How I Met Rachel


My name is Rob, this story is about how I met my girlfriend, Rachel, and how our relationship developed in the early days. Rachel is very pretty. She has shoulder length blonde hair, deep blue eyes, firm little breasts, a cute bum and a beautiful smile. I met Rachel at work. We worked for different departments but our paths regularly crossed. We would attend the same meetings and we socialised in the same group. Most Friday evenings, after work, a group of us would go to the pub to unwind before the weekend. One summer’s evening, we were both sat in the pub garden as members of a larger group. As the evening progressed, people started to leave for home. As the group got smaller, people changed seats to keep the group compact. After a few seat changes, I ended up sitting opposite Rachel and engaging in conversation with her and two others. The time came when the other two people had to go, leaving just Rachel and myself. As one of the other people left, they said, “Are you to going to stay and have something to eat?” Rachel replied dismissively, “Maybe.” Rachel and I were then left on our own and we talked for a little bit. Previously, I had never spoken to her for very long, one to one. When I had, it was very much a work focused conversation. Rachel then said to me, “To you need to rush off anywhere?” I replied, “No.” She asked, “Would you like to get something to eat?” “I am hungry,” I replied. We got up and headed for the eating area inside the pub. We ordered something to eat and another drink. We then found a table and sat Erenköy escort bayan down. We chatted about what we did in a spare time, the TV we had watched, books we had read and a lot of other stuff. Our food eventually arrived. We had both ordered fajitas, so as we ate we laughed with each other as bits fell out of the little pancakes, that we both managed to over fill. After we had finished our food, we ordered some coffee and chatted for a while longer. When it was time to leave, Rachel thanked me for giving her an enjoyable evening. I indicated that I felt likewise. Rachel kissed me on the cheek and we headed for our cars in the car park. Saturday afternoon, I was sitting watching some sport on the TV, but I could not get Rachel out of my head. I rang a mutual friend explained to her what had happened and asked her for Rachel’s phone number. Sitting on my sofa, I plucked up the courage and gave Rachel a call. Her phone rang a couple of times and I was beginning to think she was not going to answer. Then I heard a ‘hello’ in my ear. I thought to myself ‘keep cool’ and I introduced myself. I thanked for a great time the previous evening and I told her that I had enjoyed her company. I then plucked up some more courage and said, “Have you got any plans for tonight?” “No. Why what do you have in mind?” she replied curiously. “I am cooking some pasta later and I have more than enough for two,” I said. She replied, “That sounds nice, I will bring some wine.” We agreed a time; I gave her my address Escort içerenköy and ended the call. ‘Shit’ I thought to myself as I had no food in the house, not enough for two. I grabbed my car keys and headed immediately for the supermarket. I made a nice pasta source with some seafood, prepared some garlic bread and waited for Rachel to arrive. She was bang on time. The doorbell rang; I checked myself out in the mirror next to the door and then casually opened it. Rachel was wearing a silky pink blouse and smart black jeans. I greeted her with a cheery ‘hello’. As she stepped through the door, she kissed me on the cheek and handed me a bottle of red wine. I looked at the label. ‘I thought as we were eating pasta it needed to be Italian.” she said. “Absolutely,” I agreed. We moved into the lounge and I said, “I have prepared the sauce, I will just need to cook the pasta when we are ready to eat.” “What music have you got?” she said, as she made a beeline for my CD collection. “It’s an eclectic mix,” I replied. I collected two glasses and poured us each a glass of wine. Rachel opened the CD draw in the Hi-Fi and pressed play. “Good choice!” I said, as Take That bellowed out of the speakers. This was one of my old girlfriends CD’s and I wasn’t a great fan but I was not going to tell Rachel that. I gave Rachel a glass of wine and we clinked them together and said ‘Cheers’. We sat and chatted for a while and then decided it was time to eat. I went into the kitchen to put the final touches Tuzla escort to the meal and Rachel put the cutlery on the table. I served up the food and took it to the dining room. We sat opposite each other. I offered Rachel some cheese and some garlic bread. She curled some pasta around her fork, collected some of the sauce and put it into her mouth. I sat and waited for her verdict. “Mmm, that’s nice,” she said. “Thank you,” I said, as I relaxed a little easier into my seat. We talked and drank wine as we ate. When we had finished eating I offered Rachel a coffee which she accepted. She went back into the lounge and was sat on the sofa when I brought in two cups of coffee. I sat next to her and we chatted some more. I got the feeling that the time was right to give her a kiss. I leaned towards her, held her hand gently and then kissed her on the lips. To my surprise she wrapped an arm around my neck, keeping us locked in the kiss. Then without saying anything she pushed me onto my back so she was laying on my chest. We stopped kissing and smiled at each other. With no words exchanged between us, we kissed again. I was starting to get very aroused and my penis started to stiffen. Although she didn’t say anything, Rachel must have become aware of the bulge in my jeans. As we kissed I stroked her back. My hand started to move closer to be bum. Eventually it was resting on one of her buttocks. I started to stroke it gently. I then decided to man up and slide my hand into the waistband of her jeans. On entering her jeans I discovered the top of her G-string panties. My finger then drifted to the top of the crack in her arse. Her bum felt soft and warm. After a while just stroking the bare skin on her bum, Rachel sat up and said she had to go. In some shock at her abruptness, I said, “OK.” Rachel headed for the front door and opened it.

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