Hotel Plumber Checks My Pipework


A Kinky Catriona story

Some years ago, I met an Oxford University student who was about to complete a ritual called “Seven Drunken Nights”. The ritual demanded that he drink himself into oblivion, in seven consecutive sessions, without a break. He didn’t look at all well. Much as I always enjoy a glass of Ultra Brut champagne with my breakfast-in-bed, I didn’t envy him in the slightest. I’m grateful to him, though, for giving me the idea for a ritual of my own, which I call the “Seven Spunk-filled Nights”. It’s a variation on what my escort friends call “going on tour”: I book my train journey, reserve my hotel room, and make some calls. It’s always a wonderful experience. This is a story about a little adventure that I had, during one of those seven-night stays. It so happens that these events took place during the daytime, when I was supposed to be chilling out, resting up, sleeping, and generally getting my head and body back together, ready for another heavy night of hard fucking.

About me (for those who don’t know me)

My name is Catriona. You may have read about me on this site before. I’m a successful businesswoman, in my thirties, and my professional life could keep me fully occupied, if I allowed it to. Because of my inordinately high sex drive, however, I choose to place strict limits on the amount of time that I spend on work and related matters.

I consider myself a rather enigmatic figure. I can appear sophisticated and aloof, and yet I’m easy to relate to, and I have absolutely no sexual inhibitions. I like to think of myself as an “up-market slut”: I look stunning, dress expensively, and choose my companions with great care. I’m educated and articulate, with a rather deep, rich, velvet-smooth voice. Childhood elocution lessons have proved a valuable investment.

Behind closed doors, however, I reveal extensive knowledge of an altogether different vocabulary. I get very aroused by obscene talk, and I love to provide my own foul-mouthed commentary on the more extreme forms of sexual perversity, talking myself into ever more depraved behaviour.

As to my appearance, I have no hesitation in saying that I’m attractive. I’m well built, and very well proportioned, of average height, with large, firm, natural breasts, an ample bottom, expansive thighs, and impressively smooth skin.

My circumstances just now are that I’m single, solvent and completely independent. I take full advantage of my single status, to enjoy intense, short-term liaisons with men of all ages and backgrounds.

As to my sexual preferences, it will suffice to say here that they are wide-ranging, and I am always open to new experiences. I have a fascination for the more unusual, extreme and perverse forms of erotic encounter, in both one-to-one and group settings. I’d describe myself as a “switch”, as I can move easily between dominant and submissive roles, as the mood takes me. I can be gentle, but I’m at my best when things get rough.

My morning

The day didn’t start well. In a half-hearted attempt to get my hotel room tidied up a bit, I threw the remains of last night’s champagne down the toilet, only to discover that I couldn’t flush it away. That was annoying, but this was a smart hotel, to say the least, and so I had no reason to expect a long wait, before getting it fixed. I swathed myself in a long silk wrap, just about the only passably presentable garment in my suitcase, and picked up the phone.

I’d hardly put the phone down again, when there was a knock at the door. The hotel plumber turned out to be a down-to-earth, personable sort of bloke, friendly enough, but with no great inclination to engage in idle chat. Fixing the flush took no time at all. While he was at work, I ran a brush through my hair, and carefully loosened my wrap just a little. On his way back through the room, his eye was caught by my champagne bucket, and he couldn’t resist a comment. Seizing my chance, I opened up a little light conversation. Perhaps he’d like to sample a glass, after work, before he went home. He was interested! He was taking great care not to show it, but the prospect evidently had its appeal. Job done. He could get back to his plumbing, and I’d be able to take things easy for a few hours, and await events!

My afternoon

At last, the moment has arrived. I’ve had a pleasantly relaxing day, and I’m ready for anything. For the moment, I’m still in my plain silk wrap, with some carefully chosen items underneath. There’s a knock at my door, and I offer a warm, smiling welcome.

Casually dressed, in pullover, jeans and trainers, my guest looks relaxed and very approachable. Over our first glass of champagne, I gather that he might have up to an hour to spare, before setting off for home. Over our second, I gradually take the conversation a little deeper, to try to find out where his limits Eryaman Escort would be, for a one-off session like this. I’m soon able to satisfy myself that he’d be open to pretty much anything, as long as it stayed fun, and as long as there was no restraint, humiliation or pain involved. All fine by me. Following a standard procedure of mine, we shake hands on a mutual commitment to 100% confidentiality. Preamble over. I’m ready.

