Hot for Teacher


I met my Chemistry teacher after school yesterday to make up an assignment.

“The lab should only take about forty-five minutes and the quiz is only ten questions”

“Okay, let’s get going.” My god he was gorgeous.

When he finished putting out all of the chemicals and supplies I would need. I started to read over the directions. I had a few questions that I needed clarified and I noticed that when he answered them he stood very close behind me and put his hands on my sides. My body started to tingle and I could feel my nipples harden.

I wanted nothing more than to stop working on this lab. Dr. Lacrosse stayed behind me while I worked. Occasionally, he would give me directions and every time he did he would touch my back or my sides or better yet he would run his hands over my hips.

“Shit.” I had to combine the contents from three bottles and was having difficulty holding on to everything.

Dr. Lacrosse reached around me, he pressed his body against mine and held the third bottle. “Let me help.” He offered.

“Uh-huh.” I felt myself press back against him. “You can help me.” I closed my eyes and poured the contents of my bottles into the one he was holding. “Thank you Dr. Lacrosse.” I put down what I was holding and turned around so I was facing him. He still had his arms around me so I put my hands on his hips and leaned against him.

“I can’t be doing this. You’re my student.” He whispered. At the same time his hands were rubbing my back and bottom.

I pulled his hips closer to mine. “Yes you can. I’m just making up the lab I missed. I have to make up my lab.”

With a groan he rubbed himself against me. I could feel how hard he was against my belly. His hands kept my hips pinned to his and he leaned in to kiss me. His lips pressed mine and his tongue searched my mouth. It was the sexiest kiss I had ever had and I was a bit breathless.

His hand slid down my backside and under the hem of my skirt. I had been in such a rush to leave my room I hadn’t bothered to put on panties. He smiled against my lips and I felt his fingertips running up and down my ass crack. I was using my hands to give him a hand job through his pants.

“My god you are gorgeous.” He marveled.

“Thank you Dr. Lacrosse.” I grinned and gave him a quick lick across his lips.

“Jesus, call me Greg. I think we’re passed formality.” He slid my skirt up over my hips and took a step back to look at me. A slow whistle escaped his lips, I laughed and did a little dance for him. He put his hand on my belly and slid it slowly downward. He never broke eye contact with me, but when I felt his fingers slip over my pussy lips I had to close my eyes.

“You are so wet little girl.” His fingers slid slowly Escort bayan into me, his thumb rubbing my clit. It was amazing how slowly he moved his hand inside of me. I was leaning against the lab table and holding onto him for support. While he fingered me so exquisitely his other hand was twisting and pinching my nipples through my shirt and he was kissing my neck. I was quivering and moaning. “Tell me what you want little one.”

My only response was a whimper. He moved his fingers a little quicker and pushed his thumb against my clit. “Tell me, what’s wrong? I want to hear you say it.”

I felt my head drop backwards and my hips start to move against his hand. “Please.”

“Please what?” And he slowed his hand a fraction.

“Oh god please” I arched my back so his hand would grasp my breast.

He started to slip his fingers out of my pussy. “You have to tell me what you want, little girl or I don’t know what to do.”

“Finger me, make me cum. Please make me cum.”

He smiled against my neck and moved his fingers back into my hole. He had worked his other hand under my shirt to my tits and was pinching my nipples. I straightened up momentarily to pull my top off completely. His lips immediately found my nipples and I cried out at the warmth of his tongue. All I cared about was his fingers in my pussy. They moved with tortured slowness, his thumb snugly pressed against my clit and moving ever so slightly. His fingertips grazed my g-spot and I could hardly catch my breath. He moved his fingers in and out and in again with a twisting of his wrist to create a swirling inside me.

“Cum for me little girl.” I felt him bite my nipple softly and move his fingers more quickly. I increased the motion of my hips to meet his strokes. I was taking in ragged breaths and gasping. He slid another finger into me and moved even quicker, his thumb pressed harder and began moving in circles around my clit, every other stroke out of my pussy he would slide his wet fingertips over my clit to get it even wetter.

“Cum little girl, cum so I can make you cum again.” His fingers pressed my g-spot and moved against it. I felt my self let go. He was completely supporting my weight and finger fucking me at the same time. I came in an avalanche. My cunt contracted and my hips shook. All I could do was give in to it. Greg kept fingering me slowly. Letting me relax.

When I had calmed down a bit I was amazed at what had just happened. I think I blacked out I came so hard; I blushed and tried to straighten my skirt. Greg stopped my hands and looked into my eyes.

“Are we done, little girl?” he asked me. I could see in his eyes that if we were it was okay, he had enjoyed that as much as I had, but Bayan Escort I could feel his dick against my leg and I wanted it.

