How I Became Just Plain Bill

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For all eighteen years it has been William. My mother and Father always called me William. Even in school my friends throughout high school called me William. My girlfriends have always called me William. Even my best friend Dennis calls me William. No one has ever called me Bill. Well almost every one and that is what this story is all about. How I became a Bill.

My family has lived on Latterman Road for as long as I can remember. We have three acres and my grandparents lived next to us and they owned nearly ten acres. Grandpa died and Grandma went off to live in a home for old people and that my friends is how Mrs. Wilda Sparks came to own the property next to my family and of course me.

I had graduated in May, college did not start until September so I was looking forward to a summer of swimming and goofing off with my friends. Little did I know that a sixty-five year old woman would change my life so dramatically? Little did I know that I was about to go to school all summer long. The school of life was about to begin and I was going to be the start student. As it turned out not the only student but the star or so I was told by my new neighbor the dear Mrs. Wilda Sparks.

The moving van was hardly down the road before a five foot six tall lady came walking across the pasture to ring the bell on our gate at the property line.

I was in the barn working and so being close to the gate where she stood with her hand on the bell rope I was the first to greet and meet our new neighbor.

My hair was all tossed and in a state of fly away styling. I was sweating heavily even without a shirt. My cut offs hung well down on my hips and it never occurred to me that this older lady would think anything about a boy, let me correct that; a young man of my tender eighteen years. However I was about to find out just how wrong I was.

The sun was behind her and it cut through her summer dress as easily as a hot knife through butter. I could see her legs out lined through the sheer material. I could see the space at her crotch where her thighs did not touch. She was not fat but she did have the nice round figure that comes with age to women. Her blouse was thin also and the out lines of twin breast of generous proportion were revealed to my wandering eyes.

As I covered the fifty feet to the gate I had time to let my eyes wander fully over her figure and lovely face. Her blonde hair was pulled back into a bun with a clip to hold it in place. Her face was pretty and even with a few wrinkles that come with age she was a beautiful women. Before I got to the gate my eyes returned to her bosom and those large round breasts met my eyes and my approval. I smiled.

“Hello.” I said

She opened the gate and stepped through to greet me with a hand held out. Our eyes met and she held my sweaty hand in both her hands and said in nearly a whispered voice. “Hello I am your new neighbor Wilda Sparks. “Thought I would come over and say Hi before I got busy unpacking.”

I let her hold my hand and said “I am William Palmer, you bought my Grandparents place. My Mom and Dad are away today but if you would care for a cold drink come on up to the house and we can get out of this sun.”

“Do they call you Bill?” she asked as we turned to walk side by side toward the house.

It was hard for a young guy like me to not allow my eyes to drop to the quivering cleavage of her size 40 DD’s. She caught my eyes following her bouncing breast and gave me an open wide smile. I then noticed how wide her mouth was and for the first time in my life I thought also how kissable a mouth it was. As an after thought I thought “I bet she could suck a cock with the best of them.”

She took a cool glass of ice tea from my hand. Bending over slightly I took another look at those great tits. I could tell she was proud of her fine big tits and I could not blame her after all they were a couple of beauties. I kind of let her know I liked the view by smiling and letting my eyes kind of float slowly between her eyes and the breasts. There was no doubt about what I was dong or that she was pleased at my boyish attempt to flirt with this older lady.

“William when will your parents be home so I can meet them?” She asked. I noted a slight change in her voice a kind of low sweet mellow sound that said something I was not old enough to fully understand.

“Not until late tonight or maybe not until early tomorrow morning.” I said in a voice that stammered and lost volume as she looked into my eyes.

I thought for sure she could read my thoughts. Maybe she even noticed the swelling in my cut offs and or red my face was. The redness was not sun burn. But as I leaned back with my ass resting against the counter by the sink my cock shook and pushed hard to show off.

As I had done to her she did back to me. She let her eyes look into my eyes and then let then drop to my swollen fly and back up a few times before we both smiled and knew just what we were going to do.

“William” she said “You look like a strong young Antalya travesti man. Would you like to come over to my place and help me move some boxes up stairs for me? I’ll pay you of course for your time and labor.”