So here we are, my hotel plumber and me. I’ve had a few hours to fantasise about what we might get up to, and now I’ve got a good idea of how far I can take him, this afternoon. Our little celebration is under way. I propose a toast, “to secret pleasures”.

Now, let the entertainment begin. I stand up, slip off my silk wrap, and throw it over a chair. Underneath, I’m wearing a white short-sleeved blouse, partly unbuttoned to reveal plenty of cleavage, and a short black leather skirt, with a simple buckle fastening at the side. I’m also wearing my trademark up-market-slut high-heeled ankle-boots, in a shiny black crocodile finish, by Louboutin of Paris. Wearing these boots, I feel as though I could face any situation, and come out on top.

I start by undoing the rest of the buttons on my blouse, so that my ample breasts are revealed in their full splendour. I run my hands over them, ever so lightly, pressing them together, to show off my superb cleavage. I roll the nipples delicately between finger and thumb, then tease them, with rapid little flicks of my fingertips, feeling them harden to my touch, as they swell visibly.

I can see he’s enjoying this. His cock is definitely rising to the occasion, if the bulge in his jeans is anything to go by. Taking his cue from me, he undresses quickly, as far as his boxer shorts, placing his clothes in a neat pile. I move forward, and slide the shorts down. I’m reassured by what I see. His cock is straining eagerly upwards, showing an encouragingly enthusiastic response to what’s happened so far.

The rule of the game at this point is that my guest can’t touch, but I can. I just can’t resist the temptation to give that cock a little taste of my “electric treatment”. There’s no special equipment required. All I have to do is run the razor sharp tip of my fingernail up the underside of the shaft, from the base to the tip. My touch is so light that you can barely feel it, but the effect is dramatic.

I’m making for that super-sensitive spot, just at the base of the head, called the frenulum. (I love that name.) And when I touch him right there – zap! – the shock goes through him, and he jumps back in the chair. I’m so sorry, I can’t help it, it always makes me giggle when I see a guy shudder like that.

I’m really enjoying my striptease. I stand in front of him, feet apart, and with one swift, deft hand movement, my little side-buckled skirt is off, and I let it fall to the floor. This is the moment he’s been waiting for, isn’t it? The “shock and awe” moment. Feast your eyes, my good man!

Slipping off my skirt, I’ve revealed myself to him totally. I’m wearing a pair of sheer, open-crotch tights, in a luxurious shade of pale gold. The tights bring a tantalising lustre to the silken smoothness of my magnificent legs and thighs, while leaving my pussy and ass fully exposed. The high-heeled ankle-boots give me an assertive, dominant look. I feel full of self-confidence, as he gazes at me in outright wonderment. Indeed, I simply can’t say how good I feel right now.

This look is truly flawless. With a carefully chosen combination of accessories and make-up, I’ve found the perfect formula, the ultimate spell: I’ve subjugated him. Standing here, in front of him, like this, I feel as though everything is going my way. I’m used to exerting an irresistibly powerful influence over men, but I’ve never seen anyone quite so totally spellbound.

My little show wouldn’t be complete without a rear view, though, would it? I turn around, lean forward a little, and spread my ass cheeks wide. My guest discovers that I’ve got another little surprise for him! Look! There’s a neat little butt-plug embedded snugly in my asshole. I explain that it’s a favourite toy, an import from the USA, with an adjustable vibrating motor inside. It’s doing an important job, as we shall see, a little later.

Well, now, all this flaunting and taunting is having just the right effect … and more. He’s really very hard. I’m going to have to worship that cock! I put a cushion on the floor, and kneel in front of him. As I look up at him, pouting wickedly, he can see my gorgeously red, glossy lipstick, and I run my tongue teasingly over my lips. The tension of expectation is almost too much for him to bear!

I start with a few deft flicks of the tongue, right on that special spot, the frenulum, which I was teasing Sincan Escort with my fingernail earlier. From there, I run the tip of my tongue around the head, slowly and precisely, sliding it into that shallow cleft in the centre, picking up the thrilling taste of the moist stickiness that I find there.

