I knew it. I had enough time to plan out Sue and Connie’s dates. I made reservations and pre-paid or opened tabs for everything. I arrived at Sue’s apartment just before 6:00 and knocked. Sue called me to come in, and she was still getting ready. She walked out a few minutes past 6:00 dressed in a form-fitting open back red dress and spike heels. Her hair was styled up in fancy braids.

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