I followed behind her on the walk across the field to her place. I had to notice how her hips moved in a crazy swaying motion with a little bounce before they swung back the other direction. I thought “Nice ass. Hell it was more like; nice fucking ass.” I thought of the one and only time in my short life, my short sex life that I had been allowed to stick my cock up an anal channel. Or in other words I had once and only once gotten a real piece of ass. I had fucked Karen Barr in the ass one night after a football game.

Karen is a tall Germen girl with a fine body and a really fine round lump ass. We had been talking after the game and as we walked across the field toward her house we stopped to kiss. I slipped a hand up her short skirt and my fingers found a wet pussy not covered any panties. She was the first girl I ever knew that did not wear panties.

I quickly moved her over under a large tree in deep shade and she let me finger fuck her to a climax as we squatted on our knees. She found and open my fly and was giving me a hand job while I finger fucked her. I tried to push her over on her back but she said “No, Don’t put it in my pussy I don’t want to get pregnant. You can fuck me in the ass or I’ll suck you off.”

The thought of fucking this girl in the ass was over whelming and so sexy I had her on hands and knees in a second. I wet my cock head and rubbed it up over her tiny tight pucker entrance. Karen had told me to take it slow until I was all the way in. So that is what I did. I pushed until I felt the head of my cock pass slowly through the outer ring. I waited and applied more spit to my shaft. I felt Karen reach back between her legs and start to run her clitoris. I was hot as hell and pushed on.

There was something so exciting and arousing about feeling my cock slowly push up this tight channel I wanted to cum almost at once. But I managed to hold off for awhile. I wished I could see my cock disappear up her ass hole. But the dark was complete I could see nothing. Just then I felt Karen’s fingers slip past her pussy and feel around my cock at her tight little ass hole. She was feeling my cock and her ass hole in a way that was allowing her to see by feel.

So I did the same thing. I ran my finger tips around the stub of cock that was not fully engaged in her fine tight ass hole. Our finger tips met and tingled together, our fingers touched and danced together like snakes in heat. Then I started to run a finger into her ass along side my cock. I heard a kind of grunt as I did so. Then I felt her do the same. Karen had run a finger in her own ass along side my cock. This was too much I flexed and jerked as I short cum well up into Karen’s bowels. God I do wish I could have seen her fine tight ass with my cock, my finger and her finger all in there at the same time as I fucking cum like a volcano in full eruption. *** As instructed I picked up a heavy box and followed Mrs. Sparks up the stairs to the second floor. I knew this house of course as well as I know the back of my hand. At the top of the stairs I turned to my right to go toward the front of the house where the master bedroom was. But I heard Mrs. Sparks turn to the left toward the smaller bedroom across the back of the house.

I turned to see her wiggle her ass toward the rear bedroom. I followed.

I stood in the door way and watched as she slowly pulled her top over her head. Those twin globes here head in place but a smooth thin type sports bra. I could see the nipples and they looked firm. I wondered if I had done that.

She was looking into my eyes as she did something and her skirt, it fell to the floor. She looked very sexy in bra and panties. Her legs were chubby as was her slightly rounded belly but over all she figure was very sexy even to the eyes of this young man.

I sat the box out side the room and stood there looking at her. “William if you want some of this.” She kind of let her arms hang out to her sides. I took that as an indication of all she had to offer. “You’ll have to show me what you have hiding in there.” She pointed to my cut offs.

I had no shirt so I went for my belt. I dropped my cut offs and then slowly hooked my thumbs in the waist band of my jockey’s. My cock was fully erect and sprung out point straight up at her face.

“Nice, not the biggest one I have ever seen but it is nice. And it looks so hard. A good hard cock sure beats a big half soft one every time.” She said with a widening smile on her pretty face.


As I moved to take her in my arms she quickly dropped to her knees and devoured my cock. Wilda has an obsession, a passion and great need to feel a cock in her mouth. To show how she could make a man feel her deepest passion, lust, her gratuitous need to suck and fuck. Wilda was an uncontrolled nymphomaniac. İstanbul travesti Wilda was a sex machine, a woman with out bounds for age in my case and also she had no bounds for what she would do for her own enjoyment and that of her sex partner.

Her nails dug into my thigh as she jerked me closer, driving my cock deeper into her mouth. I felt the head touch the back of her throat. She cocked and then again pulled me forward letting my cock head pass into her throat. Wilda was a deep throat cocksucker. How lucky could I be?