He’s so nice and hard now! I could play like this for hours, using all my skills to keep him on the edge, pleading for release, while I watch that cock twitch and bounce, with every barely-perceptible touch, as I administer my expert treatment, with calculated, ruthless care and precision.

In my twisted fantasies, just for the moment, I’m the one who’s been subjugated now, as I kneel before him, imagining myself doing his bidding – my body exposed for his pleasure – begging for his approval.

I know that his approval will be guaranteed, though, if I carry on like this. I’ve coated the whole of his cock in saliva, and the length of his shaft is smeared with garish red, from the tip to the testicles. I love to get all messy like this when I suck cock, and while I’m smearing him with my spit, I’m getting nice and wet myself. I’m working my fingers deep into my pussy, making raunchy little squelching noises as the juices start to flow.

I start to get a bit rougher with him now, sliding my mouth vigorously up and down his shaft, and tightening my grip on it a little. I’m having fun, but I realise that he may not be able to stand what I’m doing for very much longer. I don’t want to take him too far, too fast. I still have uses for that impressive erection of his. I want that cock in my asshole, but there’s work for him to do, before I’m fully ready for that.

Ramping up the aggression some more, I grab my guest’s cock roughly, and squeeze it hard. I’m not hurting him – after all, as I’ve learned from experience, a fully erect cock can take some pretty firm handling – but I just want to let him know that we’ve reached a stage where things are starting to get a little more intense.

I’m back in complete control now, as I take that cock in a steely grip and yank it upwards, this being my very own way of telling him that it’s time to get out of his chair. Still grasping his cock tightly, I haul him across the room, to the bed. With my other hand, I reach into my bag, and hand him a massive black rubber dildo. I’m sure he’ll know what to do with it!

I sit on the edge of the bed, then lie back, spreading my legs wide, I slide the butt plug out, and put it to one side. That stops him in his tracks for a moment. He stares, as if in a trance, at my succulent asshole, as it pouts at him seductively, fully sensitised and highly receptive after some careful preparation with the plug.

I spread myself still wider for him, lifting my feet, and grabbing the heels of my ankle-boots, one in each hand. I feel totally exposed before him. All the while, I’m fixing him with an intent, fiercely demanding gaze. I want him to know that we’re getting serious now!

He may think that he’s about to take control, but he’d be mistaken. I’m still the one who’s giving the instructions. My butt plug has proved its usefulness in stretching and sensitising that sphincter, but even so, he’ll need to give me a little extra lube, before we attempt to get that thing in there.

“OK, yeah, that’s nice, now work the stuff in with your fingers, mmm, that’s it, slide those fingers in and stretch me, that’s very good. Work your way gradually round the sphincter, easing it open, stretching it, working it, firmly, methodically, don’t stop, keep working, keep stretching, that’s it, oh yeah, that’s just superb.”

He slides the tip of the dildo in, just the tip, that’s just right. Lovely! God, he’s got the knack for this, he’s got it exactly right, a nice, firm, decisive movement – Oh, holy fuck, it’s going straight in! – that’s magic! This is one of my biggest toys, and sometimes I have to give up on it, sometimes it just feels too big, but he’s got it in, just like that!

“What you have to do now is start to work it … no, not like that. What’s the matter with you man? You were doing so well before. When I say work it, I mean, put some force behind it, real force, ram it in deep! That’s better!”

I’ve got a nice image of my hotel plumber in my mind now, in his overalls, holding a massive plunger, ramming away at a blocked toilet, determined to battle his way through, and sort the problem out, whatever it takes!

“OK, you’ve got it now, that’s just the right pace and rhythm! Perfect!” God, I love this dildo, it fills my rectum beautifully, the shape, size and texture are all just perfect, and in skilled hands, this completely takes my breath away. Incredible!

So far, so good! Very good, in fact! I’m piling the pressure on now. I hope he’s ready for his Etlik Escort next instruction!

“Keep pumping that dildo, that’s it, exactly that rhythm, keep pumping, that’s it – now, get down on my pussy, great, that’s it, get right in between those thighs, and now suck that clit. Suck it, I said! Get your lips around it and suck on it, suck hard, like you’re trying to swallow it, yeah, like that, you’re there, you’re absolutely there, right on it, good man, now suck it!”