I kissed him softly without breaking eye contact and shook my head, “No, we aren’t done yet.” My arms moved around his neck, down his shoulders to his waist. I started to pull his shirt off. He had very little hair on his chest, but enough to show he was a mature man. It was also obvious this was a guy who worked out, his stomach was flat and his chest and arms were well defined, but not bulky. I unsnapped his Levi’s and slid them down his narrow hips. He was not wearing anything under his jeans and I was impressed by the wang the stood out at me. It was not necessarily long, maybe six inches, but it was thick. I kissed his chest and moved down to my knees, kissing my way down his body to help his out of his jeans completely.

His cock was right in front of my face and I let it rub against my cheek. When he stepped out of his jeans I let my hands wander up his legs to his inner thighs. My hands came together and I moved my hands up and down his cock. My tongue slid against his balls. His hands moved to the back of my head and I ran my tongue around the head of his dick continuing the movement of my hands up and down the shaft. I could barely get my mouth over the head of his cock, but I did my best.

“Stand up, little one.” His voice was ragged. I let his cock slip out of my mouth and I stood up. It was his turn to undress me. Since I had removed my top earlier he only had my short skirt to deal with. He easily slid it down over my hips and let it fall to the floor. Again he took a step back and just looked at my body.

“Hop up on the table.” I was quick to oblige. “Spread your legs.” When I did, he stepped closer. I could feel the head of his dick lightly rubbing between my legs. “Further.” I slid forward a bit off the edge of the table and spread my legs more; his dick moved into me just a fraction. “Further.” His hands moved under my thighs to support me and I moved off the edge of the table, further onto his cock, my legs spread as far as possible. He still wasn’t in me all the way, but he pushed forward slightly. I used my elbows to prop myself up. I looked down between my legs to him moving in and out of me. He had just the head of his monster in my snatch, loosening me up, making me even wetter, as if that was possible.

“Do you want it in you little one?” He asked softly, looking me in the eyes.

“Yes, yes I do, I want you in me.” I felt my pussy stretching as he moved his thick cock into me. When he had stuffed me full he lifted my thighs straight up and put them over his left shoulder and started to move his hips. His thick cock rubbed my clit and I had to Escort lay back. He moved with the grace of a man who knows what he’s doing. His cock touched my entire cunt at once. He moved with deliberate strokes, a man on a mission to make me cum first. He was doing a damn good job; I was so close I was panting.

“Harder,” I don’t know where that request came from but I wanted him to push me over the edge fast, before I died from pleasure. His hips were happy to help me out. He almost fucked me over the edge of the table before I came like a thunderclap. My legs slid down his arm and he hooked his arms under my knees, his dick still inside me, still not finished.

“Sit up, put your arms around my neck.” We kissed again like hungry animals, sucking and biting. He lifted me off the table and carried me, still impaled on his dick, over to his desk. He sat me on the edge and withdrew himself from me. “Bend over the desk – I want you from behind. Put our elbows on the desk and spread your legs, little one.”

I did as directed. His hands ran lightly over my ass and up my back. I felt his dick at my hole and pushed back against it. He held me in place, nothing more in me than the very tip of his cock. He slid it up and down between my pussy lips, over my clit, around my hole. And then slowly he let it slide back into me. He brought a hand around pelvis and let his fingers rub my clit. His other hand rested on my bottom, his fingers tracing my crack, tickling my other entrance. He moved in and out of me forcefully, but expertly. I could feel another orgasm quickly building within me.

He continued to play with my clit, but his other hand was concentrating on my butt hole, pressing lightly. At some point he must have switched hands because the hand on my bottom was wet and I could feel a finger pushing into my ass. The sensation was strange, but wonderful. He moved his finger so that it alternated with his prick. It was like fucking a pair of pistons. Greg’s breathing became quicker and shallower; his hips moved faster and harder, he was rubbing my clit frantically. I knew he wanted us to come together. I moved my hips back against him and took over rubbing my clit. He pulled his other finger from my ass and grabbed my hips to pull me further back against him. I was afraid that if I didn’t cum soon I would miss it. I was getting a mile a minute fucking and loving it, but I wanted to finish.

“Oh baby girl, I’m cuming.” He reached up and put his hands on my shoulders to hold me close against him. I felt his prick get thicker and thought I would die, it felt so good. When I felt his load let go I came. It was so hot and it filled me completely. I could feel it running down my pussy lips. Greg just stayed inside me. He kissed my spine and rubbed his hands over my hips and flanks.

I couldn’t move. I let my arms collapse under me on top of the desk. When Greg finally pulled out of me I still couldn’t move. He lightly smacked my bottom.

“Do I have to finish my lab?”

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