Even as I shuttered the feel of my cock going down her throat I let my eyes fleet around the room. It was bare, no bed not even a carpet just a hard wood floor. Did she want me to fuck her on the floor or was she going to be happy just to suck me off.

I was swelling very near to climaxing and she knew it. So she took my cock from her mouth. She had been fingering her pussy as she sucked my cock. But now she was ready for more. Wilda walked to the window and rested her hands on the beach seat. I stood up behind her and push my cock into her pussy. I was pounding her pussy I was hot as hell I wanted to cum. But again Wilda had another turn in mind. She wiggled forward pulling my cock free of her cunt. She reached under her crotch and grabbed my cock. She pulled me back to her and guided my cock straight up to her ass hole.

“Fuck my ass. Bill; fuck my ass. Go slow but fuck my ass.” She was not screaming but there was urgency in her voice. I did not wait for any more instructions. I pulled her fat as cheeks wide until her ass hole was nearly gapped open. The head of my cock was wet and I pushed in.

This time it was my chance to see what I was doing. I watched my cock pop into her ass hole. I watched as the head kind of flattened and then just seem to disappear. The feeling was like nothing I had ever felt in my short sex life. But it was so exciting, so amorous and so erotic I busted a nut. I shot off in her ass. I felt my cock jerk and I felt the sperm being pumped from me into her. I watched my cock move back and forth as the cum flooded deep in her broad ass. Then I pushed her ass cheeks together making it even tighter and more erotic. I started to cum again; I was cumming for a second time.

I watched as the sperm come out of her ass around my cock as I pulled back. When I was done spurting. I let my cock slip from her. Watching her ass hole still gapped open with the creamy sperm running out was so fucking sexy I almost cum for the third time.

I stood in the hall bath at the sink washing my cock. Wilda had walked down to the master bedroom to use the bathroom there. Visions filled my head. My breath came in deep quick gasps. My heart was beating widely. Nothing had ever been so fucking sexy. God what a women. I was going to get to now this women very well and every soon.


Mom and Dad came home the next afternoon. They had a long drive and brought ready cooked food to eat so Mom did not have to cook. I wanted to talk to them about our new next door neighbor. But felt it was not the right time.

I felt as if I had grown into an adult in one afternoon. I let all the sexy books I have ever read come into view. I saw now all that two people could do to and for one another. But I could not tell my parents of the greatest day of my life.

I later lay in bed wide awake thinking of Wilda and wondering how soon I could go back over there and help her unpack.

My cock was hard and I was slowly stroking it, pumping it as I let visions of my cock going in and out of her ass hole dance through my head.

I don’t know why I got up. Something made me get up and move down the hall and stop by my parent’s bedroom. I stood there listing. I heard sounds. Not anything I could distinguish. But I somehow knew they were sex sounds. The door was not fully shut so I pushed it open just far enough to see them. The light came from the bathroom and I could see my mother squatting between my Dad’s legs. She was bent over and she had his cock in her mouth. I watched my mother move her head up and down sucking his cock as Wilda had sucked mine. I thought “Wow, Mom you’re a good cocksucker and a very pretty one as well.”

I had never thought of my mother in a sexy way before. But as I watched I noticed her tits swing hitting Dad’s thighs. It was so sexy watching my mother sucking cock. I thought how sexy it would be if she would suck my cock. I wanted to rush in step up behind her and fuck her in the ass like I had done Wilda. Hell I would just like to fuck my mother. I thought of how it would feel to have my cock in my mother’s cunt. How exciting it would be to look down into her eyes as I plunged my cock to the depths of her pussy. This was going to happen and I knew.


If I could not talk to my parents about how great a fuck Wilda was maybe I could talk to Wilda about how much I wanted to fuck my mother.

“Damn it feels good cumming in your pussy too.” I said as I rolled off Wilda.

Wilda was puffing a little. Her İzmir travesti big old tits were still shaking when she looked up at me and said “So Bill, you liked watching your mother sucking your Dad’s cock. You bad boy, you wished it was your cock she was sucking. I bet it was. Even better I bet you were thinking of your mother just now as you pounded away in my cunt. You were thinking of you darling mother as you cum in my cunt. OH, yes I know you were you bad boy.”