This guy is good. I’m making him work hard for his “secret pleasures”, and I’m making damn sure I get my share, too, but I’m sure he doesn’t mind.

“Come on! Suck it! Pump that dildo and suck that clit, oh God, no, I mean yes! Oh, no, that’s too much, oh yeah, oh fuck yeah, don’t stop, no … Aaah!”

I let out a ferocious animal sound that could only be called a bellow. Anyone on this floor of the building would have heard it, and the floor above, and below. I let myself go completely, in a moment of ecstatic release, shooting out a massive surge of juices as a searing climax rips me apart. Somehow, I wasn’t quite ready for that. It’s a long time since I had a partner who followed my instructions quite as well as this.

I look down at him, to offer a smile of appreciation, but I dissolve into girlish laughter at the sight of his dumbstruck countenance. His face got drenched as he caught the full force of my gush. He must have reeled back as he felt the surge, and it’s in his eyes, his eyebrows, his hair, even up his nose I bet, and dripping off his chin! Ha ha! What a picture!

I sit forward, and lean down towards him. I kiss him, nice and deep, then run my tongue over his face, and across his chin, licking up those delicious juices. The poor guy, he wasn’t expecting that, any more than I was!

Time to put the poor fellow out of his misery now … and time for me to feel the full force of that cock! No debate, this has to be “doggie”! I position myself on the bed, on all fours. My partner knows where he has to focus his attention now. Truly subservient by this time, he gazes, awe-struck, at my raw, wide-open asshole, gaping fiercely after its brutal hammering with the dildo.

He can’t resist putting his mouth to it, pressing his lips to it, pampering it with tender little kisses, as he works his way round. Then, as if reading my mind, he shifts forward, and eases himself in!

This guy knows exactly what to do! Having seen how much I enjoyed a serious hammering with that dildo rocking my ass, he’s wasting no time. After that pounding, my asshole is beautifully relaxed and receptive. Meanwhile, my partner is massively fired up, and he’s risen to the challenge of giving this bitch what she demands. He’s getting into his stride now, with smooth, deep, decisive strokes, just how I like it. That cock is just so solid!

“Oh yes, shaft that asshole, sweetheart, shaft it!” I’m tempted to put him under a bit more pressure, giving that cock a gentle squeeze with that strong, supple sphincter of mine, but I’m sure I’d push him straight over the edge. That’s not what I want right now.

I want to taste that spunk, I want it filling my mouth, I want to swallow it, I want it all! I shift forward, allowing him to ease himself out. “Give me that cock, man! Give me that spunk!” I roll onto my back, to take him into my ravenously hungry mouth.

This is the easy bit. He’s totally ready for me, I can tell. His cock is granite-hard. A thumb pressed firmly against the underside of the bell end, a couple of deft, light finger-strokes over the top, and we’re there. And what a reward for all my hard work! A rich, robust, manly climax, spurt after spurt of lush, thick semen, straight into my open mouth. Magnificent.

The taste is exquisite. It takes a generous helping of semen, to satisfy a voracious, spunk-hungry bitch like me, but he’s done it. It’s really lovely stuff, and I gulp it down. Flashing a wide, schoolgirl grin, I show my guest a clean, fresh tongue, and he smiles sweetly, taking the point, no comment necessary. What a man!

A fond farewell

I’d spent my day looking forward to this session. Something about my initial perception of this cheerful, friendly, reassuringly efficient member of hotel staff led me to speculate that this could be a memorable encounter, and my intuition was accurate. I wanted to impress, hence the carefully chosen outfit, the tights and the boots, the tousled hair and the garish lipstick. The impression he’s made on me is more subtle, more considered, and altogether more memorable. He really has hit the spot.

Here’s a guy who deserves to be treated well. I wait patiently while he takes a shower, and gets dressed, then walk across the room with him, to the door. As always, on these occasions, there’s no need for either of us to say much. A last, fleeting kiss, and then he’s through the door, and that’s it. Until my next adventure. Or should I say, until this evening, when I shall be enjoying the next in my series of Seven Spunk-Filled Nights!

Submitted July 2012

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