I looked over at Wilda and knew she was right. I had thought of my mother as I fucked this lovely older woman. Was I out of my mind? I must be. But Wilda had known just how I felt when I told her of what I had seen and how I had jerked off standing there cumming in my hand as I watched my mothers ass bound up and down while she sucked my Dad’s cock deep in her mouth. I did not stand around to watch if Dad fucked Mom. I had gone back to my room with my liquid sperm dripping from between my fingers.

“OH, shit Wilda you’re so fucking right. I really did think of my Mom and I am so sorry. You’re a great fuck and I should only think of you when I am fucking you. I am sorry.” I said in a low tone as if I was afraid anyone else was going to hear.

Wilda leaned up and pushed me onto my back. She reached down and took my dripping cock in her hand. “Bill, I want you to think of your mother.” She said as she leaned over and moved her head down till her wide warm mouth was only an inch from my now throbbing cock. Wilda went on “Watch me and make believe I am your mother. See her in your mind and see her when I suck your cock. I want you to feel her mouth slide up and down you cock. Make believe she is sucking your sperm and her cunt juice from your cock.”

I closed my eyes and I could see my mother’s mouth slip down over the head of my cock. I could see her hair fall around my thighs, belly and balls. I could feel my mother mouth move up and then down on my cock. I could feel her fingers circle my cock. My cock was so hard it hurt and it was throbbing in Wilda’s hand, but I saw only my mother griping my cock. Then I started to cum for the second time in just a few minutes. My balls strained to pump the thick load up and out of me. I heard Wilda moan and push her mouth down until her head of my cock was pumping cum directly into the throat. She pumped my cock milking every last drop from it. I screamed “Mom; Oh, Mom suck my cock. Drink my cum Bitch. Suck my cum because the next time my cock is going up your fucking ass. You cocking sucking bitch.”

Standing at the window looking at my home across the field I could only think of how exciting I was to believe that one day soon I was going to have my mother under me as I had had Wilda. Wilda called my name. Not William but my new fucking name Bill. She repeated it “Bill” I turned around to see her sitting on the corner of the bed with her legs wide spread and her cunt gapping open. She scooted her ass right to the edge and held her pussy lips open for me to see the inner pink wet lips and small opening where my cock had been.

Wilda laid back as I lifted her legs so my head could easily move between her thighs and my tongue could fine her wet hot cunt. I bit down on her clitoris and rammed a finger up into her ass. She screamed and soon filed my mouth with the nectar of the gods. It was so sweet and thick. I sucked and licked every drop of her juice until she was clean and my tongue had enjoyed the sweetest thing in this entire world.


Thirty minutes later we were dressed and I was ready to leave by her back door. Wilda asked “Bill if I just happened to walk over one day soon where and when would I most likely find you Dad alone. We had talked of this and I knew what she had in mind. I was almost jealous at the thought Wilda would seduce my Dad and then find a way for me to join then in a threesome. After that Wilda was sure it would only be a short time before my Mother would join in and make it a foursome. I told her where and when I though it might work out. I closed my eyes and wished so hard it would work out for all four of us.


The next Saturday morning Mom and I departed for town to go shopping leaving Dad working in the barn. I sat in the front seat looking at my Mom as she drove. Her hands were at ten and two as any safe driver would hold the wheel. This also pulled her thin summer dress up tight around her breast. Mom’s tits were not as big as Wilda’s but still they were nice tits. I looked at her face. It was a pretty face. There were little lines around her mouth. These were called laugh lines but I was thinking they should be called “Cock sucking lines” My cock grew hard and I was sure my jeans were pushed to the maximum. But I did not care if Mom saw I had a hard on. I hoped she would see I was a full grown man and if she were to ask I would tell her I had been fucking the new next door neighbor all week and now I wanted to fuck her.

As I was deep in thought Mom jammed on the breaks and jerked the wheel hard to the right and slid off the road into a shallow ditch. Even with my seat belt on I was thrown side ways in the seat with my head banging hard into my mother firm round tit. She banded her head on the window and passed out going limp in the seat restraints. The pick up truck had not stopped and was gone in a cloud of dust.

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